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How do you feed the state

The relationship between the modern citizen and the state is not much different from the client-performer relationship. The client gives money, and the performer provides services specified in the contract. In principle, this is the original intention of the state: a citizen contributes to the development of the country as a whole, and to its development in particular.

Taxed today lined everything. Is that the air is still free. We pay taxes on food, on medicines, on various services, on the right to use a car, and even on the right to live in our own apartment.

With funds collected from citizens, the state is obliged to exercise their security and maintain a decent standard of living in the country. But this is the ideal. In practice, things are somewhat different. A number of taxes are in principle difficult to explain: not only the legitimacy of their fees, but also their intended purpose.

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  1. Smog
    Smog 25 January 2018 17: 06
    Generally refrain from comment.
    That's just the question tormenting me-why the video posted on YouTube
    Posted by: 12 mar. 2016
    decided to discuss now? Just a year and a half has passed.
    1. Sling cutter
      Sling cutter 25 January 2018 17: 24
      Quote: Smog
      decided to discuss now? Just a year and a half has passed.

      Just this year, the tax burden, fees and requisitions will increase. So what actually happened.
      1. Smog
        Smog 25 January 2018 17: 35
        Quote: Stroporez
        Just this year ........ So it actually turned out.

        So we have everything new, it’s a well-forgotten old.
        1. Sling cutter
          Sling cutter 25 January 2018 17: 44
          The coming 2018 will bring with it a number of changes in the tax system. The widespread introduction of one of the concepts of development is supposed. The “22/22” system is considered the most likely direction, in which, due to an increase in indirect taxes (VAT will increase from 18% to 22%), direct insurance premiums will be reduced from 30% to 22%.
          Other possible options are “21/21” or “21/20” branches, in which taxes in 2018 will grow not qualitatively, but quantitatively. It is planned to add a trade fee to existing contributions, as well as increase personal income tax from 13% to 15%. The last vector of development, “22/20”, involves following the concept of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in which the benefits will apply only to children's and food products. What should be expected more specifically?


          Quote: Smog
          So we have everything new, it’s a well-forgotten old.

          Yes, I remember from childhood, but I didn’t think that this could be with us.
          1. Tamagon
            Tamagon 25 January 2018 18: 00
            And in the meantime: am Sitting on the neck of the state, VTB has signed an agreement with the Chinese energy company Huaxin to provide her with a loan of € 5 billion for the purchase of shares of Rosneft ...

            We go around the world and make money for everyone so that foreign countries portray “economic cooperation and partnership with Russia” ...

            We sell something, and foreigners portray a buyer. To do this, we give them money, supposedly in debt ...

            At the same time, for the last proud we forgave "friends" about $ 150 billion.
            Moreover, the most agile of our friends managed to "buy" several times.

            ... We build power plants for other countries for our money. We sell them weapons. And we pay for it ourselves.
            And now the Chinese are investing Russian money in Russia. A new kind of “strategic partnership” ..))

            2Fekonomika% 2F4897760
    2. andr327
      andr327 25 January 2018 19: 10
      it should also be noted that each of these taxes has been overwhelmed by leech officials, who are controlled by bloodsuckers. As an example: there used to be one Ministry of Health of the USSR, now a social insurance fund, medical insurance organizations, the federal compulsory medical insurance fund and territorial health insurance funds have been added. What is there medicine remains after that. how to feed this horde?
  2. tasha
    tasha 25 January 2018 17: 16
    Some ancient movie about obvious things ... And Plato more ..
  3. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 25 January 2018 19: 07
    How do you feed the state

    Do not want to feed your own, you will feed someone else's. (and the stranger’s appetite ....)
    HEATHER 25 January 2018 22: 55
    I don’t see anything thin yet. Somewhere we are growing, somewhere we are falling. Usually in any country. The states and have already closed their women for a visit, but they are richer than us. Something means something wrong. Look positive, not negative. Maybe change your mind. In our colossal territory, it’s impossible to do everything in 10 years. Next, we’ll see. At least everything is fine with us. Salaries are indexed twice a year, benefits are not canceled, but rather expanded. Peter, for schoolchildren, is free. They will go to the spring. The city is clean and calm. Although -43 now. Buses go, planes fly. There are no excesses.