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In the Donbass coming Afrin-2. "Meat grinder" for the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the fanfare of the "Kremlin report." Is Debaltsevo ready for defense?


Donbass unwinding in the light of the law "On Reintegration" and the Euphoria of Kiev from the "KREMLIN REPORT"

While numerous Russian and foreign observers, political scientists and military experts, with bated breath, continue to closely monitor the situation in the northern part of the Syrian theater, where the Kurdish troops YPG and YPJ in the canton of Afrin with incredible heroism and tactical savvy every day deprive the main combat tanks and manpower many times superior to the aggressor’s army, not allowing pro-Turkish terrorist groups to unite into a single “Northern Front”, no less important military-political news started coming from the troubled Donbass. Today, the operational situation along the contact line, as well as the degree of total incompetence of Kiev and the West on the diplomatic front, can be categorized as having passed the point of no return to a constructive dialogue that could lead to the peace process of transferring the LDNR of the remaining territories of the former Lugansk and Donetsk regions, It is held until January 18 2018.

The so-called bill No. XXUMX “On the Reintegration of Donbass”, adopted by 18, nullified any opportunities to achieve consensus between Donetsk, Lugansk, Moscow and Kiev in the framework of the “Minsk format”, the mention of which, judging by the latest press approach by the people's deputy from The Poroshenko Bloc of Ivan Vinnyk immediately after the vote was withdrawn from the “presidential text”. Thus, all the agreements adopted in subsequent meetings of the Tripartite Contact Group will no longer represent any serious legal significance for Kiev, and all the more, they will not become a guarantor for the observance of the “silence regime” on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As a matter of fact, even before the adoption of the above-mentioned draft law, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for more than 7163 years initiated regular failures of dozens of pseudo-surrogates announced under the auspices of “Minsk”, and also caused thousands of deaths among the peaceful population of Donbass. Now, after the aggravation of the situation, it will be extremely difficult, if not to say impossible, to rein in the Ukrainian side by means of the “Minsk” diplomatic levers.

As it is known, the main reason for the ratification of the above-mentioned document (the so-called “reintegration” bill) was the confirmation by Washington and Ottawa of powerful military-technical support in case the army units of NM LDNR take serious countermeasures against the Ukrainian aggression with the use of the “Northern wind”. Support was expressed in the December bills adopted by the Government of Canada, as well as by the US Congress and the White House, providing for the supply of various types of lethal force to the army weapons, including Barret M82A1 rifles, numerous types of RPGs, as well as TOW-2A / B and FGM -148 "Javelin" anti-tank missile systems. As a result, the American "hawks" almost completely achieved the fulfillment of the task set in the Masonic lodges for drawing Russia into a long-playing and exhausting military confrontation in the Donbass and possibly the entire South Ukrainian theaters of military operations.

In the circles of the Russian political elite, it is very fashionable today to talk about the so-called “reconciliation of watches” after each of the many hours-long meeting between Assistant to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov and the special representative of the US State Department for Ukrainian Affairs, Kurt Walker. In reality, all this is more like an empty pastime, because the State Department, the Pentagon and the Trump administration have long decided who Walker will actually “check watches” with: it is the illegitimate President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko, the secretary of the National Security Council and A. Turchinov (one of the main guarantors of the punitive operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass), finally, is the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine V. Muzhenko, who today almost all armed provocations are carried out, carrying off s lives of civilians and personnel of the corps of the People’s Militia of LDNR. It should be noted that the meeting between Volcker and Muzhenko is already a very extraordinary and alarming event against the background of consultations with Vladislav Surkov. What is the purpose of the conversations of a supposedly high-ranking “peaceful” negotiator with the head of the General Staff of the Supreme Court? Naturally, this is not a consideration of the mechanisms for the peaceful settlement of the situation, but at least the coordination of the tactics of actions of the Supreme Court of Ukraine in the event of a counter-offensive operation of the Armed Forces of the LDNR after the Kiev escalation has begun. And very soon we got the opportunity to verify this.

It was K. Volker, 28 on January 2018 of the year that promulgated the start of procedures for sending “Javelins” to the Square, noting that the preparation of vehicles, storage facilities, equipment and software for technical support and operator training will take some time. Such statements finally convinced us that the main ward of Tillerson on Ukraine and the “student” John McCain in the legal field in 1997-1998 is the main official link in Washington’s double game with Moscow. A week and a half before this statement, made by Volker in an interview with Radio Liberty, the Ukrainian Armed Forces significantly increased the intensity of shelling of DPR settlements (including firing from the 30-mm automatic cannon 2А42 residential areas of Dokuchaevsk) and organized a provocation with shelling of the voyage bus "Etalon" near KPVV "Elenovka", during which killed 57-year-old man. These events became an omen for the whole of Donbass, demonstrating the imminent aggravation of the operational situation against the background of the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the above-mentioned draft law No. 7163; but this is only half the battle, because a much more disturbing observation is a kind of “chronological layering” of the dates of important military-political events from February to March of the year 2018.

In particular, 22 of January, Deputy Head of the OSCE SMM Alexander Hug, who visited Mariupol, informed local journalists and local authorities about the possible termination of the Special Monitoring Mission in Donbas as early as March of the expiration of the mandate issued by the OSCE 21 in March 2014 of the year . Moreover, the restoration and extension of the mandate will require the unanimous approval of all 57 member countries of the organization, which may not happen, since far from all “players” are interested in this; indeed, despite the rather pronounced pro-Ukrainian position of the organization’s employees, as well as their frequent “attacks” with intelligence on the territory of the republics and the transfer of the detected positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, diametrically opposed assessments of the situation by the OSCE are happening. Thus, in recent incidents involving the shelling of a regular bus from 7,62-mm PCM and residential buildings in Dokuchaevsk - from the main caliber BMP-2, the monitoring mission flatly refused to testify in favor of the Ukrainian military formations, giving out false information about the direction of fire impact on the above objects. Naturally, the presence of the SMM in the Donbass is not convenient either for the United States, or for Canada, or for Kiev, because the West losing in Syria is in dire need of a “bloody blitzkrieg” in Donbas, and the OSCE presence here is absolutely “not the topic.”

But the international peacekeeping contingent of the United Nations is perfectly suited, for the deployment of which the Russian leadership and the leaderships of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics are all trying to unleash the special representative Kurt Volker, Tillerson, as well as heads and representatives of numerous US departments. So, despite the clear statements of numerous Russian high-ranking officials about the inadmissibility of deploying a UN contingent throughout the Donbass, including the Russian-Ukrainian border (recall that this is another trick to “block arteries” of military-technical support and logistics from the Southern Military District at the time of the onset of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ), Volker, “resting his horn,” continues to cram a concept unaccepted by Moscow, Donetsk and Lugansk, discussing it with Poroshenko (Valtsman), then with Turchinov. What does he hope for?

First of all, this is the so-called “Kremlin report”, which may come into force just in March, when the OSCE plans to curtail its mission in the Donbas theater of operations. Here we can trace a clear dependence, where, by promulgating the “Kremlin list” of the largest Russian businessmen and 96 politicians from 114, as well as the “secret list” of even more minor officials and millionaires (the US Treasury plans to apply sanctions first) They want to make Moscow much more compliant. In other words, all the hopes and aspirations of the State Department are based on an attempt to intimidate the Russian establishment by imposing comprehensive sanctions on existing foreign private property and the assets of the heads of all departments of the Russian leadership. Also, according to the American hawks, this report gives our leadership a short period of time (from 1 to 3 months) to dramatically soften our position on crucial geostrategic issues, one of which, naturally, is the situation in Donetsk and Luhansk republics. Here, the States are counting on a rematch with an unconditional victory, consisting in the earliest possible cleansing of the Donbass from any carriers of Russian ideology, and everything that has been in our hearts for centuries. Russia, on the other hand, is being shackled hand and foot with the help of various sanction lists, forcing the main negotiators to sign off on the draft resolution on the introduction of UN peacekeepers drawn up in Washington and Kiev.

In the event of disagreement on such a losing and shameful scenario for Moscow, the “Kremlin report” with all its “secret tabs” is planned to be partially activated. And we must be ready for this. Otherwise, the ratings of our country, as superpowers, in the eyes of the main "players" will drop to unacceptable indicators, and there will be a chance to go "to the outskirts of the big game." Demonstration of "softness" in these matters is fraught with extremely serious problems. However, at the moment, the reaction of official Moscow to the “Kremlin report” remains extremely balanced and restrained. While the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, called the appearance of the report “unprecedented” and pointed out the need for a thorough analysis of possible consequences if ratified, State Duma Deputy Speaker Peter Tolstoy equated the effectiveness of this document to “sanctions against Khryusha and Stepashky”, on which there are also grounds.

A day earlier, January 29, 2018, K. Volker reported on Russia's readiness to introduce an armed “peacekeeping” mission to the Donbass, including the entire LDNR territory and a section of the Russian border. This became known from the Ukrainian resource "Ukrinform". It is still difficult to say on what this bold conclusion of an official from the State Department is based on, given that the representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry did not give any reason for such a thoughtless opinion; According to the “Yugoslav scenario,” there can be no talk of any Pro-peace peacekeepers near our borders. Perhaps this statement by Volcker is a kind of “information worm” aimed at encouraging the Russian leadership to adopt a model for gaining control over the Donbas republics that is beneficial for the White House under the simultaneous pressure of the above sanctions reports. However, this will not be so easy. First, by no means all the assets of politicians and businessmen listed in the Kremlin report are openly available to OFAC, a division of the US Treasury headed by Stephen Mnouchin, of the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Secondly, “freezing” even OFAC’s accounts available to participants in the Kremlin report, or imposing sanctions on staffing “players” who cooperate with our state and private structures, will cause enormous economic damage to the United States and affect their own reputation. Such a conclusion can be made based on information from economists and political scientists polled by Reuters. The latter are confident that the CAATSA-listed “secondary” sanctions affecting individuals concluding projects with our defense industry can inflict a very serious blow to Western European and even some American companies, which will cause great dissatisfaction with the actions of the Trump administration. As a result, both “Kremlin” and “secret” reports can noticeably “knock down” the US rating in the eyes of large French and Italian entrepreneurs in the defense industry. This is confirmed by the commentary of Maximilian Hess, a senior analyst at the political risks of the AKE Group, made for CNBC. The specialist noted that the most likely scenario is that Trump approved only 5 from 12 sanctions measures that will have a minimal impact on the Russian defense sector in the armament market. In this situation, the European Union’s refusal to introduce an additional package of sanctions against businessmen and companies on the recommendation of the United States adds sharpness, as the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said after a meeting with Dmitry Medvedev; After all, the consequences of the “first package” of the EU member states have already felt in full.

From all of the above, we can conclude that no critical consequences from the formation and transfer to the Congress of the so-called “Kremlin report” and the given “secret list” should not be expected. At the same time, chronologically coinciding with the presentation of the report, events have become an indicator of the inevitable approaching escalation in the Donbas, to which the West will encourage "Square" and without a unanimous opinion regarding anti-Russian sanctions. This fact continues to generate numerous myths and rumors about the directions in which the Armed Forces of Ukraine can launch offensive actions against the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics, which continues to confuse the residents of Donbass and Runet observers.


In addition to the planned completion of the OSCE mission in the Donbas, there is still a whole mass of indicators indicating the approach of war. This announcement of the terms of delivery of ATRA FGM-148 Minister of Defense of Ukraine, scheduled for 2 February and transfer to Gorlovka and Mariupol operational direction of large armored and artillery gain APU, and finally reconnaissance flights of strategic drone radar / optoelectronic reconnaissance RQ-4A, which since the beginning of 2018, 6 has appeared in the Donbas sky once. These flights can be considered extremely indicative, since only before the active phase of the hostilities begins, the UAV must almost be patrolled daily near the contact line in order to obtain operational information about the adversary pulling up additional units and regrouping. The greatest number of rumors today is associated with pulling up the northern section of the contact line (North Front LDNR) of the full-fledged rocket artillery division 9К51 "Grad" from 18 combat vehicles, as well as demining the "gray zone" in the northern vicinity of Gorlovka, which may indicate the creation safe loopholes for offensive operations. On this, 25 January, marked “Urgent” said the Russian journalist Semyon Pegov.

Later, in the Militia Briefs community, a DNR NR Corps soldier who wished to remain anonymous tried to refute S. Pegov’s opinion, indicating that activating the Armed Forces under the Gorlovka is a diversionary exercise for dragging the maximum number of units of the DNR army into the defense of Gorlovka and the exposure of Svetlodarovoi arc while it is in the Svetlodar arc area that a “breakthrough” will occur with a further advance towards the Russian border. The author made a mistake by specifying the 120-kilometer distance from Debaltseve to the border (in reality, 70 km through Thorez), and also added that after this the junta’s assault bones would split into two tactical “sleeves”, one of which would continue to advance to the northeast ( covering Lugansk), and the second - to the south-west (covering Donetsk-Makeevka agglomeration and Dokuchaevsk). The opinion is quite interesting, but hardly corresponds to reality and tactical situation.

Using Gorlovka as a site for a distracting maneuver is a matter of course, but an attack on Gorlovka, as well as on Debaltseve, is something really fantastic. All this is clearly visible on the example of the canton of Afrin. Here, one and a half weeks after the start of the criminal operation "Olive Branch" (during the bombing of the Turkish aviation killed more than 100 civilians and a similar number of Afrin defenders) the Turkish army and the FSA terrorist units were able to capture only small border sectors at an operational depth of 3 - 7 km (map below). Such a “success” was achieved by the army of militants, on whose side there is full-fledged artillery support, air support, cover by the Leopard-2A4 and M60T-Sabra tank brigades, a 5-7-fold numerical superiority, as well as support from the Koral electronic warfare systems ". The aggressor is opposed by not so many Kurdish YPG Self-Defense Forces, which have at their disposal only obsolete MANPADS "Strela" and anti-tank missile systems of far from the latest generation. In the same turn, on the YPG side there is a favorable elevated terrain with a mass of ridges and heights.

And now let's take a look at the Donbass. Ukrainian military units, unlike the pro-Turkish forces on the border with Afrin, have only 2,5 - 3,5-fold numerical superiority in personnel, a slight superiority (about 1,3 times) in the number of receiver and rocket artillery, as well as an approximately equal ratio in the number of main T-72AV / B / M1, T-64BV battle tanks and various types of anti-tank missile systems (from Fagot to Metis-M and Konkursa-M). These funds will be enough to reflect the onset of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on most LDNR operational areas. A breakthrough in the direction of Debaltseve will be the last for the Ukrainian assault units in the literal sense of the word: just 15 km is the center of the Gorlovsko-Enakiyevskiy agglomeration, where the main forces of the 1-th AK NM DPR, which are responsible for the northern direction. Coming through n. Seating and Logvinovo and Lozovo infantry and tank units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will immediately be covered with artillery fire from the vicinity of Debaltseve, Uglegorsk, Gorlovka, Enakievo, and possibly Bryanka (the range in 26-30 km allows). The Defense Ministry of the DPR will be able to distribute up to several dozens of anti-tank crews to the Svetlodarskaya arc, which will allow the Armed Forces to set up armored brigades on the approaches to Debaltseve; Losses APU can reach more than 1 thousand people.

Even in the event that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine applies the MBT T-64BM Bulat and T-84BM Oplot, equipped with the DZ Nizhny and tandem Duplet, and still can enter Debaltseve, this will get bogged down in the “routine” of urban battles, and with time the corps will “smoke out” the Ukrainian army from the city, or they will defeat it in the “Debaltsevskiy boiler-2”. In Gorlovka, the Ukrainian army expects an equally hot meeting on the part of NM anti-tankers of the DPR, and only the southern borders of the republic in the Telmanovo area can undergo a similar “throw” from the Ukrainian troops, which is still promoted by the small operational depth and the lack of a powerful urban infrastructure for "Long-playing" fortifications.

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 31 January 2018 06: 29
    Hard times come in the Donbass. Ukrofashisty prepared everything for the war. We hope that the shotguns will be beaten as before. Patience and victories, LDNR !!!
    1. dSK
      dSK 31 January 2018 08: 11
      Hello Sergey!
      Quote: aszzz888
      Patience and victories, LDNR !!!

      "Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. God is with us, understand, heathens and repent: like God is with us." And we are with him.
      1. Boris55
        Boris55 31 January 2018 09: 15
        Quote: dsk
        God with us...

        And the same God is with them. And what to do? Or maybe we don’t worship God at all, but imposed idols (prophets) and therefore there is no order on Earth?
        1. meandr51
          meandr51 31 January 2018 10: 19
          And the thought of the absence of a god or gods did not occur to you? What, without them you can’t fight in any way?
          For some reason, the godless Red Army somehow managed to cope with righteous Christians, for fidelity belted belts with the inscription "God is with us!"
          1. Boris55
            Boris55 31 January 2018 10: 22
            Quote: meandr51
            And the thought of the absence of a god or gods did not occur to you?

            No, I didn’t come. The fact is that God is one, but religions are darkness. For the most part, people do not believe in God, but hell knows who and what, what all those who organized this bedlam skillfully use. Divide, bleed and conquer!
            1. demo
              demo 31 January 2018 13: 39
              Do you mind if I add?
              Man, ideally, as the creation of God, should be 100% only part of God.
              In reality, this is the case - 50/50.
              The second half is the antithesis of God. The reverse side, so to speak.
              In man, two halves are always in a struggle. Sometimes one triumphs, sometimes another. And then we say - an ordinary person.
              If God's part triumphs, then a person becomes a righteous man, and later a saint.
              If the antithesis triumphs, then a person becomes a diabolical offspring, inhuman.
              Everything is quite simply put in its place.
              But it’s difficult for a person to understand the meaning of God's purpose.
              Why did God create man and put him into "independent swimming"?
              And why does he indifferently look at the horrors that his creations do?

              Sometimes it seems to me that God is completely devoid of any feelings.
              It’s just not clear where they came from his creations, created in the image and likeness.
              Most likely, God is not a one-sided super-being, but a multitude of both thinking and not possessing, in our understanding of thinking, manifestations of nature gathered together.
              A good example of the ocean. He is most suitable for the role of the Creator.
              And affectionate, and menacing, and a creative life and life depriving.
              1. Boris55
                Boris55 31 January 2018 18: 09
                Quote: demo
                Do you mind if I add?

                My God is above a peaceful essence, like a train going to its goal. We can stand on the platform and watch it sweep past. We can jump into the carriage and follow the line of His providence, or we can stand in His way and be crushed. Depending on where we are, He is for us or nothing, or God or the devil. His perception is our subjective opinion.
          2. andy.v.lee
            andy.v.lee 3 February 2018 16: 02
            Exactly! This religion hesitated, invading all spheres of life. Without it, they lived in the USSR, and better, than with a pack of oledurkhs.
      2. myobius59
        myobius59 31 January 2018 12: 48
        The Germans also wrote GOTT MIT UNS on a belt buckle.
        1. dSK
          dSK 31 January 2018 20: 59
          Adam and Eve flew out of paradise because of their disobedience two sons were born - Cain and Abel. The family "owned" the whole planet. Cain of envy killed his brother Abel, which he later bitterly regretted. All the descendants of Adam and Eve, all their lives learn to distinguish between good and evil in order to restore the once lost "image" of God.
          1. Baikal
            Baikal 3 February 2018 09: 35
            Can a collection of anonymous self-taught philosophers be considered closed? ..
    2. Petrik66
      Petrik66 31 January 2018 12: 00
      Thanks for the brilliant and most importantly, original comment. Do not subtract nor add.
  2. 210ox
    210ox 31 January 2018 06: 32
    “past the point of no return to a constructive dialogue that could lead to the peace process of transferring the LDNR to the remaining territories of the former Lugansk and Donetsk regions, if it had been held before January 18, 2018” What nonsense. The time passed in 2014 ... And what about the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine it will stopudovo.Me cares only about one reaction of the Kremlin ..
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 31 January 2018 08: 09
      Quote: 210ox
      it will be stopudovo.

      They will tighten the time for the elections, put pressure on the lists and launch attacks on the LPR. All to the heap!
    2. Spook
      Spook 31 January 2018 16: 42
      The article reminded me of a scene from the book "Inhabited Island" where Maxim, together with Corporal Gaal, is preparing for a tank attack))), their result also seemed to be predicted.

      Of course, unknown fathers are recalled))) and also seems to be in the subject ...
    3. Hlavaty
      Hlavaty 31 January 2018 17: 38
      Quote: 210ox
      I’m only concerned about the Kremlin’s reaction ..

      Judging by the bouncy, almost capricious, tone of the article, things are not well. So, blood will flow again and thousands of people will die. Leading the Kremlin to complete "concern."
      Some nasty foreboding of another betrayal.
  3. MadCat
    MadCat 31 January 2018 06: 45
    If everyone begins to solve their problems by force then it will be close at hand to the Third World War, I don’t understand the joyful screeching under Erdogan as I will never accept the war in the Donbass. It’s time to AGREE.
    1. meandr51
      meandr51 31 January 2018 10: 20
      Well, negotiate. They will listen to you.
    2. Alexsin
      Alexsin 31 January 2018 10: 49
      So Putin, Merkel. Hollande in the 15th proposed a plan on how to agree. And who prevents to agree? Who does not allow Kiev to fulfill the Minsk agreements for more than two years? Why is Kiev not negotiating with the leaders of LDNR, as it is written in Minsk-2? National Bandera? So in Ukraine there is power or not, and who is the president or a bunch of frostbitten Nazis there?
      1. masterovoy
        masterovoy 31 January 2018 12: 40
        Yes, that you are Kiev, Kiev, Kiev .... They are just puppets and get permission or an order from Washington at every step.
        1. Petr1968
          Petr1968 31 January 2018 14: 25
          Quote: masterovoy
          Yes, that you are Kiev, Kiev, Kiev .... They are just puppets and get permission or an order from Washington at every step.

          Note that they are not from Moscow ... We need to drive our Foreign Ministry to the damn mother, we can’t even manage our neighbors, those guys from overseas are coping. It has long been considered in our midad mediocrity and traitors.
  4. inkass_98
    inkass_98 31 January 2018 06: 49
    Without Masons, it’s traditionally nowhere, and if they weren’t there, they should have been invented.
    What beninoy mom "strongholds" in ukrovermhte? Five pieces of parade go into battle? Do not make me laugh, their presence will not even be noticed in the general batch.
    1. Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
      Aristarkh Lyudvigovich 31 January 2018 08: 11
      Quote: inkass_98
      What are the "Bastions" to the Benin mom in ukrovermaht?

      6 T-84 tanks (478D9) are planned to be sent to the Strong Europe Euro-tank biathlon in 2018. They were recently renovated for this event.
      1. inkass_98
        inkass_98 31 January 2018 08: 27
        And how many are there in the army? All cash reserves were hardly met in fulfillment of the contract with Thailand.
        Ceremonial tanks for the competition and go.
        1. Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
          Aristarkh Lyudvigovich 31 January 2018 08: 33
          Quote: inkass_98
          And how many are there in the army?

          6 pieces.
          all cash reserves were difficult to comply with the contract with Thailand.

          New tanks were produced there. This year they will deliver the Oplot-T tanks remaining under the 13 contract.
          You can look at the link to the assembly process of BM Oplot, which is being demonstrated to potential Pakistani customers. Pay attention to the dirt in workshops and products - this can tell a lot about the culture of production.

  5. Dr_engie
    Dr_engie 31 January 2018 07: 34
    The duplicity of the authors of such articles here and rushing.
    1. Antares
      Antares 31 January 2018 12: 05
      The topic is fertile, Damantsev has a propagandist with an analyst. The words "illegitimate Poroshenko" somehow do not fit with officialdom and remind you of 2014 - it’s evidently trying to do the degree.
      1. Sadam
        Sadam 6 February 2018 22: 00
        also caught my eye ... went for analytics and possible alignments but propaganda ruined the impression
  6. Alex von Dorn
    Alex von Dorn 31 January 2018 07: 41
    From the foregoing, it is clear that fighting is coming, and not the fact that everything will happen as described. I think that the top leadership of Russia is in the know (otherwise it cannot be, this is a no brainer). Only no actions on the part of Russia are noticeable so far, this is alarming. Or are they so secretive? I hope for the last.
    1. Normal ok
      Normal ok 31 January 2018 17: 09
      Quote: Alex von Dorn
      From the foregoing, one thing is clear - fighting is coming

      From all of the above, one thing is clear - the author does not understand anything about what he writes. But to see him is very drawn to become famous in the field of vanging.
  7. Alber
    Alber 31 January 2018 07: 49
    There are a lot of bugs in the article ...
    In short, then ... before the Bandera the northern animal will come if they do not calm down ...
  8. Baloo
    Baloo 31 January 2018 08: 31
    I have a question of delitant and ignoramus: why does the author think that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will enter Gorlovka or another settlement, instead of going around and then simply erasing the city with hail and artillery? Someone think that the Armed Forces are concerned about maintaining infrastructure and civilian?
    And finally, the author believes that there are no helicopters and Pepitlans left at the APU, is the possibility of an airborne assault completely rejected after artillery preparation? LDNR needs equipment for counter-battery and anti-sniper work. Masks dropped, nothing to be shy. Either LDNR will grind the APU and mercenaries, or they will die with civilians. Banderlogs need LDNR territory as a bridgehead for the war with Russia. Fashington macaques do not provide anything else for the APU-consumables. This cannon fat will end, they will transfer the "Islamic Expeditionary Force" from geyropa and the Middle East.
    It's time to recognize LDNR, hold a referendum and join them to Russia. Otherwise, these people cannot be protected. I have such a picture. hi
    1. vasya.pupkin
      vasya.pupkin 31 January 2018 13: 20
      For Baloo. You seem to be an optimist. You probably forgot how in the 14th V.V.P. I personally did not advise holding a referendum on independence in the Donbas, and then completely forbade / behind the scenes / to hold the referendum promised to us on accession to the Russian Federation. Of course, he skimmed the cream / Crimea /, why did he need a haemorrhage in the Donbass, and then the main Burkhalter appeared.
      The one that before the "election of Putin" and the World Cup will not happen.
    2. 412
      412 31 January 2018 15: 21
      Full of this "strategist" carries the nonsense.
  9. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 31 January 2018 08: 32
    As a result, the American "hawks" palmost completely achieved the fulfillment of the task set in the Masonic lodges of drawing Russia into long-playing and exhausting military confrontation in the Donbass, and possibly the entire South Ukrainian theater of operations.

    I did not read further .... crap in the style of REN TV
    1. BecmepH
      BecmepH 31 January 2018 09: 03
      Quote: Zaurbek
      I did not read further .... crap in the style of REN TV

      I also did not master ..
    2. Boris55
      Boris55 31 January 2018 09: 09
      Quote: Zaurbek
      I did not read further .... crap in the style of REN TV

      Masons are already openly declaring themselves around the world, but you still do not believe in their coexistence. it happenslaughing
      1. andrew42
        andrew42 31 January 2018 13: 32
        Yes, and 1717 is a bit too late for the origin of Freemasonry with a capital letter (meaning a phenomenon, not a name-definition). A similar date should be taken as a manifestation of the declared visible "add-on." This is just "Freemasonry", the level is low, designed to involve shifters from national elites. No Freemasonry with a capital letter. From this period, “visible” lodges essentially replaced outdated “visible” chivalric orders and the like. Nothing flourishes magnificently from nowhere. Masonic lodges - the lower level of the Pyramid, have long been classified, there are a lot of “masters” with “apprentices.” The top members of these lodges (those who look) have their own structures.
      2. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 31 January 2018 15: 36
        If the ass is not washed, then the Masons have nothing to do with it! And Jews, too, and Americans, too ....
        I do not believe in conspiracies. Measure seven times and cut once .... and then do it.
        1. Boris55
          Boris55 31 January 2018 16: 54
          Quote: Zaurbek
          I do not believe in conspiracies. Measure seven times and cut once .... and then do it.

          "Everyone to the best of understanding works for himself, and to the best of not understanding, for the one who knows and understands more."
          What do you think, based on what considerations do deputies make these or those decisions?
          1. Zaurbek
            Zaurbek 31 January 2018 17: 15
            They accept them:
            1. By party instruction
            2. When some bills lobby for money
            3. According to personal conviction ...
            1. Boris55
              Boris55 31 January 2018 18: 12
              Quote: Zaurbek
              3. According to personal conviction ...

              The most interesting is your third point. Who forms these same "personal" beliefs? Why does a person named Trump have some beliefs, and a person named Putin has different beliefs?
  10. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 31 January 2018 08: 48
    Could it be, as soon as the Ukrainian sub-mattresses begin to slip - so that only the dust remains. And that’s it. To hell with their people to send to death. A dozen dad bombs give the republics and a delivery vehicle. Well, toss the cheburators, that would be enough for everything.
    And most importantly, it is necessary to strike at those places on the outskirts where the concentration of the Natava prisoners - to destroy them to the maximum - that should be the goal №1!
    1. Korax71
      Korax71 31 January 2018 13: 51
      And as far as gifts are concerned, the republic is in the form of buns, then I’m doing it with my hands and feet! But !!!!!!!! let’s just get your bill. And on each we write. To the inhabitants of free DNI and LC from anti-Anglo-Saxon.
    2. 412
      412 31 January 2018 15: 23
      Is it really a sick head? On your own border, scatter vigorous bonbs.
    3. Normal ok
      Normal ok 31 January 2018 17: 05
      Quote: Antianglosaks
      Could it be, as soon as the Ukrainian sub-mattresses begin to slip - so that only the dust remains. And that’s it. To hell with their people to send to death. A dozen dad bombs give the republics and a delivery vehicle. Well, toss the cheburators, that would be enough for everything.
      And most importantly, it is necessary to strike at those places on the outskirts where the concentration of the Natava prisoners - to destroy them to the maximum - that should be the goal №1!

      Hmm, not everyone killed the war ... Some were severely crippled.
  11. g1washntwn
    g1washntwn 31 January 2018 08: 57
    Active actions a la Guderian plans are hardly possible. Knowing who the current regime in Kiev is with, I would focus on a long-term strategy for strangulation and decomposition from the inside. Still, with a more or less equal opponent, the Americans still haven’t thought anything more effective than the Anaconda plan.
    But the elemental "Mishiko effect" also needs to be kept in mind, miracles and idylls are still encountered.
  12. akudr48
    akudr48 31 January 2018 09: 12
    Instead of resolving the issue with the Donbass in the interests of Russia - a) recognize the DPR and LPR in April 2014, b) create a land corridor to Crimea (the liberation of Mariupol in 2014), c) finish off ukrofashists in Debaltsevsky and other boilers (autumn 2014), the Russian authorities a) signed the Minsk Agreement, b) got involved in the Syrian swamp, thereby giving all the trump cards to Kiev (Poroshenko's negotiable partner) and hoping for the mercy of the United States.

    It did not work either one or the other.
    And now the authorities will have to either fight with Kiev or immediately surrender, which is easier to do now, finally betray the Donbass when the Kremlin lists appeared.

    As they say, the most effective policy is a policy of principle. In the Donbas, principledness should have been to protect the Russians by recognizing and then reuniting with the LDNR. Although much has already been missed, but not all, this can be done now, just when the Kremlin lists appeared.

    But everything was limited to endless talk shows on all TV channels on which Russian clowns won brilliant victories over clowns from Ukraine over and over again. Both those and others are paid by Mosca lackeys who maintain the line of chattering the tragedy of the inhabitants of Donbass.

    Why lose something to those involved in these lists, it would seem, they untied their hands? But, apparently, there is something to lose, there is something for which they will trade Donbass until the last ...
  13. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 31 January 2018 09: 17
    That's just .... the "fighting spirit" in Novorossia is not the same, everyone there is already tired of this "suspended" Minsk state, they no longer hope for Russia, they say: "It would be more likely that it would all be over .... it just ended. ..and no matter how how ....
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 31 January 2018 09: 52
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      ... no longer hope for Russia - they say ...

      And who are they for Russia? Residents of a neighboring state, declaring their independence and not wanting to join Russia. LDNR is still not able to unite and dream of entering paradise, each on his own horse, at the expense of Russia, and then throw it himself ...
      When the inhabitants of Crimea arrived on the anti-Maidan, not a single infection supported them. Now let them get it in full. We will help, than we can, but by no means by direct military intervention.

      ps When we had a "swamp", the people came out and did not allow the swamp to seize power.
  14. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 31 January 2018 10: 01
    APU is not capable of advancing. The expected losses in such an attack exceed their combat stability by several times. No Javelins and other rubbish from massive artillery strikes will save them. And the artillery in LDNR is in order. Aviation from the APU, consider not.
    1. pvs512
      pvs512 31 January 2018 12: 36
      Theoretically, yes, the training and motivation of the Armed Forces fighters should be worse than that of the Avgov National Guard and the good oligarchs of ukro.
    2. varangian
      varangian 1 February 2018 12: 46
      Are you still in the 14th year?
  15. Dmitriy75
    Dmitriy75 31 January 2018 10: 20
    Donbass and Lugansk will never be ukropitekovsky. The beast will stop only when its fangs break off, there is no other way.
  16. Evgenijus
    Evgenijus 31 January 2018 10: 21
    Trump wants war. His servants in Ukraine are ready to fulfill all his orders. We must prepare for hard times.
  17. donibas
    donibas 31 January 2018 10: 30
    “They also provoked the shelling of the Etalon shuttle bus near the KPVV Elenovka, during which a 57-year-old man died.” There is a mistake in this text. A Setra bus was fired near the KPVV Elenovka but not the Etalon ...
  18. Santor
    Santor 31 January 2018 10: 33
    Stsukoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t even read this nonsense to the end .... It seems that, using unverified rumors, the author -> author -> the author carefully as always diligently puts in the style of "putinsilsukadanbas" ....

    Roaming rumors are a priori .... Kurds, who are our enemies for a long time and who have been sitting tightly under US control, are heroically defending themselves against superior Turkish forces, mowing them hundreds and decorating Syrian fields with dozens of burning tanks .. In real life, two damaged cars a landmine and two dead Turkish soldiers ... On the other side, only officially 2 dead and 11 seriously wounded US Army personnel. They don’t mention the Kurds .... The Turks are now doing the work that is useful for Russia and which is inconvenient for us to do.

    As I understand it, the author gleaned about the meeting between Volker and the Javelina from the article of the pro-Western Correspondent-no - now everyone refers to it. In addition, on January 29, Walker specifically pointed out again that the use of Javelins in the Donbass is excluded, since they will be under the protection and control of American instructors and can only be used with permission from Washington.

    There is no question about TOVAs ... RPG-7 have been supplied for a long time, but this is an ancient artifact from the times of the USSR. Barrels have long been in the Armed Forces of Ukraine .. I saw nothing new over which to wring my hands.

    Moreover, Walker agreed with Surkov that the conditions of Minsk should be fulfilled first of all - a political decision that suits both parties, amnesty, elections in the territories and only then the solution of the issue of control over the border.

    Everything is in the public domain ... now for Damantsev to check the info? I haven’t checked before;

    To refer to Semyon Pegov — it’s the same as referring to Venediktov, Pozner, Ilya Varlamov — I went through one list.
  19. Uralean
    Uralean 31 January 2018 12: 01
    Quote: Boris55
    Quote: dsk
    God with us...

    And the same God is with them. And what to do? Or maybe we don’t worship God at all, but imposed idols (prophets) and therefore there is no order on Earth?

    True God is one! But the Lord is always on the side of the oppressed and offended .. In Truth, strength .. The Lord sends trials to raise the spirit, and if the strength of the spirit is great, then he who will trust God will always come out victorious. So, that hope in his God was always in the Russians, and God gave them victory, by suggesting how to fight, by what methods, moving to victory ... They can tell me that it’s not in God, but the excellent commanders that those or other operations, knowledge and skills of officers and soldiers .. But it is God who puts forward from among the millions those or other persons who miraculously feel where, how and with what to defend themselves and how to conduct hostilities ....
    1. bistrov.
      bistrov. 5 February 2018 08: 24
      Quote: Ural
      and God gave them victory, by suggesting how to fight

      Well, you are bent! What do you poke around your “god” all the time? It has long been proven that there is no "god" and cannot be. Pop priests repeat.
  20. pvs512
    pvs512 31 January 2018 12: 30
    I did not understand the phrase "criminal operation" Olive Branch "by the Turkish army in Kurdistan. The Turks are now acting in our interests, the United States is creating its bases there along with the Kurds.
    1. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich 31 January 2018 13: 34
      Well, the Turks act in their own interests. And the fact that the interests do not coincide with the interests of the United States are not the problems of the Turks. And not ours. We observe how Turkey violates the plans of America, and from this, like that, the mood rises, somewhat ...
      1. Horse meat
        Horse meat 31 January 2018 22: 18
        As not ours, I want to remind you that Constantinople, when it was called Constantinople.
        The war does not end when it can be said.
        Russia needs young guys now.
        And urgently need to begin to build the Stalin railway Siberian railway.
        If the southern lands are taken away, it is necessary to adapt people to live in the north.
        Another thing, it is urgent to allow everyone to have a firearm, preferably under a caliber of 6,5x54P.
        In the event of a Chinese invasion, Russia will have an army of 140.000.000 people to confront.
        Enemies have already cut a large number of mosquitoes.
        They must be shot, Stalin would have shot them.
        The king would have plotted them.
    2. Fulcrumxnumx
      31 January 2018 14: 06
      Extremely erroneous opinion. African Kurds are not controlled by the United States and keep the defense against pro-Turkish forces only thanks to the "Nubl Corridor" north of Aleppo, as well as the transfer of reinforcements from other cantons of Kurdistan and the near / far abroad. These guys (canton Afrin) were hit by the Turkish Air Force only because of being in the "half-spinner" and the lack of covering forces, which also happened because of the YPG field command's obstinacy in accepting YPG to join the CAA.

      The Turks are trying to use an extremely insidious strategy: to arrange a genocide in Afrin, while using Idlib to further capture the Syrian territory? The Pro-Turkish SSA actively interacts with Al-Nusroy (Al-Qaeda) in Idlib, and Turkish military convoys are quietly moving through this territory. Who is Erdogan friends with ?! In the course, everything is very clear. Turkish sly plans pose far more threats than even Kurdish cantons on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, which are controlled by the States .. hi
  21. Berkut
    Berkut 31 January 2018 12: 33
    Interestingly, the Armed Forces General Staff reads the author?
    1. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich 31 January 2018 13: 35
      Ahhh! Rather, the author has read service notes from the headquarters of the APU!
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. Petr1968
    Petr1968 31 January 2018 14: 20
    Nothing, you have to endure, but this place is free from fascists, liberals, the 5th column and other scarecrows of our TV. I envy them ... I live on my own pins, I don’t know which side to expect a hit from, whether the State Department will destroy us, or the liberals will sell everything, or Pu’s friends will steal everything, either Maidan, or bird flu ... And everything is there according to concepts, attacked, immediately the boiler is ready. Well done, hold on to the DPR !!!
    DEMENTOR 31 January 2018 14: 36
    mp; v = _H0titVR8ZU I think the LPR will give heat like ours from alpha
  25. Normal ok
    Normal ok 31 January 2018 17: 00
    When once again during the 3 of the year you read the vanging on the topic “soon the APU will go on the offensive”, I really want to send my mother around. It’s a pity that the moderators will ban.
  26. Elena Khazova
    Elena Khazova 31 January 2018 18: 35
    Enough "the Kurdish units YPG and YPJ in the canton of Afrin with incredible heroism and tactical savvy every day deprive the main battle tanks and manpower of times the superior army of the aggressor" - and this is about - PROAMERIAN KURDS ...
    You can not read further - the twist and crap

    1. Fulcrumxnumx
      31 January 2018 20: 14
      Learn to distinguish between Kurds: YPG Afrina is not the SDF of pro-American Manbij, Raqqi and Haseke (for this reason Tayyip didn’t dare to go into these areas) .. these guys (Afrin kuds) are extremely beneficial for the Russian Federation, but they are really masterful against the FSA , with multiple superiority of the latter. Hundreds of people are killed by Turkish aviation, including Yezidis, Christian families, etc. Do not rush to evaluate, since you clearly do not know the essence of the current picture ..
  27. BAI
    BAI 31 January 2018 20: 32
    For the first time in VO, finally, they spoke positively about the Kurds.
  28. Horse meat
    Horse meat 31 January 2018 21: 58
    I can say that.
    Sanctions for Russia are good, it will force Russia to start its production with everything necessary.
  29. volodia.semuhin1958
    volodia.semuhin1958 31 January 2018 22: 31
    I hope the sun defenders of Donbass can be customized and maybe a new dish will appear fried cocoa
    1. Ordinary person
      Ordinary person 1 February 2018 10: 33
      I hope the sun defenders of Donbass can be customized and maybe a new dish will appear fried cocoa

      Yes, they will. The guys are constantly being thrown out of contentment. Recently we got unloading and a couple of binoculars, and even so on the little things for tea with cookies because it is not the month of May. And they keep the first line.
  30. skaramaks27
    skaramaks27 1 February 2018 12: 12
    IMHO. March 16-17, to the territory of Russia from the outskirts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Nazis, (most likely from the Nazis) will be the arrival of shells, possibly with victims. The whole europa will freeze for a day, the bastards behind the puddle will also be silent, they will wait for a reaction. EVERYTHING depends on the reaction. If “concern and“ regret ”are expressed or a warning is expressed in 100500, then“ list 210 ”has worked. Think about who you studied for!
  31. belovur
    belovur 2 February 2018 13: 18
    All this bullshit! Nothing will start in the near future, dill is more profitable for a long-running conflict, under which you can write off all the mistakes and theft!
  32. Vladimir Kanygin_2
    Vladimir Kanygin_2 2 February 2018 22: 00
    I am ashamed to read. In the event of any actions of the Armed Forces of Russia, it would be necessary to provide such assistance with weapons (for protection), so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would roll to Kiev.
  33. kriwo.alek
    kriwo.alek 3 February 2018 13: 36
    The fact that fascism in Ukraine should be destroyed was clear back in 2014.
    There were probably some good reasons that Russia froze this conflict.
    The fact is that if Moscow passes Ukraine am, then you can start
    revolution in Russia with the destruction of this system and all the oligarchs.
    I am a peace-loving person, but if Moscow once again surrenders our people
    and commit another betrayal, then the people do not need such a system,
    nor such leaders.