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The military situation in Syria: Who blew up the Turkish convoy in Aleppo?

On January 30, in the Syrian province of Aleppo, a Turkish military convoy, consisting of army armored vehicles and supply vehicles, flew into the air. As a result of the attack killed several Turkish citizens, damaged and destroyed equipment.

News agencies related to the terrorists of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group reported that a strike on the convoy was caused by artillery of the Syrian army. These messages, however, did not find evidence.

The Turkish General Staff, as usual, downplayed the losses and stated that their convoy was heading to Aleppo under an agreement on the creation of de-escalation zones. True, it is strange that the Turks decided to execute their part of the agreement almost a year after its signing. And in an incredible way, it coincided with the beginning of a military operation in Syrian Afrin.

Recall that the Turkish command has already threatened to increase its forces in the region before.

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  1. Pavil144
    Pavil144 1 February 2018 10: 02 New
    Did they think that everything would be "smooth"?
  2. Technikner
    Technikner 1 February 2018 11: 05 New
    I said from the beginning of the "olive branch" that the Turks got stuck, and it’s hard to put it mildly!
  3. Prisoner
    Prisoner 1 February 2018 17: 19 New
    Interestingly, did our batteries get out of Syria or where did they stay? what So to work and leave no trace, this probably requires a lot of mobility, and the Syrians do not even have a retirement, but a post-retirement age.
  4. krokus792
    krokus792 1 February 2018 20: 28 New
    Should we cry?
  5. zupza
    zupza 1 February 2018 22: 01 New
    it’s time to pay the Turks for the downed Russian plane by the forces of the Kurds and Russian equipment. The point here is not revenge, but the usefulness of the action
  6. Valdemar One-type
    Valdemar One-type 2 February 2018 14: 23 New
    olives in their ass
  7. Dadsanya
    Dadsanya 2 February 2018 20: 17 New
    It is unfortunate, but the war in Syria could last a long time. The development and adoption of a new constitution will be delayed.
  8. DPN
    DPN 4 February 2018 16: 32 New
    So the SU-24, did not teach us anything, since the SU-25 is similar from the same series.
  9. Valery Saitov
    Valery Saitov 8 February 2018 12: 57 New
    Ours is visible for the Su-24 is slowly taking revenge, and still not hear and see.