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What's wrong with you, Dagestan?

What's wrong with you, Dagestan?Against the background of the unfolding events in the Middle East (I mean Syria and Iran), the situation that is developing on the territory of the Russian Federation, or rather, in the Republic of Dagestan, is somehow without serious attention. From the mass media we hear short reports about the attack of militants against the authorities, and from ordinary citizens about lawlessness in the law enforcement bodies of the republic. Who to believe? Which side is true? Is this: again the Wahhabi-American trail, in the fight against which a huge number of our citizens were killed in the territory of the Chechen Republic? Or, again, the notorious weakness and lack of professionalism of local authorities, which cannot and is not able to consolidate all the interested parties? Why are the members of the Federation Council, the State Duma, the public silent? Why hasn’t a national authority been created yet (although the President spoke about its creation)? Again, the officials let down? I would not like, because of the negligence, stupidity and lack of professionalism of the authorities, our citizens again began to die. In conclusion, I’ll say: I would like the authorities to take a more serious attitude to the smoldering conflict and social problem in the region. Let's hope for the best and for control from public organizations. I cite an article by my colleague, a young journalist from Dagestan, whom I asked to write about what she thinks is happening on the territory of the republic. And from you, dear readers, we look forward to discussing this topic in the comments.

In recent years, Dagestan has gone through a difficult and controversial way from a relatively stable environment to a newly increasing tension. However, he is not used to.

In order to understand what is happening, let us recall the political processes in the country over the past 20 years. Two Chechen campaigns have left an indelible mark not only in the republic itself, but also in neighboring regions. Dagestan, by the will of fate was almost in the center of events and was forced to take the brunt. Now what happened in 90 - e is perceived a little differently than it was then. It seems, and maybe that destabilization was needed in order to unite in the face of danger and fight back? In analogy with the Soviet Union, mobilized in 1941 and managed to repel Hitler. It is a pity that any victory is still a minus - the sacrifices that were made in her name ...

In September, I studied 1999 in the 7 class and went to school from one end of Makhachkala to the other. I still remember one morning of early September, when looking out the window of a trolleybus, I simply did not recognize Makhachkala. On the street on a clear sunny day there was not a soul, the city seemed to have died out. Despite the fact that the militants did not approach the capital of Dagestan, fear did its job and the spirit of war was in the air. Every rumor, an inadvertently dropped assumption, was overgrown with details and sowed panic among people. Property prices in the city have fallen sharply, it was especially difficult for those who at the end of 90 tried to sell their property and leave, many people went bankrupt on this and were left without housing at all.

The phrase of the year was then the phrase of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Sergey Stepashin: “It seems we are losing Dagestan ...”, which he could not forgive in the republic for a long time.

The unequivocal answer to the question: “Why do young people go to the forests?” No. But still, most admit that the reason is social injustice, the absence of a job with a decent salary, and the absence of any prospects. Someone gets into the forest "out of stupidity" by contacting the "bad company", and then can not break ties with it.

Since November 2010, by the decree of the head of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov, the Commission on Assistance in Adapting to Peaceful Life began to work for people who decided to stop terrorist and extremist activities in Dagestan. It consists of representatives of law enforcement agencies, religious and public organizations. The head of the commission is Rizvan Kurbanov (until December 2011 of the year he was the first deputy prime minister of the government of Dagestan, and now he is a deputy of the State Duma from United Russia). In total, the Commission pulled out of the armed underground and helped to adapt to peaceful life around 50 members of the illegal armed groups. Initially, the presidential initiative was supported by many, political analysts, both local and federal, saw in the Commission, if not a panacea, then a good way of “extortion” from the forest. Going to meet the rebels of the militants, the government shows that it is ready to listen to them and in some cases even help, to go forward.

So, 2 a year ago, political scientist and founder of the republican socio-political weekly Chernovik, Gadzhimurad Kamalov, in an interview with the news agency Regnum, expressed the opinion that the initiative to create the Commission was directed not at militants but at creating a positive attitude towards the authorities among the population: I do not think that this initiative will be successful enough. But the government does this not so much for the militants, as the population shows its willingness to negotiate with everyone. This is in the framework of such a positive, strategic struggle for the loyalty of the population. The initiative is not entirely new, it was previously discussed in the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, and the new government of the republic should have had this conversation story if there had been no Moscow explosion in the subway and some other actions that the militants were responsible for. These attacks undermined the credibility of the militants among the loyal population, and our new government could not, did not have time to conduct these negotiations and engaged in the spread of harsh rhetoric. But now the time has come, and everyone understood that nothing out of the ordinary is happening in Dagestan and there is an opportunity to start a dialogue. ”

Political analyst Mikhail Tulsky considered Magomedov’s initiative adequate: “I think it’s quite realistic and we need to adapt the militants. Most often, going to action movies is caused by social reasons. In those regions where most of the militants are Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan, we see the highest unemployment in Russia there. A large unemployment, as a rule, caused by high fertility. The roots of the fact that people go to the militants have a socio-demographic basis. ”

At one of the meetings (07.12.2011), applications of five residents of the republic were immediately considered, who personally attended the meeting of the commission with their parents and lawyers. Sredin them 18 - summer Temirlan Amirov, who 5 June 2011, as part of illegal armed groups (IAF), shot in the village of Mamedkala from a machine gun the building of the local police station. No one was hurt, and the room was damaged. At a time when Amirov was "in the forest", his mother went to the Adaptation Commission and asked for help to return her son. 11 November, Temirlan Amirov reported to a law enforcement agency with a confession. Temirlan Amirov, who was in the group of Hasan Abdullayev ("Hasan"), surrendered under the guarantee of Rizvan Kurbanov. To Kurbanov’s question about what prompted the young man to join the members of the illegal armed groups, Amirov replied that he was friends with a man whose brother had "gone to the forest." After that, he began to fear that he would be held accountable for aiding the militants, while acquaintances began to convince Amirov that the police would not leave him alone.

"With the motivation of many members of the IAF to take on weapon is that law enforcement officers torture detainees. Were you used unlawful methods of investigation? "- Rizvan Kurbanov asked. Temirlan Amirov and his lawyer Rasul Kadiyev stated that they have no complaints about this. The young man could not explain for what ideas he took up arms saying that he had “read articles on the Internet.” When asked, they paid him money for participation in the illegal armed groups, Amirov replied that “they did not pay anything, sometimes even we were starving.” “Amir” gave us orders without explaining why "- said Amirov. All those who applied to the commission asked, given full repentance, and voluntary surrender, to apply for a sentence being served in the territory of Dagestan. After a long discussion in the regime closed by the press, the Adaptation Commission decided to apply by a majority of votes to the court to allow the sentence to be served, if appointed, in Dagestan. But Kurbanov warned that if during the investigation those who applied to the commission change their testimony and refuse to assist the investigation, the petition will be rejected before the court session.

However, now the effectiveness of the Commission does not seem so unambiguous. The reason for this is the return of some of the “rehabilitated” militants to their crimes. After the next meeting of the Commission in Makhachkala on February 22, reports began to appear in the media about disagreements arising at the meeting between the chairman of the commission, State Duma deputy Rizvan Kurbanov and Deputy Minister of the Interior of Dagestan Vasily Salutin. Salyutin criticized the work of the commission. According to him, Nail Bikmayev, the son of the mufti of the Rostov region, who was detained in Dagestan with weapons, returned to criminal activity. The commission adapts, but does not guarantee, that the former militants will not take on the old. The skeptical position of the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the head of the youth monitoring group of the Republic of Dagestan, an expert of the Center for Islamic Studies of the North Caucasus, Ruslan Gereyev, explained that the militants who pass through the commission and return to peaceful life are derived from the legal control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. “The security forces do a certain job. And if a militant, being released from criminal responsibility under the guarantees of the commission, goes into the forest again or commits any crime, then all the efforts spent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs turn out to be in vain. . They have to do the same job twice, "said Gereyev.

These are ambiguous opinions now tormenting the Dagestan authorities and the public. As for my personal opinion, I can see that the social component is not the only reason for leaving the forest. My friend is a smart, educated guy from a wealthy intelligent family, and after leaving school he went to study in Moscow. What was my surprise when, five years later, I saw his page on the social network, in which literally everything screamed that he had embarked on a dangerous path. And a little later I saw him entering the office, allegedly engaged in the translation of Arabic texts, in fact, having connections with the militants. There was hardly any money at all, most likely, the good psychologists simply “zombied” the guy. A person gets a powerful psychological treatment, "goes" into religion all the deeper, it becomes more difficult for him to find a common language with family and friends. Because he suddenly begins to "see" that they lead a wrong lifestyle. And relatives, in turn, are irritated by moralizing and remarks about what to do in this life and what is not necessary.

A separate problem in this situation, the ongoing killing of police officers and journalists. Over the years of work in the social and political weekly, I can probably count on a daily check-ups on which it was announced that not a single law enforcement officer was killed in the republic last night. Over the past 10 years, 16 journalists have been killed in the republic. The black day of Dagestan journalism was 21 March 2008, on that day the correspondent of Channel One Ilyas Shurpayev and the head of the State TV and Radio Company Dagestan Gadzhi Abashilov were killed in Moscow. 31 of July last year was killed by the head of the information and analytical department and the press service of the President of the Republic of Dagestan Garun Kurbanov. Kurbanov had a principled position and more than once openly and severely publicly criticized religious extremists. The last kill occurred on the night of December 16 2011. The criminals shot Gadzhimurad Kamalov when he, after the layout, left the building of his editorial office. And if earlier Dagestani journalists were tormented by the question when it would all end, now the more relevant question is: “Who is next?”.

Dagestan is concerned about the question: “What to do?” The society hates the members of illegal armed groups, but also has a lack of confidence in the authorities (especially representatives of law enforcement agencies). In my opinion, in order to somehow break the already established system, a strong breakthrough is needed in the economy of the republic, it cannot be solved by force alone, it is clear from many years of experience in the fight against terrorism. The President of the Republic of Dagestan, Magomedsalam Magomedov, understands this, in recent years, investors have been attracted to Dagestan, and ambitious projects have been launched, including in the development of tourism. The convenient geographical location between the sea and the mountains gives reason to hope that the efforts are not in vain. Persistent remains interest in the republic of Russian and foreign journalists. The good news is that recently media representatives are interested not only in the political situation in Dagestan, but also in the historical and cultural life, tourist potential. Last year, Andrei Ponkratov and the film crew of the My Planet TV channel filmed a film about Dagestan. It remains only to hope for the best.
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  1. Yarbay
    Yarbay April 17 2012 07: 38 New
    What to do ?? destroy bandits, corrupt officials and change the methods of struggle!
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 April 17 2012 08: 18 New
      Quote: Yarbay
      Destroy bandits, corrupt officials and change the methods of struggle!

      Can not argue.
      The immutable law of physics: any action causes a reaction. It is extremely important to correctly calculate this opposition, otherwise there is a risk of making it worse. But this is not a reason to do nothing.
      1. Dimitrxnumx
        Dimitrxnumx April 17 2012 08: 47 New
        See what is happening in the neighboring region! Literally billions of rubles of legal taxpayers are poured into Chechnya, like a bottomless hole. New houses, cinemas, fountains are being built, this is certainly good, but forgive me, why are neighboring regions provided with much smaller amounts? Yes that neighboring, central and distant too! Further, Moscow, which decides who to give and to whom not to give money does not go away. This is not normal! Why is it all for some and nothing for others as usual? Of course, having seen enough, Dagestan will also want to twist the thread, God forbid the revolution. Maybe it’s already enough to rebuild Chechnya and take care of other regions? There are no normal roads in the country, we use snips of 1920 for their construction. I mean that it is time for the leadership to think seriously and try to develop the country according to the mind, and not according to "pull."
        1. Rustam
          Rustam April 17 2012 10: 53 New
          disagree !!! I will try to explain
          1-a lot of money is falling into Chechnya, why such an opinion ??? but probably because the formidable city has turned into a fairy tale city in comparison with the ruins of 99 and these are not beautiful words, but the truth !!! a person worked in a construction complex in Chechnya and there is no theft, because as we have in other regions, it is possible to buy the cheapest materials and Tajiks everywhere, but there is no such thing everything is done as it should
          2-financing of Dagestan goes the same way as Chechnya, but these clans under the government are stealing all means, that’s why Makhachkala remains with old doors and wretched roads, although it will go beyond the Moscow Ring Road almost everywhere, here a friend there was no one direction in Tver even for pedestrian walkways not everywhere
          3-third example a person traveled to Belarus just perfect roads, everywhere cleanliness and order and prices ridiculous and friendly people

          As a result, in Dagestan, people don’t like the Wahhabis and such evil spirits simply because the total corruption and plunder of state money, youth are unemployed and naturally there are some religious issues that will begin to help and clean your brain first, and after half a year they’ll say hey time is my friend to pay off debts, to give back nothing so take ak or grivnat and kill some kind of silovik - that's all simple arithmetic
          and they steal everywhere an example in Siberia they wrote off $ 2 million for watering the road with water in the winter, and that's fine, and so everywhere
          that’s why everything is being built and done in Chechnya because you know what you’re doing and will have to deal with Kadyrov who will deal with you by illegal methods (and they personally say that he checks all new buildings for workmanship)
          also in Belarus Lukashenko’s wrath is afraid of fire
          with us, so showcases will one-time show on TV and other thousands steal billions
          1. Yarbay
            Yarbay April 17 2012 11: 04 New
            Rustam agrees with many things !!
            Moreover, I’m sure and I know that much is being financed in Chechnya from shadow sources! At the expense of * authority * Kadyrov!
            1. Odinplys
              Odinplys April 18 2012 02: 53 New
              Quote: Yarbay
              Moreover, I’m sure and I know that much is financed in Chechnya from shadow sources! At the expense of * authority * Kadyrov

              Not all at once ... it is not possible to cover the whole territory of Russia ... and corruption just needs to be hung ... because of them, young people are going to earn money by criminal means ... It's on their conscience ... Only then the fate of young people cannot be corrected. ..
          2. thatupac
            thatupac April 17 2012 21: 06 New
            In Dagestan, they go into bandits because it is a very well-paid job. As the main manager in Moscow.
        2. Col.
          Col. April 17 2012 14: 05 New
          Quote: Dimitr77
          See what is being done in the neighboring region!

          But what is being done in another neighboring region:
 Stavropol gave to Chechens
          1. thatupac
            thatupac April 17 2012 21: 12 New
            It was not the Stavropol Territory that was given to the Chechens and Caucasians, but the Russians are unable to defend their homes and reassure the visitors on their own. And they also say that the policemen must be cut, the Army must also be cut, that the Army will not serve conscript slavery, but in the event of a war they will fight for their homes to the last drop of blood. And it can be seen to what the "last". This is all because of the weakness of the Russians there, and they are in response - about the conspiracy of the Putin government and about the 282nd. Oh well. Let the doggy-style continue to stand. Once I like it.
          2. SAVA555.IVANOV
            SAVA555.IVANOV April 17 2012 21: 27 New
            Colonel Hot topic !!! Something is not visible on the site "Cossacks from Stavropol and Krasnodar who serve in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB and any security structures" brave and decisive only in peacetime ??? !!
          3. potterz
            potterz April 17 2012 23: 53 New
            You have become cowards there, that's all! And in many cities it is! Cossacks crap "our"!
        3. thatupac
          thatupac April 17 2012 21: 05 New
          Chechnya is paid a tribute so that there is no 3rd Chechen, and so that the Caucasus does not explode, because Russian mothers will whine again after the first 200 cargoes. Even McDonald's visitors pay tribute to Chechnya and Kadyrov. After all, the manager of McDonald’s Russian network is a Chechen businessman. Here it is.
          1. Odinplys
            Odinplys April 18 2012 02: 58 New
            Nobody pays to Chechnya ... But Kadyrov well done ... keeps everyone in the sand gloves ... without compromise ...
            All republics need to take an example ... Then in Dagestan things will go smoothly ...
            The owner in one word ...
      2. Yarbay
        Yarbay April 17 2012 08: 50 New
        That's right !! It’s just not so easy to take the methods of combating terrorism from the arsenal of Israel did not think how effective they are and in general for what to use Israel? !!
        mainly used by Israel so that the militants do not end and the tension does not decrease !!
        1. Sergh
          Sergh April 17 2012 09: 05 New
          - Before vama tavarischi boa constrictor, from head to tail 12 meters,
          and from tail to head one meter ...
          - Comrade guide, how is it ...
          - I explain to the critics ... From January to December, 12 months,
          and from December to January one month ...
          1. pepper
            pepper April 17 2012 12: 02 New
            I see the author of the article from the moon fell to us or what? Over the last 10! years in Dagestan weekly explosions, killings and attacks on the feds! WEEKLY! and sometimes several times a day, and that's all in the 2 millionth republic! If the population does not support the Mujahideen, then how do they fight all these long years? For whom are these regular tales? You can verify the activity of the militants yourself by watching dozens of videos with attacks on the federals, or has Internet censorship already reached the Chinese level in Russia? bully The killed Amir is immediately changed by the next one, that is, a clear and rigid vertical of control has been created. Are these simple bandits? And what do the martyrs' operations say? And what does almost complete self-financing speak about? And why the questions are not asked - where did the Mujahideen get so many weapons, including the most modern? But the operations to "neutralize the alleged militants" are generally beyond Reason and the legal component: stupidly, without trial or investigation, they shot the citizens of their country! ... And then everyone is surprised: where do these militants come from? Ask the numerous relatives of the "neutralized" ...
            1. Yarbay
              Yarbay April 17 2012 16: 10 New
              There is a great deal of truth! Including the extradition of the bodies of the militants, taken from the experience of Israel is more than ill-conceived!
              The fact is that for a shahid it does not matter what will happen to his body!
              But this angers and angers relatives and very much!
              Because traditions, funerals are important for relatives!
              and much more!
              you can write a lot about it!
              They do a lot of incomprehensible things!
              1. Piligrim
                Piligrim April 17 2012 22: 32 New
                Ish how humane you are! And where were these relatives when their relative took the path of jihad ???
                In Moscow?
                And the relatives of terrorists should also be held accountable both to society and to the law.
                1. Yarbay
                  Yarbay April 18 2012 08: 46 New
                  Pilgrim! The question is not so much in humanity, but in thoughtfulness!
                  Pepe, if you noticed in quotes, wrote * neutralization of the alleged militants *!
                  in my comment on the non-issuance of militant bodies, I wanted to explain that this method is not useful!
                  About your statement that the relatives of the militants should bear responsibility is stupid !!
                  Laws cannot be replaced by lawlessness!
                  Then relatives of all thieves and fraudsters and murderers across Russia should also be in prison !! ??
            2. thatupac
              thatupac April 17 2012 21: 15 New
              Banditry is work. Well paid, like a killer. Che hunchback at collective farms there. In, they pay in dollars. And not a little. So they go there to work. Like a mine in Kemerovo.
        2. Odinplys
          Odinplys April 18 2012 03: 04 New
          Zionists .... this is the misfortune of Russia ... This evil needs to be burned ... completely
    2. Skiff
      Skiff April 17 2012 16: 46 New
      Yes, I’m in shock, oh I don’t have a job, oh well, I’ll go to flood a couple of infidels, figuratively, my mother drew a picture, my good son set the right path, well, you don’t kill people, then this guy! well I won’t be free ....
      Kill no work, steal no work, blame everyone for no work and all hating the world of people living in it ... this is all nonsense.
      If I took a machine gun in the suburbs and started firing at the cops, I would have already rotted in a jail, and then syussi pusi.
      The fact is that for someone there is a law, for someone it is like a drawbar.
      1. Yarbay
        Yarbay April 17 2012 17: 09 New
        Don’t need shusi puxi
        The problem must be addressed comprehensively and toughly !!
        But wisely !!
        1. Odinplys
          Odinplys April 18 2012 03: 11 New
          We need to find a leader ... following the example of Chechnya ...
          For Kadyrov, the people went ... ... because they took everything into their own hands ... fixed everything rigidly and clearly ...
          There should be only one Boss in the Republic ... Reliance of the President of Russia ... with enormous powers ...
          1. Yarbay
            Yarbay April 18 2012 08: 50 New
            One plus!
            Maybe you're right!
            But where is the guarantee that this leader will not act tomorrow out of personal preference!
            example * Vasya didn’t look like that, destroy *, Ivan my friend can be him, everything * !! ??
    3. thatupac
      thatupac April 17 2012 21: 02 New
      Blah blah blah. And who will do something, and how will gangsters, criminals and their relatives react to this? The question is rhetorical.
    4. Odinplys
      Odinplys April 18 2012 02: 46 New
      Quote: Yarbay
      destroy bandits, corrupt officials

      That's right ... corruptionists ... Russia’s headache
  2. TRex
    TRex April 17 2012 07: 45 New
    Unemployment, low level of education, development and strengthening of Islamic fundamentalism, corrupt government and law enforcement agencies - here the "laws of the mountains" begin to work ... Youth simply have nowhere to go.
    Where are our "statists" with all their programs, institutions, activists? If nothing is done, the tangle of Dagestan's problems will only grow.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay April 17 2012 08: 00 New
      I am more and more convinced by looking at the methods of struggle that everything is done in order not to uproot, but to aggravate the situation even more!
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic April 17 2012 09: 37 New
        Quote: Yarbay
        I am more and more convinced by looking at the methods of struggle that everything is done in order not to uproot, but to aggravate the situation even more!

        Forceful methods have one common misfortune no matter how justified and necessary they may seem. It is rare that any general is able to penetrate the understanding that force should and can be put into use only last but not least after social and moral, political and economic measures aimed at rectifying the situation as a whole. "His business is small: to comply with the order and clean it for now ...". But for now, the general is up to the bulb. His main task is the “real business” with all the ensuing consequences: awards and ranks, combat payments, and God also knows what benefits are doubtful and right. For 10-12 years, we have been “cleansing”, “strengthening”, but in reality there is a mutual destruction of people, and things are still there. This is a sluggish (focal, rather than total) civil war, in which in the conditions of Dagestan no one can win.
        Speaking about the methods of local security officials and not of the "federals" from Khankala, they themselves admit that ideologically the Islamist underground is really not opposed to anything worthwhile. The war is losing in this regard. But this does not mean at all that the majority is for the underground. The majority of Dagestanis just do not accept either the methods or the model of government that the “forestry” preach. But the current situation is unlikely to suit them. Political tsung zwang turns out. In such conditions, an active minority can simply present a passive majority with a fact.
        Creation of new jobs will also not solve the problem under the conditions of the corrupt and clannish Dagestan leadership. Firstly, in modern spheres of production, and even in the same tourism, qualified workers are needed, and for this you need to study or be willing to study. Again, those who want to work and study usually have no money for education, and those who have them are important for the status that gives a diploma of a higher education institution with a subsequent career in a bread place where rich relatives will determine. The rest is either unskilled work for pennies without any- either further prospects or "forest" as a peculiar form of protest abrecia, spiced up and justified by the ideas of Islamic jihad.
        Secondly, given the situation in the republic and the ever-expanding social base of the underground, local law enforcement officers will once again hesitate to “touch” these people: both the risk is great and there is little sense. The more you “touch”, the more they become. That creates the illusion that it is more profitable and honorable to go to the "forest" than to hump for a pittance at some factory. Caucasian mentality and traditions are of no small importance.
        Power in Dagestan is now illegitimate if most peoples and religious movements in the republic have no trust in it. Our European model of elective democracy cannot solve the problem of the legitimacy of power. It is necessary to revive a permanently functioning institution, something like a congress of peoples or communities - the jamaats of the republic (between congresses there is a presidium or advice with a small, very small apparatus). Such an institution should be formed by the authorities and public organizations on an equal footing. Or war (in the minds and hearts), or consent. Any "tug of war" in turn will bury the idea in the bud. He must adapt Russian legislation in the conditions of Dagestan taking into account local conditions.
        If in the USA each state has its own legislation, then why not introduce some norms from the same Sharia at the local level in Dagestan that do not infringe on the interests and aspirations of the secular part of society? And vice versa, to abandon some "democratic" norms that run counter to the customs and traditions of the still largely clan and clan society.
        Dagestan, rather, has historically become accustomed to coalition rule built on harmony (Jamaats, peoples, religious movements) and respect for the law. But the law itself must be "native", or something, corresponding to the customs and values ​​of the vast majority. Otherwise, it is not law, but just paper, "drawbar", even if adopted by the Russian parliament. Here, the federal laws themselves can be subjected to a kind of revision, then it (Russia) and the Federation, which should take into account national and regional features. Moreover, the ideas of the Eurasian Union and Russia as a civilization state imply the RIGHT to it. So we need a synthesis of traditional (civil self-government) and modern laws and requirements. No need to be afraid of it anyway using Dagestan’s force alone cannot hold back. We must try to enable Dagestan to realize the idea of ​​local legitimate governance. If it doesn’t work out then it’s already possible to demand, you can’t get along together according to your laws; sorry, the guys introduced an external presidential board with all the resulting deprivations and prohibitions.
        Anyone who understands the essence of time and challenges specific to Dagestan, and who shows will, character and mind - a willingness to rely on science and convince Moscow (and at the same time dissenting, unreasonable and guided by mercantile clan considerations within the republic), will go down in the history of the republic as a PERSONALITY. Of course, one cannot compare with Imam Shamil, but something is close to this. Or a group of like-minded people may appear - a kind of collective personality with a capital letter - and can decisively affect the history of Dagestan. It remains for us to believe in this and, as far as possible, bring this hour closer.

        Denga Khalidov, Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Co-Chair of the Russian Congress of the Peoples of the Caucasus
        1. Yarbay
          Yarbay April 17 2012 09: 55 New
          In principle, I agree with you Stanislav! There are some objections to the assessment of the situation, but in general a competent analysis!
          A very original vision of a way out and a solution to a problem!
          Made to think!
          You and Khalidov plus the fattest !!
          1. Ascetic
            Ascetic April 17 2012 10: 29 New
            I proceed from the fact that the subject of power in Dagestan should be a clan, territorial or religious COMMUNITY, or a combination of such community cells, and not a mythical people as in the Russian Constitution or PERSONALITY as in Western democracies. The erosion of these concepts in the Dagestan tribal society leads to CLAN, when they come to power under the brand of general elections
            the richest and most powerful communities - clans forming a clan alliance in the interests of personal power to the detriment of others. Or it is necessary to implement the idea of ​​a general-governorship as under Yermolov, "Divide and rule", but for this Russia itself must have a strong centralized power, something like a dictatorship, and not a weak indistinct liberal democracy with corrupt officials at all levels.
            1. Yarbay
              Yarbay April 17 2012 10: 37 New
              Dear Stanislav!
              Apparently your idea is viable and worthy of attention, but requires a deeper analysis of the prospects!
              Since I consider the slightest mistake or carelessness when creating such a form of power can lead to unpredictable consequences!
              I mean replacing laws with even greater lawlessness!
              and also Stanislav, anyway, I’m sure that the problems of Dagestan can only be solved in a complex solution of problems throughout Russia !!
              This is the fight against corruption, nationalism, bureaucratic lawlessness, etc., etc. !!!
      2. Odinplys
        Odinplys April 18 2012 03: 13 New
        Yarbay, The situation is aggravated ... it is impossible ... the method remains ... Stalin ...
        1. Yarbay
          Yarbay April 18 2012 08: 55 New
          One plus!
          You know the method should be one - the rule of law and the execution of the law!
          and most importantly, the law should be for EVERYONE!
          I remember in the mid-90s many refugees arrived in our country!
          Among them were different people, including bandits!
          When the bandits wanted to show themselves and to probe the authorities, they were quickly put into place within the framework of the law!
          and all !!!
    2. LTL70
      LTL70 April 17 2012 08: 44 New
      I completely agree with the constituting part of your report! As for the "statists" - they can only produce a bureaucratic apparatus with methods similar to themselves for every program sucked out of their fingers; There are enough "activists" and "institutions". The appearance of a case can be created (and they do not), but politicians do not have political and purely human will !!!
    3. virm
      virm April 17 2012 12: 27 New
      These programs, institutions, activists with generous funding for sowing. The Caucasus has been bred so much that God forbid any Kaluga-Ryazan one tenth. Only heard "Caucasian tourist cluster", "resettlement of Caucasians from Syria to the Caucasus", "resettlement of Caucasians from the Caucasus to Russia". Maybe enough already. Well, Russians are not interested in power, but for example in Tuva, men have about 50 (!) Years of life. But when was there any information about this republic or about Khakassia? And people from there do not blow up trains and planes in Russia. And they don’t dance their folk dances on the streets of Moscow.
      Caucasian youth have a post-war syndrome.. Uhhh !!!
      And what were the inhabitants of the Pskov or Smolensk regions in 1946 -... years?
      Maybe the point is not that there is poverty in the Caucasus (we saw houses in their villages on TV), and not in the consequences of the war? Could it be something else? For example, in the expression "there are rams, and there are shepherds." They then consider themselves shepherds. And the Khakass and Russians, in their opinion, are respectively.
      1. kolstow
        kolstow April 17 2012 13: 14 New
        I agree completely!
      2. lokdok
        lokdok April 17 2012 14: 33 New
        There are tribal communities. Therefore, the whole family should be shot for banditry. Then everything will end quickly. Like in Chechnya, when Ramzan came and cancerized the whole village, whose inhabitants supported the bandits.
  3. andrey903
    andrey903 April 17 2012 07: 52 New
    My comrades are constantly on business trips in Dagestan. They tell because the militants are captured several times, the same ones, they are forced to resolve issues on the spot (refused to give up) All subsidies are shared by tribal leaders, they are spent on anji type
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay April 17 2012 07: 58 New
      I do not believe !! justify their unprofessional actions!
    2. Goga
      Goga April 17 2012 08: 13 New
      andrey903 - Colleague, but with the abolition of the death penalty in Russia, the militants have stopped giving in to themselves and somehow they have to "neutralize" all the time. Yes, it’s more true, otherwise lawyers, jurors, etc. ... "
  4. Goga
    Goga April 17 2012 08: 06 New
    I have been to Dagestan many times, I have many friends there, more than once we went to the weddings of their children, I know the republic not from publications in the media. Luxurious nature, gentle sea - seemingly everything for tourism - quote - "... investors are attracted to Dagestan, ambitious projects are launched, including in the development of tourism" - but what kind of tourism can be in such an environment?
    The leadership in the republic passed by inheritance from father to son, the management style also passed - we lived a day - thank God. Moscow will throw money on programs - for resettlement from the mountains to the valley or for resettlement from houses flooded by the Caspian Sea - everything, something in real affairs, something in "cutting" and until the next injection of money from the federal center. And the problems do not disappear by themselves; over time, the situation only gets worse.
    A serious question to the clergy of the republic, why is the struggle for the minds of young people chronically played out by extremists? That official Islam is "uncompetitive" compared to its extreme currents? Or is it the official clergy who are not competitive? It seems to me that this is the main issue, the security forces and the secular authorities will not rectify the situation without the help of religious leaders.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay April 17 2012 08: 17 New
      Gog is not a matter of * competitiveness * of Islam with pseudo-Islam, but of the ignorance and corruption of representatives of the clergy, and often their indifference to the state of things !!
      and leadership did not pass from father to son !!
      1. Goga
        Goga April 17 2012 08: 50 New
        Yarbay - Well, we have been with you since yesterday, as if we had not left this site smile ... - quote - "... and the leadership did not pass from father to son !!" - and what, the President of the Republic of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov is not the son of the head of the Republic of Dagestan MagomedAli Magomedov?
        Regarding the local clergy, I write again: Or are official clergymen uncompetitive? So in this our opinions coincide.
        1. Yarbay
          Yarbay April 17 2012 08: 56 New
          Dear Goga! Son, son! But Magomedali did not transfer power to his son, and before that, for several years, the leader was Mukhu Aliyev !! When the clan differences escalated, they called Magomedsalam!
          1. Goga
            Goga April 17 2012 10: 05 New
            Yarbay - Colleague, you wrote everything right, just for the sake of brevity I wrote about the situation today.
            1. Yarbay
              Yarbay April 17 2012 10: 10 New
              Goga, maybe I misunderstood you!
              Just your statement, as it were, showed that it was the continuity of power that was to blame for the situation!
              At least as I understand it!
              1. Goga
                Goga April 17 2012 10: 29 New
                Yarbay - Everything is fine Yarbay, I was in a hurry myself and didn’t write very clearly, the comment was accepted. repeat
      2. Murai
        Murai April 17 2012 12: 53 New
        and in the illiteracy and corruption of representatives of the clergy, and often in their indifference to the state of things !!

        Absolutely It would be wrong if it were not for the DUMD Dagestan would have long been in the hands of Wahhabism. If they were illiterate, there would have been Chechnya for a long time. How many alims were killed with us (the last Imam of Buinaksk, the man was gold, knew him personally) although they know that they will die but they stand to the end. And as for corruption, it’s generally funny.
        The only opposition to wah-mu in Dagestan are representatives of traditions. Islam (Sufism), if not for their work here, there would have been a war for a long time. They even wanted to start a war even by direct invasion but could not. Didn't Putin say that the Dagestanis saved Russia after those events? If there was a war, this would be the beginning of the collapse of Russia. And after that they are corrupt. are illiterate and indifferent? Yes, they give their lives for peace, stability and a correct understanding of Islam in Dagestan.
        1. Goga
          Goga April 18 2012 04: 54 New
          Murai - A colleague, what the people of Dagestan, ordinary people, and leaders in a critical situation did, are worthy of the highest respect! I do not know this from Putin’s words - I myself was visiting friends in Makhachkala at that time. The fact that a real war is going on against the traditional clergy is true, in this situation, it is necessary to somehow increase the assistance to the clergy, the result of the whole thing depends on them.
    2. YARY
      YARY April 17 2012 08: 18 New
      Uv Igor.
      That's right, the situation with Dagestan has long been in a kind of stagnation. And somehow hands do not make a decision, probably until something extraordinary happens again.
      Until the thunder strikes .... fool
      1. sahha
        sahha April 17 2012 08: 47 New
        Apparently, until V.Putin says "we'll soak it in the toilet" ... sorry. repeat
        1. karlo
          karlo April 17 2012 14: 34 New
          Quote: sahha
          Apparently until V.Putin says "soak it in the toilet" ... sorry

          I don’t understand, he’s already 12 years old, he still can’t find the toilet, or all the militants cannot enter that toilet
    3. Tersky
      Tersky April 17 2012 08: 23 New
      Goga- Good afternoon colleague! The article + was absolutely correctly marked up! It’s one thing regeliotic component, another thing is that the center put Dagestan on a subsidized needle, and it’s pretty tight. The powers that be in Dagestan quickly realized that it was possible to receive financial injections, while doing absolutely nothing to stabilize the economy of the republic. There is another reason for instability - the multinationality of Dagestan, and this is where extremists warm their hands.
      1. Goga
        Goga April 17 2012 08: 43 New
        Tersky - Good afternoon, Viktor, the matter has not yet come to interethnic squabbles, the republic has a unique experience, there even elections to the republican parliament are strictly regulated by nationality and gender - that is, each electoral district is proportionally painted - for example: this is a "male Avar" other "female Lezghin" and candidates for deputies are registered strictly in accordance with this division. And this simple system, for now, allows you to avoid serious international troubles. But it will not be so "forever" if everything continues to go "by itself" - then it can reach the international level - and this will already be a complete "Abdragan".
  5. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov April 17 2012 08: 28 New
    While there is recharge from outside, it will be extremely difficult to reverse the situation. Sponsors need to be wet where they sit

    While there is recharge from outside, it will be extremely difficult to reverse the situation. Sponsors need to be wet where they sit

    While there is recharge from outside, it will be extremely difficult to reverse the situation. Sponsors need to be wet where they sit
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay April 17 2012 08: 36 New
      sponsors are not important !! In power there is no authority and there is no authority of Power !!

      Two things undermine the foundations of the State — when a crime goes unpunished and when an innocent person is punished!
      G. Aliyev
      1. dodil
        dodil April 17 2012 11: 40 New
        And one more - good neighbors
        From the indictment in the case of Zara Murtazalieva.
        "Zara Murtazalieva, being an active member of gangs conducting military operations with federal forces, having undergone special training in a suicide bombing camp near the city of Baku of the Republic of Azerbaijan, arrived in Moscow in September 2003 to organize terrorist acts ..."
        The personal diary of Zulikhan Elikhadzhieva, a terrorist killer who blew herself up and those around her in line at the box office at the rock festival in Tushino, which describes how she traveled to Baku with her half-brother Jage, with whom Zulihan was in a criminal love affair, has been preserved. It was in Baku that the brother-lover, with the help of other criminals, Azerbaijanis Hasan and Yusuf, recruited Zulikhan into a killer suicide bomber.
        Yulia Yuzik, author of The Brides of Allah and a recognized expert on the issue of suicide bombers, writes in her book: “Baku, Azerbaijan is the center of everything. Wahhabism, the ideological training of Chechen suicide bombers, the financing of terrorist attacks from abroad. I know this from the people with whom I communicated throughout the year - a variety of people, and from "that" and "this" side. "
        In 2010, the largest and most respected International Organization for the Suppression of Financial Abuses (FATF) included Azerbaijan in a limited list of states financing terrorism. According to numerous reports of international structures and the US State Department, Azerbaijan is the largest transshipment point for drug trafficking in Russia and Europe, which is also confirmed by documents recently published by WikiLeaks. According to the UN, over the past 4 years, the volume of smuggling of heroin through the territory of Azerbaijan has increased dramatically. Does anyone doubt that a significant part of the profits from transit and drugs grown in Azerbaijan are spent on terrorist purposes?
        At the end of February last year, Russian FSB officers checked the network of Sunna stores selling religious literature in the Dagestan Republic. In the course of inspections, a large amount of literature promoting radical Wahhabism was seized from the sale. Did you notice then that the Sunnah shops selling terrorism-promoting and inciting terrorism literature are the property of the Islamic leader of Azerbaijan, Sheikh ul-Islam Haji Allah Shukur Haji Zadeh?
        In June last year, the leader of the underground extremist terrorist organization "Nurjular" ("Nursists" - L.M.-Sh.) Azerbaijani citizen Ilham Islamly was arrested in Nizhny Novgorod. In his apartment, a large amount of extremist literature was discovered, purchased in the shops of the Sunnah belonging to the Azerbaijani sheikh.
        A huge number of Azerbaijani terrorists settled in Russia. The names of some of them are now firmly associated with many civilian casualties. Sadulla Cheruglanov, Nabi Abiyev, Eldar Heydarov, Ilgar Mollachiev, who ensured the transfer to Russia of more than thirty terrorists from Azerbaijan (anyone can add to this list dozens of names listed on the numerous websites of Azerbaijani Islamists). It is symptomatic that during a terrorist attack in the building of the House of Culture on Dubrovka in Moscow, when many spectators of the musical “Nord-Ost” died, one of the holding hostages of the terrorists called the editorial office of the Azerbaijani newspaper Echo, which was pleased to provide him with a newspaper page for “ interview"
        1. Yarbay
          Yarbay April 17 2012 11: 47 New
          keyword Julia Yuzik is the author of The Brides of Allah and a recognized expert on the problem of suicide bombers!
          Who recognized her as a specialist ???
          where is the data ??
          the article is full of inaccuracies ranging from the names of criminals to the name of Sheikh ul Islam!
          Mollachiev’s gang was completely destroyed in Azerbaijan, only he managed to escape! He himself was eliminated with the help of the data of the Azerbaijani security agencies!

          in general, another Khuestan-Armenian agitprom !!

          Suspects of bombings in Baku arrested in Azerbaijan

          The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan reports the arrest of 11 people suspected of involvement in the bombings at the Abu Bekr mosque in Baku and in the Khatai district of the republic’s capital.

          According to a press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, as a result of operational-search measures, 11 people were arrested as suspects who are members of radical religious movements and terrorist groups. One gun and religious literature prohibited by law were seized from the arrested.

          On the eve of the Center for Public Relations of the Ministry of National Security (MNS) of Azerbaijan reported that the MNS detained 13 people as suspected of involvement in the bombing in the Abu Bekr mosque. The crime, according to the investigation, was committed under the leadership of Azerbaijani citizens Ilgar Mollachiev and Samir Mehdiyev, who organized the illegal criminal group Forest Brothers, the DSP said in a statement.

          On the evening of August 17, a grenade exploded in the Abu-Bakr mosque in Baku. The explosion killed two and injured nine people. Among the wounded are the imam of the mosque, Gamet Suleymanov.

          On August 22, an explosive device was activated in a transformer at a secondary school No. 138 in the Khatai district of Baku, as a result of which two employees of the Bakelektroset joint-stock company were killed and two more were injured. The cause of the explosion was an explosive device.
          1. dodil
            dodil April 17 2012 13: 10 New
            How does the brotherly people of Azerbaijan solve this problem?
            09.04.12/5772/XNUMX, BAKU, AEN (Ilya Aronovich) - On the eve of Passover holiday XNUMX, the Ministry of National Security (MNS) of Azerbaijan conducted special operations to neutralize members in the cities of Baku, Ganja, Sumgait, as well as in the Gakh, Gusar, Zakatalsky and Sheki regions of the republic armed terrorist group.
            According to official information released by the Ministry of National Security, as a result of the special operations, one member of the group was killed and 17 were arrested. Unfortunately, during the special operations, an employee of the Ministry of National Security was killed and three were injured. During the special operations carried out by the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan, machine guns, pistols, a machine gun, hand grenades, remote-controlled explosive devices, a significant amount of plastid, communication equipment, as well as extremist literature propagating terrorism and "war against infidels" were seized from Islamic terrorists.
            As the Ministry of National Security clarified for the Jewish News Agency, "the detained members of the terrorist group were planning to commit a number of provocative and terrorist actions aimed at disrupting socio-political stability and creating panic among the population of Azerbaijan."
            MNS of Azerbaijan promises to inform further information about the special operations conducted by the Ministry of National Security later. Earlier, the Headquarters for Combating Terror, operating under the National Security Council of Israel, issued warnings about the threat of terrorist acts against Israeli citizens in Azerbaijan and the Jews of the republic’s diaspora during the Passover holiday of 5772.
            Terrorist threats, according to the Headquarters, could have come from the agents of the Iranian special services in Azerbaijan, as well as from the cells of the Hezbollah terrorist organization.
            And, as the events that happened in Azerbaijan on the eve of the Passover holiday showed, these warnings of the General Staff against Terror under the National Security Council of Israel had serious grounds.
            1. Yarbay
              Yarbay April 17 2012 13: 21 New
              All is correct !!
              We burn with hot iron!
              Huge and correct work is being done !!
              Therefore, they have no soil under their feet!
              and in Dagestan very different reasons and a different situation and other derivatives !!
              In this case, you plus Dodil)))
      2. Lakkuchu
        Lakkuchu April 17 2012 11: 45 New
        Two things undermine the foundations of the State — when a crime goes unpunished and when an innocent person is punished!
        G.Aliyev Wise words, wise man!
  6. Atlon
    Atlon April 17 2012 08: 28 New
    To enlarge the regions, and introduce direct presidential rule. The situation in the Caucasus is not at all in itself. Amer is preparing to unleash a third world war. And Russia will not be allowed to remain neutral.
    1. Goga
      Goga April 17 2012 09: 10 New
      Atlon - Colleague, the problems in the Caucasus will not diminish from the enlargement of the regions, And direct presidential rule will result in another "Caucasian" war. Nearby is a completely different example - Chechnya - a region with no less (and perhaps even greater) problems - and we like it or not, but the leadership of the Chechen Republic is actively engaged in resolving its issues (not without the help of the center, of course), and in Dagestan all "help "the center goes like sand, the dynamics of the development of events is not good. What I agree with you and Alexander Romanov is that all this negativity comes from outside, and here, of course, not the Americans themselves, but for that, their mongrels like the Qatar and the Saudis are seriously paying for all this abomination in the Caucasus
  7. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych April 17 2012 08: 45 New
    Of course, the authorities are to blame, their lack of professionalism in general and self-interest in particular!
    The blame lies not with the central authorities, and with the local ones! Flirting with religion is one of the first reasons that religious leaders should not be given free rein. tight control was needed. but no one planned to establish it (I suppose that the situation on the edge in this regard, not only in Dagestan, in Tatarstan itself, was almost completely outrageous in this regard), but mass theft and corruption, fundamental non-compliance with the law is the second main reason , and no change is visible ...
  8. fellow misha
    fellow misha April 17 2012 08: 52 New
    As always and everywhere "carrot and stick", a more effective method has not yet been invented. As for the "whip", it seems, they have begun to resolve the issue: since the end of winter, a large grouping of "internal order maintenance" forces has been created on the territory of the republic, numbering (officially unconfirmed data) 20-25 thousand bayonets.
    1. Goga
      Goga April 17 2012 09: 17 New
      Comrade Misha - Colleague, unfortunately, such issues do not have a direct force solution (although the force component is of course necessary). The issue can only be solved in a complex, here the security forces and the social development of the region, and in my opinion, a lot depends on the quality of work of the official clergy
  9. Katani
    Katani April 17 2012 08: 57 New
    It is necessary to change the permanent power - have grown ...
  10. dimaas
    dimaas April 17 2012 09: 00 New
    The situation in the Caucasus is an intensified reflection of the situation in the country. Strengthening occurs both due to the demographic situation, and due to the mentality.
    Corruption in Russia as a whole is intensified in the Caucasus due to the mentality and local traditions.
    The arbitrariness of the authorities and the courts is here again the roots in all-Russian reality. Only there it is brought to such an extent that many simply have no choice. Speaking of choice. The only way out of this situation is to increase confidence in the authorities, which in turn is impossible without fair elections. Well, the fraud in the Caucasian elections is again a many times reinforced copy of the all-Russian situation. And in the Caucasus itself nothing can be done. It is necessary to correct the situation in the country as a whole. The economic condition has a huge impact, but again it is a derivative of politics.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay April 17 2012 09: 07 New
      Dmitry Anatolyevich! Plus from you to me!
      I fully support!
  11. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum April 17 2012 09: 10 New
    The conclusion suggests itself: a complex of measures is needed.
    This is a change in the policy regarding subsidies and the replacement of people who are incompetent in solving the problems of Dagestan, but simply wipe their pants in their offices. And joint work with elders and the clergy, starting with the search for mechanisms to improve relationships and effective plans for solving social problems.
    Conduct a systematic analysis to identify ineffective methods in the work of local authorities and law enforcement agencies.
    This is only a small part of the necessary measures.
    In any case, it is correctly noted that we will not solve the problem by cash injections. The effect is the opposite.
    Money, even if it is sent, is targeted, in small amounts, and is mandatory as it is developed. They built the 1st floor, showed, get funds for the 2nd.
    It is reasonable and very intelligible for everyone that the Center is not a cash cow.
    1. ZUI
      ZUI April 17 2012 09: 47 New
      Not for everyone, according to Kadyrov Jr., money is not earned for Chechnya by Russia, but Allah gives:
      “The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, was asked by journalists about the sources of financing for his republic, the Russian news service reports.“ Allah gives. I do not know. * PARDON * Money comes from somewhere, "Kadyrov said.

      According to Rosstat, the RSN notes, Chechnya is the most financed region of Russia from the federal budget. Earlier, the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the republic, Abdula Magomadov, said that the Chechen government had sent to the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation a project with proposals for inclusion in the state program "Development of the North Caucasus Federal District." Grozny is asking for 2025 billion rubles for its projects until 498,289. "
    2. Goga
      Goga April 17 2012 10: 10 New
      Samsebenaum - Colleague, I completely agree with you, (my "+") - here I wrote above, just like you - only a set of measures - from military to religious, implemented consistently and steadily.
  12. Yarbay
    Yarbay April 17 2012 09: 12 New
    Without solving all-Russian problems, problems in the Caucasus cannot be solved!
    1. Lakkuchu
      Lakkuchu April 17 2012 11: 14 New
      You speak the truth!
  13. танк
    танк April 17 2012 09: 12 New
    What plants do they need? They have never worked in their life and will not work !!! A 30-minute artillery preparation in the mountains will save us.
    1. Goga
      Goga April 17 2012 10: 25 New
      tank - Yeah, "one parachute airborne regiment ..." - have already passed, it was ... fool
      As for working capacity - factories are not factories - have you seen fields in the mountainous regions of Dagestan? These people carried the earth on themselves in sacks, carried a few hundred meters uphill from the bottom and on the slope of the mountain, covered terraces with stones - such are their fields for bread and vegetables. Water, to water these fields, they carry on themselves from below - rain in the mountains is rare. Those boobies who hang out in Russian cities in full view of you and kick the "bald" - not all the multinational people of Dagestan - there are such people in every nation, but you cannot judge by them.
      1. Lakkuchu
        Lakkuchu April 17 2012 10: 49 New
        I think you surprised more than one such "tank" with information about the fields in the mountains and the fact that the highlanders generally work, because according to their concepts, in Dagestan, people only do what they run around the mountains with machine guns and "kill" each other.
        1. танк
          танк April 17 2012 13: 18 New
          When going to Dagestan, look at the polite and hospitable Dagestanis, they may be unlucky to be shot and not undermined in a cafe. Of course, not everything is so scary, but there are serious prerequisites for this. As far as village people are concerned, they plow everywhere and always. Tales tell me here about working, peaceful Dagestanis, they were like that when there was a threat from the Chechen separatists, then they are peaceful, loving Russia and Russians like their mother, and now everything is forgotten.
          1. Lakkuchu
            Lakkuchu April 17 2012 15: 14 New
            You yourself were in Dagestan, or did your opinion come from the stories of other such "experts"?
      2. Samsebenaum
        Samsebenaum April 17 2012 11: 40 New
        I completely agree. Bandit gangs have nothing to do with the people.
        We also had a lot of dodgers in the dashing 90s. Two of my friends died on the highway. They burned it together with the truck ... For me it is a pain for life ...
        Why did they die? This is not Caucasians, this Russian scumbags did ...
        The state fell apart, production collapsed, people on the street looking for money. This is the very environment where all scum is born.
        I am deeply convinced that until we solve social and economic problems, we will not solve political problems in the Caucasus either.
        Because "Politics is a concentrated expression of economics." V.I. Lenin.
      3. танк
        танк April 17 2012 13: 06 New
        I’m talking about gangsters, not about people, I didn’t write to bomb the whole of Dagestan. And in general, as soon as Russia starts running out of money (some protracted crisis), Chechen and Dagestan militants will again start shouting to their brothers about freedom and separation, remember history. this will be inevitable, while we feed them, everything will be a little calmer and there is no need to talk about the working youth of Dagestan, they don’t need factories, nobody will work there, only Russians, and they are either bosses or militants in the mountains. This is a very difficult topic in such a multinational country and to make decisions you need to make smart, tough decisions.
      4. kolstow
        kolstow April 17 2012 13: 35 New
        "Goonies" ???? That is so, trifles ... you shouldn't even notice? And the man in the street judges precisely by them! And he does not have to know that somewhere the same highlander overgrown with stubble may be growing something ... some kind of sprouts, perhaps he is working. Well, he will not delve into it and will not treat this with understanding. Yes, you listen to people living in the Stavropol Territory, Krasnodar Territory ... There are moaning from these "boobies". One such "toiler" has moved, AFTER SIX YEAR - A WHOLE COURT HAVE RIDER, and all - will terrorize the village or stanitsa! And these "boobies" aren't they children, grandchildren, relatives of those Dagestan workers who so selflessly cultivate their fields? So why did these wonderful working people not educate their "boobies", didn’t inspire them that they should behave with dignity on a visit? And everything is simple - from generation to generation hatred and hostility towards everything Russian is brought up in the Caucasus. Passed from father to son. before it was and always will be. Unfortunately, the clumsy, weak actions of the central government only contribute to this.
    2. Lakkuchu
      Lakkuchu April 17 2012 11: 25 New
      In Dagestan during Soviet times there were 28 factories working for the defense industry, in which thousands of people worked, the largest and most famous "Dagdizel", the fate of most of these factories after the collapse of the USSR is deplorable. The factories that have not yet been completely destroyed are still working. This is information for the uninformed.
  14. koksalek
    koksalek April 17 2012 09: 37 New
    The fish rots from the head. As long as there is nothing good with the head, nothing good will be and no matter what beautiful phrases and speeches the head says, the essence will not change. I don’t know the current. The head cannot or does not want?
    1. Prophet Alyosha
      Prophet Alyosha April 17 2012 19: 43 New
      I agree! The militants are nothing but the answer of Islam to the spiritual occupation of the people by the pro-Western Kremlin regime. From the top, through the media, there is a destruction of faith, the traditions of peoples, their national identity. Plus, the lawlessness of corruption and economic degradation is the Molotov cocktail that explodes in one or another region of the country. Naturally, the enemies of Russia take advantage of this and light a fire. Change the power in the country to a patriotic-minded - everything will stop! Otherwise, Russian regions will also rise.
  15. ZUI
    ZUI April 17 2012 09: 41 New
    If you are released under the guarantee of a respected person - an elder or a clergyman - it is good, but with a second detention, the detainee must be hanged on the same bitch as the one who issued the guarantee.
    So that the system of these commissions for rehabilitation does not become a method of legalizing members of illegal armed groups for a "non-flying" season - winter or the period of large CTOs.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay April 17 2012 09: 48 New
      This is a ridiculous guarantee * of a respected * person !! who are the so-called * respected * people ??? basically the same corrupt! not all but many !!
      Alas, many now look at a bag of money with respect!
  16. virm
    virm April 17 2012 09: 49 New
    You can't do anything there. The whole world is in the process of archaization. And North. The Caucasus of the Russian Federation is rapidly degrading in every sense: cultural, technological, educational. All the same is happening in Russia itself. But, not so, obviously. As much as it was unpleasant to realize this, but Russia will not be able to pull out North. Caucasus from this downtrend. Today's Russia has no resources to carry out a civilizing mission in foreign outskirts. Neither demographic nor ideological. We will not be able to handle the "burden of a white man" now. The North Caucasians themselves must, in the end, say we want and can live peacefully with each other and with our neighbors. Build factories and found technical schools. As it was in Russia after the Civil War and after the Second World War. We didn’t expect subsidies from somewhere. We had no place to send our children to school. People just had a desire to live peacefully, work creatively, develop science and technology.
    1. viruskvartirus
      viruskvartirus April 17 2012 11: 38 New
      I completely agree ... when a person "gorges" on violence and destruction, he is most motivated to create ... and that you propose to do nothing or even introduce a "catalyst"? One thing is clear, the local authorities do not control the situation, they need a leader not appointed, but born in the "environment", so to speak .... I wonder what will happen if Kadyrov disappears in Chechnya?
      1. virm
        virm April 17 2012 12: 01 New
        So I wrote that there is nothing to offer.
        As a systems engineer, I can say that when failures occur in a large system, the first thing to do is to find and localize the source of the fault. In this case, there is no need to search. North Caucasus. Further - localization. At the same time, some financing and technological assistance are possible. But the problem should be solved by the residents of this region themselves. And you can not let this bubbling cauldron splash out.
        1. viruskvartirus
          viruskvartirus April 17 2012 12: 07 New
          Well, of course, but what does it mean to localize?
          1. virm
            virm April 17 2012 12: 41 New
            Administrative segregation. There was no one left except the locals. Accordingly, these same local residents should not live in the rest of Russia. 6 sowing stand out. Caucasian republics to autonomous territory. With the broadest possible functions of local government. The relations between this region and Russia are built under a separate agreement, implying a single defense and foreign policy space. Russia is committed to financing infrastructure projects. For example, paved roads passing through from the Russian border through each republic.
            Purchase products cx. And these republics exercise all the power in their territory. And the responsibility for the results also lies with the local authorities.
            1. kolstow
              kolstow April 17 2012 13: 38 New
              Here! Reasonable and correct! You must live on your land. And you need to improve it yourself. especially since the dough sways there immeasurably!
  17. vostok
    vostok April 17 2012 11: 50 New
    Soak in sartir! everyone, and bandits, and officials!
  18. Nilf-gaard
    Nilf-gaard April 17 2012 12: 18 New
    Quote: Rustam
    huge sums of money pouring into Chechnya-why such an opinion

    Because the Eats and other handshake media said so in Echo. Among other things, Chechnya is far from the first place. And this is taking into account that there were 2 wars there.
    I completely agree with everything else. I hope that Russia will also have the opportunity to use the experience of Lukashenko, although it will not be so effective due to the gigantic scale of the country, but given the increasingly raised questions about the death penalty ...
  19. rait 60
    rait 60 April 17 2012 12: 19 New
    Guys, the whole problem is from the Kremlin. Jewish authorities pursue a policy of divide and conquer. Therefore, bandits have money and the most modern weapons. You can catch more fish in troubled waters.
    1. nycsson
      nycsson April 17 2012 18: 33 New
      Quote: rait 60
      Guys, the whole problem is from the Kremlin. Jewish authorities pursue a policy of divide and conquer. Therefore, bandits have money and the most modern weapons. You can catch more fish in troubled waters.

      Plus! In the bullseye!
  20. Gren9
    Gren9 April 17 2012 12: 54 New
    When was it calm in Dagestan? A few days ago, in Makhachkala, the chief prosecutor of the city was inundated. Telegrams about the tense situation were constantly growing on the airdrome at the airport
  21. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 April 17 2012 13: 47 New
    Ambiguous attitude towards the article. Especially to modern journalism, especially to the so-called "independent journalism". A lot of mixed emotions
  22. Kolchak
    Kolchak April 17 2012 13: 50 New
    Destroy bandits, corrupt officials and change the methods of struggle!
  23. SIT
    SIT April 17 2012 14: 07 New
    The underground gang is not a factory that makes and sells. Its sources of existence are external financing, racketeering of entrepreneurs, the slave trade, and the drug trade. With these funds, means of production are acquired - weapons and ammunition that are not sold in stores. Thus, it is a very difficult business. It has a mass of information leakage channels, because many people are tied up. Paralyzing such a complex system is generally not difficult, except for the option when this system receives information about counter-actions against itself even faster. This is possible only if people at the top level are directly living on the income from this business. There is no opposition of power and bandits there. These are parts of one business. I do not think this is a revelation to the FSB or military counterintelligence. So there is a political order so that it would be so. After all, money not only swells into the Caucasus, it is laundered through it.
  24. Khan
    Khan April 17 2012 14: 19 New
    Unlike Chechnya, many ethnic groups live in Dagestan, they need a leader who would be respected by most citizens of the republic. And the federal center needs to invest in jobs and in pure Islam. Without sponsorship of Islam, it is impossible to break the Wahobis.
    1. танк
      танк April 17 2012 14: 40 New
      In contrast to Chechnya, many ethnic groups live in Dagestan, they need a leader who would be respected by most citizens of the republic

      It is unlikely to ever happen, unless of course you talk about Stalin, but I agree with you
  25. GP
    GP April 17 2012 14: 41 New
    Statistics of terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation in 2005-2011

    In 2011, ten acts of terrorism were committed.

    Act of terrorism
    1. Using explosive devices
    - undermining the employees of law enforcement agencies in the performance of their duties - two;
    - undermining the locations of military units, police departments, checkpoints on federal highways - two;
    - undermining in places of mass stay of people - five.
    2. Using firearms
    - shelling of employees of law enforcement agencies in the performance of their duties - one.

    Geography of terrorist acts
    The Republic of Dagestan - six terrorist attacks (twelve were killed and 125 injured), of which two were carried out by suicide bombers;
    Chechen Republic - two terrorist attacks (nine were killed, 22 people were injured), of which one - three suicide bombers;
    The Moscow region - one terrorist attack (killed 36, wounded - 191 people) - was committed by a suicide bomber.
    Khabarovsk Territory - one terrorist attack (one person injured).

    In 2010, 23 acts of terrorism were committed.

    Act of terrorism
    1. Using explosive devices
    - undermining of vehicles - nine;
    - undermining employees of law enforcement agencies in the performance of their duties - three;
    - undermining the locations of military units, internal affairs departments, checkpoints on federal highways - three;
    - undermining in places of mass stay of people - six;
    - undermining critical infrastructure - one.
    2. Using firearms
    - shelling of employees of law enforcement agencies in the performance of their duties - one.

    Geography of terrorist acts
    St. Petersburg - one terrorist attack (one person injured);
    Moscow - two attacks (40 killed, 88 injured); committed two suicide bombers;
    The Republic of Dagestan - eleven terrorist attacks (20 killed, 132 injured), of which four were carried out by suicide bombers;
    The Republic of Ingushetia - two terrorist attacks (two were killed, eleven people were injured), of which one committed suicide bombing;
    Kabardino-Balkarian Republic - one act of terrorism (one was killed, 29 people were injured);
    Stavropol Territory - three terrorist attacks (seven were killed, 71 people injured);
    The Republic of North Ossetia-Alania - one terrorist attack (19 killed, 182 wounded) - a suicide bomber;
    Krasnodar Territory - one terrorist attack (no injuries);
    Oryol - one attack (no casualties).

    In 2009, six terrorist acts were recorded in the country.

    Act of terrorism
    1. Using explosive devices
    - undermining of vehicles - four;
    - undermining the employees of law enforcement agencies in the performance of their duties - one;
    - undermining the locations of military units, internal affairs departments, checkpoints on federal highways - one.

    Geography of terrorist acts
    Chechen Republic - two terrorist attacks (four were killed, six people were injured), of which one was a suicide bomber;
    The Republic of Dagestan - two terrorist attacks (no injuries);
    The Republic of Ingushetia - one terrorist attack (four were killed, seven people were injured);
    Tver region - one terrorist attack (26 killed, 96 injured).

    In 2008, two terrorist acts were recorded in the Russian Federation.

    Geography of terrorist acts
    The Republic of North Ossetia-Alania - one act of terrorism (the basis for the initiation of a criminal case was the undermining of a minibus by a suicide bomber; 12 were killed, 43 people were injured);
    The Republic of Dagestan - one terrorist attack (the fact of armed resistance of members of the bandit underground during the counter-terrorist operation in the city of Makhachkala was the basis for initiating a criminal case; there were no dead or wounded).

    In 2007, the number of terrorist acts committed fell by more than half compared to 2006 (48 and 112, respectively).
    At the same time, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, as of December 1, 2007, 719 attacks (shelling, beatings) on law enforcement officers, representatives of local authorities and the clergy were registered in the Russian Federation, which is 43,7% less than for the same period last year.

    In 2006, 112 acts of terrorism were committed in the Russian Federation, of which 90% were against law enforcement and executive authorities in the Southern Federal District.
    Act of terrorism
    1. Using explosive devices:
    · Vehicles - 43;
    · Mining of buildings of law enforcement and executive bodies - 8;
    · Undermining employees of law enforcement agencies and executive authorities in the performance of their duties - 21;

    2. Using firearms
    · Employees of the prosecutor's office, law enforcement agencies, local authorities - 33;
    · Shelled places of deployment of military units, police departments, police checkpoints on federal highways - 12.

    In 2005, 251 terrorist acts were committed on the territory of the Russian Federation, of which more than 90% were against law enforcement and executive authorities in the Southern Federal District.
    Act of terrorism
    1. Using explosive devices:
    · Vehicles - 100;
    · Mining of buildings of law enforcement and executive bodies - 21;
    · Undermining employees of law enforcement agencies and executive authorities in the performance of their duties - 35.

    2. Using firearms:
    · Fired at cars of employees of the prosecutor's office, law enforcement agencies, local authorities - 43;
    · Shelled places of deployment of military units, police departments, police checkpoints on federal highways - 19;
    · Fired at employees of law enforcement agencies and executive authorities in the performance of their duties - 39;

    Geography of terrorist acts
    · Chechen Republic - 111 terrorist attacks (85 killed, 213 wounded);
    · The Republic of Ingushetia - 36 terrorist attacks (12 killed, 27 injured);
    · Republic of Dagestan - 77 terrorist attacks (45 killed, 132 injured);
    · Republic of North Ossetia-Alania - 7 terrorist attacks (4 killed, 2 wounded);
    · Karachay-Cherkess Republic - 3 terrorist attacks (2 killed);
    · Kabardino-Balkarian Republic - 8 terrorist attacks (23 killed, 47 wounded). 7 DTAs were committed by suicide bombers.

    And the problem in Dagestan is almost 100% a problem in the local government. The ethnic composition in other regions is also not homogeneous, only such problems are observed mainly in the republics of the North. Of the Caucasus. That direct confirmation that all nat. tension is present in regions with a republican status - too much power, that is, too tough, can’t cope, there are a lot of people who want this power and so on.

    According to Dagestan, the national composition (you do not need to go far wikipedia data).
    The following peoples speak the languages ​​of the Nakh and Dagestan branches of the Nakh-Dagestan language family (number in Dagestan):

    Avars, Ando-Tse peoples and Archintsy - 496,1 thousand people. (27,5% of the population of Dagestan, 1989), 758,4 thousand people. (29,4%, 2002), 850,0 thousand people. (29,2%, 2010)
    Dargins - 280,4 thousand (15,6%, 1989), 425,5 thousand (16,5%, 2002), 490,4 thousand (16,9%, 2010)
    Lezgins - 204,4 thousand (11,3%, 1989), 336,7 thousand (13,1%, 2002), 385,2 thousand (13,2%, 2010)
    Laks - 91,7 thousand (5,1%, 1989), 140,2 thousand (5,4%, 2002), 161,3 thousand (5,5%, 2010)
    Tabasarans - 78,2 thousand (4,3%, 1989), 110,2 thousand (4,3%, 2002), 118,8 thousand (4,15%, 2010)
    Chechens - 57,9 thousand (3,2%, 1989), 87,9 thousand (3,4%, 2002), 93,7 thousand (3,2%, 2010)
    Aguls - 13,8 thousand (0,7%, 1989), 23,3 thousand (0,9%, 2002), 28,1 thousand (1,0%, 2010)
    Rutulians - 15,0 thousand (0,8%, 1989), 24,3 thousand (0,9%, 2002), 27,9 thousand (1,0%, 2010)
    Tsakhurs - 5,2 thousand (0,3%, 1989), 8,2 thousand (0,3%, 2002), 9,8 thousand (0,3%, 2010)
    The languages ​​of the Turkic group of the Altai language family in Dagestan are:

    Kumyks - 231,8 thousand (12,9%, 1989), 365,8 thousand (14,2%, 2002), 431,7 thousand (14,8%, 2010)
    Azerbaijanis - 75,5 thousand (4,2%, 1989), 111,7 thousand (4,3%, 2002), 130,9 thousand (4,5%, 2010)
    Nogays - 28,3 thousand (1,6%, 1989), 38,2 thousand (1,4%, 2002), 40,4 thousand (1,4%, 2010)
    The languages ​​of the Slavic group of the Indo-European language family in Dagestan are:

    Russians (including Terek Cossacks), Ukrainians, Belarusians - 175,4 thousand (9,7%, 1989), 124,3 thousand (4,8%, 2002), 104,0 thousand (only Russians, 3,6%, 2010)

    The languages ​​of the Iranian group of the Indo-European language family in Dagestan are spoken:
    Tats and Mountain Jews (Jewish tats) - 16,6 thousand (0,9%, 1989), 1,9 thousand (0,1%, 2002), 0,5 thousand (only tats , 2010)

    And all this mishmash of peoples wanders within the framework of the republic. The question has ripened at leveling the status of regions (their borders: consolidation or reduction), otherwise this nonsense will last forever. People cannot comprehend who will rule them, hence all the troubles (while one part of society is building something, the other is destroying, and both are convinced that they are right, there are a lot of arguments). Just any creep of the republic to secession is guaranteed to ignite the region.
  26. Tan4ik
    Tan4ik April 17 2012 14: 42 New
    I would do this: I would have circled the entire Caucasus 3 times with barbed wire, turned off the water and gas completely, then it would have been peaceful.
    1. Liberal
      Liberal April 17 2012 15: 55 New
      "The Caucasus is our intellectual potential" (c) Khloponin

      "The Caucasus is the pillar, the foundation of Russia. This is not only figuratively, but also in the literal sense. It is the stone on which all of Russia stands ..." (c) Surkov
      1. Gren9
        Gren9 April 17 2012 17: 02 New
        You are Surkov propaganda laughing
    2. nycsson
      nycsson April 17 2012 18: 31 New
      Do not write nonsense !!! You need to look for a way out of the current situation and the faster the better! And the exit is civilized, and not what you offer .... fool
  27. Liberal
    Liberal April 17 2012 15: 48 New
    It is necessary to develop a tourist cluster there and return Russian specialists to the Muslim republics of the Caucasus. This is just a disgrace! Unconscious Russians flee and deprive the region of specialists. Tajiks, Uzbeks and Chinese are forced to work at Grozny construction sites, and they could bend their Russian imperial backs. Where is the responsibility to the state, where is healthy imperialism ?! laughing Yes, there is a lot of unemployment among local youth. Many mountaineers are bored with working on their own construction sites and brick factories - this can be understood. They are warriors and not laborers! Understand this Russian and come to the Caucasus working hard to strengthen the outskirts of the empire. bully soon there will be many vacancies of maids, waiters and bartenders at the Caucasian tourist cluster ...
    1. танк
      танк April 17 2012 16: 23 New
      Sarcasm is accepted, plus
  28. Yarbay
    Yarbay April 17 2012 16: 15 New
    Well, that emir of Qatar replenished))))))))))))))
  29. nycsson
    nycsson April 17 2012 18: 28 New
    The problem and only. It is necessary to take measures, otherwise we will have a second Chechnya ......... not just because the explosives relocated there .....
  30. CC-18a
    CC-18a April 17 2012 22: 28 New
    Well, it’s not a secret for a long time that militants in the Caucasus are financed from abroad and it’s no secret that there are a lot of foreigners there.
    Look at Syria, Libya, they do the same in our Caucasus, just the opposition of our security forces does not allow us to deploy what these people are doing in Syria.
    The fact that in the spring there will be new terrorist attacks was known in advance, unfortunately we are defending for the time being and no matter how successful the victims are, they just hear what the militants succeeded, but their failures are hushed up. Ladies and gentlemen are fighting against us, fighting information and sabotage.
    The information component of this war is clearly visible on the example of the transfer of a small group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from garlic to Dagestan, what noise did the trolls make about this? almost the genocide of the Dagestanis of the millionth Russian army yelled. Any action of our Feds will be condemned in order to discredit the leadership and give ground to the militants, well, and all sorts of shkolota you are naturally helping this with your stupidity.
    The sabotage component in the Caucasus ... essentially stupidly the United States and Britain are financing terrorist organizations against Russia. Funding through Turkey and the Arab countries, everyone understands that terrorist organizations have long lived at the expense of only the United States, the same alkaida is still funded by the United States, the same alkaida is participating in the terrorist war against Syria. By the way, the same Turkey openly creates training bases and centers for organizing a sabotage war against Syria, but against Russia everything is done the same simply secretly.

    And no infusion and order in the Caucasus will help if you continue to pay a million for each attack, and they will do it until we break or give us a nose over the nose. For example, if you want and pay, you can arrange a Caucasus in any country, even in Germany or in the United States.
    There is only one way out, to fight with the customer, the FSB must act in Turkey to eliminate intermediaries from the United States, in fact, it is time to start retaliatory actions. To sober up, you need to start financing militants in the United States and Turkey, and everywhere who is involved in financing Caucasian militants, so that explosions in the United States and Britain, Turkey and Saudi Arabia begin. One of the instruments is the private army, which may operate all over the world; we will not have anything to do with it; private traders, in principle, are the same as militants.
    The United States understands only the language of power, if we continue to mumble and do not respond, then it will never end, we must give it with all our might to the head of the United States, only then peace will come in the Caucasus.
    Hare fight with the performers, they are just consumables destroy specifically customers, whoever it was.

    Essentially all sorts of trolls will now flog me and begin to pour mud and carry all nonsense, this is their work, then their darkness is simple.
    1. CC-18a
      CC-18a April 17 2012 23: 22 New
      By the way, as one of the very well-aimed and timely responses, it is to start financing and supporting anti-government protests in Bahrain in order to overthrow the US government in this country and throw out the US bases there. To train the militants and let them go to Bahrain, let them democratize this anti-democratic country with a monarchy, if the United States spat on the freedom of the Bahraians, then we would need to take care) and then you will find that we are not free and who need help in America) is of course only help to those who fight with the United States as with the original source of all the troubles of this planet.
  31. Ramses_IV
    Ramses_IV April 18 2012 03: 00 New
    It is enough to go to YouTube and type "Dagestan wedding" there. In every second video, someone necessarily takes a Kalash out of the house and starts firing into the air.
    The questions are obvious.
  32. Sterkoder
    Sterkoder April 18 2012 04: 16 New
    “I wouldn’t want our citizens to start dying again because of the negligence, stupidity and unprofessionalism of the authorities.” - why are Dagestanis not citizens?
    1. virm
      virm April 18 2012 08: 44 New
      Too citizens.
  33. Scholarships
    Scholarships April 18 2012 16: 06 New
    on the example of Ingushetia. A competent leader - effective measures.
  34. dim
    dim April 18 2012 16: 21 New
    in Dagestan, gold is traded in the markets in the same way as in our country, fruits and vegetables. And no one sees or doesn’t want to see. There are two villages that fight (roughly speaking) between themselves, so the losers of the Caucasus highway immediately block and the local administration almost he begs them to open their movement on their knees and shows it in the whole country. in another Russia, a riot police would have walked along a ridge with a club for a long time and all things went without any persuasion and reporters. It feels like they had seen enough of Chechnya and also wanted to grab a piece of cake from the state budget for a freebie. that and look later they will say that Russia owes them for their worthless life
  35. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV April 18 2012 18: 19 New
    What's wrong with you, Dagestan?
    OR VANESSA MAY !!!! ????
  36. darkman70
    darkman70 April 18 2012 22: 39 New
    No infusions, no tourist clusters, no flirting with local elites and clergy, no sharia and other returns to the Middle Ages will correct the situation, but on the contrary, they will only increase the number of fighters and the appetites of local authorities. As an example, under the Soviet regime in Moldova, in a completely illiterate country before that, the Academy of Sciences was screened. Do you think someone said thank you? How ... we also owe it to them (at the same time, for example, in such ancient Russian cities as Pskov or Novgorod there are no academies and, in general, complete disruption and despondency). And the mountaineers perceive this as weakness. And they do not respect the weak. They take it as a tribute. Moreover, knowing the nature of the Caucasians, no one will ever give guarantees that, if any problems arise, the Russian state will not start over again there. . Another problem is that the Russian people are now so weak spiritually, physically and demographically that without the support of the central government they surrender to the mountaineers without a fight. In the north of Chechnya and Dagestan, where previously exclusively Russians lived, now they also live almost exclusively mountaineers. Not even 20 years have passed.
    Then there will be Stavropol Territory, then Astrakhan, they will build mosques there, and after a while they will demand that these territories be returned to them, like their "ancestral father and grandfather."
    In light of this, several solutions to the problem are seen:
    1. Insulation.
    Return the northern territories to Stavrapolye, grant independence to Dagestan and Chechnya, and close the border to a large castle.
    Pros: Behind the fence on our part is peace and tranquility.
    Cons: Geopolitically losing. Other big uncles will take our place. An example of Georgia is evident.
    2. Variant of Ermolov.
    Severe punitive measures not only against militants, but also to their relatives and elders.
    Pros: in the end there will be silence and calm.
    Cons: a) Cruel.
    b) When the power is weakened, the whistle begins again.
    3. Stalin's version.
    Pros: Peace and quiet
    Minuses: ???
  37. Readme
    Readme April 20 2012 22: 20 New
    For order to be in Dagestan, order must be in the whole country, because Dagestan is a part of Russia.
    For Dagestan to have order, it is necessary that all the inhabitants of Dagestan want this, and not because the inhabitants of all Russia have different opinions, therefore there is no order, and Dagestan is part of Russia.