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Kedmi: the US is preparing a total blockade of Russia, it's time to answer

The International Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland ended. And it ended very ambiguous. For the first time, the American delegation, which was headed personally by President Donald Trump, did not find support even in its closest allies in Europe. The atmosphere was such, as if now every man for himself.

Perhaps it is. In any case, Israeli political and military expert Jacob Kedmi is sure of this. He believes that Europe is slowly but surely emerging from the control of the United States and becoming independent.

The reason for Trump's arrival in Davos, according to Kedmi, lies in his desire to convince European countries to invest more actively in the US economy. At the same time, the Americans took a firm course toward a total blockade of Russia, primarily an economic one. Jacob Kedmi considers such a move a declaration of war and hopes for a decisive response from our country.

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  1. Vard
    Vard 30 January 2018 09: 16
    The Americans have an expression ... paint themselves in a corner ... This is what they have been doing lately ... With tenacity worthy of better use ...
  2. mkop
    mkop 30 January 2018 09: 47
    Europe is slowly but surely getting out of US control and becoming independent.
    Very much I doubt it.
  3. BLOND
    BLOND 30 January 2018 10: 22
    Bring Gorbachev to Russia !!!
    Let him tell, repent and further God himself will condemn him ...
    (though he is Judas, but man - the devils do not take him)
    And then the truth is according to Kedmi time:

    The US is preparing a total blockade of Russia, it's time to answer
  4. Chichikov
    Chichikov 30 January 2018 14: 15
    Everything speaks correctly. Especially in the part of the fact that Russia, on the part of the United States, declared a war in fact - political, economic, cultural and social sanctions. But in war, as in war, first defeat and only then, sit down at the negotiating table!
  5. Dashout
    Dashout 30 January 2018 19: 17
    Again, express concern ...
    Recall your ambassador and kick them out for a start!
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  6. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 31 January 2018 05: 33
    Kedmi: the US is preparing a total blockade of Russia, it's time to answer

    What would Israel slip between two streams?
  7. Valery Saitov
    Valery Saitov 31 January 2018 06: 56
    It takes time to answer, so during the year we will see the response.
  8. svp67
    svp67 31 January 2018 10: 42
    Kedmi: the US is preparing a total blockade of Russia, it's time to answer
    And they don’t hide it, only many of our leaders still have pink glasses on their nose
    1. Andrey1961
      Andrey1961 28 February 2018 09: 51
      Not pink glasses, but the stolen money which they are afraid to lose! There will be no deposits in foreign banks, only in this case, officials will advocate for the prosperity of Russia !!!
  9. Pavel Ilyakhin
    Pavel Ilyakhin 1 February 2018 07: 41
    It is not necessary for Jews to provoke and fan the war, we understand that you need a war to weaken everyone and then you will be ahead of everyone with your long-awaited Messiah and the third temple, Putin will not answer anything
  10. Vladimir Kanygin_2
    Vladimir Kanygin_2 1 February 2018 18: 59
    He is right, but we don’t have anyone. Somehow they are accustomed to consider themselves slaves, therefore they do not take offense at the gentleman. Everyone is trying to agree, and he is happy with all the flogging. But the country's leadership speaks of endurance, they say, they did not tolerate this.
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  12. 1536
    1536 8 February 2018 20: 02
    Voice in the wilderness!
    It seems that, as in the 1940-1941's, our government does not believe in intelligence, nor the friends of our country, nor foreign analysts who warn and do not want, for various reasons, to break out the war or Russia cease to exist. From the latter: those who bought Oracal programs in Russia thanks to aggressive marketing are a wicked office, and possibly banal bribes, are in danger of a complete collapse in the management of their enterprises. And the government rubs points on the people about import substitution and, it turns out, that encourages such transactions, which, a few months after their implementation, entail a complete loss.