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Situation in Syria

The Russian Aerospace Forces provided more than 10 settlements of Idlib from the terrorists, the SDF are losing ground in the Afrin area. Reports about it FAN with reference Syrian sources.

During the day, clashes between pro-Turkish groups and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forces continued in the northern part of the province of Aleppo. The Turkish Air Force attacked SDF strongholds in the vicinity of Afrin. The Syrian Free Army (SSA) took control of the height of Shankal. At the same time, the command of the Turkish Armed Forces stated that the soldiers of the Turkish army captured the settlement of Bak Ubasi near the town of Bulbul from the Kurds. The pro-Turkish forces also drove the SDF out of the Courney settlement.

In the south of the province of Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army (CAA), with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, continued to liberate Djabhat al-Nusra (banned in the Russian Federation) settlements from the radical Islamists. The settlements of Atshan al-Sharqiyah and Al-Malahma were taken under control.

The Russian Aerospace Forces attacked the strongholds of the radical “Al-Nusra” in the vicinity of the settlements of Khan Sheikhun and Serakib in the south-eastern part of Idlib province. With the support of the VKS, the Syrian army dislodged militants from the settlements of Masada, Jabal Tawil, Al-Hifa and Qalat Mirza. At the end of the day, seven more settlements passed under the control of the CAA. The terrorists are calling on all opposition groups to transfer their forces to the south of Idlib province in order to prevent the further advance of the CAA.

Islamists fired at the location of the Syrian Arab army near the village of Al-Saan in the north-east of the province of Hama. In turn, government fighters attacked strongholds of terrorists in the vicinity of Kafr Zetas and Al-Latamin. The SAR army also fired at an-Nusra strongholds in the vicinity of Kafr Zetas. Recall, the militants of the terrorist coalition, based in the northern part of the region, are pushing forces to the cities of Kafr Zeta and Murek, as well as erecting fortifications in preparation for operations against the units of the Syrian army.
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 1 February 2018 09: 31 New
    The milling of the terrorists continues, it’s a little tough of course after the withdrawal of our group, but well done the Syrians are slowly squeezing out the basmachi.
    1. _TANKIST_
      _TANKIST_ 1 February 2018 09: 47 New
      And what conclusion of our group are we talking about? Minesmen, orderlies a little decreased, well, so it is understandable, part of the humanitarian missions curtailed. The rotation was carried out, also understandable). And who was eventually taken out ..., the air defense group was only increased ...., an additional air wing was transferred to the Der Zor airfield ....
    2. RASKAT
      RASKAT 1 February 2018 09: 49 New
      Something like a slight lull on the fronts. So small creeps are undertaken and all. Although thanks to these efforts, several key settlements were taken, in general, a lull can be noted. Most likely there is accumulation and regrouping and the troops are preparing for a new strategic operation.
      And this is for sweets. Americans make another throw. In the Aleppo region, an alleged accumulation of 9-72 Elbrus complexes, aka Skud (tactical missile), was allegedly noticed. It is still unknown for what exactly, maybe then to hang another bombed school or some kind of gas attack on Assad.
      As they say, find ten differences between photos from their satellites and from ours
      this is their version

      This is ours

      Congestion of buses taken out of Aleppo after liberation

      Well, how? bully
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 1 February 2018 09: 50 New
    And against this background, Trump announced in his first message to their congress that the 100% liberation of Syria from the Barmales was carried out by the mericatos and Co. (coalition). And now try to prove the opposite. That's the story, they are rewriting it in front of our eyes !!! angry
    1. jjj
      jjj 1 February 2018 10: 12 New
      Satanovsky said yesterday that in those areas where the Kurds live, where the Syrian units entered the border with Turkey, there is silence and calm. Unlike the areas of friendship with the United States
      1. Jack
        Jack 1 February 2018 11: 09 New
        Sorry, do not tell me - in which place the Asadites stumbled to the Syrian - Turkish
        1. jjj
          jjj 1 February 2018 13: 41 New
          Judging by this map, Syria has no troops at all, so small groups
          1. Jack
            Jack 1 February 2018 17: 42 New
            You are close to the truth ...
            1. Jack
              Jack 1 February 2018 17: 50 New
              By the way, here you can clearly see how the main task of finding the RF Armed Forces in Syria failed - taking control of the Syrian-Turkish border in order to push 4 branches of the Turkish stream ... "Work" on the ISIS catch-up with the Americans is little consolation ...
          2. Lelek
            Lelek 1 February 2018 17: 59 New
            Quote: jjj

            Bullshit, a card a year and a half ago. According to today's reports, Turkey crossed the border with Iraq, but the Kurds are snapping painfully.
  3. Bypassed
    Bypassed 1 February 2018 10: 46 New
    Somehow everything is slightly one-sided. On other resources, they posted the news that the Russian VKS had fired a warning salvo at a column of Turkish armored vehicles when they crawled out of the limits of the Athens chicken coop allocated to them.
    1. Jack
      Jack 1 February 2018 21: 01 New
      This is unlikely - Erdogan may be offended and not see Gazprom and the 2nd branch of the Turkish Stream as his ears!
      And after a fivefold loss of capitalization, Gazprom is still sour ...
  4. Waterfowl
    Waterfowl 1 February 2018 11: 45 New
    Where is the vaunted 5th corps?