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How German soldiers in Stalingrad were robbed

In Russia, the traditional idea of ​​the German Iron Order, that the German “does not steal”, was established long ago. This concept is also extended to the years of the Great Patriotic War - the Germans allegedly had order in everything. One of the heroes of Victor Astafyev’s novel “Cursed and Killed”, for example, reflects: “And they don’t rob the German svovo brother, they’re strict with this case - a little to justice.”

That's just according to the memories of the Germans themselves, the court they were not afraid of all. They were kidnapped by their near-camp and quartermaster "heroes" in such a way that colleagues from other armies could envy their scope and shamelessness.

Horsemeat - to comfrey, Belgian chocolate - staff

This is what Major Helmut Welz had to face when he found himself in the Stalingrad boiler. After the dissolution of the remnants of his sapper battalion 16th tank he, along with several surviving soldiers, was waiting at the army headquarters for a new appointment. Here, he became convinced, they did not suffer from malnutrition: “A bright lamp is drowning in clouds of cigarette smoke. Warmth, one might even say, is hot. There are two quartermaster at the table, smoking like factory chimneys, in front of them are shot glasses of schnapps. One of the six wooden beds is occupied, a sleeping soldier is stretched on it. - Yes, you can settle down. Today the room is freed, after half an hour we are leaving.

Will they not find a cigarette for us?

- Clearly, Mr. Major, here's a hundred! “And the quartermaster puts a big red packet in my hand.” Austrian, "Sport". I frantically open the pack. Gets everyone. Baisman stretches the match, we sit down, enjoy the smoke, inhale deeply. Already a week has passed, as we smoked the last cigarette. The troops spent their last stocks. To smoke enough, you had to go to the higher headquarters. Here a hundred - for the great life! It can be seen, there is no need to save ...

It is full of jewels long gone. Of the two half-open bags glitter cans of meat and vegetable canned food. Packs of Belgian chocolate using 50 and 100 grams, Dutch tiles in a blue wrapper, and round boxes labeled “Shokakol” come out of the third. Two more bags filled with cigarettes: "Attica", "Nil", English brands, the best varieties. Next to it are flour tortillas, folded exactly according to the instructions - in Prussian style, arranged in columns in a row that could be fed to fill a hundred people. And in the farthest corner of the whole battery of bottles, light and dark, pot-bellied and flat, and all are full of brandy, Benedictine, egg liqueur - for every taste. This food store, reminiscent of a grocery store, speaks for itself. The command of the army issues orders that the troops should save in everything possible, in ammunition, gasoline and, above all, in food. The order establishes a lot of different categories of food - for soldiers in the trenches, for battalion commanders, for regimental headquarters, and for those who are “far behind”. For violation of these norms and disobeying orders, they are threatened with a military court and execution. And not only threaten! Field gendarmerie without unnecessary words puts people against the wall, the only fault of which is that they, yielding to the instinct of self-preservation, rushed to pick up a loaf of bread that had fallen from the car. And here, in the headquarters of the army, which, no doubt, in the category of food belongs to those who are “far behind”, and from whom everyone expects that he himself carries out his orders in the strictest way, it is here that that for the front it has long been one memory and that it is thrown up as a sop in the form of miserable grams to the very people who put their heads every hour ...
The full staff of the headquarters at the table set for breakfast — and the rows of soldiers thinning every day, whose teeth sank into horse meat with frenzy — such are the contrasts, such is the abyss, which is becoming wider and more insuperable than possible ... ”

After reading such memories, the idea of ​​vaunted German honesty and order is unwittingly subject to significant adjustments.

By the way, before Major Welz was able to enjoy the chic staff supply, he happened to visit the hospital and evaluate the local contentment: “The adjacent room - the former school class - is occupied by people suffering from starvation. Here doctors have to meet with such unknown phenomena as all kinds of edema and body temperature below thirty-four degrees. Those who die of hunger are taken out every hour and laid in the snow. Food exhausted can give very little, mostly boiling water and a little horse meat, and even then once a day. Blankmeister himself has to go around all nearby parts and food depots to get something edible. Sometimes you can not get anything. About bread here is almost forgotten. It is barely enough for those who are in the trenches and conservation, they put on 800 calories per day - a hungry ration, on which you can stretch only a few weeks. ”

As they say, feel the difference between horse meat and Belgian chocolate. But maybe Major Welz faced a single, atypical case? However, the fact that the position of the wounded in German hospitals was simply catastrophic was also noted by the Soviet military. For example, Gleb Baklanov, appointed commander of the Zavodskaya part of Stalingrad after the surrender of Paulus, was shocked that the German doctor did not even know how many patients of his hospital were alive. Other Germans who survived Stalingrad also recalled the striking "contrasts" in the provision of food to the belligerents on the front line and the headquarters.

German soldiers will start shooting at German soldiers

Here, for example, what Colonel Luitpold Steidel, who commanded the 767 Grenadier Regiment of the 376 Infantry Division, literally in the last days of defense, saw at the headquarters of the Sixth Army: “I threw open the door without knocking and not reading the inscriptions on it. I find myself in a large room lit by a multitude of candles, among a dozen officers. They are tipsy, some are sitting at two tables, others are leaning on a chest of drawers. In front of them are glasses, bottles of wine, coffee pots, plates of bread, biscuits and pieces of chocolate. One of them is just about to strum on the piano, lit by several candles. ”

Just a few minutes before, the colonel, from whose regiment 11 officers remained, 2 doctor, 1 veterinarian and 34 soldier, tried unsuccessfully to explain to the authorities what state the soldiers were at the front line and even tried to scare the possibility of internecine fights inside the boiler: “ You will have to reckon with the fact that soon and here, yes, it is here, in the courtyard and in these basement corridors, German soldiers will start shooting at German soldiers, and maybe even officers - at officers. Perhaps even hand grenades will be used. This can happen quite unexpectedly. ” But with chocolate and wine, it was hard for the staff to understand the mood of the trench soldiers. In general, in the German army, with a truly excellent organization, the inevitable regularity in any military structure, formulated by Jaroslav Hasek in the immortal book The Adventures of the Good Soldier Schweik, acted: “When ... soldiers were given lunch, each of them found himself in his kettle two small pieces of meat, and the one who was born under an unlucky star, found only a piece of skin. In the kitchen, the usual army cronyism reigned: everyone who was close to the ruling clique enjoyed benefits. Batman walked with faces glossy from fat. All orderlies had stomachs like drums. ” Well, just the Wehrmacht 6 th army in the Stalingrad winter.

It should be noted that the German memories of the theft of their commissaries are confirmed by the observations of representatives of the Soviet side during the surrender of the 6 army. The winners noticed that with the extreme exhaustion of most of the prisoners, some of them “were in full body, their pockets were filled with sausage and other food, apparently remaining after the distribution of the“ meager rations ”.
What would the owners of the sausage say about the reasoning about how they de “do not rob, svovyat svovo German brother - they are strictly with this case”? Probably would have laughed at such a naivety of the Red Army man. He thought too well about the German backs.

Motorcycles were taken instead of the wounded.

But not only did the intendants and okoloshtabnye hangers-up live inside the ring at the expense of the fighting soldiers. At the same time, utter chaos was created in the organization of return flights from Stalingrad to the “Big Land”.
Who, it would seem, in such a situation is primarily subject to evacuation? It would be logical first of all to take out the seriously wounded. They still can not fight, but in the delivery of medicines and food need. But the wounded place was far from always:

“There is a feverish rush at the airfield. The column enters, everyone quickly gets out of the cars, the planes are ready for departure. Outsiders on the field does not allow protection. While an air battle is played out above us and one Messerschmitt is deftly trying to rise above two Russian fighters, the doors of gray-white airplanes open, and now the first officers are sitting inside. Batman barely keep up with them. With drawers, suitcases and linen bags, they trot along. Two motorcycles are loaded into planes. While they are being dragged upstairs - and this is not easy, because their weight is solid - I manage to talk with the staff clerk, in whose eyes the joy of unexpected salvation shines. He is so intoxicated with this joy that he is ready to give the most detailed answers to all questions. The General wants immediately after landing - presumably in Novocherkassk - to move further west as soon as possible, according to the order, of course. Unfortunately, you don’t drag the car into such a small plane, so we’re carrying two motorcycles, both of them are filled to the top ”.

To take out instead of the wounded generals' motorcycles and lingerie staff officers - a strong move. Is it necessary with such behavior of the authorities to be surprised that the evacuation at the Stalingrad airfield Nursery turned into a uniform disgrace? “At the very edge of the airfield there are large tents of the sanitary service. By order of the army command, all the seriously wounded are transported here so that they can take off in vehicles that deliver supplies. Army physician, Major General of Medical Service, Professor Dr. Renoldi is here; he is responsible for sending the wounded. In fact, he is powerless to restore order, since many light-wounded people get here. They are hiding in empty trenches and bunkers. As soon as the car landed, they were first in place. Ruthlessly they repel the seriously wounded. Some succeed, despite the gendarmes, to slip into the plane. Often we are forced to clean the plane again to make room for the seriously wounded. We need the brush of Bruegel, nicknamed the painter of hell, or the power of the word Dante, to describe the terrible scenes that we have witnessed here the last ten days. ”

How is it possible for soldiers to demand order during evacuation, if they see the general and officers taking motorcycles and junk in place of the wounded?

I do not mind wearing Russian pants

Is it any wonder that already in December 1942, a few weeks before the end of the battle, the German soldiers completely forgot about the notorious Prussian bearing? “Scout Alexander Ponomarev delivered a prisoner to the divisional headquarters, the whole appearance of which could serve as a convincing illustration of the thesis“ Hitler Kaput ”. At the feet of the Nazis - something like a huge felt boots on wooden soles. Because of the boot legs crawling out of straw. On the head, on top of a dirty calico shawl, is a woolen balaclava. A female katsaveyka is on top of the uniform, and a horse hoof sticks out from under it. Holding the "precious" burden with his left hand, the prisoner saluted every Soviet soldier and sounded shouting: "Hitler kaput!" Recalled Ivan Lyudnikov, who commanded the 138 rifle division defending in the area of ​​the Barricades factory during the Battle of Stalingrad.
Moreover, the prisoner was not ordinary, and sergeant-major (!). To himself Mr German sergeant, has long been considered the living embodiment of order and discipline, to bring to this profane state, it was necessary to try very much ... Commander 13-th Guards Rifle Division Alexander Rodimtsev in his memoirs with undisguised pleasure quoted the commander's order 134-th German Infantry Division:

“1. Warehouses have been seized by Russians; they are therefore not.
2. There are a lot of excellent uniformed officers. It is necessary to take off their pants and exchange them for bad ones in combat units.
3. Along with the completely torn infantrymen, the soldiers in patched trousers present a pleasing sight.
You can, for example, cut off the bottom of the pants, hem them with Russian fabric, and patch the back of the resulting piece. ”
4. I do not mind wearing Russian pants. "

The prediction of Colonel Shteydle did not come true - the internecine battles in the Stalingrad cauldron did not break out. But it was not by chance that German prisoners from the Stalingrad boiler became the backbone of the antifascist organization Free Germany. Is it necessary to be surprised?
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  1. Vard
    Vard 28 January 2018 05: 45
    It’s you in Turkey you’ll talk with those who work in hotels ... They’re digging everything ... From slippers to televisions ...
    1. Fitter65
      Fitter65 28 January 2018 07: 50
      Quote: Vard
      It’s you in Turkey you’ll talk with those who work in hotels ... They’re digging everything ... From slippers to televisions ...

      Somehow I didn’t quite catch the connection between the staff of Turkish hotels and “How I robbed German soldiers in Stalingrad”.
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 28 January 2018 08: 00
        Somehow I didn’t quite catch the connection of the staff of Turkish hotels

        All are being dug by both Russians and Germans and Ukrainians ... this is an international problem ... I went into the search to ask ... my dear mother ... it would be better if I had not read about this muck of human slander.
  2. Fitter65
    Fitter65 28 January 2018 07: 42
    ... Packs of Belgian chocolate of 50 and 100 grams come out of the third, Dutch tiles in a blue wrapper ...

    The fact that they died of hunger does not bother me, my grandfathers did not invite them to our land. The question is a little different, but carefully read the cited Belgian chocolate once again at the end of 1942. Belgium surrendered on May 28, 1940 and by the end of 1942 It’s been two years since the fifth of the Germans — where did the cocoa beans come from in Belgium for making chocolate? Are there any remaining pre-war stocks? This is just another indirect confirmation that Hitler received humanitarian aid from the West regularly ...
    1. Train
      Train 28 January 2018 09: 43
      The essence is not caught-English cigarettes, super-quality, that's the question ...
      1. Fitter65
        Fitter65 28 January 2018 11: 08
        The essence is caught correctly-from the occupied territories all rowed
        The Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, as well as the small islands of Alderney and Sark, became the only territory of European Britain that was occupied by the Germans.

        from here and
        Quote: Zug
        top-quality english cigarettes is the question.

        "German automobile equipment captured by Soviet troops. From left to right - a standardized Henschel 33 truck, MAN bus, a 3-ton Ford G 977T truck, followed by an earlier Ford G917t," - and these Fords are not trophy, but issued in Germany under license - and some parts that were not produced in Germany were supplied from Ford according to the contract almost until the end of the war ... I don’t even stutter about the Swedish bearings, Oerlikon and ore.
        1. Train
          Train 28 January 2018 11: 10
          Tobacco seems to be not strategically important material — about Kodak cameras and another miracle of technology like air guns I also know. But tobacco ... holy ...
          1. Fitter65
            Fitter65 28 January 2018 12: 24
            Well, color photographs of Hitler documentaries are known, as well as amateur shots. But in FKP (photocontrol instruments) they still use black and white shooting, as in surveillance cameras ...
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 28 January 2018 07: 49
    Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov used to say that after a year of service, any quartermaster can be safely hanged without trial or investigation.
  4. polpot
    polpot 28 January 2018 08: 05
    To whom the mother is dear to war, it was invented not yesterday
  5. Kolaaps
    Kolaaps 28 January 2018 08: 28
    So ... on the site ... Everyone should read and, if possible, learn by heart the poem of V. Tvardovsky's "Vasily Terkin", a book about a fighter ... Especially the chapter "Duel"
    Everything is there guys .... Neither take a breath nor ^^ a bit ...
    1. Serg koma
      Serg koma 28 January 2018 12: 25
      Quote: KOLAaps
      Especially the chapter "Duel"

      The German was strong and agile,
      Well cut, stitched,
      He stood like a horseshoe
      Do not scare - it will not run.

      Front left, front right,
      And in the February blizzard
      A terrible battle is coming, bloody
      Mortal combat is not for glory,
      For the sake of life on earth.

      How many soldier labor and lives were needed to bring the "higher race" to the bestial state ......
  6. Train
    Train 28 January 2018 09: 54
    The article is good, but from the experience of reading all kinds of similar material, I come to the conclusion: the Germans have this situation with theft, surrounded by nobody decree to you. Ours are everywhere. Our soldiers call it bread, vodka stinks of anything but vodka , and not only in an environment — there are many places where during a successful defense when supplies are in place, you don’t get a normal grub or boots, you want to get hold of your boots or grab a trophy and go change. If we have lost tens of thousands of forms and a soldier - recruits in b / ragged nadevali.Ne surrounded as hell would break a leg, and the crime is not how otsledit.A pravilo.Skolko once read-captured station-wagon in grub, ate from the belly ...
    1. kvs207
      kvs207 28 January 2018 10: 27
      That is, you fought and know everything firsthand?
      1. Train
        Train 28 January 2018 10: 34
        That is, you don’t know how to read when choosing literature and how you like a hamster everything that they put in the trough?
        Shumilin. "Root platoon" - notes of a veteran koi were written from the end of 70 until death - there are a lot of things you will find about the life of soldiers and how your poor people were robbed of yours, here’s a proverb from there about kharchi — The less a soldier eats food, the easier it will be for an hour woes ...- Front saying by the way ...
        1. Fitter65
          Fitter65 28 January 2018 11: 28
          Quote: Zug
          You have a saying from there about grub-The less a soldier eats food, the easier it will be to meet the hour of trouble ...- A front-line saying by the way ...

          The first time I hear this. But the fact that it’s better to go into battle on an empty stomach has long been known. If injured in the stomach, there is a greater chance of survival.
          Quote: Zug
          how they robbed our poor

          Well, if you want to, you can dig up so much on this subject. And Emelianenko flew the first time in civilian trousers and a jacket, and Sukhov also flew out in soldier's overcoat and boots. Yes, and Vorozheykin recalls how they flew in simple gymnasts, and the rear-covers in leather jackets dissected .. . The truth is also said what happened to the rusted rear ...
          1. Sergey Sadchikov
            Sergey Sadchikov 28 January 2018 12: 06
            It's simple, there are commentators who at first prove to everyone that the Germans are crystal clear, and "they have every bundle and every bit of sausage" on the bill, that everywhere there is strict reporting, "why are they for the soldier’s sow" they’ll gnaw , their officers do not sleep at night, they all think about their warriors. Then when reasoned facts appear that this is not at all, then right away there is an excuse "yes it was, but only in the environment." But ours is everywhere, they all looted, everyone has a drink ..... whether, the Red Army commanders are completely dumb dumb, stupid people who are only concerned about stealing that they haven’t stolen higher ranks. So I want to say, get rid of illusions, steal everywhere the same way, the key word is the same, and that’s it. We don’t exaggerate the moral qualities of the Wehrmacht, and to reduce the moral qualities of the soldiers and commanders of the Red Army. Nobody else could change the human nature, the essence of which, for 5 creators, there are always 5 drones that use and live at the expense of the creators.
            1. Train
              Train 28 January 2018 12: 33
              Naturally, questions of survival have not been canceled. Somewhere we were fed well, somewhere worse. That's what the commander told the fine company. According to him, it turns out that the fine ship is not much different from the linear one. With some exceptions. Yes, our company will go half today. But tomorrow linear will go, too, it will fall, the difference is the day. But in matters of supply it is not so unambiguous. So that all the "good" is kind to lin. the battalion is “everything”, it goes from army, division, regimental depots — and each of these depots “picks up” part of the grubs, and, in the end, according to the veteran, only miserable scraps of food that he’s supposed to get it. Everything else settles in the rear and feed. The fine. The company doesn’t have all these stages. They have separate warehouses and everything is delivered to the fine directly from the first warehouse. UNIT. Therefore! -Our fine. The fighters often fed better. put on better-about weapons no questions at all-everything was armed not worse than other parts of the
      2. Kolaaps
        Kolaaps 28 January 2018 14: 36
        .. Aha ... We got more than bullets ... 5,65 from the priests picked out ... Unsanitary conditions ..., ... kravischischa ... it hurts ... it means alive
      3. Mooh
        Mooh 25 February 2018 21: 35
        Quote: kvs207
        That is, you fought and know everything firsthand?

  7. bubalik
    bubalik 28 January 2018 11: 14
    Major Erich von Lossov was born on 31 on March 1914. He chose the soldier path as a profession and joined the Reichswehr in 1933. Since April 1942, he was the commander of a communications battalion in the 371 infantry division. Since July of that year he kept a diary. He was in a boiler near Stalingrad. 3 on January 1943, five days after the last recording, was seriously wounded in the leg. 7 of January was taken out of the boiler by air. Only four people from his communications unit survived Stalingrad, the division in the boiler was defeated. After the war von Lossov studied at the dentist and worked in Munich from 1953 to 1983. Died 21 January 1998 year.
    The diary was handed over for publication by the relatives of the major to the German historian Reinhold Bush and published in 2012.

    December 22 1942 year.
    At night the telephone rang. Lieutenant Silberberg, a neighbor on the left, brought bad news. Russian scouts crawled to a machine-gun post in a trench, while a German sentry went for gloves to a nearby dugout. The Russians threw grenades; the dugout collapsed, three wounded. They dragged off the Romanian sentry. There was a heavy skirmish, but the scouts caught a cold. Romanians disappeared forever.

    December 24 1942 year. Christmas Eve has arrived, but no Christmas mood for you. I spent the whole day thinking about my beloved ones and relatives, who, having taken refuge in the house, are likely to celebrate this magical holiday in a better mood than mine. I’ve been torn from you for seven months now: we thought it would be different, we hoped to spend several festive weeks together. But we should look back and see what remains beautiful, inspiring and good in the midst of this brutal war, and not be sad if life requires a lot from us. So my thoughts again and again joyfully return to my beloved family, despite adverse external events. We are alive and healthy: what is especially beautiful in this holiday is that you can get together with each other three times. And although there is no peace on earth and people enjoy the war, in the evening I read concise words in the Christmas story - “Do not be afraid!”, And this is my Christmas motto this year. Decorated Christmas table: advent branch, banner, two little angels and photos of my beloved.
    In the morning my officers came and brought me cognac, bread, biscuits, chocolate, cigarettes and a tray with glasses made of shell shells - but they were nice, there was nothing military about them! From the general through Steinheger, I, as the head of the signalmen, received a package for the senior officer: chocolate, cherry liqueur and cigars, and Colonel [Rüger] gave me a bottle as my commander of the battle group. So the table was soon full. In the afternoon I went around the soldiers in the trenches; they stood there, as always, exhausted and dirty sentinels, holding on only by gigantic willpower. The joy of the parcel that each officer received was especially bright, since it contained food packages, and there was still something to smoke. He noted with satisfaction that the signalmen treat their own much better than the infantry, anti-tank or artillery. With our daily ration of 200 grams of bread and a watery broth on horse meat, this is especially important.

    December 25 1942 year. The night passed calmly. In the afternoon, very unpleasant events occurred. In just an hour or two, two Romanians deserted. One was noticed, and he received a grenade for his act that wounded him; the second fugitive was not seen, as the nearest sentinel dozed off. Both Romanians fled to the enemy trench. Since they will give out our entire schedule, I changed the time of shifts, lunches, etc. and ordered the company command post to be guarded, even though the ground was frozen. Around the machine-gun points, we’ll put the “Spanish riders” and wire fences, so that it would be more difficult for the Russians to get close and the Romanians to get out. That evening, another of our “Allied Brothers” refused to intercede until they received soup. He was sent to Sinzhorzano and beaten there. Will it help? On November 20, these people lost everything they had, they had no winter clothes, almost no good shoes, no supplies, they were very hungry. I ordered the Romanians to receive the same ration as the Germans, and changed those Romanians who seemed unreliable to me. Alas, the infantryman stole about 200 marks from the dugout, so there were a lot of unpleasant emotions on Christmas day.

    A mountain of hoofs of horses eaten by the Germans surrounded in Stalingrad
    1. bubalik
      bubalik 28 January 2018 11: 17
      December 26 1942 year.
      Boxing Day was much more joyful. In the morning, I scrambled for an hour and a half to my unit, making my way through the crisp snow and the evil wind from the east. In my house I took a wonderful hot bath and with pleasure put on clean linen. Solemn event for the "front-line pig" (pr. Frontschwein - military. Jarg. Front-line soldier, front-line soldier. Can also be used in a derogatory sense as "cannon fodder".). After that, two of my faithful officers treated me to a braised goose with peas, red wine and pudding. It was a real fairy tale, and it tastes great, served on porcelain plates and a white tablecloth. From the infantryman’s point of view, it is precisely here, at the divisional command post, that the Stage begins [word in the meaning of "rear closest to the front"]. You do not need to constantly live in fear of falling asleep and being dragged into an enemy trench. Dummer gave me a beautiful wooden candlestick made by a Russian, and I gave everyone a small book, which my wife prudently wrapped in an Advent parcel. Later, I managed to talk a little with all the officers; alas, I had to leave this cohesive community of comrades, which has become so dear to me, and return to my battle group.
      The Russians opposing us seem to have been replaced. New shoot at new places. There was more sniper fire: three fighters fell in a trench in one day when they rose too high. The Russians are being impudent, we need to teach them a lesson. But our infantry is completely exhausted, and it does not have the patience to sit in ambush for two or three hours, like a good hunter, until a Russian appears. We have neither telescopic periscopes like them, nor so many fighters. Within a few days, the number of cases of swelling of the legs from frost increased. Faces look awful: it's "field jade" caused by hypothermia of the kidneys. The sick should be evacuated, 22 in four days. As with most urgent medical illnesses, the junior surgeon is not an assistant here. The diagnosis is difficult to make, it can easily be another disease, etc.

      Medical care here, on the front line, generally beyond. A soldier wounded in the stomach lies in the regimental operating room for two days, and was not operated on. When I was walking along the trench with the colonel, we found a Romanian lying in the snow with a head injury. I thought that he died, it was night and not a soul around. But he was still wheezing. The nurse said that he had appointed two Romanians to help send the wounded to the rear. He did not make sure if they had done this; they probably did not understand him, he thought so; in any case, nothing was done. This soldier has become so heartless and indifferent, what a pity. Good soldiers died, officers - nowhere worse, fatigue from the war is growing. We are entering the 1943 year in a state of world war. We, officers, have a huge work ahead of us, which, unfortunately, is not understood by others and is not understood by anyone. But I will breathe life into them! Carrot and stick! This is the only way to lead people, thanks to the strength of their personality, and not to the stars on uniform.

      Soviet soldiers pass by the corpses of German soldiers in Stalingrad
  8. bubalik
    bubalik 28 January 2018 11: 26
    Joachim Wieder Disaster on the Volga Memoirs of a reconnaissance officer of the 6 Army Paulus.
    Most of the promised 300-ton daily ration was made up alternately, depending on the situation, then food, then fuel, then ammunition. To deliver this amount of cargo, 150 flights were required daily. If my memory serves me, the norm was almost never fulfilled. For us, it was a small celebration even those rare days when more than 100 cars landed at the Nursery airport.

    On average, the number of arriving cars was clearly insufficient. As a rule, we received daily only 80 – 120 tons of requested cargo, that is, no more than one fifth of the required minimum. This meant that tens of thousands of kilograms of bread were daily fed to us, that every day the army lacked the necessary quantity of ammunition and fuel, on which our fate depended. Over time, this led to the fact that our tanks and artillery (the number of which was already rapidly decreasing) either doomed to inaction or were not used effectively enough. But even worse was the threat of hunger. Already in December, the daily bread ration was only 200 grams at the forefront and 100 grams at the rear services and headquarters. Units that had horses caused general envy - there people could at least count on extra meat ration.

    But we were especially upset and indignant every time we had to state that the air tonnage, invaluable to us, was inappropriate to use, not to say wrecking. We were not able to find a reasonable explanation for the fact that sometimes airplanes delivered cargo to us, without which we could completely do without, or even completely useless things. So, sometimes at our airport, instead of the vital bread and flour, tens of thousands of sets of old newspapers, soldier's manuals published by the military propaganda department, roofing roofing, caramel, spices, gateways, skeins of barbed wire and many other things that we absolutely to nothing. Later, the army headquarters seconded one of its officers from the boiler with the order to prevent these organizational malfunctions and to monitor the proper use of transport aircraft allocated for our supply. But by that time, the air supply had deteriorated so much that no good intentions and organizational measures could no longer help the cause.
  9. Curious
    Curious 28 January 2018 11: 27
    The theft of the quartermaster is a chronic and incurable disease of the army of any state of all times and all peoples. It was born with the state and can die only with it.
    A very recent example is when three officers of the food service of the Special Forces Command, Captain Pyotr Mitrofanov and two of his superiors, Lt. Col. Alexander Teplyakov and Andrey Kaseev, stole food worth 38 million rubles in two years.
  10. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 28 January 2018 12: 12
    Interesting note. Indeed, we were of the opinion that the German is always order, in life it turned out that not always. The opinion of the hero of the literary work of Viktor Astafyev is out of place - this former company telephone operator (Astafyev), in his perception of the Great Patriotic War, was a classical liberalist, wrote one thing in the Brezhnev era, and the opposite in the Gorbachev era. For this, the literary critic, front-line soldier V.S. Bushin, repeatedly attacked him.
    1. Kolaaps
      Kolaaps 28 January 2018 14: 54
      No ... My mother in the Makan camp wore tobacco and cookies for them ... Smelly .... German learned from and to ... the adverb Hohdoych and Alpenstille and Bavaria ... 5 years, don’t think badly ...
      1. Aviator_
        Aviator_ 28 January 2018 15: 58
        In childhood, a foreign language learns very easily, I completely believe.
  11. ando_bor
    ando_bor 28 January 2018 16: 01
    Kamrad remained in Stalingrad - a saying of German prisoners, in the literal and that sense that everyone is for himself.
    1. Kolaaps
      Kolaaps 28 January 2018 19: 26
      Nah ... You don’t think about yourself ... For a friend ... That's when he was a shandet (once he injected two bandages and pulled them over ...) .... it becomes scary .... Well, we are marines .. .. forward, Guard!
      Do not look into the eyes ... they will dream
  12. nnz226
    nnz226 28 January 2018 22: 11
    Well, you don’t have to fidget about evacuating the generals: just remember the completion of the heroic defense of Sevastopol ... The generals and admirals squealed with a joyful screech when the Headquarters allowed them to evacuate, after numerous requests to flee the city. Only Petrova’s conscience spoke, tried to shoot herself - they didn’t. And 80000 soldiers and sailors were left to their own devices, promising that the generals were going to organize an evacuation, and deceiving them. They didn’t even try to evacuate! Sending boats and several submarines - one cannot call evacuation ...
    1. Korsar4
      Korsar4 28 January 2018 23: 14
      So it was. After official information that Sevastopol is left.
      And then a column of prisoners on the way to Simferopol, literally dying of hunger and inhuman fatigue.
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 29 January 2018 19: 41
      Quote: nnz226
      They didn’t even try to evacuate!

      But there was nothing to evacuate. When the documents were lifted, it turned out that by June 1942 the Black Sea Fleet’s combat-ready combat crew had dried up to a couple of cruisers, one or two leaders, three to four destroyers and a couple of TFR.
      Without air cover, they were just floating targets. Yes, “Tashkent” could go back and forth ... only few people remember that in its last flight, German aircraft during the transition to Sevastopol were distracted by the “Impeccable” emitter (sunk) before the leader. And what happens to groups of ships under the blows of dive-bombers was well shown by Operation Verp - EM and LD did not help even the speed of 28 knots.
  13. Korsar4
    Korsar4 28 January 2018 23: 12
    No wonder Schweik mentioned.

    And when I wanted to live with the Aryans, a raid of civilization immediately flew. And the quartermaster is a separate issue.

    "I immediately appointed the merry soldiers as quartermasters.
    But he left the sad ones in the soldiers - maybe nothing "(c).
  14. BAI
    BAI 29 January 2018 09: 55
    The quartermasters steal always and everywhere. A lot of similar examples about the besieged Leningrad (even the Soviet film “Two Captains” (first) did not bypass this topic. And now - it’s not for nothing that an order came out to dismiss the Rear Services with a fourth degree of obesity. As they say - evidence on the face, in the literal sense of this the words.
  15. Kolaaps
    Kolaaps 29 January 2018 19: 18
    Quote: Korsar4
    So it was. After official information that Sevastopol is left.
    And then a column of prisoners on the way to Simferopol, literally dying of hunger and inhuman fatigue.

    I have a father-in-law ... Who had - a gun to the temple ... Kommisarov of Jews and sailors Halb Ann !!! ... I respect the Germans ... Sausages and beer ... Hanover ... Homeland of Baron Munchausen
  16. tank66
    tank66 30 January 2018 13: 31
    Yes, already. Captainarmus began to rub when the word SOLDIER was born - from the word "soldo". I turned out to be a worthy kapterschik. Guards senior warrant officer Korol / Belarusian surname / went on vacation, ordered to give cigarettes, hem and sugar to the company. After a month, I looked into the kapiter in my bastards - I stuttered for 2 hours. And I just let go, I didn’t I’m lying instead of 12 cigarettes, I gave a pack / it was lazy to count / ...
    And here, for an amateur, a short movie "World Brands in the Service of the Third Reich"
  17. Terenin
    Terenin 1 February 2018 21: 15
    The judgment of Generalissimo Suvorov on the quartermaster. “After every three years in office, any quartermaster can be shot without trial. There is always something for it. ”
  18. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 9 February 2018 20: 53
    They steal and steal always and everywhere, only they deal with thieves everywhere in different ways, they will deal with them in Russia like in China — there will be order!