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The hull of the Iranian frigate Damavand is completely destroyed

A form appeared on the Internet that demonstrates the complete destruction of the Iranian frigate Damavand, thrown out by 10 in January 2018, during a storm at a breakwater in the region of Iran’s main naval base in the Caspian Sea, Bender-Enzeli. Reports about it bmpd.

Judging from the photograph of the ship, made a few days before the complete destruction of its hull, the Iranian side removed from it almost all the weapons and radio-electronic equipment.

Earlier, the Iranian military department reported that as a result of the accident at Damavand three crew members were killed and another soldier was missing.

Recall, the frigate Damavand (tail number "77") was the largest warship of the Iranian Navy in the Caspian Sea.

Resource certificate: “The ship was built by the Iranian shipbuilding enterprise Shahid Tamjidi Marine Industries (STMI) in Bender-Enzeli, was commissioned on March 9, 2015, and was one of the three Mowj ships built in Iran (a modified copy of the British-built frigates of the project Vosper Mk 5 beginning of 1970-ies) ".
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  1. CooL_SnipeR
    CooL_SnipeR 29 January 2018 12: 40
    To the delight of Kaptsov, the pelvis, without armor, was washed ashore. We are waiting for the series of articles by the maestro laughing
    1. Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
      Aristarkh Lyudvigovich 29 January 2018 12: 43
      With armor would also break.
      1. CooL_SnipeR
        CooL_SnipeR 29 January 2018 12: 55
        Internal armored bulkheads also serve as a power pack, and now there are mainly Kevlar against fragments. I believe that in any case, the design will be stronger. But I think it's better to leave it to Kaptsov repeat
      2. PN
        PN 29 January 2018 13: 22
        Yeah, dream on. Try breaking a real battleship with double sides or bottom for example.
      3. Safevi
        Safevi 29 January 2018 13: 37
        Why is a frigate or corvette in the Caspian? There are enough boats for the eyes, to guard the exclusive economic zone. There, any large (respectively expensive) ship is an excellent target for aviation, in which case.
      4. yehat
        yehat 29 January 2018 13: 40
        need armor with internal armored bulkheads, armored belts and boules
        then it will not break))) will be Caspian-resistant
    2. KVU-NSVD
      KVU-NSVD 29 January 2018 12: 46
      The battleship in the Caspian would have no equal and the rocks could not care less smile But respect to Oleg Kaptsov - I read with pleasure hi
      1. Giant thought
        Giant thought 29 January 2018 13: 24
        Apparently, in the Iranian fleet, too, the headache has not yet been eliminated, we must try to ditch such a corvette in the Caspian.
  2. Gray brother
    Gray brother 29 January 2018 12: 40
    Normally they managed to tear him apart.
  3. q75agent
    q75agent 29 January 2018 12: 47
    and I am sorry for the Iranians, they now need new ships, planes, air defense, sharpen their teeth and the states, Jews, Saudis
    1. askort154
      askort154 29 January 2018 12: 54
      q75agent ...I feel sorry for the Iranians, they now need new ships, planes, air defense, sharpen their teeth and the states, Jews, Saudis

      Not in the Caspian. Even nature does not want frigates in the Caspian. There are enough boats there.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 January 2018 12: 48
    It remains to remove weapons, and the rest to scrap. crying
  5. Maki Avellevich
    Maki Avellevich 29 January 2018 13: 10
    they were lucky that only one frigate was driven there.
    1. PN
      PN 29 January 2018 13: 26
      Only a frigate, not a frigate.
  6. Professor
    Professor 29 January 2018 19: 30
    Good news. The enemy has less than one combat unit. good
    APASUS 29 January 2018 20: 02
    Such an interesting material, they were able to remove all weapons and all electronic systems, but they could not throw a cable and tow.
    1. sharp-lad
      sharp-lad 29 January 2018 23: 10
      A hull full of water in stormy weather? Iranians tug with the team regretted.
  8. gukoyan
    gukoyan 30 January 2018 10: 10
    The wave breaker passed the crash test perfectly)
  9. Servisinzhener
    Servisinzhener 31 January 2018 08: 51
    I wonder how they made it like that and why it broke. Recalled the Soviet destroyer project 7 "Crushing." But there was an Italian design basis for the Mediterranean that could not withstand northern storms. And here all the same the Caspian, and not the Arctic.