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What happens behind the fence of the 405 plant in Almaty? Exclusive Report


Multipurpose attack helicopter Mi-35М of the air forces of Kazakhstan / Photo by Grigory Bedenko

This week the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry will approve the state defense order for 2018 year.

Its important segment is technical support. aviation techniques of Kazakhstani law enforcement agencies. talks about the prospects of the 405th aircraft repair plant, which is located in Almaty and serves various types of military and civilian helicopters.

Refurbished historical building on the territory of ARZ No. 405 / Photo by Grigory Bedenko

This enterprise has a rather long history. The plant was opened at the airport of Almaty in 1939 year for the restoration and repair of aircraft. Over his long history, he changed several names: "Aircraft Repair Shops", "Aircraft Repair Base", "Plant No. 405 GA".

In the main hangar of the plant / Photo by Gregory Bedenko

It repaired the aircraft themselves, piston aircraft engines, propellers. Since 1977, ARZ No.405 began to serve the Ka-26 helicopter grouping. This very good Soviet vehicle was designed for patrols, agricultural work, etc. Since 1992, the company’s specialists have begun to repair Mi-8 / 17 helicopters. The corresponding program was launched in the interests of all structures and departments operating these helicopters. Running service support Mi-8T, Mi-8P, Mi-8PS, Mi-8MT (Ni-17), Ni-8MTV-1 (Ni-17-1V), Mi-8MTV-2, Ni-171 (Ni-8AMT ), Mi-8MTV-5 (Mi-17В-5), Mi-172 and their modifications and Ka-32А and Ka-32-11ВС.

Mi-8 MTV1 company "Burundaiavia" on the overhaul / Photo by Gregory Bedenko

Today, the enterprise’s customers are all the security forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the Ministry of Defense, the Border Guard Service, the National Guard. In addition, the service of the Emergency Situations Committee: among the customers there is Kazaviaspas, the Almaty Akimat Rescue Service; as well as civilian airlines, the largest of them is Burundaiavia, which operates 20 helicopters. The company also repairs its helicopters airline PrimeAviation, the state airline Berkut of the Office of the President of the Republic.

Konstantin Ushakov, General Director of JSC ARZ No. XXUMX / Photo by Grigory Bedenko

“In the Central Asian region, the plant today occupies a leading position in terms of the development of new types of helicopters,” says the head of the enterprise, Konstantin Ushakov. - Helicopters every year undergo a certain modernization. From the manufacturers go more advanced models of these helicopters, so the process of mastering new types of non-stop.

“We are currently working, first of all with our closest neighbors in Kazakhstan, on the development of the export of our services,” the director of the ARZ says. - Among potential customers are Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan. And the most promising region where Mi-8 / 17-type helicopters are now actively operating is Afghanistan.

This helicopter crashed in Afghanistan, and it had its cockpit completely replaced / Photo by Grigory Bedenko

- How has the situation changed with the advent of the new ministry - the defense and aerospace industry?

- This ministry is a great help in finding customers for the company. Previously, this was done by the Ministry of Defense. Now this support has increased many times, because there is a specialized ministry that is actively developing military-technical cooperation, and in the first place - these are, of course, neighbors and the countries of nearby regions.

Engines, gearbox and bearing screw Mi-8 / Photo by Gregory Bedenko

- What are the features of the state defense order for 2018 year?

- The state defense order for 2018 includes the repair of helicopters for law enforcement agencies, as well as the regulated maintenance of helicopters in the north-western region, in the central part of the country. Every year we carry out overhaul of 7-8 helicopters. Last year, we provided technical support to structures in the north-western region, and this year we also plan to work in the central region - in Astana, on the basis of the ATC (the recently established aviation-technical center).

Work with the equipment of the pilot's cabin / Photo by Grigory Bedenko

- In the 2017, the newest Russian attack helicopters Mi-35M entered into service with our Air Force. How will they be serviced?

- According to Mi-35M, we plan to set up simple types of work - maintenance and current repairs. Already signed a plan for the development of a major overhaul of this helicopter. The nearest repair they have in 5-6 years. By this time we will be ready. The operator of these helicopters is the Ministry of Defense. While the car warranty. That is, they left the factory in Rostov-on-Don, now they have a support group from the factory at the air base. The operator at the initial stage always need some advice and stuff. Therefore, manufacturers send their warranty teams to military units. When we acquire our competence in this matter, I think that manufacturers will not need to keep their people here.

In the year 405-th plant produces overhaul of 7-8 machines / Photo by Gregory Bedenko

- A new transport and combat Mi-171Sh?

–My-171Sh is in the process. Mi-171E (rescue modification of the helicopter Mi-8 AMT, such machines are in "Kazaviaspas") have already been repaired. The first is different from the second presence of weapons systems in the helicopter. If these two components are added up, then we have everything, but it is required to formalize the tolerances of specialists through training centers. We carry out this procedure. How a helicopter will be suitable for repair, we will repair it without any problems. By Ka-32, which operates "Kazaviaspas", we are already certified. We have been servicing for two years. But this is a less common helicopter. There are two centers - in Ufa and in Rostov. We attract some of their narrow specialists, but we carry out the bulk of the work ourselves. Initially for Kazakhstan it was planned to purchase 10-12 helicopters of this type. They got two as a result, and that was all.

Aviation is a delicate matter / Photo by Grigory Bedenko

- How many helicopters of the Mi-8 / 17 type do we have in Kazakhstan, and how often is the overhaul done?

- In Kazakhstan today in the operation of the order of 80 helicopters of the type Mi-8 / 17 in power and civilian structures. A complete overhaul of a helicopter takes place once every 8 years. This is a complete analysis of the helicopter, flaw detection of each of its components, restoration work, the replacement of all parts. Then build, test. In fact, we bring the helicopter in pristine condition. This allows the next eight years to make minor and current repairs in order to continue operation.

Inspection of the power plant / Photo by Grigori Bedenko

- All helicopters serviced by you are Russian-made. How do you interact with manufacturers?

- We have established regular contacts, first of all, with the Russian holding Russian Helicopters. This structure today unites the entire helicopter industry of the Russian Federation. It includes all manufacturers - Ulan-Uda, Kazan, Arsenyevsky, Rostov, Kumirtau, aircraft manufacturers of components in Perm and in Moscow. In addition to this holding and helicopter manufacturing plants, we have contracts with more than 60 factories in the Russian Federation. These are manufacturers of fuel equipment, hydraulic, communication systems and navigation equipment, etc. There are connections with the Ukrainian, Belarusian, Caucasian, Baltic factories. In principle, there are connections with all enterprises that continue to produce equipment for Mi-8 helicopters.

405 plant serves both military and civilian vehicles / Photo by Grigory Bedenko

- On the basis of your company, it is planned to create a regional service center. How will it work?

- Today we have 360 employees. In the future, we are going to expand; 20-30 additional jobs will be created annually. In addition to the main site in Almaty, we also opened a site in Aktobe on the basis of the 406 aircraft repair plant. True, we can perform fewer work there, but for the western and northern regions of Kazakhstan this branch can provide services - periodic maintenance.

Weapon systems for military aircraft / Photo by Grigory Bedenko

“We are also working with the aviation technical center recently opened in Astana, so that we can also service the helicopters that we have in Central and East Kazakhstan on their sites. Because the territory of Kazakhstan is quite large, it is impossible to overcome it by helicopter in one flight. Accordingly, in order to provide all services and to be closer to the operators, we in the regions organized two points. And in all major cities, where the concentration of helicopters will be quite high, we will organize a service team of specialists.

360 specialists work at the enterprise / Photo by Grigory Bedenko

- And for foreign operators?

- As a service center and competence center, our enterprise is developing quite energetically, and in Central Asia today it has no analogues. Uzbekistan has its own aircraft repair plant (Chirchik aircraft repair plant), which repairs all Uzbek equipment of power structures. But they are just repairmen. And here we have integrated logistics support, that is, roughly speaking, the principle of one window. Any service related to the operation, any spare parts, the organization of any work - we are ready to perform it. For this we have created special units, we had to expand the staff, who work with the operation constantly.

A helicopter in a painting shop / Photo by Grigory Bedenko

- Now the system of exploitation of weapons and military equipment is changing. Many manufacturers are switching to the maintenance mode of the life cycle of their equipment. We are just such a center that can provide operators with a range of necessary services to ensure the entire life cycle. At the 2018 year, together with the Russian Federation, we plan to add more such competence as the large-unit assembly of helicopters, so that, first of all, we have the opportunity to provide a life cycle from phase zero. Now a new term has appeared at the manufacturers - customization of equipment. That is, operators in different countries of the world of various orientations, and, accordingly, so that the equipment suits the operator, it requires some additional options to accomplish the task.

Check hydraulics / Photo Grigory Bedenko

- So you are planning to retrofit the enterprise?

- The helicopter can be in the search and rescue option, in the medical, passenger, VIP-cars, etc. Military helicopters are weapons systems, just transport. Accordingly, the choice of equipment for the maintenance of all these machines is wider. We are planning to install this equipment here, directly for the customer - to whom what equipment will be needed. This work is long. The life of the helicopter is approximately 30-40 years. And now we are laying the foundation for the enterprise to function in the future.

The so-called repair fund of the enterprise - decommissioned and decommissioned Mi-24 / Photo by Grigory Bedenko

- And what is the situation with the selection of specialists?

- To grow up an aviation specialist, after school, it takes 5-7 years to become a professional. This process is quite painful today - young people are drawn to cybertechnologies, less willing to deal with iron and wires. Therefore, we are trying to collect from us all the specialists who have ever dealt with helicopters. We have a lot of former military personnel.

Repaired helicopter Mi-8 MTV1 prepared for transfer to the customer / Photo by Grigory Bedenko

- Konstantin Valerievich, it is known that in Kazakhstan exploit other developments of Mil Design Bureau. These are the transport giant Mi-26 and light Mi-2. What are their prospects?

- According to Mi-26, we started work to serve it. The plans were not. We have four in Kazakhstan. While their further fate is not clear. Now the established service life of these machines comes to an end. Will they be replaced, or will their resource be extended - until the customers have given an answer. But our specialists are prepared. We have all stopped at the purchase of equipment, because investment is necessary there. Does it make sense to invest in this process technology, we did not understand. This helicopter was produced by Rosvertol. Now another modification is available - Mi-26Т2. It is worth more modern equipment, which reduced the crew. The car is very expensive.

Mi-2 is a technique that departs. If Mi-8-type helicopters are constantly being upgraded, this is a very successful layout of the machine that allows it to live long, then Mi-2 - everything stopped at some stage. These helicopters will be replaced. Russia is now producing light helicopters - Ansat, Ka-226.
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    Judging by the people in the photo ... As everywhere ... Guys over fifty ... There are no young people ...
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      Quote: Vard
      Judging by the people in the photo ... As everywhere ... Guys over fifty ... There are no young people ...

      request Yes and those of
      The company employs 360 specialists
      two and a half people on the platform near the cars .... wassat .... Recently Kasim wrote on another branch - the movement there began on our side - Mikheyev seemed to make a call from Ka-226. Well, wait and see. Outwardly, it looks like this - the production site is even the old Soviet one, but the equipment is quite a solid base for the start, but you really need to invest there. If in reality they cooperate with ours and take at least the post-Soviet region around them and Afghanistan, in cooperation with ours, naturally, then the money will be taken away. Maybe exporting it back to the same place will take off the same 24-ki from storage. Well, let’s take a look.
      1. Kasym
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        Hi ABT. I wrote about this article to you. Faster there, Mi will deploy a large-site assembly than Kamovtsy - in my opinion. And the Afghan turntables are in our regular customers - the plant never stopped working. I am glad that the staff has been preserved and will now grow with the new ministry - for this ministry this plant is like a lifesaver. How else to show them the work? But the plant now has a "roof" in the form of a ministry. hi
        1. avt
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          Quote: Kasym
          Hi ABT.

          Quote: Kasym
          Faster there, Mi will deploy a large-site assembly than Kamovtsy - in my opinion.

          request So I understood from the article that this is their profile topic, Mi. So it will be easier to, well, as a matter of fact, I said everything above on the topic.
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          Well, let's look shorter.

          It’s a problem, it’s not starting from scratch. hi
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    Interesting and detailed material
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    And where are the Kazakhs?
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      And where are the Kazakhs?

      The good techies there are still mostly Russians, Ukrainians, Germans and Belarusians.
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    The bike is like that. An engineer worked at a 405 plant. But, he went nuts. In the early 70s in Alma-Ata, he became a man of legend. Probably every Alma-Athenian at least heard about him then. Many saw his creations, he showed them at flea markets, flipping a hat in a circle to collect funds for the next, instead of the next selected by the previous traffic cops. The people willingly gave. But, the main fund for it was dumps, then they were rich. wink Here is one of them. Imagine a construction made of boards on three wheels with an incomprehensible engine running, assembled from something found, instead of a steering wheel, levers, a seat is a simple stool ..., by the way, running faster than the Six. Then he disappeared.
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