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How Americans almost stole the Soviet station "Salyut-7"

At the end of the 70 of the last century, the Star Wars space saga appeared on American movie screens. Hollywood blockbuster breaks all records rolled. However, soon, from the world of cinema "space wars" switched to the earthly political arena. The words of American President Lyndon Johnson - "Who owns the cosmos, he owns the world" - ask a new round of "cold war".

In April, the USSR's 1982, launched the Salyut-7, a new generation of long-term orbital station. It was equipped with the latest technology, in particular - unique surveillance systems. In addition to the X-ray telescope, the newest photo equipment was installed on the “Salute-7”. Thanks to innovative technologies, the Soviet Union could monitor not only what is happening in space, but also the earth.

During the 2 of the year, while the station was in orbit, several expeditions visited it aboard. And in October, 1984, the Soviet cosmonauts set a world record, having spent almost 8 months at the Salute. For that time is a fantastic time.

11 February 1985, the orbital station Salyut-7 stops responding to commands from the Earth.

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  1. Monar
    Monar 29 January 2018 12: 07
    The Americans, in principle, could not remove the salute from orbit. And the point is in the size of the cargo compartment of the Shuttle and its carrying capacity.
    How were they going to mount it there? On scotch tape? And the alignment?
    1. Vard
      Vard 29 January 2018 13: 09
      Of course, they wouldn’t take off ... But to see and break off something quite interesting ...
      1. Cannonball
        Cannonball 24 February 2018 12: 38
        And they would get IS in the Shuttle’s belly, with a warning, to knock down everyone else. The film is cranberry tops.
  2. Engineer
    Engineer 29 January 2018 15: 44
    They could just as well steal the moon to hide the traces of their presence or their absence.
  3. grafin
    grafin 30 January 2018 00: 16
    Certainly they wouldn’t have taken off anyway she weighed 20 tons — they would have burned out upon landing .... it’s dangerous to get into a spacesuit and without a spacesuit they couldn’t - different gas mixtures ... they just used PR well against us then and we were fought ... on parity ... SOI ... freedom ... prosperity, etc.
    1. axxenm
      axxenm 30 January 2018 10: 36
      Quote: grafin
      it’s dangerous to get into a spacesuit, and without a spacesuit they couldn’t - different gas mixtures ...

      in the shuttles, as well as in the Soviet spacecraft, an air mixture was used with composition and pressure close to the earth's atmosphere at sea level, in contrast to the completely insane oxygen atmosphere declared by the Americans in their first spacecraft - mercury, gemini, apollo.
      So they could enter Salute-7 without a spacesuit (which they did - they entered the Mir station (salute-8) without problems).
      But the nonsense about "stealing" the salute-7 still remains nonsense, for all other reasons.
      1. Cannonball
        Cannonball 24 February 2018 12: 41
        No, they could not. How did they know that the station was not depressurized? And how would they enter it, cut a hole in the board?