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Harsh air

Harsh air

В stories aviation long-range period of World War II, there were two unique cases: a fall from different heights of a navigator and a pilot with undisclosed parachutes, which ended successfully: both aviators remained alive. It happened in January and April 1942. Both the navigator and the pilot had to leave the same type of aircraft DB-3F (IL-4).

Shturman Ivan Mikhailovich Chissov

25 January 1942, the squadron of the 98 th bomber regiment of the long-range bomber aviation, which included the crew of the pilot N. P. Zhugan on the DB-3 f plane, flew to the bombardment of the railway junction in the Warsaw area. After completing the combat mission, the pilots sent the plane to the base, but were attacked by the Messerschmitts and were shot down. Nikolay Zhugan ordered the crew to leave the plane with parachutes. Only the navigator responded to the team. Ivan Chissov left the plane, jumping out of the lower hatch. The height of the aircraft was about 7000 meters.

Chissov's story:

“When they hit us in the tail fins and killed the shooter and the radio operator, the plane began to lose height, and then suddenly turned over with its“ belly ”up. The tail of the aircraft was repulsed, so it rolled over. Oxygen hoses were torn off. I tried to sit on my knees and take the pedals to pull my body to the astrolian. One attempt succeeded, but it could not be opened with fingers or hand. Then I beat him with the fist of my right hand. So in the upturned state of the aircraft, I fell out of it. And the fighter is right there. He felt a burn in his left leg. Decided not to open the parachute. Falling with undisclosed. And when he began to distinguish the earth, it is somewhere meters 700, pulled the ring. But what is it? Ring with a rope in his hand, but the parachute did not open! That's where the thought came - that's all, the end. Then I realized that the cable connecting the exhaust ring with the parachute gate turned out to be broken.

I fell at the beginning of the slope of a ravine, thickly covered with snow. The parachute is under me ... Then I began to turn from head to foot. When the body stopped in its fall and rotation, I felt that I was being poured with blood — it was going through my throat, nose and ears. And although there was noise in my head, the dog barking and the cock crowing were auditioned well. I realized that not far from town. He wanted to wipe his face with blood, but his hands did not rise. Then people with stretchers came up and carried me to the hut. There they undressed me, put me in order, put some warmers on me. In the evening Zhugan came, questioned, and after that I was sent to a hospital in Mosalsk.

The newspaper "Red Star" №68 (5132), 22 March 1942 of the year

From the flight work written off, but in the frames left. He became a teacher of navigational affairs in the Voroshilovgrad military school.

Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Konstantinovich Grechishkin

The group, which was to strike at the rate of Hitler's command in Vilna, included the crew of V.K. Grechishkina.

Above the target, the bomber came under heavy anti-aircraft fire and, in addition to everything, was attacked by an enemy fighter. Right motor out of order. Upon returning to cloud cover, the car began to ice over. All devices are out of order. The commander and navigator decided to fly strictly to the east as long as there was enough fuel. It is on the plane is not infinite, and once had to end. Fortunately it happened already over its territory. Typing in the last liters of fuel 900 height meters, the captain ordered the crew to leave the aircraft. The pilot himself was thrown last at an altitude of 600 meters.

Having counted out the set five seconds, Grechishkin pulled the hood, but ... did not feel the usual inhibition of the fall. He threw back his head, and there, instead of a white dome, he saw a parachute canvas twisting with a rope. Throwing off his gloves, he began to pull this rope to himself, hoping to dissolve the lines. But the height was not enough. Blow, loss of consciousness. In such a state, with parachute lines suspended in his hand, he was found by a groom in the morning. Making sure that the pilot was alive, he took the village to the hospital, and from there it went to the hospital.

Vasily Konstantinovich tells:

- Luck! Luck in the sense that I fell on the slope of a ravine and in deep snow. Then they told me that his depth was about twenty meters. Lost consciousness, but not for long. Woke up and heard someone talk. It seems that I am somewhere in the dungeon. I wanted to shout, but there was no voice. And the snow cover was heavy. After a while I was able to move my arms and legs. My movements are noticed. I was dragged out and put in a sleigh. Then PO-2 flew after me. So I ended up at the hospital.

These are two absolutely incredible cases during the war. One of them was awarded the Guinness Book of Records.
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  1. Amurets
    Amurets 24 January 2018 06: 14
    I read and heard about both cases, but at first I thought that it was one but described differently and only later, in the book about pilots ADD I read that these were two different cases.
  2. Cxnumx
    Cxnumx 24 January 2018 06: 40
    men were born not in a shirt, but in armored suits and spacesuits)))
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 24 January 2018 07: 38
    Unprecedented - it happens ...
  4. Victor_B
    Victor_B 24 January 2018 07: 47
    My cousin Uncle Shmurov Mikhail Vasilievich told me how he (and other passengers) had to jump out of the plane into the snow before the war, but the pilots died. Management of the Northern Sea Route.
    It was remembered that the snow hid literally even in his underpants.
  5. Curious
    Curious 24 January 2018 08: 02
    There are many such cases of salvation. Royal Air Force Sergeant Nicholas Alkmeid crashed from an altitude of 5486 meters after his plane was shot down and fire destroyed all parachutes. Fortunately, his fall was mitigated by pine trees and soft snow, which allowed him to survive, escaping with only a stretch of his leg. Even the Germans who captured him were shocked.
    Not only snow saved the pilots. Pilot B-17 Alan Magee from a height of 6700 m fell on the glass roof of Saint-Nazaire station. He had 28 shrapnel wounds and several broken bones.
    Australian Air Force pilot Joe Herman, falling among the wreckage of a downed plane, was able to grab the leg of his comrade, who had just opened a parachute and remained alive.
    In August 1981, the An-24 passenger plane and the Tu-16 bomber collided in the Far East. Having fallen in a chair from a height of 5000 meters, Larisa Savitskaya survived, she was found in the taiga.
    Well, flight attendant Vesna Vulovich, perhaps the most famous case. The girl survived after the DC9 exploded at an altitude of 10 m.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 24 January 2018 08: 48
      Quote: Curious
      In August 1981, the An-24 passenger plane and the Tu-16 bomber collided in the Far East. Having fallen in a chair from a height of 5000 meters, Larisa Savitskaya survived, she was found in the taiga.

      Yes, there was such a case over the village of Bakhirevo in the Bureysky district of the Amur region. Now this village is not.
    2. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 24 January 2018 13: 24
      The most fantastic case was in the USA, at an air show. At an altitude of 4,5 thousand meters, two aircraft collided. The one that was lower decided to gain height without looking up, and chopped off the tail of what was higher. Both pilots fell without a parachute onto a wheat field. No ravines, no snow, nothing. One of them broke his leg, the second didn’t seriously beat anything.
  6. bubalik
    24 January 2018 10: 19
    ..the Red Star mentions ME-115, what kind of "beast"? request
    1. Curious
      Curious 24 January 2018 10: 48
      Ghost plane. Messages about him are found among the allies. Some researchers believe that it was an experienced Bf-109X - the most mysterious modification of the Bf 109 with a radial engine.

      An interesting article is here:
      Something on foreign-language resources like Secret Projects.
    2. sd68
      sd68 24 January 2018 14: 46
      in messages of that time, and even in memoirs, non-existent types of equipment sometimes come across.
      With tankers in childhood I read about the German heavy tanks Rheinmetall.
      1. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 24 January 2018 19: 33
        Quote: sd68
        With tankers in childhood I read about the German heavy tanks Rheinmetall.

        This is Penezhko - Notes of a Soviet Officer.
        A dull roar again passed through the land from the village. We froze when we saw the ugly monstrous machines of bright yellow, tiger coloring that appeared from the Sitno gardens. They slowly rolled in our direction, sparkling with tongues of shots.
        “I haven’t seen such yet,” says Nikitin. The Germans are moving in a line. I peer through binoculars at the nearest left-flank tank, which has pulled far forward. Its outline reminds me of something. But what?
        “Rheinmetal!” - I cried out, remembering a photograph of a German heavy tank that I saw in the school’s album, and blurted out a tongue twister: “Heavy, gun seventy-five, direct shot eight hundred, armor forty ...

        However, recorded by the Finns (over Karelia) in the downed R-38 with red stars no one will surpass. smile
        1. Warrior2015
          Warrior2015 12 July 2018 12: 08
          Quote: Alexey RA
          However, recorded by the Finns (over Karelia) in the downed P-38 with red stars no one will surpass

          Who knows, there could have been purchased prototypes put into operation ... Although I personally think that it was a Yak-2 or Yak-4.
      2. Warrior2015
        Warrior2015 12 July 2018 12: 09
        Quote: sd68
        With tankers in childhood I read about the German heavy tanks Rheinmetall.

        Yes, they had such a tank, there was, but only a couple of experienced installers! Even in Norway they managed to check in. Soviet intelligence found out about them and entered them into directories, but the Germans didn’t do business, the tank was recognized as not operational.
  7. bubalik
    24 January 2018 11: 19
    On February 28 1943, the assistant to the flight training and aerial combat commander of the 78 Fighter Aviation Regiment (6 Fighter Aviation Brigade of the Northern Fleet Air Force) captain S. G. Kurzenkov was mistakenly shot and shot down by anti-aircraft artillery of Murmansk, left the plane with a couple 700m altitude, but the parachute straps interrupted by fragments broke. When falling, he fell on the hillside, on which snow softened the force of impact. The pilot survived, but received serious injuries and after treatment in the hospital was decommissioned from flying work. By that time he had made 209 sorties, in 20 air battles he personally shot down 9 enemy planes and also knocked out 4.
  8. BAI
    BAI 24 January 2018 11: 27
    I am sincerely happy for the pilots. At least two were lucky.
  9. antivirus
    antivirus 24 January 2018 12: 15
    life to live, not jump rope
  10. Ham
    Ham 24 January 2018 13: 07
    the cases are far from unique - I read about the pilot Kurzenkov who also survived a long time ago - having fallen on the hillside covered with deep snow
  11. Some kind of compote
    Some kind of compote 24 January 2018 13: 13
    ADD - a special topic
    Courage and heroism
    Fine good
  12. ICT
    ICT 24 January 2018 17: 48
    Quote: Ham
    I read about the pilot Kurzenkov for a long time who also survived - having fallen on the hillside covered with deep snow

    SF fall height approx. 2000 m,,
  13. Falcon5555
    Falcon5555 25 January 2018 00: 44
    Beautiful plane !!!
  14. STUG III
    STUG III 25 January 2018 05: 11
    All that is described, not the most wonderful salvation, deep snow and slope, are common. Now I don’t remember where, but in some memoirs of the Soviet WWII pilot, a case is described when a pilot fell after an airplane (not in winter) and saved his explosion of his own airplane on the ground, which threw him back up and to the side. The pilot survived, although wounded. The Germans captured him, but since it was before their eyes, they were surprised at such a fantastic event and even sent him to the hospital.
  15. Head Physician
    Head Physician 26 January 2018 16: 40
    Dive Bomber Chronicle - Favorite Movie
  16. serge siberian
    serge siberian 26 January 2018 19: 07
    In truth, the ways of the Lord are not confessible. He did not let all these people die. He came up with another thing for them.