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Poland launched a diplomatic offensive on Ukraine

Since January of this year, Poland has taken its place among the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council, replacing the neighboring Ukraine here. The new status gives Warsaw the right not only to take part in resolving acute international problems, but also to initiate the discussion of issues relevant to its national interests. What the Poles immediately took advantage of.

Poland launched a diplomatic offensive on Ukraine

Nationalism walks on both sides of the border

Already in mid-January, Poland registered a draft resolution of the UN Security Council on the recognition of acts of genocide of violent actions of Ukrainian nationalists against ethnic Poles during the Second World War. Moreover, the document reflects “serious concern about the fact that the Ukrainian government supports nationalists who carried out ethnic cleansing.”

Such resolutions usually have an exclusively propaganda function, which aims to achieve international support in condemning one or another phenomenon. The document proposed by the Poles may become a resolution of practical application. Through the UN Security Council, referring to the provisions of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, Warsaw wants to ban such organizations of Ukrainian nationalists as the OUN, UNA-UNSO, C-14, SNA, the Bandera and ONS All-Ukrainian Organization.

Let us note, by the way, these nationalist formations of Ukraine have long been banned in Russia, but Western democracies still show tolerance towards them, as, incidentally, to other destructive actions of the current Kiev authorities, which in many respects rely today on nationalistic forces and glorify their doubtful heroes.

There is no need to go far for examples. Last Monday, President Petro Poroshenko, speaking on the occasion of Ukraine’s Unity Day, urged Ukrainians to teach history and make the right conclusions. As an auxiliary material for this study, Poroshenko suggested propaganda delights of the nationalists Simon Petliura and Nestor Makhno.

In his speech, the President of Ukraine remembered the Polish nationalist Pavel Skoropadsky, whose book “Memoirs” was recommended for reading “to all politicians, officials, deputies”. This seemingly harmless council was an obvious injection to Warsaw for its initiative in the UN Security Council.

After all, whatever one may say, in Poland itself the power was also saddled by nationalists - the heirs of the militants from the Army of Kraevoy. (It is enough to look at the family history of the current leader of the ruling Poland party Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczynski.) During the war years, this Army was marked, among other things, by bloody actions against the Polish resistance movement Guards Ludovoy, as well as the local Ukrainian and Belarusian population.

Today, the heirs of those Polish nationalists hold marches, demonstrating their unity to the country and the world. I remember this action in the city of Przemysl. It was called “March of the Peremyshl and Lviv marches”. "Eaglets" called Polish participants of the Polish-Ukrainian war for Galicia. It was almost a century ago.

Now a new generation of “eagles” is walking in anti-Ukrainian marches. In Przemysl, these people were shouting "Death to the Ukrainians!" The local government reacted with approval both to the march itself and to its militant slogans. No wonder the Kiev authorities then banned the entry to Ukraine Mayor of Przemysl.

Such mutual bans arose more than once. They were accompanied by demarches of high officials. The most notable of these was the refusal of the Polish Foreign Minister, Witold Vashchikovsky, to visit the National Museum-Memorial of the Victims of the Occupation Regimes “Prison on Lontsky” during his visit to Lviv. Vashchikovsky then formulated "the main problem of the Polish-Ukrainian relations - the construction of the Ukrainian state on the ideals of Bandera."

There are problems in Poland itself. Recently, by order of the prosecutor's office, leaders of the public organization Pride and Modernity were detained here. In a statement to the media, the press secretary of the Prosecutor General's Office, Ewa Bialik, noted that they "were charged with, in particular, the propaganda of the Nazi regime."

One of them was seized weapon and ammunition. In the detainees' apartments, they also found “objects, in particular, uniforms and other things that contain materials that promote the Nazi structure of the state”. The Polish press has written more than once about the organization Pride and Modernity. The first publications appeared last spring.
Then the journalists visited incognito at the local Nazi event dedicated to the celebration of Hitler's birthday. Now TVN has published a report on this story, after which the detentions described above followed. It should be noted that this happened only after Poland in the UN Security Council condemned the glorification of Nazism in Ukraine.

Civic Platform criticizes Polish initiatives

At the end of the week, the Polish Diet added pepper to the topic. On Friday, the lower house of the Polish parliament passed amendments to the law on the Institute of National Remembrance of Poland. For the denial of crimes of Ukrainian nationalists during the Second World War, punishment was imposed in the form of imprisonment for up to three years.

This rule applies to both Polish citizens and foreigners (read: Ukrainians), who have been banned by the law for propaganda of Bandera in Poland. Commenting on the decisions of the Seimas, the Polish Foreign Ministry confirmed its previous plans to build a strategic partnership with Ukraine, but stressed that this partnership "must be based on truth."

Meanwhile, the main Polish opposition in the face of representatives of the Civic Platform party criticizes both the decision of the Sejm and the initiative of the Foreign Ministry in the UN Security Council. According to them, the goal of these actions is “to hit the Ukrainians even harder”. This position is remarkable in that the Civic Platform expresses the interests of pro-European politicians in Poland, and one of its leaders (Donald Tusk) today heads the European Council.

Europe, as we know, is quite tolerant of the manifestation of nationalism in Ukraine, the activities of those organizations, the ban of which Polish diplomacy decided to achieve. It is explained simply. The current government in Kiev relies on nationalist forces and without this support it simply cannot stand.

Europe has invested heavily in the Kiev regime (according to various estimates, Kiev received from five to seven billion euros from the EU after Maidan), but has not yet received the expected dividends. Therefore, the nationalists in Ukraine are quietly tolerating rampant and even forgot about “human rights and other European values” in this country.

Poland is another matter. Its ambitions are clearly defined in several geopolitical projects at once, the meaning of which comes down to Warsaw trying on the role of the center of power in Eastern Europe. The center is fairly independent of Brussels, which forms its political agenda on a large part of the continent.

It is almost impossible to do this without subordination to the will of the neighboring countries. Ukraine has a special place here. Unlike other countries in the region, it is geographically larger than Poland and potentially richer. This piece is easy to choke. Warsaw decided that it was possible to outplay Ukraine only on the ideological field.

But here, plugging. After all, the Polish and Ukrainian nationalists have a lot in common. Not so great is the difference between the Poles, mocking the graves of the soldiers-liberators, arranging orgies in the former gas chamber of Auschwitz, and Bandera, destroying exactly the same monuments and memorials, terrorizing compatriots of another faith and other worldview.

The opposition "Civil Force" sees all this from within Poland quite well. Therefore, one can trust its assessment that the new initiatives of the Polish authorities serve not so much the assertion of historical truth in relations between the two countries, but rather self-elevation over the Ukrainians in achieving geopolitical preferences.

It seems that it was felt in the high UN offices. The diplomatic attack of Poland so far has bogged down in the snares of the local bureaucracy. For two weeks, the Polish initiative has not advanced further than the registration of the resolution - outwardly relevant and objectively necessary. In fact, experts see this document as an attempt to change the balance of power between the nationalists of the two countries.

It is unlikely that the world will arrange such a half measure. After all, Nazism is an infection, which requires not selective condemnation and prohibition, but universal polls. Not everyone is ready for this yet ...
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    HEATHER 29 January 2018 07: 00
    Poland ............ Something doubts take me. Are they like that fox in a joke, smart, or beautiful? Trusting their politicians is completely useless. Laying. Soon it rushes to the strong.
    1. dSK
      dSK 29 January 2018 08: 12
      Since January of this year, Poland ranked among non-permanent members UN Security Council, replacing neighboring Ukraine here. What the Poles immediately took advantage of.

      Half a year they will squeeze out everything that is possible and impossible.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 29 January 2018 08: 16
      Wherever the US picks, Nazism jumps up. Proven tactics in experience in Nazi Germany.
      1. captain
        captain 29 January 2018 15: 40
        Dear author! In fact, Makhno was the fourth in the list of first awarded the Order of the Red Banner, awarded him for his great contribution to the fight against the White Army. Then the truth is, he disappeared from this list. Makhno simply did not realize that he had to be in time under the banners of Lenin, as Kotovsky did. How did Grushevsky and others. For example, early. Glavpur comrade Mehlis, member of the party of the Zionist party "Poalei Zion."
        1. dSK
          dSK 29 January 2018 22: 57
          The whole of Ukraine is not needed in the first place by the States, it is twice as large as the former Yugoslavia and it is preparing the same scenario - “divide and conquer.”
  2. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 29 January 2018 07: 25
    Nazism is Nazism. Though Polish, even Ukrainian. !
    1. The black
      The black 29 January 2018 09: 29
      A film about the nationalist Simon Petlyura will be shot in Ukraine for patriotic education of the population. This was announced by Vice Prime Minister Pavel Rozenko. “This means that the state especially pays attention to the development of military-patriotic education in Ukraine,” he noted. ---- and let the Jews think .... Netanyahu, just gathered for Putin.
    2. volodya
      volodya 29 January 2018 09: 37
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      Nazism is Nazism. Though Polish, even Ukrainian. !

      Although they bite among themselves, but when it will be necessary to agree!
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 January 2018 07: 55
    an attempt to change the balance of power between the nationalists of the two countries
    But this is closer to reality. The desire to root the idea that Polish nationalists are more correct than Ukrainian is in hot minds.
    After all, Nazism is an infection that requires not selective condemnation and prohibition, but universal
    But how can you ban without exception if Glavnyuk (USA) always votes against the prohibition of the glorification of Nazism and the use of Nazi symbols.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 29 January 2018 08: 15
      Both those and others "became famous", there is a sho to remember.
      Now then, who is to measure Svidomo, who will be with his uncle's beloved wife ???
  4. Egoza
    Egoza 29 January 2018 08: 17
    Yes, all this is done not for a real, sincere condemnation of Bandera, but for preparing the grounds for revising the borders. Well, I really want to return Lviv and the “piece near”.
    1. avt
      avt 29 January 2018 09: 54
      Quote: Egoza
      Yes, all this is done not for a real, sincere condemnation of Bandera, but for preparing the grounds for revising the borders. Well, I really want to return Lviv and the “piece near”.

      good And they want to crank it out only after a “large-scale aggression of Russia” in the East. A kind of revenge of 1939 in the form of “restoration of historical justice” is restitution. By the way, they didn’t give a damn about the results of the First World War and “Curzon line.” In the meantime, slowly but surely, panovs are beginning to accustom raguli who have screamed at hand, screaming at torches at night in Kiev, who panes in Ukraine and whoever owns the house. They return to the state of homeostasis spoiled by decades of Soviet power Svidomo.
  5. BAI
    BAI 29 January 2018 09: 02
    Russia should support this resolution if it comes to a vote.
  6. Sergeant71
    Sergeant71 29 January 2018 10: 34
    We stock up on popcorn and begin to watch a new series of the eternal battle of the toad and viper. And .... We are waiting for the moment. Remember how it was already in 1939? "As a result of the loss of statehood and the protection of the population ....." wassat
  7. Nemesis
    Nemesis 29 January 2018 15: 32
    This is not news ... I saw a rally in Warsaw, which was attended by 100000 Poles with posters POLISH VILNIUS ... POLISH LVIV ... Poland will still show itself ...
  8. Curious
    Curious 29 January 2018 23: 03
    Another "specialist - analyst" Makhno recorded in Ukrainian nationalists. Together with Petlyura. It seems that these writers directly from the kindergarten pot and immediately to the writers.
    1. Antares
      Antares 30 January 2018 12: 13
      Quote: Curious
      Makhno recorded in Ukrainian nationalists. Together with Petlyura

      for the sake of this, I even climbed onto the site of Lviv nationalists (well, as the most) to read which of the Makhno Ukrainian nationalists ...
      I didn’t find nikherta .. anarchist, original, came into conflict with other forces, entered into temporary alliances .. I did not find a nationalist word ..
      By the way, there was an article on VO about Nestor. There, the author "pulled him out of the pantheon of Ukrainian nationalists." Say a Russian nationalist, do not touch.
      It is strange that the Russian Federation, having lost, having surrendered Ukraine to everyone, is striking its tail trying to represent Poland (as the new main cultural partner) as an adversary. Why not fight for, not against? Not glossing over all, but for the propaganda of the Russian Federation? Why you need to quarrel and not attract ...
  9. bald
    bald 30 January 2018 02: 05
    --- "It is unlikely that the world will arrange such a half measure. After all, Nazism is an infection that does not require selective condemnation and prohibition, but one without exception" --- ... Through a rocker arm — it does not require condemnation, but total destruction. And the world, including us, is watching a damn, condemning, meanwhile, this infection is growing and getting stronger.
  10. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 30 January 2018 05: 24
    Poland just wants to eat a piece of dill. As well as Hungary-Romania-Bulgaria. And the reason - he will always be found, legitimate and full. Hissing comrades in Russia were combed in 1612, well, so now they will sleep on these, their infamous potential must be grounded to someone, since here they have scooped up a tartar of tomatoes.