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Victory Museum (Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War) on Poklonnaya Hill

Victory Museum (Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War) on Poklonnaya Hill.

Address: Moscow, Pobedy Square, village 3, Victory Museum, Park Pobedy metro station.

One of the permanent exhibitions of the museum was the panorama “Battle of Berlin. The feat of the standard-bearers.

The creation within the walls of the Victory Museum of a unique panorama, called by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin grand, according to the author of the project Dmitry Poshtarenko, united people who are not indifferent to stories. At the opening ceremony "Battle for Berlin. The feat of the standard-bearers ”at the Victory Museum in February 2016, the head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Ivanov noted that the panorama is striking in its historical authenticity, it allows you to literally feel the tension of that very last battle, which is“ the most difficult ”.

The panorama consists of several zones that demonstrate the key moments of the Battle of Berlin. Through a rift in the wall, the visitor can enter the building and view the interior of the apartment of the German artist, see the situation inside the apartment building during the hostilities. The Nazis did not intend to surrender Berlin without a fight: the streets were barred by barricades, each house was a well-fortified defensive point. In the main zone - the moment of the second attempt to assault the Reichstag in the afternoon of 30 on April 1945. Under cover of artillery fire, fighters of the 674 Infantry Regiment of the 150 Infantry Division of the 3 Shock Army rose in the attack, in advanced circuits a platoon of regimental intelligence under the command of Lieutenant S.Е. Sorokin. The panorama on the steps of the conquered Reichstag ends: a view of the ruined sculptures with bullet hits, fragments of the facade, damaged equipment and most importantly - our winners' autographs on the columns of the building.

The exposition is structured in such a way that the audience does not just look at the frozen image of the battle, but also plunge into the atmosphere of battle, follow the route of the heroes: the real stone blocks under their feet, sleeves and shells. Visitors, immersed in the three-dimensional artistic reproduction of the Battle of Berlin, can touch the objects of a three-dimensional panorama and explore everything by touch.

Photos used:
Alexey Shchepa
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  1. XII Legion
    XII Legion 30 January 2018 06: 11 New
    What a beauty!
    Passing by
    Will need to go
    1. svp67
      svp67 31 January 2018 10: 32 New
      Quote: XII Legion
      What a beauty!

      But how could it be otherwise, yet the Central Museum. Thanks to the author for the work done. One wish - nevertheless, under some photos it was necessary to make explanatory signatures, so that it was clearly understood what it was.