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APU able to transfer to the Donbass more 300 MLRS

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is able to transfer more than 300 multiple launch rocket systems to the contact line in Donbas, writes Messenger of Mordovia.

There are almost two hundred Grads alone in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Of course, part of the installations will remain in the rear - something is in the training units, at repair plants, but hundreds of BM-21 and a half to pull up to the contact line is quite a feasible task.

“Earlier it was reported that most of the rockets were expired. However, according to the available data, currently the jet divisions have at their disposal imported ammunition, including from Bulgaria. This country supplies both terrorists in Syria and the Ukrainian army, ”the article says Dmitry Lemeshko.

APU able to transfer to the Donbass more 300 MLRS

Armed APU are also about 140 units MLRS "Hurricane" and "Smerch." Military operations, fires in warehouses have significantly reduced the amount of ammunition for these systems, however, the remaining number of missiles, according to the author, will allow each installation to use several packages.

Currently, the Ukrainian media write a lot about the missiles that are being developed in the framework of the Alder project. It is reported that the production of ammunition for the upgraded complex has already been launched. Nevertheless, the author writes, the final revision of the MLRS is not yet complete. At the same time, it is possible that their tests can be carried out in the Donbass for real purposes.
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  1. vlad66
    vlad66 29 January 2018 13: 41
    It may well, they are preparing for the third year after Minsk. request
    1. 1 Navigator
      1 Navigator 29 January 2018 13: 45
      In vain you so closer to the choice maydanuty can go to provocations in the Donbas.
      1. Every
        Every 29 January 2018 15: 08
        Quote: Navigator 1
        In vain you so closer to the choice maydanuty can go to provocations in the Donbas.

        By the March 18 election? Well I do not know.
        Watching how the PVV behaves. If he takes a neutral position, as with the Olympics, then this will reduce his points. After all, it turns out that he threw the Russians in the Donbas.
        And if he reacts harshly, up to the destruction of the positions of the Armed Forces, then most likely on the contrary, he will score points.
        But it depends on what forces APU will hit in the Donbas.
        If you really pull up hundreds of one and a half MLRS, then this is serious. This will be the total destruction of the inhabitants of the LPR and the DPR, since it is problematic to deliver targeted strikes from the MLRS, they have decent shell scatter and there will be a lot of dead among the civilian population.
        Only in this case, it is possible to strike at the positions of the Armed Forces, in order to prevent the destruction of civilians.
        Although the logic of the Maidan is absent by definition.
        P.S. for Russia, the outbreak of hostilities during the 2018 World Cup is much more dangerous. (and why bother contacting him? Anyway, his own team is a national shame)
        1. Landscaping
          Landscaping 29 January 2018 15: 28
          Well, if you leave Shoigu in the election as commander in chief, then Odessa will be ours
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 29 January 2018 13: 46
      That they do not have so many MLRS.
      As of 2016, the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces were:
      9K55 Grad - 203 units
      9K57 “Hurricane” - 70 units
      9K58 "Tornado" - 75 units

      It seems to be even more, but firstly, how many APUs have been lost, and secondly, in what condition are the remaining ones in storage?
      1. Alex777
        Alex777 29 January 2018 14: 02
        And how many of them covered the summer of last year?
        1. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith 29 January 2018 14: 05
          She quit writing a summary and I’m looking for LostArmore.

          9K55 Grad - 4 units

          Destroyed by:
          9K55 Grad - 21 units;
          9K57 “Hurricane” - 13 units.
      2. Lelek
        Lelek 29 January 2018 17: 14
        Quote: Sith Lord
        Lord of the Sith

        Hello, Sergey. But what are "bros, paskudy. And this is at a time when they are asking to send the South Stream through their territory. fool
        1. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith 29 January 2018 17: 22
          Hi, Leo! Brothers, these are the Bulgarians who fought in the last two wars against us. But Ukraine and Russia are one people.
      3. Horse meat
        Horse meat 29 January 2018 22: 35
        9k58, there is nothing worse than a tornado.
        I want to live.
  2. Inquisitive
    Inquisitive 29 January 2018 13: 41
    The systems will be taken out, but it seems like they have a complete seam with ammunition for them .... Everything that they didn’t sell legally in warehouses periodically burns down ... I don’t think that our former allies in the Warsaw Treaty also had a nest egg, they should already be disposed of , so it's like 300 natives to give out on a machine with one cartridge
    KVU-NSVD 29 January 2018 13: 42
    Listed in the list of aircraft and drive-shoot - two big differences
    1. Alex-a832
      Alex-a832 29 January 2018 14: 51
      Despite the auto-grunk depicted in the photo, unfortunately, they have something to drive up to, from which and how to shoot. One can only hope for "spontaneous combustion" of art warehouses and other sabotage of real Ukrainian patriots.
  4. Herculesic
    Herculesic 29 January 2018 13: 49
    Not only did their warehouses burn! am We need more fires, and to all ukroin!
    1. ul_vitalii
      ul_vitalii 29 January 2018 13: 59
      They hung "No smoking" signs everywhere in warehouses. hi
    2. novel66
      novel66 29 January 2018 14: 04
      and it’s time to arrange a rail war - so that nothing gets to the front
      1. Romey
        Romey 29 January 2018 14: 19
        No one. Some were transplanted, others were brainwashed so that we need to worry more so that we won’t wage rail war ..
        1. Svarog51
          Svarog51 29 January 2018 20: 07
          Dmitriy hi I welcome you.
          we did not commit rail war ..

          There is no point in doing it, if only doing dirty tricks in the border areas. Out of harmfulness. I hope our services take this into account.
          1. Romey
            Romey 30 January 2018 11: 02
            Greetings! That’s what, and Ukrainians shouldn’t take harm. I know for sure, exactly half myself. laughing
            If the head is struck by integral Ukrainian nationalism, then the harmfulness coefficient can be easily doubled.
        2. armourer
          armourer 30 January 2018 02: 23
          Quote: romey
          No one. Some were transplanted, others were brainwashed so that we need to worry more so that we won’t wage rail war ..

          Don't talk nonsense
          1. Romey
            Romey 30 January 2018 10: 59
            Nonsense ?! If you do not like to be friends with reality, then this is a problem.
  5. 23424636
    23424636 29 January 2018 14: 06
    the situation is unpleasant only due to the fact that the Poroshenko archers have lost their fear. All these Minsky were like pills to calm down - “don't be afraid, boys, they won’t go any further” and began to rattle again with instructors from Europe and Canada. Moreover, the most active confessors of the idea of ​​movement to Kiev-Givi and Motorola sleep forever. If the mess begins, then the southern part of the republic will be completely under fire. From Granitny to Kuznetsovo-Mikhailovka (the extreme point on the border with Russia.) 33 km ..
  6. Archivist Vasya
    Archivist Vasya 29 January 2018 14: 22
    The front bumper on 2 near cars in the photo is not in the best condition. But in order to cause serious trouble to the republics, it is enough to stretch 50 pieces along the front line, + how many packages to the cities remain interesting?
  7. Alexy
    Alexy 29 January 2018 14: 27
    This messenger of Mordovia is directly National Interest.
    Where do they get the info?
  8. Zomanus
    Zomanus 29 January 2018 14: 48
    Need more fires in ammunition depots.
    And hint to the Bulgarians, so that they would carefully choose the buyers.
    1. vasya.pupkin
      vasya.pupkin 29 January 2018 16: 50
      Quote: Zomanus
      Need more fires in ammunition depots.
      And hint to the Bulgarians, so that they would carefully choose the buyers.

      "Brothers", as well as "father" anyway, for them, "money does not smell."
  9. NKT
    NKT 29 January 2018 15: 00
    And why on the hail strips? Are these not those who entered Czechoslovakia at 67? wink
  10. Nemesis
    Nemesis 29 January 2018 15: 26
    Here is the result of the anti-Russian Minsk agreements ... Bandera used them to train and equip their army and the genocide of the Russian people. And Bulgaria, as always ... However, what else to expect from Bulgaria who fought on the side of Hitler ....
    1. Bgfen
      Bgfen 29 January 2018 16: 46
      Bulgaria entered the war with three powers - from 41-44 years it fought against the USA and Great Britain, though it was only a bombing of Sofia. The third power against which the Bulgarians fought was Germany - 44-45. They did not fight against the USSR. The USA declared war with the hope that they would occupy Bulgaria. The Tsar was afraid of the USSR and the USSR did not declare war and the soldiers on the eastern front fought only as part of the Third Ukrainian against the Germans, the Bulgarians died for the USSR, no less than the Russians in 1878. And to whom they sold their products- everyone who is not on the UN ban list and will be able to pay. By the way, the Ishilov’s weapons are to a large extent the production of Russia and China. I don’t know how horribly it is, but I don’t say that the Russian side is to blame for it, everyone is selling weapons in Syria. Is there Ukraine their factories for ammunition from the times of the USSR. Only Bulgaria does produce shells for hail. I did not know.
      1. Nemesis
        Nemesis 29 January 2018 16: 50
        Bulgaria worked for Hitler and fought on the side of the Nazis against Serbia ... In World War I, it fought against Russia, again on the side of the Germans!
        1. Bgfen
          Bgfen 29 January 2018 17: 33
          The Germans are fighting against the Serbs, together with the Itarlian, Bulgaria is not fighting against Yugoslavia - on April 6, 1941, after a massive bombing of large cities, railway junctions and airfields, Germany and Hungary invade Yugoslavia. At the same time, Italian troops, with the support of the Germans, are conducting another offensive in Greece. By April 8, the armed forces of Yugoslavia were divided into several parts and actually ceased to exist as a whole. On April 9, German troops, passing through Yugoslav territory, went to Greece and captured Thessaloniki, forcing the capitulation of the Greek East Macedonian army. On April 10, the Germans invade Zagreb. On April 11, Croatian Nazi leader Ante Pavelic proclaims Croatia's independence and urges Croats to leave the ranks of the Yugoslav army, which further undermines its fighting efficiency. On April 13, the Germans invade Belgrade. On April 15, the Yugoslav government flees the country. On April 16, German troops enter Sarajevo. On April 16, Italians occupy Bar and the island of Krk, and on April 17 - Dubrovnik. On the same day, the Yugoslav army surrenders, and 344 thousand of its soldiers and officers are captured.
        2. Bgfen
          Bgfen 29 January 2018 17: 38
          In World War I, the Bulgarians fought against the Russians on the territory of Bulgaria, and after the war sheltered the remaining White Guard troops - dozens of thousands of Russians lived in Bulgaria, and all the Russians who were associated with the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78 received life-time monetary allowances for a good stay in Bulgaria .All, without exception, the law on supporting the Russians was adopted.
          1. Nemesis
            Nemesis 29 January 2018 17: 49
            Bulgaria has been fighting against Russia all of its life and is now part of the anti-Russian NATO bloc, and that’s it!
            1. Bgfen
              Bgfen 29 January 2018 18: 51
              I don’t think that Bulgaria destroyed the Warsaw Pact, it was the last to leave. It entered the Tristor Pact of 1941 under pressure from the USSR and Germany, did not allow its remnants to be neutral. So did in 1990, too, under pressure from the USSR, it withdrew from the Warsaw Pact. nor do you know what the agreements were in Malta.
              1. Nemesis
                Nemesis 29 January 2018 19: 49
                Nobody forced Bulgaria to join NATO and fight against Russia in 1914 and 1941, this is your decision, you have to answer for it ... But who is there first, who is second, it does not matter. Finland is still not a member of NATO and it is not alone ...
    2. Antares
      Antares 29 January 2018 22: 05
      Quote: Nemesis
      anti-Russian Minsk agreements.

      The Russian Federation was a co-author and signed it.
      1. Nemesis
        Nemesis 30 January 2018 10: 43
        Not the Russian Federation, but foreign spies in the Russian Federation, knocking at the Ukrainian Embassy on the movement of Russian troops. The time will come, the law on citizenship in the Russian Federation will be changed and Russophobes will get what they deserve ...
  11. APASUS
    APASUS 29 January 2018 19: 51
    The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is capable of transferring more than 300 multiple launch rocket systems to the contact line in the Donbass, the Bulletin of Mordovia writes.

    Something this time the Messenger of Mordovia waved past in my opinion? It’s where it came from right away, or where they were before. Something that this infa raises doubts about, in a general mess suddenly a really formidable weapon was drawn, and how many tanks the APU does not have 500-600
  12. LeonidL
    LeonidL 30 January 2018 08: 05
    They are getting ready! ... Will the LPR-DPR take a preemptive strike, or how will the fiery tornado take over in the 41st?
  13. DPN
    DPN 3 February 2018 10: 43
    YES the Soviet people drank their country, and now we are reaping the fruits, we fight and swear with our neighbors, and for that the fools themselves have given birth to bourgeois on their own head and are trying to bite their elbows and get the hell out of it.
  14. Gray 67
    Gray 67 3 February 2018 14: 18
    This is called rusting.
  15. ilik54
    ilik54 5 February 2018 10: 26
    Ukro-Bandera slaves are preparing to kill their fellow citizens. Death ukro-Bandera fascists and their masters americos!