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He didn't like being shot in the back.


I do not like it when half

Or when they interrupted the conversation.
I do not like being shot in the back,
But, if necessary, - shot at close range!

These lines belong to the person who, to the last atom of the soul, gave himself to the audience and listeners, laid out at the limit of his abilities. He lived as he sang, and sang as he lived. With anguish. He even had cars for a short time — a risk-taker, he drove at high speed and often smashed them. And for himself the short term was measured - only 42 of the year.

25 January 1938 was born in the center of Moscow an outstanding poet, singer, composer, actor Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky. His childhood was in the difficult war and then post-war years. With the beginning of the war, little Volodya and his mother went to the evacuation in the Orenburg region. Then he lived in a communal apartment - in fairly harsh conditions. "Thirty-eight rooms - just one washroom", - he will write later in the song" The Ballad of Childhood. " No one knew then that in one of these cramped rooms a unique talent was growing. That this hooligan boy will create songs that the whole country will listen to and love.

Vysotsky's creative legacy is great - more than 600 songs, about 200 poems, images embodied on stage and in movies ... It is impossible to say who he was in the first place - a poet, a bard, an actor? By the way, he did not like to call himself a bard, but it was he who became one of the progenitors of the Soviet bard song. Both bards and pop artists still sing his songs to this day - but, according to many, they get “not that”. Still, people are accustomed to listening to these songs, performed in a unique, hoarse voice.

Vysotsky tried himself in different directions. This “thieves romance” of early youth, and humor, and political satire, and historical ballads, and love lyrics. Who just did not become the hero of his songs! And ordinary guys from the gateway, and scientists, and sailors, and pirates, and climbers, and women, and even planes and ships! But, perhaps, the main peak of his work is military songs.

Father and uncle of Vladimir Semenovich fought at the front. Of course, this greatly influenced his personality and his work. But not only that. "Book children lived who did not know the battle, languishing from their petty catastrophes", - he wrote in the" Ballad of wrestling. " And finished the song like this:

If the path cutting through his father's sword,
You are wound with salty tears,
If in a hot battle I experienced that, how much, -
So, you read the necessary books as a child!

From all this, the image of a real Man is made up - from the father's sword, salty tears and necessary books!

In his images, in his songs about the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, he got used to it so that the listeners even thought that he himself had fought. Here is one of the episodes: in Belarus there were shooting the film “I am from childhood”, where Vysotsky played the tank crew. As he later talked about these days, the scars for the film were made in this way: the skin was tightened and filled with collodion. Not only is the sensation unpleasant, the skin is also not immediately restored. Once he appeared with the traces of these cine scars in the dining room, and one grandmother sympathized with him: “My dear, how did the war cripple you!”

Apparently, he was asked many times about his participation in the war - so much so that in the song “I am writing to you” he was forced to answer such questions:

They ask: "Have you been captured?"
No, did not happen - did not fight a single day!
Thank you, my correspondents,
That you misunderstood me.

The film "Vertical" became an important milestone for Vysotsky. He had to train a lot with climbers to play his part with dignity. Once in the mountains of the Caucasus, not far from the place where they were engaged, a tragedy occurred. Five climbers of CSKA conquered the Peak of Free Spain. They wanted to climb there earlier than others, and found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time - when the rockfall began. One of them died, four were injured. Two victims went for help, and two remained with the body of a friend. The group, which included Vysotsky, had to go to the rescue of the two who remained.

This episode greatly influenced Vladimir Semenovich, and he created one of his most famous songs: “This is not a plain for you”, which has become in fact the anthem of climbers. Since mountaineering, he has not considered sports since: you can’t organize competitions, who will reach the summit faster, you need to go to the mountains for another purpose ...

During the filming of the movie "Vertical" Vysotsky created a military song: "The sunset flickered, as the blade shine ...". It has these words:

And before the war, this slope
German guy took with you!
He fell down, but was saved,
And now, perhaps, he
His machine is preparing for battle.
You are here again, you are assembled all,
You are waiting for the cherished signal.
And the guy is, he's here too.
Among the shooters from "Edelweiss".
They must be reset from the pass!

It was true. In the hotel, he heard several stories about how before the war, young German climbers came to the Caucasus to train. Soviet instructors worked with them. When battles were fought in these places, the same Soviet climbers had to fight against the Fritz, among whom their former students came across.

Another famous song by Vysotsky about mountains and about the war was written for the joint Soviet-Yugoslav film “The Only Road” (in Yugoslavia it was called “Chained Drivers”). In the story, a column of fascist tanks stuck in the mountains of Yugoslavia - there was no fuel. The Nazis sent cars with fuel there, but the partisans organized sabotage against them. Then the Nazis chained captured Soviet soldiers to the fuel trucks so that the partisans could not shoot at Russian brothers. Vysotsky played the role of one of these prisoners chained in chains. And the song that he wrote for this film is called "The Shooting of the Mountain Echo."

All night the bloody wicked fun continued.
And the echo was trampled, but no one heard the sound.
By morning, the hushed mountain echo was shot.
And tears streamed like stones from wounded rocks.
And the stones fell like tears from wounded rocks.

The heroes of his best songs are people of incredible courage. People who give their lives without hesitation. People who are not abandoning friends.

His song “I don't love” describes him as such a person - despising cowardice and meanness. He did not like being shot in the back. But here’s the original line: “But if necessary - a shot at an emphasis!"- he, at the request of some of his pacifist friends, has changed. Softened. The second version of this line is better known: “I am also against point-blank shots.».

If Vladimir Semenovich was born earlier, if he had to fight, surely he would have “shot at close range”. No wonder people thought he was really fighting. But, though not in war, he still sacrificed himself, burned himself in the fire of service to Art.

A few days before his death, already feeling bad, Vysotsky played Hamlet. It was deeply symbolic. With his life and his death, he gave a special answer to the eternal question "To be or not to be." And this answer is Быть. It would seem that he is not on Earth right now. And yet he is with us. His songs are sung by the Donbass militia, and tourists on campaigns, and, sometimes, by young men in the courtyards.

He didn't like being shot in the back.

In childhood

Before public

In the movie "Vertical"

In the film “The only road” (“Chained chauffeurs”)

"The Shooting of the Mountain Echo"

"I dont like"
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  1. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 26 January 2018 06: 35 New
    And tell me, Honorable author, Elena Gromova, to us dark and gray, where did you, dear, get these lines:
    "I do not like when half
    or when the conversation was interrupted.
    I do not like being shot in the back,
    but if you need to shoot at close range ... "
    belong to V.S. Vysotsky ???
    All my life I heard / read this song / poem in a different form:
    "I do not like when half
    or when the conversation was interrupted.
    I do not like being shot in the back,
    I am also against point-blank shots ... "
    Where does such a mismatch come from?
    At first I thought it was just a headline, then the author will develop an idea and connect the meaning of the article and the heading to something that he wanted to convey to this article ... I read it three times and did not see it!
    So what is it? Simple ignorance or the title is borrowed elsewhere, and the author just without looking / not understanding inserted his article under it and posted it?
    It becomes sad from such authors ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. elenagromova
      26 January 2018 07: 05 New
      Moreover, in one of the earlier versions it was "And I don’t feel sorry for the crucified Christ." In the other - "That's just sorry for the crucified Christ." Just accept the new information. Well, or look in the books themselves. Why bother?
      And about the parallel with the title, well, so: "His song" I do not like "describes him as such a person - despising cowardice and meanness."
      1. Huumi
        Huumi 26 May 2018 14: 24 New
        I heard that his mother was tough, when she found out that his woman was pregnant, demanded an abortion ... and he, like a calf, took half of him there ... sat at the hospital crying ..
    3. elenagromova
      26 January 2018 07: 13 New
      In the previous comment, the wrong video was inserted by mistake. Here he is:

    4. Olgovich
      Olgovich 26 January 2018 07: 25 New
      Quote: Hurricane70
      I do not like being shot in the back,
      but if you need to shoot at close range ... "

      There is such an option, and, as far as I know, exactly. initial.
      Although, of course, it is well known:
      I am also against point blank shot

      Thank you Elena Gromova for a nice, beautiful article. hi
      1. elenagromova
        26 January 2018 08: 17 New
        Thank. This song has many options. And this is not the only song that he worked on, where he changed something ... And everyone loves the option that is closer ...

        I remember once she found herself in early youth in the role of such an arguer. It was about the poem of Nekrasov, in which there were such lines: "God sent him anger and sorrow / slaves of the earth to remind of Christ." One person claimed that there are, in fact, "Kings of the earth ...." and not "slaves." Then it was not so easy to enter the Internet (this is 90). I argued that the "Slaves", specifically looked into the book Nekrasov. And then I came across another edition, where it was "Kings".

        Yes, and I know it for myself, since I am writing a peshta myself - sometimes you will try so many options, and then you want to change ... And, it seems, that sense was suitable, and the new one too ...
        1. Curious
          Curious 26 January 2018 09: 45 New
          In 1971, the director of Sovremennik Galina Volchek staged the play “My Island” based on a play by an Estonian playwright and prose writer Raymond Kaugver. An ordinary Soviet play on a production theme. But the songs for the play were written by V.S. Vysotsky. There were four of them. Performed songs in the play Igor Kvasha. “I don't like” is one of them. And its first version was smaller (it contained six quatrains, unlike the second, in which there are eight) and significantly differed in text from the more famous one today.
          "I do not like when - half
          Or when they interrupted the conversation.
          I do not like being shot in the back,
          But if necessary, I’ll shoot at close range ... "

          - “When I see broken wings,
          There is no pity in me - and for good reason:
          I do not like violence and impotence,
          And I do not feel sorry for the crucified Christ ... "
          Vysotsky’s close friends criticized this option, he listened to criticism and changed the text. So there was today's option.
          By the way, Vysotsky also remade the song, which opened the play "We leave the warm edge forever ..."
          1. Mikado
            Mikado 26 January 2018 10: 39 New
            and I, Viktor Nikolaevich, adore this song - a kind of "visiting card" of the film. hi

            I consider Vysotsky one of the most brilliant Russian poets. soldier
            1. Amurets
              Amurets 26 January 2018 11: 59 New
              Quote: Mikado
              I love this song - a kind of "business card" movie

              Greetings, namesake. From an interview with G. Jungwald-Khilkevich:
              “The picture was made according to Kollontai’s recollections of how she and Litvinov brought weapons to Russia at the beginning of the century. All these scenes were removed from us: the authorities changed history as they wanted. I was told that the Bolsheviks should only carry leaflets from abroad, that is, prepare ideological revolution. “Look,” I say, “Kollontai herself writes that weapons were imported into Russia from 1905 to 1911 under the guise of some kind of theatrical tinsel.” They categorically answered: “What could this old fool write?” [2
              The role of the coupletist of Bengal (as well as couplets and romances) with its inherent brilliance was played by Vladimir Vysotsky. Goskino officials did not want to assert Vysotsky for the main role for a long time. But the director was adamant: the role was originally written in Vysotsky. And all the actors invited to this role, not daring to directly refuse in favor of Vysotsky, gave out “kicks” on the samples. Vysotsky himself said that censorship wanted to ban the screening of this film under the guise of the fact that artists of variety shows could not participate in the proletarian struggle. That was such insanity.
              1. Mikado
                Mikado 26 January 2018 12: 48 New
                Good afternoon, Nikolai! hi
                Vysotsky himself said that censorship wanted to ban the screening of this film under the guise of the fact that artists of variety shows could not participate in the proletarian struggle. That was such insanity.

                Yes, insanity. Last year I listened to an entire album that he recorded for the film “Mr. McKinley's Flight”. I confess that I didn’t watch the film itself, but, it seems, almost the majority of these songs by Vladimir Semenovich did not enter there! request but .. there are really brainwashing, magical lines. Как he wrote this ?! He was talented in everything. yes and, probably, "left on time", burned at the zenith of glory. Bright memory to him! soldier
                1. Amurets
                  Amurets 26 January 2018 13: 51 New
                  Quote: Mikado
                  Last year I listened to an entire album that he recorded for the film “Mr. McKinley's Flight”. I confess that I didn’t watch the film itself, but, it seems, almost the majority of these songs by Vladimir Semenovich did not enter there!

                  I first heard Vysotsky somewhere in 1966 when I was in school. Our son was a laboratory assistant in a physical education office and a technician in a radio room. In his radio room we got acquainted with the work of Vysotsky Okudzhava. Kukin, Vizbor. Since that time, love for the yard and bard song appeared. And during our service, the battery song was a redone "Top" in the air defense song "Here you are not a citizen." The division’s deputy politician was already twisting, but he couldn’t do anything. The song is not forbidden, but love is voluntary: one loves cranberries and the other raspberries. Yes, I found it,
            2. EvgNik
              EvgNik 26 January 2018 14: 35 New
              Quote: Mikado
              I consider Vysotsky one of the most brilliant Russian poets.

              Hi, Nikolai. hi Similarly. The best poet of the 20th century. I never considered him a bard, it was a poet.
              1. Mikado
                Mikado 26 January 2018 14: 39 New
                Good afternoon, Evgenia Nikolaevich! Yes, the poet. But also a wonderful artist! Who else would play Zheglov? But I have a favorite film with him - "How Tsar Peter Arapa married."
      2. XII Legion
        XII Legion 26 January 2018 08: 41 New
        I support Olgovich
        Thank you!
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. Finches
      Finches 26 January 2018 15: 48 New
      Spit! Today is Friday! Which means:

      "To say it our way, we drank a little,
      I’m not lying, by God, say, Serge!
      And if I didn’t drive vodka from sawdust,
      What would we have with five bottles.

      They drank the second one near the counter in the corner,
      But these were still flowers
      Then to the square, where the baby mushrooms,
      Then.. . I don’t remember getting to the point.

      Still b, I drank from the neck with a lot and didn’t eat,
      But I, like glass was, that is, glazed.
      Well, when the carriage rolled up,
      Then there were seven hundred in us at the snout.

      True, we forcibly dragged the third,
      But here a mistake - went too far.
      And that points were smashed to a friend,
      So they made it worse for port. ...

      Russia is rich in talents! But the most important thing is that it is rich, like Vladimir Semenovich, Alexander Sergeyevich, Sergey Alexandrovich, Mikhail Yurievich, Vladimir Vladimirovich ... and there are a lot of them in Mother Russia, rich in Geniuses! What infuriates the West, mired in the gray gloom of worshiping the Golden Calf!
      1. Mikado
        Mikado 26 January 2018 17: 25 New
        "Amazing - nearby, but it is forbidden!" good drinks
      2. Bersaglieri
        Bersaglieri 26 January 2018 21: 48 New
        Well, if it's Friday, we'll continue :)
        1. Weyland
          Weyland 27 January 2018 16: 23 New
          Fateful song. It was thanks to her that Vysotsky met Marina Vlady - during a trip to the USSR, she accidentally heard a song mentioning her name and decided to meet the author.
      3. The comment was deleted.
  2. Amurets
    Amurets 26 January 2018 06: 40 New
    A few days before his death, already feeling bad, Vysotsky played Hamlet. It was deeply symbolic. With his life and his death, he gave a special answer to the eternal question "To be or not to be." And that answer is Being. It would seem that now he is not on Earth. And yet he is with us. His songs are sung by both Donbass militiamen, and tourists on hikes, and, sometimes, young guys in the yards.
    And this is how LF Eliseev, USSR master of sports in alpinism, a participant in the filming and consultant of the films “Vertical” and “White Break”, recalls Vysotsky L.F. similar to the way I saw him in “Vertical” or at the first creative evening in the WTO in 1967. It was not fatal to play as best as possible, but it is often inherent in actors who are rarely or little removed. I noticed with Vali Khmar, Lyudmila Gurchenko, and Vysotsky in Vertikali how he admired his glued beard, which distorted his real face. This time I didn’t see anything like it, he played like he lived - the battalion commander was like Volodya he imagined it when the filming camera started working, Volodya did everything naturally, without busting, with inner confidence and knowledge of the image.Probably, he was also affected by the fact that he grew up in a military family and even lived for some time in a military unit.
    Thank you Elena. good and very informative article.
    1. elenagromova
      26 January 2018 07: 07 New
      Thank you very much. That's a good addition - not only sang as he lived, and he lived as he sang, but also played as he lived. Yes, you can write about it ad infinitum - not a single article can accommodate everything.
  3. Korsar4
    Korsar4 26 January 2018 06: 59 New
    He grew up on the songs of Vysotsky. No wonder his collection "Nerve" was called. Nerves are bare. And amazing power. Few comparable to anyone in our time.
  4. Vard
    Vard 26 January 2018 07: 13 New
    Any actor in the personal plan is an empty place ... and when it plays a role, it imitates a person ... A positive role and he is a hero, negative ... and he is a scoundrel ... people transfer their perception of the stage hero to the artist himself ... and this mistakenly ...
    1. elenagromova
      26 January 2018 07: 19 New
      And if he is not only an actor, but also a Poet?
      The actor is really somewhat limited by his role. But the poet - creates his own world. Often it is in verse that it is authentic.
      1. Korsar4
        Korsar4 26 January 2018 07: 28 New
        I agree. And often cycles of songs by Vysotsky were on a given topic. But from this they did not cease to be copyright. And they live their own lives - from Vertical and Knight Aivengo to Alice in Wonderland.

        And the voting is underway - the country is listening.
        1. Reptiloid
          Reptiloid 26 January 2018 09: 13 New
          The cycles of songs were dependent on films or performances.
          As for the different versions of the songs, it was noted by many who had old records of various old concerts. On the network, by the way, one can also sometimes find old records, who knows, maybe there may be different performances.
          Thank you very much for the article, Elena.
          1. Amurets
            Amurets 26 January 2018 09: 36 New
            Quote: Reptiloid
            On the network, by the way, one can also sometimes meet old records, who knows, maybe there may be different performances.

            Dima! Hey. Yes, it was. Unfortunately, the films did not survive, became brittle, or crumbled magnetic powder. The whole charm of those recordings was that they were recorded on lamp equipment, and this is a special sound, and if it’s still stereo or pseudo stereo, it's like sitting in the hall.
            1. Reptiloid
              Reptiloid 26 January 2018 10: 05 New
              Hello, Nikolai. Of course, I need to be more attentive to old concerts on the Web. There is a concert in 1965, of course, from old films. I didn’t find these films. But I heard that some people “hunted” for both these old tape recorders and the tapes. There is nothing so old in our family. But I am pleased that the relatives left cassettes with interesting Soviet songs.
              And Vysotsky --- on the Web, I have a 4-volume book, and separate books. Every time I find something new for myself.
      2. Weyland
        Weyland 27 January 2018 16: 27 New
        Quote: elenagromova
        And if he is not only an actor, but also a Poet?

        EMNIP, Eldar Ryazanov aptly noted that many of Vysotsky’s songs that are sung in the first person are “unplayed roles”. It is significant that Vysotsky was not only an actor, but also a screenwriter ("Vienna Holidays" - sorry, could not be removed!), And a little director (at the "meeting place" during Govorukhin’s absence, it was he who successfully replaced him on the set)
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 26 January 2018 07: 37 New
    Poet ... poet with a capital letter ...
  6. antivirus
    antivirus 26 January 2018 07: 53 New
    The main song of life, perhaps Koni is finicky
  7. Same lech
    Same lech 26 January 2018 10: 44 New
    I love his role as a detective ZHIGLOV in the film THE PLACE OF MEETING CANNOT BE CHANGED ... here no one except him could play like that.
  8. Mamka pula
    Mamka pula 26 January 2018 10: 56 New
    The green serpent killed so many talents prematurely
    It's a pity
    Bard, actor: the nugget with which Russian land is filled
    1. 97110
      97110 26 January 2018 13: 40 New
      Quote: Mamka pula
      The green serpent killed so many talents prematurely

      I really missed - something no one will be marked? There’s an advertisement in the box for a new film (which means it meets the relevant requirements for opening financing!) Of a film dedicated to ... the anniversary of his birth. Maybe there’s even a song there - I turn it off as soon as I hear. Once I looked at this ad - a rare muck! Vysotsky - for me it’s bright that from youth, where “at least a cloud, at least a cloud”. The Soviet past must be burned with hot iron. And dear people like, to order, by the will of the bosses who sent them (?) Or from natural rot, talentedly to believe, they try to convince me with a tear in my voice that there was no Vysotsky, but there was a drug, a chipped and sniffing bag with glue. There is a popular belief that dentists immediately go to a hot lick pan after death. What awaits these "witnesses" after death, let them come up with.
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 26 January 2018 17: 21 New
        Vladimir Semenovich lived at a different time, in another country, when there was censorship, communists, Komsomol members. Some of the relatives said that he was in the 60s at a performance where Vysotsky read poetry. People don’t push around. And now, when there is no censorship, at least there is something that could create such emotions? Have there been poems that you wanted to learn? Have songs with content appeared?
        And it is a pity that there are no minuses anymore.
        1. 97110
          97110 26 January 2018 18: 29 New
          Quote: Reptiloid
          And it is a pity that there are no minuses anymore.

          That is yes. And I overslept a meeting with Vysotsky. Taganka came to our institute. Tickets for Vysotsky were handed out on 1 pair, I was a real student ... So I went to what was left - Zolotukhin and Khmelnitsky (?).
          1. Mikado
            Mikado 26 January 2018 19: 58 New

            like, he and Vysotsky were friends, at least for a while.
            Zolotukhin has the last role - the Cossack Yavtukh in the joint film "Wii". I will not say anything about the film, but the last shot is when his character looks at the forerunner of the TV and says: “This is a real miracle!” It’s a miracle that these are the last words on the screen of the great artist! soldier Look at the screen and talk about a miracle ... hi
            1. Reptiloid
              Reptiloid 26 January 2018 20: 34 New
              Nikolai several times on my previous anniversary I heard the stories of Zolotukhin about Vladimir Semenovich. We were friends.
              Now is a different era, no one has reached not only such a level, but simply significance in the past.
              1. Mikado
                Mikado 26 January 2018 20: 49 New
                Dmitry, I’m watching TV, or listening to the radio .. there are no artists of their rank, their talent! Some colorless faces wandering from one "made on the knee series" in the same series. Previously, it was considered a duty to get Vysotsky’s record, now bored housewives make Stas M. and Elena V. the richest singers! The unpretentiousness of the population? In the 90s, the country was inundated with thieves' songs, now .... from "House-2" she sang to the soundtrack, and it’s been promoted everywhere! shock .. i don't know what to say. I don’t like all songs by Vladimir Semenovich, I bypass criminal topics, but they are written in a living language, and no one could write like him! how why is he wrote just that - a question.
                I love Rock. And, I think, Vysotsky can be called the first Soviet and Russian rocker. They interfered with him - but he sang! Sang the feelings of his soul!
                Unfortunately, little can be called rock in our country either. And I don’t understand why Andrei M. refers to him with his boring and uninteresting songs, who always had a “green light”, who had offended their own country, and whose analysis was best arranged on our website by V.O. Shpakovsky in an article of 2015.
                Because there is a soul in the songs of Vysotsky, but not in the songs of Makarevich. negative My opinion. But you know, Dmitry .. for some reason it is tempting to say: "I have the honor." soldier
      2. elenagromova
        27 January 2018 00: 23 New
        As for the Soviet past, I categorically disagree, but I agree that it is impossible to imagine a poet as an "alcoholic" or "drug addict." Unfortunately, we are now trying so hard to introduce not only Vysotsky, but also other great people.
        1. Amurets
          Amurets 27 January 2018 01: 29 New
          Quote: elenagromova
          As for the Soviet past, she categorically disagrees, but agrees that one cannot imagine the poet as an "alcoholic" or "drug addict."

          Elena! Simple question? How often can one now see people with a guitar and singing "Yard songs and ditties?" And how often have you seen people buy regular acoustic guitars? I have not seen for a long time, even in villages, when I worked in an agricultural firm.
          In my youth, guitars appeared on store shelves at the end of the month and this was a guaranteed fulfillment of the plan, and when we, conscripts went to a unit in May 1969 at the station in Khabarovsk, we met fellow countrymen who had just received awards for Domansky, they considered the guitar to be the best gift, which neither had. Well, what I sang then, I don’t remember.
        2. rumatam
          rumatam 27 January 2018 20: 43 New
          and he was them, an alcoholic and drug addict, from which he left so early.
  9. Firework
    Firework 26 January 2018 13: 13 New
    it was on his anniversary that I cooled to his work, apparently this is the stage in life to listen to his songs
  10. Zerkalo
    Zerkalo 26 January 2018 22: 13 New
    Thank you for the article!
    I am 86 years old, perhaps young by the opinion of visitors to this site.
    But Vysotsky simply idolizes, the further, the more! Ingenious lyrics, what else can I talk about ...
  11. rumatam
    rumatam 27 January 2018 20: 41 New
    Without controversial talent, but stupid with fat ruined. A drug addict, an elite who traveled to Mesedes and flew freely beyond the cordon. And the current ones make an icon out of it, without a silverman, a fighter against the regime, not everything is so simple, but it’s certainly talent and not a fighter but a burner of life.