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Kiev decided to "reintegrate" the Donbass using Russian-language newspaper propaganda

The Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine announces a tender for publishing a newspaper in Russian for distribution in the Donbas. This is a newspaper, for which the name Donbass-Inform has already been selected. According to the press service of the department, the materials of which are published by the news agency TASS, “The newspaper’s publication is conditioned by the implementation of activities related to the reintegration of Donbass”.

Kiev decided to "reintegrate" the Donbass using Russian-language newspaper propaganda

Recall that the law on the "reintegration of Donbass" was adopted a few weeks ago by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and signed by President Petro Poroshenko.

It is stated that the Russian-language newspaper will be published news a selection that will be formed by representatives of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. It is also reported that in the Ukrainian newspaper for the Donbass Ukrainian legislative standards will be covered.

The circulation of the 8-band edition will be 250 thousand copies. The newspaper is scheduled to be printed twice a month.

From the statement:
Donbass-Inform will be delivered free of charge to the territory controlled by Kiev in the state regional administrations, the points of intersection of the demarcation lines, the branches of banks where social payments are made to the civilian population and security forces.

The TASS news agency reports that Donbass-Inform Kiev plans to distribute in the territory of the DNR and the LC.

A “test run”, as stated in the Ukrainian media, was distributed in 2017 in the Lugansk region.

And this is a Ukrainian publication. Minforformats from December last year 20:
MIP has developed three strategic documents: on the reintegration of the Crimea, certain territories in the east of Ukraine and the Strategy of state policy regarding public diplomacy of the Crimean Tatar people. MIP also implemented periodicals this year: the analytical magazine Krym Inform (this edition is distributed abroad), the monthly newspaper Donbass Inform.
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  1. taiga2018
    taiga2018 29 January 2018 16: 22
    that is, broadcasting has already been "established", now they will "hit" with a printed word ...
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 29 January 2018 16: 30
      Another slop publication with Russophobic content, who will read it, probably, only the Khokhlobanderites themselves.
    2. KVU-NSVD
      KVU-NSVD 29 January 2018 16: 38
      I can throw a thought to Kiev - to pay the Donbass grandmothers for throwing rumors on the bench. Grandmas are good and getting any information is orders of magnitude higher
      1. ul_vitalii
        ul_vitalii 29 January 2018 17: 05
        The Germans did the same in the war. Previously, the newspaper went on a cigarette, and now on kindling.
        1. LiSiCyn
          LiSiCyn 29 January 2018 17: 14
          No, they are all there, yet with Khaz ... But if the paper is softer ... lol
        2. Rostov Papa
          Rostov Papa 29 January 2018 17: 36
          Some have already campaigned, it did not help ...
          1. Mavrikiy
            Mavrikiy 29 January 2018 19: 14
            Especially touched: "raise both hands and shout" bayonet into the ground! "
            Is it like a shuttsik, in addition to “egg, milk”, knows “earth” in Russian? Yes, an educated nation, just stupid. He does not know that you need to sit at home.
        3. Topotun
          Topotun 30 January 2018 10: 11
          It won’t get to the paper; they’ll steal money earlier.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 29 January 2018 17: 17
      Prints are good. There will be savings on toilet paper. lol
    4. vlad66
      vlad66 29 January 2018 20: 01
      When the cat has nothing to do, he licks the dandies, you need Khokhlostan pulp fiction only for kindling. laughing
    5. helmi8
      helmi8 29 January 2018 22: 05
      Quote: taiga2018
      television broadcasting has already been "established"

      Not really ... Let all kovtuns, tryukhans, yachts be taken from Russian TV and sent to Donbass to tell how good life is in Ukraine. I wonder how much time the Lord will allow them to agitate.
  2. Herculesic
    Herculesic 29 January 2018 16: 23
    Call her Bender’s voice right away to put all the dots above and! On paper, you will lie with three boxes, and “then we will hang”, as one shy guy said, right?
    1. svp67
      svp67 29 January 2018 16: 37
      Quote: Herkulesich
      Call her immediately the voice of Bender to dot all and!

      You can’t ... It’s not for internal use, but for those who are “on the other side of the front.”
  3. svp67
    svp67 29 January 2018 16: 38
    The circulation of the 8-band edition will be 250 thousand copies.
    And then there was an ERROR. This newspaper should fit into a propaganda shell, and its format should also be smaller, but they can publish it more often ...
    1. cniza
      cniza 29 January 2018 16: 46
      We need to tell them, let them issue leaflets, a very convenient size. lol
      1. svp67
        svp67 29 January 2018 16: 59
        Quote: cniza
        very comfortable size

        Then they will have to tell the quality of the paper, so that everything would be cool ...
        1. cniza
          cniza 29 January 2018 17: 00
          Cheap and practical.
          1. Rusland
            Rusland 29 January 2018 18: 21
            Let them attach a certificate.
    2. loginovich
      loginovich 29 January 2018 19: 05
      And maybe without a shell will do.
      US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker said he had discussed with the Assistant to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov the deployment of the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbass. However, according to him, the parties did not work out a concrete plan. His words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

      “We did not discuss the composition of the mission and its strength,” Volker explained.
  4. astepanov
    astepanov 29 January 2018 16: 45
    It will be like with the "Ukrainian police in the Crimea": de jure, de facto - no. Who will import and distribute this garbage? And what, besides disgust, can it cause a population that knows the real, and not declarative, attitude of Kiev towards Donbass and Lugansk?
  5. Gray brother
    Gray brother 29 January 2018 16: 51
    I do not borrow for whom this newspaper - for Putin’s troops? After all, everyone knows that the Donbass is an occupied territory of Ukraine, and Ukrainians live in Ukraine (the whole world knows this) and they all, accordingly, speak and think in Ukrainian.
  6. Nemesis
    Nemesis 29 January 2018 17: 00
    Yeah, tell us about which (decent people) burned Russians alive in Odessa ....
  7. Kerensky
    Kerensky 29 January 2018 18: 44
    So for the Russian language, people fall into the dungeons of the SBU. And if they find such a newspaper during a search ?! AND?
    1. Antares
      Antares 29 January 2018 23: 12
      Quote: Kerensky
      For the Russian language, people fall into the dungeons of the SBU.

      constantly, all 30-40 million ... and right away, teleport
      1. Kerensky
        Kerensky 30 January 2018 00: 09
        Well, once a day, by appointment.
    APASUS 29 January 2018 19: 00
    Well what can I say ............................
  9. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 29 January 2018 19: 04
    Kiev decided to "reintegrate" the Donbass using Russian-language newspaper propaganda

    Snake seed is insidious. Now the Russian language will again be taught in schools (many agitators will be required, milenos). And to reduce hours on mov. And parents will be called for deuces, in the language of the invaders.
    Your affairs are wonderful, Lord.
  10. earloop
    earloop 29 January 2018 19: 51
    Late comes to employees of the Ministry of Information Policy! With such “talents,” counter-propaganda will strike in “lead type” on the faces of the “propagandists” themselves.
    1. LeonidL
      LeonidL 30 January 2018 07: 51
      Where did you find faces there? or balaclava or something obscene ...
  11. LeonidL
    LeonidL 30 January 2018 07: 51
    However, they’re ridiculous, they will send the shell to the residents, then a mine, then Grad ... then they will cry on TV as they like the people of Donbass ... now they’ll deliver the newspaper for free, all that truthful, so truthful ... about how They love Donbass ... then again a shell, mine Grad ...