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Review of the complex of combat equipment "Warrior"

Airborne Trooper answers questions to the complex "Ratnik"

Review of the complex of combat equipment "Warrior"

To begin with, the “Warrior” is a fairly large list of property, equipment, communications, weapons and optics. And the equipment can be issued, depending on the part and unit, completely different. You should not think that if the “Warrior” is issued, it means that everything was given: from the clock to the thermal imager. No, it is not. Moreover, the elements are held in different services - communications, RAV, clothing, etc. In addition, the kit is constantly being upgraded, and, accordingly, the kits also differ in delivery time.

There is also a big problem with obtaining new property - the chiefs do not want to give out. In order not to lose by the military field method and not to wear it, so that it would be new and beautiful for the "window dressing". And commanders do not want to receive it, because all these expensive elements will hang on them, as on financially responsible persons. Subtract something from the contractor who lost property, perhaps, only in theory. In fact, due to bureaucratic delays, it is almost impossible. About the conscripts, I generally keep quiet, there all the property hangs exclusively on the commanders. And these are multi-million sums.

Therefore, often all these new sets lie in warehouses for years and decades, standing out only for the "show". Now it’s really easier and cheaper to buy the “Warrior” for the necessary parts in various Internet flea markets (where it seems to get from those warehouses) than to receive it. What many do.

- Recently there was a negative article about a warrior:

I want to hear the comments of the operator.

I, the welder is certainly not real, but I still have questions:
a) But is a Warrior not just an MO?
b) Surely the Ministry of Defense began to send on business trips to the UK? unless the FSB / Rosgvardiya doesn’t constantly go there on business trips.

1. The article is emotional, but in many respects true. About what they are wrong, I will write a little further. In principle, I can even say, a comrade from which unit and which compound wrote it.

2. "Warrior" and "Sagittarius" were really used and used by the units of the Defense Ministry in the TFR.

For specific points of the article:
If they do not see the correction of defects, it does not mean that they do not work on it. Yes, unfortunately, we, the users, are heard poorly, but there are some progress. There are users who are fortunately heard. I am about those who are supplied first of all with the newest and the best. Yes, it's not us, unfortunately.

By lightning. Not seen to tear the fabric. Yes, for two years not one sticky tape on the demi-season has been working for me, everything is sewn tightly with threads. I saw that the lightning sometimes broke, it happens. But so that everyone would tear the fabric? Not.

By Velcro for stripes. This is not a form manufacturer's problem.

On VVZ. Well, get more size. That's exactly what I did. VKPO is not included in the kit, it was not intended to be tested with equipment.

There is no such backpack as a small assault. There is a RP, there is a RSH from the 6B46 kit, there is a PP from the 6B38 kit (yes, this is a crappy backpack, I agree). But here I personally see users who have not even read the instructions, but have tried to carry the kit in the form it was packed by the plant.

According to SIBZ. Well, guys, the instructions are clear that reading is not interesting, but still necessary! And do not try to cross a hedgehog with a snake. Yes, in the expanded set in the technique it is inconvenient, but after all it was made for short-term assault operations, that is, for the city, and not for raids.

"Sugar" on the back can not be hung? So she should not hang there. She is a “cracker”, she hangs herself on a belt under the RP, which is exactly located on the place where the sling is not (that is why it is not). To throw off the RP and stay with the necessary in the "cracker".

What can I say - you need to read the instructions !!! And yet understand - that the set of "OWNWAY"! That is, it is universal for all tasks and specialties. And what is the TTZ MO, which does not always coincide with our wishes. Yes, for specialists, it is already small, but such is the reality. Now, fortunately, there is a big choice.

- Is everyone using out of gear? How did the multitools, knives, watches, etc. small things manifest themselves?

By the set of 6B38:
Clock. Glitches, it happens that they stop by themselves. Most prefer modern electronic ones like Casio.
Torch. Normal, but there is no head-mounted mount, as in the original, and the IR mode is replaced with green. Often buy on their own.
Multitool Big and heavy. Who can - uses "Lesermans" or cheap Chinese multitools. It would be better sapper NA-2 purchased. By the way, I wanted to buy NA-2 privately - they say, even to a military man.

Spatula. Not bad

Filters. Nobody really uses and takes them, even when they were given out before the “Warrior”. In IRP there is “Akvatabs”, it is enough.
Active headphones 6М2. Polarmen has already passed by him, there is nothing to add to his words. "Well, no shmogl" (c) our industry normally copy "Peltora" and "Sordina". There is a shortage of 6М2-1 in the set to "Azartam", but I have not seen them except at the flea markets.
Shelter universal. Too complicated, no one can figure it out without instructions. And most do not even know that the instruction is on the wrong side of the case. It would be better to type the usual tent poncho.

Knee pads and elbow pads. Well, look, of course, cool! Especially on beautiful photo shoots))) Made from a fabric base like on Bijan and cups like on X-Tac. As a result, the legs and hands are too large in the large area closed and sweat. It would be better as the usual X-Tac did. And even better, as in the rest of the world, gradually, already on an integrated transition.

Raid backpack. Low quality, too large volume. I know cases when the straps of a non-loaded backpack were torn off when jumping from a KAMAZ body.

- Are there any problems with fogging of glasses, lenses, eyepieces?

Splinterless glasses. Not enough interchangeable dark lenses, like foreign counterparts. The helmet does not have a visor, like caps and hats for sun protection. Not enough complete and simple anti-splinter glasses (and not a mask) by the type of foreign ESS Crossbow, Oakley M Frame, etc. from the APEL list. Still, the mask application is limited. Therefore, in the pictures of beautiful glasses are usually on the helmet are, and not on the face.

- Hydrators put on a vest or a flask cost?

On 99% we get around a flask and ordinary bottles-one and a half. The fact is that young people, after watching films, go and buy hydrators. Where? That's right, in the near shtetl "voentorg." Any Chinese stuff for 5 bucks from Ali. It is clear that this r ... does not live long, breaks and flows. As a result, a fighter who has not heard about Source and Camelbak, begins to think and say that all hydrators are unreliable crap.

And where to hang the flask? On the back of the 6B45 there is no sling for this, and wearing a vest over a bulletproof vest is silly.
- What backpacks are used?

Basically, a patrol satchel from the 6ShX112-6ShNXXX and RD-117 kits for crews.

- Did he see the 6B45 fully loaded? How reliable is he in his opinion? (Precisely by the area of ​​coverage)

- Why created 6B46 - in what conditions is used.

- How often are external mounts used on 6B47?

- 6b45, as in a sock, how many plates are in fact worn?

6B45. Very good general armor. For an ordinary infantryman - almost ideal for security and comfort. Especially if there is no idiocy with putting on 6Ш117 over a bullet-proof vest with MOLLE system and a quick reset, as often happens. About the advanced set in the course, did not see, we do not need them. Here 6B45 is far from being provided for everyone. Staff wear two plates.

6B46: available in warehouses, not issued. He dealt with it earlier, the system is not bad for intelligence units for its layout and modularity.

6B47. Good helmet. I do not like the ribbon hanging, replaced by a foreign suspension. But this is an amateur, convenience and comfort increases, but at the same time increases the prohibition effect. Nobody bothers at all with the purchase of “Thors”, LShZ and “Spartans” of every kind there. External attachments to 6B47 are not used, as there is simply nothing to attach to them.

- Do 6b45 bulletproof vests replace old batches that had problems with the strength of fasteks, threads, and without IR remission, on bulletproof vests of new batches, or are they missing?

Nobody can replace body armor for such reasons. Replace the old body armor, exhausted socks, when they are already ushatanny and there is something to replace in stock. About IR remission 90% of employees in the Airborne Forces have no idea what it is and what it is eaten with. They also do not know about new models and varieties.

- Sagittarius have to use? How is he?

- More detail about the system of targeting, communication, management. Well, if the system is already alien, alien. How everything is arranged, convenience, protection. And in the complex - a worthwhile thing, or is everything still the same way, do not use it?

The connection is provided by KRUS, “Azart” and the “Aqueduct” series.

At first, there are a lot of complaints, but I can’t talk about them. The system is working. There are advances on the shortcomings, there is already a new set of KRUS, which has been very much reworked taking into account all the comments. But when they come to us is unknown.

“Excitement” - the radio station is just gorgeous, there’s one gripe to it - GIVE THEM MORE !!! In the trash all these 168-e! And there is a lack of something like the “Bussol” radio station shown, that is, the radio station is slightly more powerful than “Azart”, but with its capabilities, the “platoon-company-battalion” level.

By navigation. With KRUS, everyone has navigation. There are regular full-time navigators. The problem in the work of military topographers, which is not visible.

- What is the level of communication and navigation, does KO even have?

Depending on the unit. From - "KO has," to - "everyone has."

- I would like to reveal the theme of "usability" (adequacy of settings, interface length, ease of use, etc.) of various electronic devices. There is no one question.

With this trouble. With KRUS and navigators especially. Well, the trouble is that our people do not read the instructions (although they are often written in such a way that you can not figure it out without a half liter).

- How to recharge batteries in the field? Or simply old throw out, insert new? As far as I remember, the topic about the need for unification of used batteries was skipping (now everything seems to be unsuited).

Question on 5 points! With this all the trouble. Generators for the "fields" are issued only at the battalion level and above, and there is a lot of electronics in the modern army. Particularly pleased with some of the elements of electronics, which included only one battery and charging only 220 volts! Who can - drop off and buy diesel or gasoline (they are cheaper, but with gasoline in the fields more problematic) generators, or inverters for the on-board network of equipment. Who can not - goes with discharged devices and simulates their performance.

In general, with the forethought of providing for field conditions, everything is sad. There is a shortage of modern light mobile tents, field furniture (just like 50 years ago we put together wooden planks and floors), rapidly deployable mobile toilets, wash basins, shower rooms, and power supply systems.

- What are the most convenient batteries for equipment?

Uniquely finger-type (AA) batteries and batteries! But not the dismal filth with a capacity of 0,9 mA, usually already dead, which basically comes bundled.

- Declared that the composition of the Warrior should be a thermal sight / monocular. Was it? If so, is it Sahin? What are your impressions?
But with this, unfortunately, everything is sad. They are not.

- In general, what elements of equipment their user would prefer to replace with others, and which ones? :-)

What I wanted was a long time ago. I can not allow only normal (and domestic) PNV and thermal imager, unfortunately.

- Does the “Warrior” suffice to all in abundance (since it is sold so much in the shops) or, as in the “9 company”, the clothing manufacturers give out trash and carry the nove to the store?

Just in stores in abundance, and this is what we use.

- Have you heard something Comrade. paratrooper about "Warrior-2"?

I heard. Advances in the right direction. The main thing is not to be fond of futurism, but to be closer to reality and users.

- Do you use the “Warrior” all the time, or only at the training ground, and take NATO, commercial, sport, alloy, etc., bought at your expense, for work?

At work I take my own to save issued. Fortunately, almost everything is normal domestic.

- Problems with the quality of sewing materials. If the difference in the form of sewn in different periods or different firms and whether it is significant.

Quality depends on the specific manufacturer and item.

- In all this equipment in the toilet for a large, interesting, you can go? Or - it is necessary to remove everything from yourself?

- Is upgrading welcome weapons or is it still full of parquet fools, forcing everything to be screwed before delivery to the warehouse?

With the modernization of weapons - no way. You can not and that's it. Such a position of the authorities.

- "The body kit" had a chance to test? Like a belt and a flame? How shit is everything else?

And yes - the tambourine on 96 and the four-row ratchet mukhonizmy store was not in the hands? If it was - how impressions?

It is interesting how the new night monocular, especially as the bracket is combined with the helmet 6B47.

Well, a bunch of collimator with a magnifying monocular.

"Kit" saw, felt, tried. But we are not given them, however, they are not given to anyone. The funny thing is that those from whom I took these machines, they were given out without regular patches on the pikatini slats (so as not to lose!), And therefore they swore strongly that they were scrapping the body and equipment. He didn’t like the belt, it looks like a Chinese copy of magpulsky, and for some reason a black (!?) Color. I liked the aiming bar with two sets of sight - more and not needed. So in general - the kit is not bad, if you do everything correctly, to have and be able to use. And then I saw a company of conscripts with machine guns in the "Awesome", but with sights and other removable elements, closed in the safe at their company, away from sin.

Bubnov and new 60-current we did not have.

- What are the reviews on such elements as the 1P87 collimator sight; the 1P90 telescope; the 1PN138 night monocular; the 1K241 laser pointer;

All the 1P87 that I saw were with different types of grids and different TTX in passports. Some have 15 battery life, others have 60. Rough sight, definitely better than 1P63. Magnifer saw him, but did not use it. "Aimpoint" and "Iotech" they are definitely not superior, although the latter is not a fact.

1PN138 saw only on the site "Valdai", pictures from exhibitions and flea markets. I would have bought it with joy, but 100 thousands ((((We only have 1PN93 different options and BN-3. Maybe we have, but again - they are gathering dust in the warehouse).

- Do the sights go on the shooter?

Yes, collimator sights and optical multiples are used for all weapons.

- What do you envy of Western models - both in technology and equipment?

Equipment of NVD and thermal imagers and their quality. The procedure for issuing and decommissioning uniforms and equipment, the norms of its issuance. Field security.

- What are the complaints about the basic kit of uniforms, what would you like?

- How comfortable is the shape in particular heat / humidity / cold? Did you have to add / replace with other things, if so, what and why?

The summer uniform from the VKPO kit is very hot. Now the fashion has gone to take the form of one local firm: the exact replica of the charter is in color, but light, strong and breathes well, there is a mesh in the armpits and in the groin. Not enough Panama and battle shirt, normal "combat" pants. They are in new mountain sets, but they are not given to us.

Demi-season Normal, but Velcro is killed for a year and does not hold pockets and sleeves. On the thigh pockets, it is better to make a zipper and make a reinforcement on the bottom of the leg.

In general, now with the issuance of a form of trouble. An elementary telly once every two years to get one - and that is not bad. WCPO terms of socks exhausted - no replacement. Some shoes have not been received for years, we buy authorized copies for our copies, no “lightweight” can be. For vests as usual, confusion in the “tradition” - it is forbidden to wear the top of thermal underwear, even in the fields.

As before, winter jackets are worn with a belt, and summer suits again began to be tucked into pants.

A common problem in form is the timing of the socks of clothing property. One set is issued and carry it to the feast and to the world. First, crawl into the field in the classroom, and then step into the outfit in a clean and tidy. And so 2-3 of the year. And even if a new one is given out, the old one is rented, as the inventory property. As a result, the substitution, except for purchased at their own expense, no.

It would be desirable, that masksuits like 6Sh122 were issued on a clothing service, as a substitution for classes and fields. And issued for a short time or replaced by the fact of wear on the new.

By 6Sh122, by the way, there are also comments on the cut and pockets. Although the SSO "Partisans" from which they were copied, there are no such problems. Both of his colors are more successful than regular “numbers”, especially the brown side.

- Shoes. What is worn in summer, in demi-season?

Despite the system of layers and other innovations, unfortunately, there are two seasons a year left in the army - winter and summer. So before ordering a garrison, we walk in summer or winter boots, respectively. Only give them out. Everything. And then, if there are sizes, and they are available. Winter in the near-zero temperature and indoors is hot. Summer olds were killed in the trash for the 2-3 of the month; it’s not yet clear for the new ones, few have been given recently.

- Is it possible to use the equipment "according to the mind", or is everything regulated by the command? I mean wearing layers of WCPA according to the actual weather, and outweighing the pouches on unloading for themselves, as convenient.

Everything is regulated. Pouches all the same, regardless of the specialty. The form is similar: “I don’t care that the beginning of April is already and + 15, it’s winter season, so we’re wearing winter boots!”

- During the operation, there are always losses of theft or just separate elements are broken. How does the repair work? Deduct the cost of salary and in what part?

About deductions and write-offs wrote above. Easier to buy on your own at the flea market. If there is a shortage of property, they will charge everything from the commander.
- What is with the washing of underwear? I heard from a recently retired conscript that putting in the laundry means not seeing more. No washing machines.

How to wash in the evening?

On washing and bathing in the PPD no problems. Issued washing machines are in the sink, after school and in the evening are loaded with work. Showers are also available.

- I apologize for the offtopic, but I wonder how your interlocutor will celebrate August 2?

No In the sense of no fountains, vests, torn at the chest, and berets with flags. I will go to the building, listen to the speech, and go home to the family. In the evening we will sit quietly with friends, talk under the shish kebab.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 3 February 2018 06: 43
    Therefore, often all these brand new kits are in stock for years and decades,
    But this is about the "decades" indicated by the author.
    The equipment was first presented at the MAKS-2011 air show [2]. Troops were tested in December 2012 on the basis of the 27th separate motorized rifle brigade at the Alabino training ground near Moscow [5] [6]. Wikipedia
    1. Vard
      Vard 3 February 2018 08: 28
      Their experience of wearing civilian work clothes ... Very expensive and inconvenient ... As a matter of fact, suits themselves and so on underwear and shoes ... in stores it is several times cheaper and better in quality ... It's hot in summer .. It's cold in winter .. I think this is also relevant for military equipment ...
      1. Separ DNR
        Separ DNR 3 February 2018 10: 13
        I read, and envy the fierce envy ...

        For us, for example, the bronics (not from among those purchased at our own expense) are the most “fresh” - 6 B23, and those naturally used are of different degrees of fray.
        In winter uniform ... Issue winter "flora" + "kirzachi" + ordinary army "ushanka". Warm but not comfortable and fettering movement. Especially when a bulletproof vest + unloading is pulled over a pea jacket.
        Therefore, since no one cares about you, you have to acquire ammunition for your own.
        Moreover, the options are different. What amount is not a pity (or there is an opportunity) to spend on uniforms and piers, you spend on such a lover.
        For example, for the winter I bought a "pixel" slide on the fleece of Viking Island (Russia) for 4000 rubles, and I am happy as an elephant.

        And so, in principle, with everything ...
        1. jjj
          jjj 3 February 2018 13: 05
          But what about the ammunition? Are they sorry too?
          1. Separ DNR
            Separ DNR 3 February 2018 13: 30
            Quote: jjj
            But what about the ammunition? Are they sorry too?

            Dill, on us, they do not spare.
            And we...
            I'll quote myself as an answer
            . Yesterday, 20:14 | Lukashevich: There can be no talk of the return of Russian officers to the JCCC in the status of “aggressors”
            Not having the right to disclose data (what is where and how), I only note that for the eN number of L / C at the position:
            1 (opened) "zinc" 5,45 AK, and 2 "zinc" 7,62PK + 5,45 wearable stock in stores and ribbons in boxes (frankly small).
            And EVERYTHING fellow But nooo, I forgot RPG-7 with a small supply of "carrots" and
            several RPG-18 Flies ...
            Hold the defense as you want ...
            It got to the point that pravoseki, first on the radio, then exchanged with our phones MTS said:
            - We are aware that you and BK are straining, and we will not storm just because there is no order ...
            And they suggested:
            -We will leave you in the designated place of the BC, take away, "LET'S LIKE"

            Like that, and you are slogans. And to us, really, even with hats.

            PS: I recall the recent time when from a “glass” in the form of a cut 200 hundred liter barrel, handfuls were scooped up “loose powder” ...
            From one half 5,45, from the other 7,62 ...


            Plus I’ll add that I forgot to mention a dozen grenades of various types from RG 42, RGD 5 and RGN, to F-1
  2. izya top
    izya top 3 February 2018 06: 57
    have u gone, have u been stolen?
    the vest is better for a man no fellow
    1. Vard
      Vard 3 February 2018 08: 30
      We have a boat ... And when I bought a couple for packing matches ... The same questions were ...
  3. Wolka
    Wolka 3 February 2018 08: 34
    plus to the author, may army bins not become scarce ...
    1. Okolotochny
      Okolotochny 3 February 2018 13: 11
      I agree. It’s painted according to the mind, in the case.
  4. Ber
    Ber 3 February 2018 09: 23

    There is also a big problem with obtaining new property - the chiefs do not want to give out. In order not to lose by the military field method and not to wear it, so that it would be new and beautiful for the "window dressing". And commanders do not want to receive it, because all these expensive elements will hang on them, as on financially responsible persons. Subtract something from the contractor who lost property, perhaps, only in theory. In fact, due to bureaucratic delays, it is almost impossible. About the conscripts, I generally keep quiet, there all the property hangs exclusively on the commanders. And these are multi-million sums.

    Therefore, often all these new sets lie in warehouses for years and decades, standing out only for the "show". Now it’s really easier and cheaper to buy the “Warrior” for the necessary parts in various Internet flea markets (where it seems to get from those warehouses) than to receive it. What many do.

    We have two lawyers, Medvedev and Putin, that you can’t create laws that will correct this situation at the legal level, or is there not enough knowledge?
    1. would
      would 3 February 2018 11: 01
      It has always been good with the laws, they are only stamped this way. We have problems with their implementation ...
  5. tank66
    tank66 3 February 2018 09: 43
    Hmm. The mentality of army captenarmuses is a constant constant ... The real story: the end of 1979 / after the storm of the Amin’s palace /. The guards in the Panj area should go into the territory of the DRA. Construction. Team piece: "... hand grenade launchers optical sights / RPGshnye / -that about *** those."
    SHURUM -BURUM 3 February 2018 11: 11
    - Declared that the composition of the Warrior should be a thermal sight / monocular. Was it? If so, is it Sahin? What are your impressions?
    But with this, unfortunately, everything is sad. They are not.

    How much joyful noise in the press was about these Shakhinov. Six years have passed. How many interesting topics our development superiors closed because of them. "See, Shahin is already removing all questions. We turn off the topic."
    1. krokodil25
      krokodil25 3 February 2018 12: 48
      Most likely, such devices are only CCO and similar units.
  7. Huumi
    Huumi 3 February 2018 11: 30
    As I read in a World War II joke, you need something from the “necessary” from a flashlight, a sniper rifle, and so on, take the trophy to the head of the farm, either everything or for hours or alcohol, so they won’t give it, don’t ask.
  8. Sobol
    Sobol 3 February 2018 11: 42
    Interesting. Here are just deciphering abbreviations in brackets to add would not be bad. And then as a builder, it’s not reading, but torture, that I have to constantly go to Google to understand what I’m talking about.
    1. Fayter2017
      Fayter2017 19 May 2018 13: 06
      This gives you respect, and when I see such abbreviations, I mentally send the authors, or write completely, so that everyone understands or stupidly half a text in the toilet can be drained.
  9. vadivm59
    vadivm59 3 February 2018 11: 45
    about 10 years ago they set up columns for building the building. The installation was carried out vertically so that a tripod was boiled from the corner of the 25th, a large nut was hung on a string, 20-24, and dropped into a bucket of water, so that it would not hang out. a big boss came and ohrenel. and asks our simply boss, they say you have a laser gadget in your warehouse for such work. Why do people work like in the Stone Age? Nobody answered that answer. If you give, they will break. And they can do it. Everything is always and everywhere .
    1. realist
      realist 5 February 2018 07: 52
      it’s not like that everywhere, I had everything needed to be signed (levels, theodolites, non-contact thermometers). it’s true that somehow 20 welding machines disappeared and a new tacheometer (purchased for almost 500 thousand rubles and failed to audit 11 of the 40 purchased ....
  10. Sedoy
    Sedoy 3 February 2018 12: 53
    not a single “Velcro” works ... I saw that the zippers sometimes broke ... yes, a crappy backpack ... The watch is buggy .... The flashlight is not mounted on the head, as in the original, and the IR mode is replaced by green. Often buy on their own ... Multitool Large and heavy. Who can - use the "Leatherman" or italian cheap multitools. It would be better if they bought NS-2 sapper ... Filters Nobody really uses them ... Knee and elbow pieces legs and arms are closed and sweat too much over a large area. It would be better as usual X-Tac did. And even better, as in the whole world, gradually switch to integrated ones. Raid backpack Low quality ...

    here it is what the trick is ... :)
    read the instructions !!!

    and then everything will be fine ... :)
    the manufacturer is not obliged to do immediately and efficiently for the consumer conveniently, it is enough to read the instructions and understand that this is all crap and you need to go and buy "Chinese" for your grandmothers ...
    and the grandmother’s producer from the state has already mastered it and now they have it, and if the consumer doesn’t like something, then “take the stake off” ... :)
  11. ARES623
    ARES623 3 February 2018 15: 02
    Glad for our sun. But how slowly is the mentality of the command accustomed to a peaceful life in the PAP ?! And what a pity that the clothing service and everyone who is “attached” to the supply and approval of the rules of contentment, as before, do not care about those who are “on the ground”! But still, the Red Army is all stronger! And thank God....
  12. Heloween
    Heloween 3 February 2018 15: 27
    I subscribe to almost every word of the author (with the exception of some things that I don’t know about since I didn’t give out and therefore did not use it). The locks on the jackets of fighters are almost all broken. The possibility of replacement / repair is not provided. I would like to have a jumpsuit for field training. Something like a jumpsuit for jumping at the USSR Airborne Forces. From the dense fabric in which the fighter crawls, he fulfills the standards, then removed, washed and OK. The tactical shirt under the armor is really not enough! I bought a commercial. I answer all the gloomy questions of the inspectors that the experimental model was left after testing and has already been accepted. After that, everything is fine.
  13. Severok
    Severok 3 February 2018 18: 02
    A lump of summer for a year two pieces; winter suit for two years, one piece; winter hat if there is a size, similarly with a cap; belt for five years; berets one pair for three years despite the fact that you can not get out of them; PS from the heart - do not carry it (hang in the closet); a five-year-old overcoat dressed TWO times in five years (hell is not needed except for the parade); there are no worn years from heels in a warehouse; gloves are thread (and what is it?); socks from the heart, just put it on and threw it away; shoes for PS two pairs at home still in a position to issue two pairs hung - every year !; a cap, received xs when, still one, it is not especially needed, in position to issue "couple" hang ...

    The suit is summer - "Velcro" on the pockets, regardless of manufacturer - wow, but it would be better if there were buttons or zippers.
    The suit is winter, for 15 years of service it has changed 5-7 times, but better than the "Afghan-sand" the winter has not yet been seen. Modern "winter roads" shit, but when you stand, you get round, you move, you die from dehydration.
    Bertsa, so that in these berets all the quartermasters until the last president die on ice or in the winter tundra!
    The hat is winter, while there is no wind still bearable, then everything is sad.
    About summer caps it is better to be silent.
    The rest is worn on occasion, but there is nothing to write about what is not in stock. Buy a backpack, buy a bowler hat, buy a flask ... Green caps, mother loved ...
  14. serge siberian
    serge siberian 3 February 2018 20: 27
    Too many reductions, or whatever it's called, but I’ve less understood. Although we’re moving towards a good one, in terms of improvement.
  15. Romario_Argo
    Romario_Argo 3 February 2018 20: 30
    Therefore, often all these brand new kits are in stock for years and decades, giving out only for “showing”

    the article is not about anything (!) bold minus (!)
  16. Clone
    Clone 5 February 2018 03: 40
    It is a pity that the author cannot be rewarded with “minuses,” Bo flooded his essay with slang for the most I can and simply bathes in the specifics of the designation of this or that type of equipment. It would be much easier to rewrite the whole alphabet in order and fix it with your nickname.
  17. Clone
    Clone 5 February 2018 03: 45
    Quote: Severok
    Bertsa, so that in these berets all the quartermasters until the last president die on ice or in the winter tundra!

    In the top ten! It is possible to ice. fellow Army shoes should be fixed on the foot for one or two movements, but not after a long time lacing.
  18. Clueless
    Clueless 5 February 2018 11: 17
    Guys, is this a site or a newspaper? If the site, why are there no inserts with photos on the material of the article? Stupidly insert the text, this is not the design for a popular site :(