Multi-purpose all-terrain vehicle NORINCO CS / VP4 (China)

In the recent past, NORINCO Corporation, one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of military equipment, introduced a whole family of combat and auxiliary vehicles of various kinds. She developed a new multi-purpose lightweight chassis, which later became the basis for a number of specialized models with a particular weapon. The base chassis of this family is known under the official name CS / VP4.

In recent years, the leadership of the People’s Republic of China, developing its armed forces, has been paying particular attention to airborne troops. Especially for this kind of troops developed new models of technology that have the required features and capabilities. At the same time, new cars are offered not only to the Chinese army, but also to foreign customers. Several new developments of this kind were presented in this decade.

Multi-purpose all-terrain vehicle NORINCO CS / VP4 (China)
Cross-country vehicles NORINCO CS / VP4 of the Venezuelan army. Photo

As follows from the available data, several years ago, the designers of NORINCO began to develop a promising multi-purpose wheeled platform capable of solving transport problems and used as a basis for combat vehicles with different armaments. The works were successfully completed, and then at one of the Chinese exhibitions the first official show of a promising car took place.

In the promotional materials, the new Chinese-made transporter is designated as CS / VP4. In 2017, the first export contract for the supply of such equipment was indicated in the reports that it received an additional name Lynx (English “Lynx”). Combat vehicles based on the chassis have their own designations, to a certain extent resembling the name of the base platform, but indicating that such equipment belongs to other classes.

There is reason to believe that the lightweight CS / VP4 all-terrain vehicle was originally developed solely as a vehicle for transporting people and small loads. The first version of its design did not allow to install any serious weapons or large equipment. In the future, this problem was solved by refining the project, and to date, customers are offered two versions of the conveyor.

Machine with windshield mounted. Photo

The CS / VP4 vehicle actually represents a car of minimum dimensions and carrying capacity with a four-wheel chassis of high traffic. For maximum ease of construction, the all-terrain vehicle received an open-top housing. In addition, the project does not provide for the use of any reservation. However, the presence of armor would not correct the situation. The hull has low sides and only partially covers people, which makes the armor useless.

The CS / VP4 project proposes the use of a hermetically sealed metal body. Its frontal part has an expanding shape with a wedge-shaped profile, facilitating movement through the water. The lower part of the sides is made in the form of a vertical sheet, above which a shelf of trapezoidal section is placed. The stern again uses inclined sheets, above which a box-shaped casing of the power plant was placed in the basic version of the project. The roof of the case is missing. Protection of the crew and passengers from external influences by using the top frontal sheet, removable windscreen glazing and awning.

The layout of the case is very simple. All its upper part, made in the form of a large free volume, is given under the cabin for the crew, passengers and cargo. In front of the cabin there are two separate seats for the driver and commander. Behind them on the sides of a set of folding seats of the simplest design. A larger double seat-sofa is placed in the back of the habitable volume, directly in front of the wall of the engine compartment.

Governing bodies on a workplace of the driver. Photo

At the level of the front seats and rear seat are fixed two safety arches, also serve as the basis of the awning. The front arc of the transverse arrangement is complemented by a curved part mounted on the longitudinal axis of the machine and fixed to the front plate. This part is equipped with mounts for installing two removable windshields.

In the aft of the CS / VP4 case, an internal combustion engine with a power of 87 hp is placed, the parameters of which allow to ensure high mobility of the machine in any conditions. Access to the engine is organized through the aft hatch. On the right side of the engine compartment provides a round radiator window, tightened grid. Under it is a small-sized muffler.

With the help of a mechanical transmission, laid above the bottom of the case, the engine torque is distributed to all wheels. According to reports, the transmission of the all-terrain vehicle provides control of the drive wheels of different sides. Using this function, the driver can deploy the car literally on the spot.

View of the stern. Photo

The four-axle undercarriage is based on an independent suspension and is equipped with wheels of medium diameter. As part of the chassis there are means of rotation of the steered wheels. Thus, depending on the current conditions, the driver can choose the best way to control the car. At the same time, however, the small size of the all-terrain vehicle may limit overall throughput. In particular, the CS / VP4 machine's ground clearance is only 270 mm.

The main task of the multipurpose vehicle is to transport soldiers with weapons and some small loads. In certain situations, she can also tow a trailer or other equipment. In this case, the hull is equipped with a drawbar and its own rings for connection with the towing vehicle.

The transport vehicle in accordance with the original project does not have any standard weapons. However, in the combat units it is equipped with small arms. Thus, the front arc cross can be used for mounting a rifle or large-caliber machine gun. Near the seats for the crew provides for mounting for the transport of personal weapons.

All-terrain vehicles CS / VP4 Chinese army. Photo

In the basic configuration, the multi-purpose all-terrain vehicle NORINCO CS / VP4 has the smallest possible dimensions and weight. The length of the machine is only 3,94 m, the width is 1,55 m, the height along the arcs is 1,8 m. The total weight is determined at the level of 2,85 t with a payload of up to 1100 kg. First of all, the reduction of mass and dimensions was associated with the need to ensure maximum strategic mobility of equipment. The machine was to be placed in the cargo compartments of various military transport aircraft and helicopters.

Driving on the highway, the Chinese all-terrain vehicle can reach speeds of up to 65 km / h. Water obstacles the car overcomes by swimming, moving due to the rotation of the wheels. The maximum speed is reduced to 4 km / h. Cruising on the highway - 400 km. On land, the chassis can climb a steep slope near 30 °. The ditch is 1,2 m wide and the wall height is 400 mm. The minimum turning radius is 2,5 m.

It is argued that the existing chassis allows the NORINCO CS / VP4 multi-purpose machine to move in different terrain and areas without the threat of getting stuck. However, it can carry up to six people with arms and, possibly, a trailer with a load. Such capabilities can be used in patrolling, for the delivery of personnel to various objects, etc. The lack of armor, however, eliminates the possibility of using technology at the forefront during open collisions.

Chinese equipment on the teachings. Photo

All-terrain vehicle and equipment based on it are primarily intended for use in the airborne troops, with which the requirements for size and weight are associated. Depending on the available capabilities and goals, the CS / VP4 can be transported by land, air, or water. These all-terrain vehicles fit on railway platforms and truck bodies. They can be transported by Mi-8 type helicopters. Military transport aircraft, depending on the size of the cargo compartment, are able to take on board up to several multi-purpose chassis.

In case of using military transport aviation possible landing both landing and parachute method. In the latter case, CS / VP4 needs appropriate additional equipment. The landing of the car with the crew, apparently, is not provided.

Lightweight all-terrain vehicle CS / VP4 was created, first of all, as a vehicle for soldiers. Nevertheless, he was quickly adapted to the solution of combat missions. From a certain time, an anti-aircraft self-propelled installation based on this platform has been demonstrated at exhibitions. By installing some new units, transport was turned into a full-fledged autonomous combat unit with a full set of equipment.

If necessary, the crew can attack the enemy. Photo

Directly on the existing building installed closed double cabin with advanced glazing and side doors. Behind the cab made a flat platform with devices for mounting the combat module. The design of the power plant, transmission and chassis at the same time, obviously, did not change. A remotely controlled combat module with a block of optical-electronic surveillance and detection equipment was placed on the landing behind the cab. A small-caliber automatic gun is located on the mobile unit. In this configuration, CS / VP4 can accompany the troops on the march, monitor the air situation and fire on the approaching aircraft.

The multi-purpose chassis NORINCO CS / VP4 can be used for the construction of different types of equipment, but a number of design features reduce its modernization potential. In this regard, on the basis of the base all-terrain vehicle was created another car that retains the main features and capabilities, but at the same time has certain advantages over it.

The new version of the CS / VP4 all-terrain vehicle has a different body layout. The power plant and transmission devices connected to it were transferred to the front of the hull, as a result of which the latter received a large hood with a characteristic shape. Now, in front of the driver’s seat, there was a large hull unit with a horizontal roof and developed onboard units, which provided grids for engine cooling. In addition, the size of the front overhang increased, which, however, did not affect the performance of the terrain.

Self-propelled anti-aircraft installation based on multi-purpose chassis. Photo

The transfer of the engine allowed to abandon the protruding stern casing and in some way increase the allowable dimensions of the loading platform. In fact, this was the main goal of the new project, and the designers immediately took advantage of the results obtained. In 2016, NORINCO presented several samples of self-propelled artillery based on a front-engine version of an existing all-terrain vehicle.

On an open rear chassis platform, it is proposed to install a light multiple rocket launcher system, a mortar or a large-caliber howitzer. Together with the weapon, such self-propelled guns receive this or that additional equipment, but they are based on an updated version of the multipurpose CS / VP4 chassis.

To date, the multi-purpose off-road conveyor NORINCO CS / VP4 managed to go into a series and enter the supply of several armies. According to known data, the People’s Liberation Army of China became the first customer of such equipment. Her order, which appeared at the beginning of the decade, provided for the delivery of at least several dozen cars in the original transport configuration. There were also fragmentary reports about the possible purchase of artillery systems on the basis of the modified chassis. New technology is transferred to the troops in need of light vehicles of high maneuverability. It was supplied to the airborne units, as well as to the border troops. The latter use all-terrain vehicles to patrol in mountainous and desert areas.

Light MLRS on modified chassis. Photo

In June, the army of Venezuela boasted its 2017 of the year. The military department of the Latin American country has published an official announcement of the receipt of the first batch of Chinese all-terrain vehicles in the basic transport configuration. The manufacturing corporation transferred to the customer about two dozen pieces of equipment. Perhaps in the future there will be a new order for the second batch. Information about the desire of Caracas to acquire self-propelled artillery guns are not available.

Airborne troops solve special tasks and therefore need specialized equipment with appropriate capabilities and characteristics. The NORINCO CS / VP4 all-terrain vehicle project was one of the solutions to the task of equipping the amphibious parts with light vehicles. Subsequently, at its base, it was possible to create a new multi-purpose chassis, which was used in the development of promising artillery samples. Perhaps the development of existing ideas will continue, and soon China will show its new models of light military equipment.

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    2 February 2018 06: 44
    Good thing, I like ATV.
    True, the solution with the engine can not be considered true for a multi-purpose platform. Suddenly it is necessary to take away the pallet with cargo? wink
    Although some trailer do special.
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      2 February 2018 08: 07
      she needs an opposing engine, then just a raised platform would be above it and the box
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      Quote: tasha
      Good thing, I like ATV .....

      ... only from shaking, vertebrae and teeth suffer. But for Chinese men - just right soldier
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        Thanks for the video. Interesting. Plus similar ATV - you can always add at least a soft, at least a rigid roof. Because on the buggy or quadric with -30 it’s somehow cold wink
        A similar thing is a modern and more passable analogue of the Jeep of the Second World War. Cheap and cheerful.

        Well, they delivered inserts with developers and the military - both from Discovery :)
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            Heh, the military must steadfastly overcome and so on wink
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            There will be a mood and time - I will buy a killed UAZ or figure eight and start cooking something similar. wink winked
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              2 February 2018 20: 29
              Quote: tasha
              , ... UAZ or figure eight and start cooking something similar. wink winked

              ... I ran right now on the "Celestial videos" ... It seems that they have competitions there, for similar crafts:

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            without suspension is a simple device and a great price. And the tires seem to be pumped over, probably to be faster
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                3 February 2018 07: 27
                You can grumble as much as you like, but she doesn’t even have a steering. I remember someone arguing to me that for wheeled vehicles, even military, this is completely unacceptable. But amortized seats - I agree, it must be
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    Yeah, armor galosh recourse
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    We can do the same for the same platform ... more modest on the basis of Rusak. If you believe the developer, then spare parts from Niva
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    2 February 2018 07: 48
    It is difficult to adequately evaluate the article, taking into account the fact that the British army adopted similar equipment for the armament of airmobile troops back in the 80 of the last century. And there was an 45-strong diesel engine, and the possibility of installing tracks on top of the wheels.
    An article would be more valuable with a historical review of such machines - British, Romanian, and others.
    1. avt
      2 February 2018 10: 19
      Quote: SPLV
      It is difficult to adequately evaluate the article, taking into account the fact that the British army adopted similar equipment for the armament of airmobile troops back in the 80s of the last century.

      what It seems that the USs had such basins back in the Vietnam campaign and, in general, it seemed that they were all written off. No?
      1. +1
        2 February 2018 10: 40
        Quote: avt
        such basins were still in the Vietnam campaign

        I can not know. Of course, you can search the net, but I read about British cars in 80's in the Foreign Military Review.
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    2 February 2018 09: 32
    Sorry, but, in my opinion, the beetle eaters are too smart. The main advantage of light equipment is simplicity and spare parts from the nearest store. For climbing gullies-rivers-crayfish, you need a more serious car, with greater load-carrying capacity and autonomy.
    1. +3
      2 February 2018 10: 34
      Quote: tchoni
      To climb gullies-rivers-crayfish, you need a more serious machine, with greater load-carrying capacity and autonomy.

      A "serious car" fit in the cargo compartment of the Mi-8? There and UAZ without a tent can hardly fit
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        2 February 2018 10: 45
        If you need to move to the Mi-8, then this is also not your option. Take the wiesel. Or a couple of quadrics. You look and for the landing place will remain.
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          2 February 2018 11: 23
          Quote: tchoni
          If you need to move to the Mi-8, then this is also not your option.

          The Chinese machine is perfectly located in the Mi-8 and its descendants, and together with the landing
          "Two quadrics" et frivolously. However, the Chinese use six-wheeled options, but not for transporting infantry, but for placing heavy goods. weapons

          Well, "Wiesel" was created under a completely different helicopter, CH-53 Sea Stallion
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    2 February 2018 14: 13
    some kind of nonsense, it's really better to use ATVs
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      2 February 2018 14: 56
      Quote: Graz
      it’s really better to use quads

      They do not swim unlike Lynx. But for paratroopers this is still important.
      1. +1
        2 February 2018 17: 49
        These "Chinese" swim, enough to swim across the swamp with a lake. Not ocean liners, but quite for the forest .. From my own experience I will say that where an amphibian 6x6 or 8x8 will pass, no ATV can ever pass.
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    2 February 2018 17: 46
    This is nothing short of a redesigned American MAX 6x6. LOOK AT THE PHOTO. The layout, the idea itself is taken from there. In the garage itself, there is an ARGO device similar in characteristics. There is nothing better than such machines for wild and swampy places. This is the insistence of amphibian. The Chinese are well done. Ours would launch something similar into production. However .... military amphibians for wetlands .....? This is how they imagine the theater of war? .
    1. +1
      2 February 2018 18: 13
      Quote: tracer
      Ours would launch something similar into production.

      Vladimirskoe LLC "Mechanics", the all-terrain vehicle "Bear" in two versions, wheeled and tracked.
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        2 February 2018 18: 14
        Quote: Spade
        and tracked.

        tavila-kolesnyj-variant-snegobolotoxoda-medved /
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          2 February 2018 18: 26
          Pleased with a pancake. Cool car. And if it's inexpensive ... Max 6/6 costs about 25 and Agro is new with a diesel of 000.
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            2 February 2018 18: 32
            Quote: tracer
            And if inexpensive ...

  8. +1
    2 February 2018 19: 43
    Chinese rally NORINCO CS / VP4
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    2 February 2018 21: 14
    For some reason, no one recalls the domestic "front-line transporter" based on the engine from the "Cossack". He perfectly fit into the Mi-8. In 84, in the first-aid post of the regiment, I had 3 pieces in the form of a sanitary conveyor for 2 stretchers and 2 seats between them. To reduce the height, the driver could control the lying. The machine swam and had a winch for self-pulling and pulling the stretcher trolleys to itself. In the combat version, LNG and an 82-mm mortar with full ammunition were attached to it. Damned "perestroika" ruined it all ...
    1. 0
      3 February 2018 01: 50
      The engine from the Cossack was "dead." Horseradish zaveles, overheated at a time with all the consequences. This smut was tried never to roll out further than boxes. Disposable Horseradish
      1. +1
        5 February 2018 23: 15
        tracer, with us he regularly rode across the Ferghana valley - and this is in the Uzbek heat. In a suitable place you flop into a saur (a canal from the edge of a cotton field), there you shake a bucket of bleach into the water and after five minutes you catch a net of asleep hefty Amur silver carp. Sometimes 20 kilograms were gained from one channel. Then the anchor with the rope from the winch clung to the nearest tree and the car calmly crawled out onto the shore. And there we were already practicing "combat interaction" of the arms and forces ...
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    4 February 2018 05: 13
    By this car, only go golf. They don’t think about soldiers at all. What to expect from the Chinese. Their own billion
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    6 February 2018 12: 56
    Homemade from Novosibirsk: wheeled-tracked all-terrain floating vehicle.
    Engine from UAZ
    Cruising speed on the road 85km / hour.
    Payload - 1t.
    In operation more than 30 years.

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