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Russiagate, a strip of special services


Readers ask me: “Why do not they publish the report of the House Intelligence Committee on the investigation of the Russiagate scandal, if it is reliable?”. There must be some reasons other than Republican stupidity.

Among the many reasons that may impede the release of the report are the following:

1. Republicans have traditionally been very concerned about national security issues. They do not want to create a precedent for the disclosure of classified information.

2. In many constituencies there are objects of the military intelligence complex. It is a serious consideration to damage a company that is a major employer and direct financial flows to a competitor.

3. The George W. Bush / Dick Cheney regime was neoconservative. One of the consequences is that Republicans are influenced by neoconservatives who put a constant emphasis on the “Russian threat”.

4. The Israeli lobby can dislodge any member of the House of Representatives or the Senate. It is in alliance with the neo-cons, and the alliance’s mission is to support US military activity to reflect what is considered threats to Israel’s dominance in the Middle East and to confront Russia, which is supporting Syria and Iran, that is, countries that pose a threat to Israel.

5. Many Republicans themselves made massive investments in the allegations regarding the Russiagate scandal against Trump. And now they would like to replace him with Pence. Other Republicans believe that Trump is undermining the alliances of Washington, concluded with great difficulty and at great cost. So, it thus undermines the power and power of Washington.

Many Americans simply do not understand how high the stakes are. America faced a conspiracy to commit a coup d'état. It was organized by senior officials of the Department of Justice, the FBI and the CIA, left over from the Obama administration, the National Committee of the Democratic Party of Hillary Clinton, and the presstitute media to reverse the outcome of democratic elections and to dismiss the president from his post.

At the heart of the conspiracy is a fake file acquired for money, which consists of unconfirmed allegations made to Trump. This dossier and these allegations were used in order for foreign intelligence agencies to receive warrants to spy on Trump and his many subordinates. So they hoped to have at least some data that could be used against Trump. Through the CIA's agents in the media, false statements could be fed to the public and used to create a scandal that would require the establishment of a special prosecutor to investigate Russiagate.

As soon as the investigation began, the presstitutes maintained a lively interest in him, hoping that they would be able to convince a sufficient number of Americans: they say, Trump must have done something, there is no smoke without fire, and this “something” justifies his bias. from the post. It worked against Richard Nixon, but did not work against Ronald Reagan. And Trump is not Reagan.

If the heads of departments get away with an attempt at a coup d’état, this is the complete end of democracy, the responsibility and accountability of the authorities to the citizens. The House of Representatives, the Senate, the judiciary will be as helpless as the Senate of Ancient Rome under the Caesars. We will live under a dictatorship ruled by the departments of the police state.

Many Americans say that they therefore do not need the report of the House Intelligence Committee, because from the very beginning they did not believe in the crap of the Russiagate scandal. But that's not the point. They need this report because those who are responsible for this attempted coup d'état must be established, they must be charged and convicted of acts of high treason. This is not a trifle. There is not the slightest chance that it will be possible to keep the power responsible and accountable, if it is the power of a police state, on the way to which the USA has been moving for a long time. And the fact of the blatant coup attempt against President Trump is an opportunity to stop this movement.

Many people still do not understand that the declassified and slightly edited foreign intelligence survey court document ( .. .) contains confessions of the FBI and the Ministry of Justice that they illegally conducted surveillance and received court orders under false pretenses. In other words, we have confessions of the Foreign Intelligence Supervisory Court itself that the FBI and the Ministry of Justice confessed to the offenses committed. When the Department of Justice Congressional Officer Stephen Boyd declares that the Ministry is not aware of any wrongdoing, he lies. The Ministry of Justice has already confessed to its foreign intelligence intelligence court of its offenses. When Admiral Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, suddenly discovered that the FBI and the Ministry of Justice were abusing spy surveillance in party political interests, he said that he would report this to the foreign intelligence services supervising court. This prompted the FBI and the Justice Ministry to be the first to admit to the court of their "mistakes" and promise to tighten the procedures so as not to make mistakes in the future. It is these “mistakes” that the court documents display. In other words, the public domain is information that proves that Russiagate is a conspiracy organized to overthrow the President of the United States.

It is easy to understand that if the conspiracy took place, all the actions of Washington to conceal the conspiracy itself would come to an end, as the end would come to the "great democratic government" and "justice for all." Other governments, mainly the authorities of Russia and China, would see the final transition of America to the police state in the American coup, and would reject their utopian ideas to reach some sort of agreement with Washington. And the worldwide recognition of the fact that the United States has finally become a police state would impose strong restrictions on Washington’s ability to continue to be engaged in intimidation of the whole world.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 1 February 2018 06: 03 New
    It was organized by senior officials from the Department of Justice, the FBI and the CIA, left over from the Obama administration, the National Committee of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, as well as presstitutional media in order to reverse the outcome of democratic elections and remove the president from his post.

    It’s like a jar with hungry and evil scorpions ... Russia has to do everything ... smile throw there a piece of rotten meat ... let them fight for the extraction of stinging each other.
    I sometimes think that Russophobia as a disease of a person depriving the mind is easily used for practical purposes, including for our country.
    1. Vard
      Vard 1 February 2018 07: 59 New
      For us, the difference is that there is a choice between a very bad and extremely bad attitude towards Russia ... Attempts to please are absolutely useless and only exacerbate the situation ... these understand only power ...