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Yemeni snipers shoot the Saudis in a dash

The Yemeni conflict has long spread to the territory of Saudi Arabia. In addition to rocket attacks, which have already become a "commonplace" for the Saudis, the Houthite rebels conduct regular attacks, undermining Saudi military convoys and shooting at enemy command staff. The mountainous terrain plays into the hands of the Yemeni partisans and makes it possible to take the enemy by surprise. After a raid, the Hussites safely hide in the mountains.

Yemeni snipers are conducting real “safaris” on Saudi soldiers, shooting them with long-range rifles. As a result, six enemy soldiers were eliminated in a single sortie.

News Hushite-related agencies have published a selection of successful sniper shots. As can be judged by the video, they all occurred to me.

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  1. Vard
    Vard 31 January 2018 14: 47
    Honestly ... It’s not a pity ... They think that money is everything ... So ... Eat ... Don’t get stuck!
  2. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 31 January 2018 15: 54
    A comrade told me after a trip to Yemen that they had 14 year old boys on guard, but they shot with English rifles so accurately that it was just a surprise. They are taught to hold weapons from childhood. So the result is not surprising.
  3. karpusha
    karpusha 31 January 2018 20: 33
    In my opinion, this sniper didn’t get nirazu.
    1. aws4
      aws4 31 January 2018 22: 30
      I made a possible hit in only one video, and it’s not a fact of getting into the dining room everywhere
      1. Kent0001
        Kent0001 31 January 2018 23: 40
        ... but he tried ...)
  4. av58
    av58 13 February 2018 00: 42
    Yemenis are cool arrows, which is a witness. Weapons for everyone who wants. Once we drove into the village for grapes, at the same time bought a couple of bundles of Kalash cartridges, and you could buy MG42, just standing on the bipod between boxes with headscarves and some dried fruits :-)
  5. demo
    demo 16 February 2018 19: 08
    The arrows are good, the bad ones, but the turban of the first has flown off.