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Undermining by Sergey Lavrov

More than a month has passed since the signing of the presidential decree on the release of the Russian ambassador to Qatar, Vladimir Titorenko, from his post. And if at first this event was quite calm, the other day the name of the ex-ambassador reappeared on the front pages of Russian newspapers.

It would seem that with the dismissal of Ambassador Titorenko everything is quite obvious. After the incident at the airport of the capital of Qatar, Doha with the attack of representatives of Qatari security officials on the Russian diplomat and people accompanying him, with an external goal to pick up diplomatic mail, and after lowering the diplomatic relations with Qatar, it would be hardly expected that Titoren would return to his former place of work. It is obvious that after a blatant incident, when the ambassador received serious injuries at the hands of the subjects of the state in which he had the mission to work with 2009, Vladimir Titorenko himself did not feel like wanting to continue his work at his previous post. In general, everything went to the fact that after treatment and recovery, Titorenko could offer a new position in the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in another country. However, the situation turned in such a way that the ex-ambassador became involved in a serious scandal with new secrets and revelations.

An allegedly open letter appeared on the portal of the Agency for Federal Investigations, published on behalf of some employees of the Russian Foreign Ministry. In this letter, in particular, it is reported that Vladimir Titorenko, in the autumn of last year, repeatedly reported to Moscow that anti-Russian sentiments were growing in Qatar related to the position of the Russian authorities on Syria. It is also said in the letter that Titorenko asked to call the Qatari ambassador "on the carpet" in order to protest against the rhetoric of Qatar towards Russia. However, as the authors of this scandalous letter are sure, the top foreign ministry of Russia did not respond to the ambassador’s requests, which actually gave the Qataris the green light to any action against Vladimir Titorenko. It is also stated that allegedly Titorenko was unprofitable as an ambassador to neither Qatar and his major oil companies, nor the American Exxon Mobil, nor the top of the Russian Foreign Ministry. This is due to the fact that Russia did not want to spoil bilateral relations with Qatar, and Ambassador Titarenko literally interfered with the positive development of these relations. That diplomat with the connivance of Moscow and suffered - in fact, the main idea of ​​the letter.

However, in all this stories There are several pitfalls. First, if the Foreign Ministry officials decided to open the public’s eyes to the fact that the department’s leadership decided to leave Titoren one-on-one with the Qatari problem, then why wasn’t the most obvious information ground chosen? Usually, such sites are chosen that will be able to convey the words of the authors of the publication to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of Russians. And with all due respect, the Agency of Federal Investigations is difficult to attribute to such sites. Secondly, if the “group of employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation,” as the authors call themselves, went along the path of disclosures, then such a lengthy signature under the letter compromises them themselves. It turns out that the authors of the publication knew about Titorenko’s requests for pressure on Qatar, but decided to give out their materials only a few weeks after the ambassador was relieved of his post. Thirdly, in connection with the “letter”, publications appeared in other Russian publications, which decided that the Russian authorities allowed the dismissal of Ambassador Titorenko to divert the attention of the Russian public from the “grandiose foreign policy failure” of Russia in the Middle East.

All these three tracks, obviously, lead to the main "culprit" last event Sergey Lavrov. It is obvious that there are some political forces that are not profitable for Mr. Lavrov to leave the post of foreign minister. And the situation with the beating of Ambassador Titorenko and the fact that Lavrov didn’t react to this “in any way” is quite suitable for a political injection to the current head of the Foreign Ministry, because today Sergey Lavrov’s activities in society are not subject to such harsh criticism as the work of a number of other federal ministers.

At the same time, supporters of the version of the “laurel-Medvedev plot” skillfully use this situation for their own purposes. It seems to be outwardly, according to the authors of the publication, everything is obvious: on one side, experienced diplomat Titorenko, who has a high state award for his work in Iraq, and on the other side, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who is trying to hide his mistakes. But if this is so, then it is completely incomprehensible what mistakes are meant here: is it possible that a drop in diplomatic relations with Qatar is a sensible and civilized response to the unlawful actions of Qatari special services. Or the authors of the article suggested that Sergey Lavrov should give a command to the “Moscow scuffle” regarding the Qatari ambassador in order to respond to insidious Qatar. Well, if Russia responded to all provocations of this kind, then many foreign ambassadors in Moscow would have, frankly, tight. Yes, and would solve such a move that same Qatari problem? Obviously not. This would only be an extra reason to accuse Moscow of being uncivilized and wild. McFaul won no one with a finger, but he already: “Wild country, wild people ...”

People who have decided to start an escalation of this scandal, accuse the head of the Russian foreign ministry also that he allegedly at one time deigned to allow a number of obscene words in a telephone conversation with the British foreign minister, which denigrates the dignity of the whole Russian Federation. Such information is published by The Daily Telegraph newspaper columnist, stating that Lavrov behaved quite undiplomatically, stating that Miliband has no right to tell him how Russia should behave in relations with Georgia.

It is strange that just a few weeks before the inauguration of Vladimir Putin and the announcement of the new composition of the Government, one after another, materials began to appear that are directed against the current Russian Foreign Minister. And the authors of these materials are obviously ready to use any facts in the interests of someone who has already looked after the chair of the foreign minister.
In this situation, it is frankly unpleasant to realize that the scandal was decided to link up with Vladimir Titorenko, who himself is obviously far from blaming Sergey Lavrov in the same incident at Doha airport. And while Titorenko himself will not give his comments on this, the number of speculations will only grow.

Well, about Qatar, you can say one thing. This dwarf, but overly ambitious state with its main sponsors has already broken its teeth about our country's position on Syria. And this is a very eloquent response to those who are confident that Russia in the Middle East has “failed.” And the words of the UN Permanent Representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, regarding the “military power of Qatar”, whether they took place or not, obviously left an unpleasant aftermath from the Qatari authorities, who decided to answer diplomatic questions with their fists.

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  1. Vanek
    Vanek April 18 2012 08: 20
    A decent peasant is not to be intimidated by a marauder.
    1. alatau_09
      alatau_09 April 18 2012 08: 49
      1- Let everyone be like Lavrov in defending the interests of Russia, and the Security Council of Russia think about the questions "who is stirring up? Who benefits? Who is behind this?"
      2- "Tanks are not afraid of dirt!"
    2. Uralm
      Uralm April 18 2012 09: 05
      Lavrov Man! And not n idor what a democrat, liberalist
      1. Vanek
        Vanek April 18 2012 09: 08
        Quote: Uralm
        Lavrov Man! And not n idor what a democrat, liberalist

        Harshly. Very harsh.
      2. smprofi
        smprofi April 18 2012 10: 52
        Lavrov Man! And not n idor what a democrat, liberalist

        Oh! and don’t give me a coup!
        only a year ago, the envoys of Gaddafi came and asked for Russian help from the arbitrariness of NATO, so that Russia would protect Libya from bombing.
        and this "man", i.e. Lavrov, mumbled something in the spirit of "contact League of Nations Security advice - they will help you there "
        1. Uralm
          Uralm April 18 2012 11: 31
          This is such a story. Not one hour conversation
          1. 755962
            755962 April 18 2012 11: 56
            Lavrov is very disturbing for someone. And if so, then it stands in its place!
            1. Dahlia
              Dahlia April 19 2012 15: 37
              The Yankees have been against Lavrov for a long time, they do not like him - so the mongrels enthusiastically set to work, having received the command "face".
        2. freedom
          freedom April 18 2012 23: 21
          Libya at one time almost sent Russia itself, rushed into the arms of the West. The West kindly accepted it, put it on four dice and took advantage.
  2. vadimus
    vadimus April 18 2012 08: 22
    Are there too many conversations around this small show of Qatar? There is nothing to skate. Dwarf, and even evil ...
    1. YARY
      YARY April 18 2012 08: 29
      .... In general, it all reminds me of some sort of squabble. The sediment is strange. what
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic April 18 2012 12: 06
      Quote: vadimus

      Are there too many conversations around this small show of Qatar? There is nothing to skate. Dwarf, and even evil ...

      I recalled a joke in the subject

      There is a steamer on the roadstead ... Rakes to the steamer
      man on a boat and yells: Hey there you are on the boat!
      Fast money jewels here in the boat !!!!
      They shout from the parody: Fuck you on ... ..
      A man sails mumbling, That's always the way ....

      Very reminiscent of relations between Russia and Qatar
  3. Yura
    Yura April 18 2012 08: 24
    one after another, materials began to appear that were directed against the incumbent Russian Foreign Minister. And the authors of these materials are obviously ready to use any facts in the interests of someone who has already looked after the chair of the head of the foreign ministry.
    Evil creeps into our house from all Russian cracks, even worse when it starts itself.
    To avoid copyright infringement, post a hyperlink to the original article:
    1. esaul
      esaul April 18 2012 08: 38
      Quote: Jura
      worse when she starts up herself

      Yura, welcome. Yes, this evil spirits did not start, but with the submission of the states. After all, they perfectly understand that in many ways Lvrov’s personal, unshakable position on Syria played a huge role in the fact that the Syrian internal conflict did not develop into a massacre in the likeness of the Libyan one. It is not for nothing that the states allocated additional finances (50 million) to help the Russian opposition. And in Qatar, it’s up to the incomprehensible people themselves with this change. And this coup arose on the basis of the multi-billion dollar corruption deals of the prime minister. Putin Lavrov to tear to pieces under no pretext. So let this Filkino bureau of investigations let it go.
      1. Yura
        Yura April 18 2012 12: 37
        Quote: esaul
        Yes, this evil spirits did not start, but with the submission of the states

        esaul, thanks for the dialogue, I agree with you on everything, I just did not express my idea quite clearly. I wanted to say that many people in Russia appeared ready to accept this pitch, to be guided by it and it doesn’t matter whether it smells bad or looks like an unmasked betrayal, or sometimes people don’t even think what they are doing. Previously, this was less, or I just did not notice it?
  4. Tersky
    Tersky April 18 2012 08: 25
    Someone Lavrov is clearly like a pain in the ass. Although what I mean, he poured salt on the causal place for many of our "friends" wink
  5. Ziksura
    Ziksura April 18 2012 08: 26
    "in a telephone conversation with the British Foreign Secretary, Mr. Miliband, there are a number of obscene words that defame the dignity of the entire Russian Federation. This information is published by the columnist for The Daily Telegraph, stating that Lavrov behaved completely undiplomatically, stating that Miliband has no right to tell him how Russia should behave in relations with Georgia. "
    Send obscene English ambassador when he began to indicate what to do !!!? Ah, well done! Our man! It is a sin to scatter such ministers.
    1. sergskak
      sergskak April 18 2012 10: 32
      They don’t understand the diplomatic language, let them get used to Russian. laughing Well done Lavrov can clearly explain!
    2. esaul
      esaul April 18 2012 14: 22
      Quote: Ziksura
      This information is published by a columnist for The Daily Telegraph, claiming that Lavrov was completely non-diplomatic,

      "... Eh, Andryusha! Should we live in sorrow ...!" So, approximately, it is sung. Greetings, Andrey, you will remember what you had to read and hear about the incident at the UN between Churkin and the representative of Qatar! We agreed that Russia will wipe Qatar off the face of the Earth almost tomorrow! The more often you come across the content of foreign news, the more the confidence grows that Western politicians and journalists, in the majority, are so used to lying that they have begun to think in the same perverse way.
  6. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov April 18 2012 08: 27
    Not the desire of Lavrov and Russia in general, the Amers do not like. Their six will continue to work out what they will soon give on the exchange in the face
  7. Dust
    Dust April 18 2012 08: 54
    Personally, I do not like Lavrov - only the fact that the story repeatedly arises with his daughter, a US citizen, speaks against him!
    It is clear that he doesn’t do the main weather, but I have doubts that he adequately defends the interests of Russia - there are too many scandals voiced. with scandals arising out of the blue! An attack on an ambassador is a blatant fact. after which the severance of diplomatic relations is not the toughest measure!
    Myopic and semi-childish comments - everywhere to see the US hand in the raids on Lavrov because of his allegedly tough position! There are no good people at the top, some TV ... unprincipled - otherwise you will not break to the top ...
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man April 18 2012 10: 36
      The issue of breaking diplomatic relations is not decided by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but by the President, so here Lavrov is clear
    2. Tersky
      Tersky April 18 2012 11: 51
      Quote: Dust
      Personally, I don’t like Lavrov -
      He is not a woman, whatever you like or dislike, his job as head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a different matter, here she can like it or not, and again what criteria to evaluate. Lavrov in place, and while it is in demand.
      1. Dust
        Dust April 18 2012 12: 52
        I believe that he is not in his place already because he is a member of this team - they are all out of place ...
        1. sedoj
          sedoj April 18 2012 14: 58
          Most likely, you are not on your site. Lavrov is a professional in his field and has not been in politics for the first time. So he will never allow such punctures as mate on the phone. All this from the cycle "One woman said". Still, work in the Foreign Ministry since 1972 means something.
          1. Dust
            Dust April 18 2012 17: 22
            Least of all would I care if he would overtake someone properly!
            Let me choose the sites where to express my opinion myself ...
  8. Uralm
    Uralm April 18 2012 08: 55
    He who muddies all this must be in clean water. that is, in rooms with barred windows, under the article for treason
  9. Opertak
    Opertak April 18 2012 08: 56
    I see absolutely no benefit from Lavrov for Russia, one harm. If he were a decent person, he himself should have resigned a long time ago. Where it is seen - the power minister with foreign relatives. By the way, as far as I know (from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), he is planning to live in America in retirement.
    1. esaul
      esaul April 18 2012 09: 09
      Volodya, about living after retirement - because, for now, these are only assumptions. And no one is safe from relatives abroad. They could be there even before the 1917 revolution of the year. And about the harm - very categorically, implacably and controversially. At least we have the opportunity to see his successes in the diplomatic field and they did not harm Russia, but only raised its significance and made it reckon with it.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic April 18 2012 12: 20
        Quote: esaul
        And no one is safe from relatives abroad.

        For example, I have one cousin - a citizen of France, another of Ukraine, relatives are Estonian citizens, my wife is a sister (Russian) citizen of Uzbekistan. A Latvian citizen by nationality, a Latvian citizen, teaches Russian at the Police Academy in Riga. So there is nothing surprising in this. And diplomats generally do not live in their homeland as well as their families.
        1. Dust
          Dust April 18 2012 17: 24
          Excuse me, are you also the Minister of Foreign Affairs? And your daughter, not by chance, but quite consciously lives in the country of a potential adversary?
      2. Opertak
        Opertak April 18 2012 15: 59
        Quote: esaul
        They could be there even before the 1917 revolution

        What is 1917 ?! His daughter lives there, an American, and she will go to her. And the number of minuses only says that there are people here who do not understand anything in international affairs - 14 full suckers who know politics only on TV :)))
    2. Olegovich
      Olegovich April 18 2012 09: 58
      Quote: OperTak
      I see absolutely no benefit from Lavrov for Russia, one harm.

      lol Really! Much better "Mister Yes" Kozyrev!
      Lavrov is an example of a true diplomat: a seasoned, civilized, decisive, and most importantly, a patriot of Russia.
      1. Dust
        Dust April 18 2012 12: 53
        If you look closely at the results of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will see that the difference is not fundamental ...
      2. Opertak
        Opertak April 18 2012 16: 00
        Quote: Olegych
        and most importantly - the patriot of Russia.

        I would like to know examples of his patriotism :))
        1. Opertak
          Opertak April 18 2012 17: 20
          Clearly, there are cons, but there are no examples - a typical work of American hangers-on, who are at the same time with Lavrov :))
          1. Passing
            Passing April 19 2012 14: 30
            OperTak, I in no way minus you, but still IMHO Lavrov is a strong diplomat and a strong personality. His character is best emphasized by such a story - in the UN building, crazy Euro hamsters have banned smoking, like if you want, then smoke on the sly under the table, but in public, down. And what about Lavrov? And Lavrov smokes defiantly, insolently shaking off ashes on the sign "No Smoking"! good
            Of his last merits - a tough stance on Euro-missile defense. And the result is already showing - the United States, in principle, agreed to provide official guarantees of missile defense against Russia. It is clear that this is a pure formality, but formality is sometimes worth a lot. For example, the naive Gorbachev was unofficially driven around the ears about not expanding NATO. NATO has expanded, and in response to our miserable lamentations that de is so dishonest, the West pokes in our nose that there have never been any official negotiations and agreements on this topic. And they are right, they are throwing suckers.
            On the other hand, yes, Akella missed a couple of times.
            First, leaked Libya. Although everything is not simple here, IMHO we gave Libya to the French for a neutral position in the Five-Day War. But nevertheless, some kind of unequal exchange turned out.
            Secondly, the Foreign Ministry reacts very shyly to the impudent tricks of Qatar. Moreover, this has been going on since the arrest and brutal torture of our deep. workers in response to the murder of Yandarbiev. IMHO, since then Qatar has become convinced that Russia is a harmless sex rag that is convenient to wipe your feet on. And they are right, they do not respect the weak. But here everything is not easy. Qatar controls the propaganda channel Al-Jazeera, if we coolly hit it, we can lose a lot in the overall reputation of the Arabs. How to be here? IMHO as you like, the main thing is not to be a rag, no matter how much you lose on this, sooner or later we will return if we have a cool reputation.
            In general, I think Lavrov is not perfect, but there is still no better candidate. And in general, for beaten, they give two not beaten. If beaten with character. And Lavrov is just that.
            1. Opertak
              Opertak April 19 2012 16: 19
              Passing, I practically agree with you, except for some estimates - about smoking, what does this have to do with diplomacy? And about missile defense - completely stupid and inappropriate behavior. Although, to be objective, international politics is up to the president, not him, BUT! His main task is to give sensible advice to the president, but this is not observed, therefore we are sitting surrounded by enemies and without friends, and for the squabble with Belarus, he and Medvedev must be judged and put to the wall - SINGLE TIME !!
              1. Passing
                Passing April 19 2012 17: 59
                Quote: OperTak
                about smoking, what does this have to do with diplomacy?

                This shows that Lavrov as a person is not afraid to go against the tide. Those. if the interests of the country come into conflict with the interests of the "international community", he will be able to send anyone, anywhere. laughing
                Quote: OperTak
                so we are surrounded by enemies and without friends

                We are not sitting there because of Lavrov. This is the objective reality. The fallen one is hesitated. That's when (if) we restore our power, restore the reputation of an independent player, only then we will have half the world of these "friends", but not before.
                Quote: OperTak
                and for the squabble with Belarus and him and Medvedev must be judged and put to the wall-UNIVERSAL !!

                Lavrov has nothing to do with it, it was Putin who initially began to build Lukashenko. EMNIP, it all started with the fact that Putin divorced Old Man as a kid. Something like at the next visit to the Kremlin, Old Man almost forcibly slipped the signing agreement, like he didn’t have time to wake up, he waved without looking, freaking out from the pressure, and now, having arrived home, he refuses to sign. And everyone complained that de did not respect him in the Kremlin. That’s why Putin needed to work so rudely? Like, since we are having dinner with you, then are you dancing? They don’t do this to the brothers.
  10. Uralm
    Uralm April 18 2012 09: 03
    Lavrov is a GOOD MAN !!! For such a person in Russia there will always be JACKALS feeding from "crap"
  11. escapes
    escapes April 18 2012 09: 12
    Send everything to x ..... !!!!
    Lavrov will not give up !!!!

    Send everything to x ..... !!!!
    Lavrov will not give up !!!!
  12. leon-iv
    leon-iv April 18 2012 09: 22
    Gyy Here it is Gromykovskaya Tempering.
  13. schta
    schta April 18 2012 09: 22
    Lavrov Bashkovity man, tough, charismatic. I associate it with Molotov.
  14. Katani
    Katani April 18 2012 09: 29
    The constant attempts of the "5th column" to "knock down" the best people in our government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the President, representatives in the UN, etc. are straining.
    It seems that the main instigators were identified personally, but no, there are moles and, apparently, deeper!
  15. aksakal
    aksakal April 18 2012 09: 36
    Lavrov is simply a professional and faithfully fulfills his contract. I don’t really believe him, all the more so since my daughter is in America, that is, all this suggests that Lavrov, by his views, is a liberal in his soul who is as much a hit as Chubais, Gref and whoever else is there. But I will make a reservation - he is a high-flying professional and just does his job well in upholding the interests of Russia. And this is the main thing.
    As for where he sent Milliband or McFaul's Wild Country - I don’t care what they think about Russia, the main thing is that they know that you cannot step on its tail, and you cannot pull the mustache. Let's remember when this Milliband was sent. And they sent him right after the 08.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX fight, they still didn't get away from the fever, an information attack immediately started, just from Milliband. I now put myself in Lavrov's place and understand - only the battle is over, people died, our peacekeepers were attacked, and then Milliband calls and yells - "why are you attacking Georgia?" This despite the fact that this Milliband knows perfectly well who attacked whom and how, and that all this in general is a bad provocation. I would have this Milliband, not just like my mother, he would have physically raked, to the fullest. am
    And as for the "wild country" - treat with respect to the host country and its ambassadors - and you will not have any wildness. When the Russian ambassador is beaten, there is not a single comment from the West that this is a "wild trick." This is as it should be, this is normal diplomatic practice. Just as McFaul was slightly annoyed with excessive interest in his activities, which is quite justified on the part of Russia, it is clear that this non-diplomat came here to perpetrate a revolution, so immediately "a wild country!" In these cases, you need to say: "Yes, I am like this. Well, this is how I am, so what?" Let them either turn away and sit without Russian gas and Russian tourists, or somehow accept the terms of friendly relations with Russia and abide by them. And there is nothing complicated in these conditions.
    1. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. April 18 2012 11: 01
      aksakal (2)

      Quote: aksakal
      Lavrov is simply a professional and faithfully fulfills his contract. I don’t really believe him, all the more so since my daughter is in America, that is, all this suggests that Lavrov, by his views, is a liberal in his soul who is as much a hit as Chubais, Gref and whoever else is there. But I will make a reservation - he is a high-flying professional and just does his job well in defending the interests of Russia. And this is the main thing ...

      In, normal, sane comment. good Without "Uryayay ..." and "Lavrov we won't give up" ... fool
  16. party3AH
    party3AH April 18 2012 10: 11
    A normal sensible man many "our friends" have an eyesore.
  17. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 April 18 2012 10: 30
    The fact that Lavrov communicated with his English colleague in a "public" language evokes even greater respect for him. And then they poke their nose where the dog did not poke their nose. Let them figure it out with Belfast, well-wishers ... Someone bothers Lavrov, that's why such "undermines "For him. And Titorenko must be answered: otmudokhaet harshly the Qatari ambassador to the Russian Federation, thoroughly search and kick to the plane. To remember: Russia is great ...
    1. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 April 19 2012 03: 18
      better than the Qatari ambassador to America, that would be aerobatics!
  18. bubla5
    bubla5 April 18 2012 11: 48
    Soon in Qatar itself, Bahrain, Sa and the Emirates will be restless, the mess is just beginning
  19. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov April 18 2012 13: 16
    Not by washing, so by skating.
    There, Qatar of that, for one "Sajil", and how much ambition ...
    It's not about Qatar, it's about its patrons.
    Britain, in every possible way seeks to obtain the desired result in Syria.
    Harassment of Lavrov is one of the steps in this direction.
    And therefore, do not get fooled, and double-check the sources of publications.
  20. Nechai
    Nechai April 18 2012 14: 31
    Quote: sergskak
    They don’t understand the diplomatic language, let them get used to Russian

    At least for such cases:
    “Outside, they shouted about something again, and if you guys knew a little Russian, they would translate what was said something like this: - If they close this (raped) door, then we (sex with your mother) from there (garden plant, root which contains a large amount of essential oils) smoke! On command, open fire, you need (to have sex with them) them and capture the tank! Prisoners (untranslated speech, most likely also related to sex) should not be taken. ”
  21. Vyalik
    Vyalik April 18 2012 16: 44
    If he does not like those who hate Russia, he must remain in his place. And he is a good pro.
  22. vostok
    vostok April 18 2012 16: 48
    Lavrov is great, but Churkin is generally handsome!
  23. suharev-52
    suharev-52 April 18 2012 18: 12
    My opinion. Lavrov most likely is not part of the team that Medvedev is forming. Therefore, the company was deployed in an attempt to de-credit Lavrov. Oh, I don’t want to see Medvedev as prime minister. But what depends on us? NOTHING!
  24. 16
    16 April 18 2012 22: 59
    laurels -------- purely Russian and for Russia !!!!!!!!! who does not see it ---------- sheep and donkeys !!!!!!!!!! !! Now we are talking harder, thank God !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV April 18 2012 23: 53
    Moscow, November 12 (New Region, Arina Morokova, Olga Vetrova) - Living and educating children of the Russian elite abroad poses a threat to Russia's security, Russian military experts say. The latest “espionage scandal” involving the expulsion of ten employees of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service from the United States made us think about the effectiveness of not only the SVR, but the entire defense system of the Russian Federation.
    According to Kommersant, the exposure of the Russian intelligence officers was the result of the betrayal of a certain colonel Shcherbakov, who oversaw the US administration in the SVR. Later it turned out that Shcherbakov’s daughter lived in the United States for a long time, and his son, who worked at the Federal Drug Control Service, left Russia shortly before the scouts exposed.
    Alexander Khramchikhin, head of the analytical department of the Institute for Political and Military Analysis (RF), considers the fact that the children of a high-ranking intelligence officer found themselves abroad for permanent residence as “nonsense” to be “nonsense”. Talking about it is "hard and unpleasant."
    “For our leaders, the interests of the country, talking about patriotism - this is something from the field of demagogy and propaganda. First of all, in the second and third turn they pursue their own interests. In these interests, for example, to transport children abroad ... In general, now in Russia a policy is being pursued when absolutely everything that can be sold is sold. Just everything, without exception. Including the secrets of national security, ”Alexander Khramchikhin told an HP correspondent.
    Military experts note that the family and, in the first place, children - this is a vulnerable place, which should be reliably “covered” with any representative of the authorities. What kind of intelligence activity can we talk about if the scouts of the scout openly live abroad and can theoretically be hit? How can the elite of the state, which has moved its families abroad, build its foreign policy? What is this policy?
    The president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov says that all this practice began with Yeltsin, whose grandson studied in England, and became a “tradition” under Putin.
    “Children are hostages,” says Ivashov. - And they themselves (elite) live in the West. Russia is used only as a source of democracy, income, enrichment. On the other hand, probably, someone tells them - come on, so that you do not wise there, do not be cunning and do not play in your Russianness and patriotism, you need your children to study here. We will keep an eye on them. ”
    Speaking specifically about the "example of Colonel Shcherbakov," Ivashov noted that "Russian intelligence is today focused on creating favorable conditions for flight."
    “Where are they all running? Where did Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov go? Go to England! For thousands of years, intelligence agencies have been working like this. If you manage to recruit an elite or an official in the highest echelons of power, a huge success .. This army does not need to be maintained, ”the military expert notes.
    Director of the Institute of National Strategy Stanislav Belkovsky says that the entire Russian “elite” is somehow hooked by foreign “partners.”
    “Our foreign partners today really have a lot of leverage on the leadership of the Russian Federation,” he notes. - In addition to children, it is also the control over the assets and accounts of representatives of the ruling Russian elite in the west. It is clear that the special services of the leading Western powers, primarily the United States, are well aware of where the semi-legal and illegal incomes of our leaders accumulate. ”
    Bloggers also joined the discussion of the hot topic:
    “The daughter of Colonel SVR lives in the USA and THIS is normal ...”, malkolms complains. - Yes, garbage, the daughter of Lavrov also lives in the United States. Minister of Foreign Affairs, fuck *!? Yes, garbage ... They say the eldest daughter of Putin lives in Munich. And the governor of Belykh recently made a "difficult decision" and sent his son to study in England ... Can he dissolve the SVR out of harm's sin? Everything is so phantasmagoric that I even find it difficult to articulate clearly what I want to say here ... ”
    Belkovsky believes that "some kind of public condemnation" Russian "VIPs" are not afraid:
    “Over the past 10 years, they have become accustomed to the fact that nothing depends on the people, that the people do not react at all to what is happening in the country. In France, an increase in the retirement age by 2 caused demonstrations in which 2,5 million people and transport paralysis all over the country took part, then we have much more severe measures in the social sphere, such as monetization of benefits, practically did not cause any large-scale performances.
    Those. Our officials firmly believe in the apathy of the Russian people. This gives them confidence in their impunity, ”the political analyst notes.
    He also believes that in the coming years, the tradition of “teaching” children abroad will continue and even intensify. And it is not only a matter of security or control over the exported capital.
    “In developed countries, there is no such need,” says Belkovsky, “because children receive education in their homeland and are proud of this education. The desire to give their children education abroad and live there is connected with the provinciality of our elite.
    I certainly do not see anything normal in this, because it deprives the ruling elite of the last incentives to cultivate their own country in general and educational institutions in particular. But with the current ruling elite, this situation is as it is and will not change.
    The elite consider this to be normal and do not condemn their members who do this. ”
    © 2010, "New Region - Moscow"
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    1. REPA1963
      REPA1963 April 19 2012 23: 17
      I agree completely, I will subscribe to every word !!!
  26. wk
    wk April 19 2012 02: 10
    Medvedev dug for Lavrov a long time ago ... unfortunately Lavrov can become a bargaining chip between DAM and GDP, which will undoubtedly strengthen the position of the liberal circle led by DAM and weaken the patriotic forces rallied around GDP ... wait and see.
    1. REPA1963
      REPA1963 April 19 2012 23: 13
      Do you really think that different forces rallied around the medveputes? They are in the same boat, or rather, in the same chair!
  27. VadimSt
    VadimSt April 19 2012 02: 40
    Perhaps Lavrov is the only "standing" head of the Foreign Ministry after Gromyko! The rest are corrupt .... - God forgive me, for foul language.
    I, myself, often speak for more "toothy" moves of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but emotions and real politics are incompatible - you just want to, sometimes "shave" pen @ wasps!
  28. Alef
    Alef April 19 2012 10: 14
    Whether someone likes it or not, Sergey Lavrov likes a man whom he will have to respect. How to listen and respect Russia. In my opinion, such a professional diplomat has not been in Russia for a long time.
  29. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro April 19 2012 10: 33
    And all the same, the Qatari ambassador MUST be cleaned! Sometimes the SYMMETRIC answer can be very effective!
  30. r.anoshkin
    r.anoshkin April 19 2012 15: 40
    Old friends-allies, including all the Slavic brothers (either already in NATO, or they are torn there) -pro-ssra-lli. We haven’t got new ones. Favorite method is “turn off the gas.” And this is foreign policy? such a policy of Lavrov, but mainly those who are higher? The absence or a meager number of real friends-allies makes you seriously think.
  31. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss April 19 2012 18: 06
    I remember when in 00-X, a similar problem was with the embassy children in Poland (they were beaten by unknown persons). As far as I remember, they quickly found the answer.
  32. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin April 19 2012 20: 24
    After the incident at the airport of the capital of Qatar, Doha with an attack by representatives of the Qatari security forces on a Russian diplomat ??? Damn, I even hear this for the first time, thanks for the news. From myself I will add that strength is the last argument of dumbasses !!! And the good fellow ambassador resisted, well, such special forces had to smash everyone’s face for such a jamb angry
  33. REPA1963
    REPA1963 April 19 2012 23: 10
    Lavrov is his man, a fan of Spartak!