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Shots from Syria: Su-25 withstood hit from large-caliber anti-aircraft guns

The Russian Aerospace Forces increased the number of combat missions to the province of Idlib due to the active offensive actions of the Syrian army. The Su-25 attack aircraft, which are better suited for rendering direct fire support from the air, are taking part in the operation.

Terrorists, in turn, do not abandon attempts to bring down Russian planes, not realizing that to make it available to them weapons will not work. Moreover, the Russian armored Su-25 has repeatedly come under fire from the ground, but no case was a success for the militants.

Another attempt was made on February 1. The terrorists opened fire from large-caliber anti-aircraft installations, and as seen on the video's 15 second, one of the shells hit the attack corps. However, it did no harm to him and the plane continued its flight in a given direction.

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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 2 February 2018 13: 33
    Good luck to our pilots.
    1. figwam
      figwam 2 February 2018 13: 43
      It seemed to me that there was still no hit.
    2. max702
      max702 3 February 2018 00: 42
      According to the mind, instead of the stillborn MIG-29 \ 35, funds should be invested in modernization, production, and even in development Of modern SU-25 analogue .. It will be much more useful for our army and aviation as a whole ..
  2. Streletskos
    Streletskos 2 February 2018 13: 34
    Flying tank, whose banner is descendant)
  3. bistrov.
    bistrov. 2 February 2018 15: 01
    When slowing down, it can be seen that the shell exploded when the plane did not fly, i.e. there was no hit.
    1. Nitochkin
      Nitochkin 2 February 2018 16: 36
      One of the two, either a non-contact fuse worked, or ours invented and put on a ground attack aircraft some kind of system to detonate flying anti-aircraft shells at a safe distance))
    2. svp67
      svp67 2 February 2018 21: 13
      Quote: bistrov.
      When slowing down, it can be seen that the shell exploded when the plane did not fly, i.e. there was no hit.

      And what do you think fragments from an exploding shell could catch a plane?
  4. kig
    kig 2 February 2018 15: 37
    And they said that our planes bombed from heights of at least 5000 meters ...
    1. Bronevick
      Bronevick 2 February 2018 22: 01
      The Su-25 has an outdated sighting system, at 1000 meters there are problems.
      1. Shturmovik
        Shturmovik 3 February 2018 10: 31
        There the Su-25SM and the new sighting system, bombing mainly by navigation
    2. Viking
      Viking 2 February 2018 22: 24
      Bombers bomb (usually) from high altitude, and the Su-25 is a ground attack aircraft.
      1. kig
        kig 3 February 2018 03: 36
        Yes, it’s clear that the attack aircraft is storming.
  5. senima56
    senima56 2 February 2018 15: 56
    Firstly: where is the "hit in the ground"? Secondly: if the enemy has anti-aircraft guns on the armament, then pilots must observe a flight altitude inaccessible to anti-aircraft fire. And thirdly: if the enemy knows nothing about the presence of anti-aircraft guns (missiles, MANPADS, etc.), the head of intelligence "to the wall"!
    1. Viking
      Viking 2 February 2018 22: 25
      It is well known that there are MANPADS.
  6. tracer
    tracer 2 February 2018 18: 10
    The shell exploded without reaching.
  7. Dadsanya
    Dadsanya 2 February 2018 19: 32
    Our planes and pilots are the best in the world!
  8. Phoenix_L'vov
    Phoenix_L'vov 2 February 2018 19: 53
    In fact, the video clearly shows that the shell exploded nearby, no less than five meters, and maybe even further.
  9. master2
    master2 2 February 2018 22: 01
    5 times reviewed, I do not see a hit!
  10. Max spenser
    Max spenser 3 February 2018 09: 26
    Su 25 after a missile hit, during the Georgian-Ossetian conflict

  11. Max spenser
    Max spenser 3 February 2018 09: 28
    padded but alive

  12. Viktor77
    Viktor77 3 February 2018 11: 22
    Large-caliber anti-aircraft gun? Author zhzhot!
  13. Anton Kolotvin
    Anton Kolotvin 4 February 2018 04: 49
    Here they said that it is impossible to bring down our plane. But they shot down! The blessed memory of the Hero Pilot.
  14. slaventi
    slaventi 5 February 2018 17: 44
    The shell exploded nearby.