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Jacob Kedmi: Ukraine is governed by "trained Jews"

It is no secret to anyone that the Nazi elements have firmly established themselves in the power structures of Ukraine. The country continues to heroize Stepan Bandera and call the squares and streets in honor of Roman Shukhevych. Every year, torchlight processions are held throughout Central and Western Ukraine on the occasion of the birthdays of the OUN ideologues.

Not so long ago, among the 11 thousands of declassified documents of the CIA, there was evidence that American intelligence services provided direct support to Ukrainian Nazis, such as Stepan Bandera. For all that, the United States defined these people as terrorists.

According to Israeli analyst Jacob Kedmi, today's Ukrainian ideology is built on hatred of Russia and the Russian people. In order to somehow hide their nationalist ideas, "trained Jews" were put in power, such as Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Vard
    Vard 25 January 2018 10: 26 New
    What are you saying ... I certainly don’t think so ... but about the Jews he was the first to say ... We still didn’t say thanks to them for the seventeenth year ... and they already screwed up again ...
  3. Egorovich
    Egorovich 25 January 2018 10: 27 New
    All right, Kedmi said that Khokhlostan’s power was set up for “trained Jews,” like Groysman, but there was also a headquarters - “trained train” Porosenko-Waltzman.
  4. Overlock
    Overlock 25 January 2018 13: 26 New
    secret of the executive. It remains to ask a question, but with us?
  5. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 25 January 2018 15: 39 New
    Shaw, you say? ..
  6. Starik72
    Starik72 30 January 2018 15: 22 New
    All right, Kedmi said that thanks to these trained (I'm not afraid to write scum here) koi are in all nationalities, and there is a bacchanalia in the whole world.
  7. Dmitry Tantsyura
    Dmitry Tantsyura 30 January 2018 20: 38 New
    I want on the Bosphorus sign "natsano Sloveni
  8. V-tzvirkun
    V-tzvirkun 1 February 2018 20: 00 New
    Y. Kedmi does not have sufficient knowledge of the geopolitical situation in Ukraine, and therefore confuses, or perhaps manipulates, the concepts: “Nazism,” “nationalism,” “Jew,” “Jew.” Well, and in connection with hatred of Russia and the Russian population - in general, a complete fabrication of the concept! I recommend reading, and then making some conclusions: "How easy it is to find a Russian. Stepan Bandera in ...".