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What happens if you cross the Kalash with RPG-7

About a month ago, the media resource of the national weapons concern "Kalashnikov" launched a new information project, which tells about the foreign modifications of the world famous machine gun.

В first series the authors talked about the Kalash "brothers" of Hungary - AKM-63 and AK-55.

The main characters of the second part were the AMD-65 and AMP-69 machines, also produced in Hungary. The first is an upgraded version of the AMD-63, and in fact is an exact copy of the Soviet AKM. The same short barrel, the same folding butt, and is also intended for use by paratroopers and armored vehicle crews.

AMP-69, in turn, has become a modernization of AMP-69. However, this modification, unlike its predecessors, can fire rifle grenades. For this, small shops are used on 5 cartridges.

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  1. polpot
    polpot 31 January 2018 19: 34
    Classic Kalashnikov is millions of times better than similar products, rifle grenades have outlived themselves already in the 40s, these products are the fruit of the brains of Hungarian gunsmiths on the topic of how to show us our genius
  2. Bouncer
    Bouncer 31 January 2018 20: 12
    What will happen if you cross Boeing and Sukhoi?
    Bukhoi - 737 laughing
    1. activator
      activator 1 February 2018 09: 58
      Quote: Bouncer
      What will happen if you cross Boeing and Sukhoi?
      Bukhoi - 737 laughing

      And if RPG-7 and Kalash then RPKal
  3. Technikner
    Technikner 31 January 2018 21: 32
    What happens if you cross a raccoon and an elephant? There will be no elemental raccoon anymore.)
  4. tracer
    tracer 1 February 2018 05: 18
    That they just wouldn’t come up with a leash to stand out .. But somehow I was considering the Yugoslav version of the SCS. Made clearly stricter than the Soviet. Counting on the launch of a barrel grenade. I didn’t shoot at accuracy and I can’t say anything. A similar story is possible here. Maybe a little receiver is thicker, a little barrel .... And voila .. Although you have to give up a long last at that time grenade launcher byd only once in the plans of designers.
  5. inkass_98
    inkass_98 1 February 2018 07: 20
    Before the RPG-7 these stubs are like to China cancer and the reverse (don't get me wrong laughing, in a good sense of the word). At best, we can talk about RPG-2.
    1. zampolit
      zampolit 8 February 2018 20: 12
      Yes, the first thought was also about a shot for an RPG-2, the shape is similar, only the stabilizer is not made of rolled plates.
  6. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 2 February 2018 11: 01
    World-wide glory of Ukrainian Armed Forces does not give rest? Or are the pens very crazy?
  7. Catfish
    Catfish 3 February 2018 01: 04
    After Frommer and Kirali, in Hungary there were no longer gunsmiths capable of new creative ideas. I had to copy, the benefit of someone else was free and there was no need to spend money on development and testing. Yes, and that in Soviet times, the Hungarians released except green peas and Ikarus. Although the Poles did not let this out either, they managed to add a grenade launcher nozzle to their Kalash too.