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Lithuania sent military instructors to Ukraine

The soldiers of the Lithuanian mechanized infantry brigade "Iron Wolf" as part of 12 people on Thursday will go to Ukraine to participate in a military training operation, the press service of the Baltic Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

On January 25, servicemen of the Iron Wolf Mechanized Infantry Brigade will leave for Ukraine to participate in a military training operation. The group of Lithuanian soldiers will include 12 people.
- the report says.

Lithuania sent military instructors to Ukraine

According to the ministry, the Lithuanian military personnel on the Western Ukraine Yavoriv training ground together with military instructors from the USA, Canada and Poland will be training Ukrainian military for two months.

The tasks for the Lithuanian servicemen departing for the operation are to assess the skills of the personnel of the Ukrainian units and advise on the planning of operations of a different nature.
- notes the ministry.

Lithuanian sergeants will concentrate on checking the combat training of Ukrainian instructors, snipers, specialists in work with automatic grenade launchers. According to the Ministry of Defense, Lithuanian military personnel are sent to Ukraine for the second time in order to train the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In 2015, the military of the Baltic Republic for two months trained the soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine, reports RIA News
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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic 24 January 2018 15: 50 New
    How many wars have the Lithuanians won since they are entrusted with training and preparing the "strongest army in Europe"? wassat
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 24 January 2018 16: 18 New
      Just the Lithuanians, the senior partners of the junior partners in the European Union and in status, are above Ukraine. Which dwells where it should be, below the baseboard. lol
    2. x.andvlad
      x.andvlad 24 January 2018 16: 22 New
      Well, these are experienced warriors. In any case, in Germany they feel confident in the exercises: they thump in sufficient quantities, so that they would then fill each other's faces.
    3. Warrior with machine gun
      Warrior with machine gun 24 January 2018 16: 41 New
      but when it comes time to snatch the deserved lyuli, they can quickly and deftly pretend to be a hemp or a birch, so as not to scoop up, apparently they are going to teach skakuas to teach this magic))
    4. Kisso4kin
      Kisso4kin 24 January 2018 17: 25 New
      From that they trust ...
    5. Lelek
      Lelek 24 January 2018 19: 52 New
      Quote: Herkulesich
      How many wars have the Lithuanians won since they are entrusted with training and preparing the "strongest army in Europe"?

      This is not important. The very presence of the Lithuanian, US, Canadian, Polish, French and, in the long term, British military in the territory of the former Ukraine (and all these countries are NATO members) speaks of the creeping occupation of the territory under the throat of Russia. That is the danger to us. The Anaconda Ring closes. There already Kharkov becomes the base of NATO, where will be the next?
    6. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 24 January 2018 21: 07 New
      Quote: Herkulesich
      How many wars have the Lithuanians won since they are entrusted with training and preparing the "strongest army in Europe"?

      And I will win all ....

      It remains to us, as instructors, to invite a couple of dozen Papuans from New Guinea. Only it will look funnier than the Baltic instructors in Ukraine ...
    7. CALL.
      CALL. 26 January 2018 05: 42 New
      Quote: Herkulesich
      How many wars have the Lithuanians won since they are entrusted with training and preparing the "strongest army in Europe"? wassat

      Well then. Very bravely dealt with the peaceful population of the RSFSR and Belarus. And they bravely participated in the blockade of Leningrad. They have a glorious military background in punitive operations.
  2. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 24 January 2018 15: 58 New
    Banderlog and these will teach the vodka to plump.
    1. Dashout
      Dashout 24 January 2018 18: 54 New
      and they will learn how to make an appetizer out of sprats .. what more?
    2. Lelek
      Lelek 24 January 2018 20: 06 New
      Quote: Alexander 3
      Banderlog and these will teach the vodka to plump.

      A little off topic but funny. Looted a secret bunker under Khreshchatyk - KP VVSU.
  3. Masya masya
    Masya masya 24 January 2018 16: 07 New
    together with military instructors of the USA, Canada and Poland

    at that pace, there will soon be more instructors themselves ... wink
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 24 January 2018 20: 02 New
      Quote: Masya Masya
      at that pace, there will soon be more instructors themselves.

      hi Marina.
      Of these, instructors, like Ulanova from me. This event is a run-in of NATO fighters in real conditions, in order to gain experience in conducting military operations against Russians. The Lithuanians did not have this experience for more than a hundred years, and this is the command of the alliance and allows this “meat” to pass fire tests in conjunction with the Nazis of the former Ukraine, ardent Canadian snipers under the command of American commanders. yes
  4. SPLV
    SPLV 24 January 2018 16: 11 New

    Here, I wonder why not Yavorov, as was customary. Indeed, such a “political correctness” may soon reach the writing of Kiyyev instead of Kiev.
    When we lived in one country, one could calmly relate to such things with respect. What fright should respect "these"?
    We are not writing in Ukrainian. Do not write the same Donetsk and Lugansk?
    1. Antares
      Antares 24 January 2018 23: 48 New
      Quote: SPLV
      We are not writing in Ukrainian.

      over the past 3-4 years, so many Ukrainian words have become everyday in the Russian media. And not only political, they are used in various works. Already used to.
  5. polpot
    polpot 24 January 2018 16: 12 New
    Big conference on moonshine is planned
  6. taiga2018
    taiga2018 24 January 2018 16: 35 New
    aren’t they the ones who fought on the NATO exercises ...
  7. bazzbazz
    bazzbazz 24 January 2018 16: 45 New
    Elite! The most efficient specialists in Europe)
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 24 January 2018 19: 37 New
      Quote: bazzbazz
      Elite! The most efficient specialists in Europe)
      Laughter, laughter, but such "experience-sharing" events can benefit both. After World War II, all kinds of "forest brothers" drank a lot of blood. About 10 years from the caches discovers. What would they have been torn up by the Ukrinskiy "Hammer" there.
  8. Sasha_Sar
    Sasha_Sar 24 January 2018 16: 56 New
    The Baltic states used to be famous for biathlon, quite a few of them send ... they shot our boys in Chechnya. And now, something is not heard about their biathlon. Maybe someone knows?
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 24 January 2018 17: 19 New
      Quote: Sasha_Sar
      Maybe someone knows?

      Take a look at tourism sites.
  9. Nemesis
    Nemesis 24 January 2018 17: 06 New
    They fought on the side of Hitler together ....
  10. NEXUS
    NEXUS 24 January 2018 17: 18 New
    And what can Lithuanian Rembas teach the universal bodies?
    1. faridg7
      faridg7 24 January 2018 19: 27 New
      Well, how is there something to hide in the forests and a peasant to rob and torment. grandfathers managed to see the experience, thanks maize
  11. MRomanovich
    MRomanovich 24 January 2018 17: 28 New
    Comrades, why did you pounce. On the contrary, it is necessary to encourage and praise Lithuanian miracle instructors, because the more Ukraine has such instructors, the better for everyone (of course, except Ukraine itself).
  12. Yugra
    Yugra 24 January 2018 17: 38 New
    Super news. Rzhu, I can’t. It’s like plumbers from the Taganka Theater went to the Bolshoi Theater electricians to teach those ballet ...
  13. Dietmar
    Dietmar 24 January 2018 17: 40 New
    Lithuania will send almost its entire army to Ukraine! And if tomorrow is war? What if you go camping tomorrow?
    1. MRomanovich
      MRomanovich 24 January 2018 18: 01 New
      Not scary. They have two dozen fierce reservists there who, I think, will crush any enemy on their scooters. Well, those who left for Ukraine will at least finally see what a real tank looks like, and if they are lucky they will look at real military aircraft.
  14. kind
    kind 24 January 2018 19: 10 New
    Soldiers of the mechanized infantry brigade of Lithuania "Iron Wolf"

    Who comes up with such names for them? They have always been and will remain sprats!
  15. Slovak
    Slovak 24 January 2018 19: 56 New
    And then this little ugly country shakes with fear of a possible "aggressor"? Shake, litrovka, will be rewarded to provocateurs according to their merits ...
  16. Romanenko
    Romanenko 24 January 2018 20: 13 New
    A very significant event. What can Lithuanian instructors teach? Well, in any case, DO NOT WIN. The favorite pastime of the Lithuanian military was historically to quickly leave the ranks of the armed forces, hide in deep forests in the woods, rob civilians at night, lie in wait and shoot representatives of the authorities in the back, and after a number of years be removed from the holes and basements like stinky rats to be in public upturned on aspens and posthumously spat upon by their own compatriots.
    Since such instructors appeared in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then a grand retreat is being prepared, an almost global drape.
    And in this scenario, of course, it is necessary to prepare future new forest brothers.
  17. muhomor
    muhomor 24 January 2018 22: 18 New
    What bothers me most is when a black man from Pennsylvania or Quebec teaches the Slavs how to deal with Kalashnikov correctly
  18. LeonidL
    LeonidL 25 January 2018 05: 04 New
    Lithuanian instructors for Ukraine? Teach guys, teach ...
  19. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 25 January 2018 05: 22 New
    What can some underdogs teach others? Oh, this policy, oh, this Russophobia! Just to be noted that they are clearly following the course of the US regional committee.
  20. 76SSSR
    76SSSR 25 January 2018 13: 22 New
    Lithuanian military instructors ... and everyone laughed. and the crest wept