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"Only the Soviet people could survive this"

January 27 turned 75 years since the liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi blockade. Today, there are still a lot of people living in Russia who survived these 2,5 years of hell.

The blockade of the city began on September 8. 1941 of the year by German, Italian, Finnish and Spanish invaders. By the time it began, Leningrad did not have sufficient supplies of food, medicine, and basic necessities. Therefore, almost immediately in the city began a massive famine, which was aggravated by the extremely harsh first blockade in winter. There was no electricity, tap water and heat.

After breaking the blockade in 1943, the siege of the city continued for another year. Nevertheless, the Soviet troops were able to begin supplying the residents of Leningrad with everything they need.

During the blockade, hunger and disease killed up to 1,5 million Leningraders, which accounted for 97% of the total death toll. Among the dead was the brother of the current president of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin once said that only the Soviet people could survive this. And this is difficult to argue.

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  1. Dashout
    Dashout 1 February 2018 16: 09
    No words ... Poor people .... how much they survived ..... Eternal memory ...
  2. Technikner
    Technikner 1 February 2018 16: 23
    We will always remember. Memory makes us all invincible!
  3. Terenin
    Terenin 1 February 2018 16: 59
    The poetic message of the Kazakh akyn in besieged Leningrad Leningrad, my children!

    Leningrad, my children!
    The people of Leningrad, my pride!
    To me in the stream of a steppe stream
    The reflection of the Neva jet is visible.
    If along the snow ridges
    With a senile gaze, I glide
    I see the vaults of your bridges,
    The light of the Baltic blue,
    Lanterns of evening swarms,
    The gilded roofs of the point ...
    Leningrad, my children!
    The people of Leningrad, my pride!

    Not then I lived,
    That the robber smell stink;
    It was not you, brothers, who served,
    To climb a creeping reptile
    The city is fabulous, in the city-garden;
    Not then to Leningrad
    Look Dzhambula charmed!
    And then I lived in the world,
    To the rabble Fascist thugs,
    Not having had time to recoil back,
    His wolf bones folded
    Your sacred fences.
    That's why the north run
    Kazakhstan rail tracks,
    That's why the Neva is protected
    Your embankments edge,
    Leningrad people, my children,
    The people of Leningrad, my pride,
    Your grandfathers remember Jambul,
    Your great-grandfathers remembers:
    They were exiled to his village,
    And he heard a ringing in the shackle.
    Having survived the four kings,
    I have experienced their ferocity;
    I wanted to fall fast
    Their Petersburg fortress;
    I'm under the roar of my string
    Vospel, already turning gray,
    The terrible course of the Baltic wave,
    Where national anger was boiling.
    It's in your slender houses
    A glimpse of Lenin's word-rays
    Played for the first time in the dark!
    It's yours, and more nobody's,
    The first onslaught of his speeches
    And his hands first swing!
    Your best machine tools gifts
    Kirov brought us for a reason:
    We are dear to you since ancient times,
    Closer brother, closer sister
    Leningrad - Alma-Ata.
    It is no coincidence that the Baltic Fleet,
    Glorious courage of two centuries,
    Seafarers' delegations
    Sends to Kazakhstan annually,
    And no wonder their sons
    From a young age to training we
    Helmet to the Neva, to the basis of the basics,
    Where, when men are married, minds are ripening.
    What does Jambul hear now?
    To you a steel door breaks,
    Like an eternity hungry -
    Distressed by losses
    Many-headed greedy boa ...
    He will die at your outposts!
    Without teeth and without scales
    There will be a snake in the croaks!
    The nightingales will sing again,
    Our family will be free!
    Leningrad, my children!
    The people of Leningrad, my pride!
    • • • •
    Leningrad is stronger and more formidable,
    Than in any of the previous years:
    He is ready to reflect the pressure!
    Do not split his stones,
    Do not trample its gardens.
    To Leningrad from all angles
    Trains are sent,
    See off their fighters
    Our villages and cities.
    The eyes of the country are storm-lead,
    And I'm ready to bridle
    To the rascally scoundrels.
    From the depths of the Kazakh land
    The rivers of oil flowed to you,
    Black coal, red copper
    And lead, that in time and in the opposite direction
    Ready to sing the song of death
    Gangs, rushing to Leningrad.
    Bread in a grain heavy as a fraction
    With lead goes on a par.
    Our best horses are offspring,
    Piles of apples as sweet as honey
    That should all help you.
    Soul slings away.
    Do not visit them in our homes!
    Do not get fat on our raw materials!
    • • • •
    There are big battles,
    But there will not be enemies of life!
    I can’t sleep today ...
    Let the help be, friends,
    My songs to you at dawn
    Leningrad people, my children,
    The people of Leningrad, my pride!
    September 1941

    Translation from Kazakh M. Tarlovsky
  4. Firework
    Firework 2 February 2018 01: 05
    regretted and ... forgotten until the next anniversary
    Of those who were starving there, everyone was provided with housing and other things?