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For many years, peripheral for Russian policy with the beginning of the Syrian campaign, Iran has become almost our main partner in the fight against US hegemony. However, in the mass representation of one of the oldest civilizations of the world, at best, is limited history with Griboyedov and Yesenin's Persian Motifs. The political scientist and TV presenter Maxim Shevchenko, for whom Iran has always been in the focus of interests, answers the questions of the Military-Industrial Courier.

- There is a feeling that most Russians perceive Iran in a somewhat oversimplified way. What are your impressions?

- Iran is very firmly on the ground, it feels like a certain integral entity. It can certainly be considered liberated from the imperialist shackles, and most importantly - it is not controlled directly from the world centers, as was the case under Pahlavi. The essence of the 1979 revolution against the Shah was anti-imperialist, anti-colonial. She marched in a combination of left and Islamic slogans. Already in the course of events the Islamists won. The left lost because they did not receive the proper support of the people. Yes, for these reasons, Iran is developing hard, but as a free, independent country with an ancient civilization, with its dominant version of Islamic culture.

- In the current situation, Iran is a stronghold of Shiism. Does this mean that all Iranians are Shiites?

- About twenty percent of Iranian Muslims are Sunni. The country combines two large ethnic groups - Persians and Turks, mainly Azeris, which account for about 40 percent of the population. It can be said that the Persians mostly inhabit the center and south of the country, Azerbaijanis - the west and the Caspian regions, Arabs, mostly Shiites, live along the border with Iraq, Balochi - closer to Pakistan, but there are no mono-ethnic areas, everyone lives everywhere.

Therefore, when we try to interpret Iran from the point of view of European values ​​- the power of the mullahs, a clerical state, this very inaccurately describes the feeling that develops during his stay in the country. As I understand it, there is no Iranian who is not involved in the Islamic spiritual space. You can be a liberal, for example, and not go to the mosque, but your mother communicates with the mullah, like other family members, and they will follow the guidelines of faith. As a result, the whole society is permeated with such spiritual connections. You can hate the Islamic revolution and regime, drink, smoke and at the same time you will be a sinner, for whom you still have a paternal eye. No, not snooping, it is in sensations. Belonging to the Islamic civilization prevails, be you, I repeat, even an ardent opponent of Islam. And yet: the Iranians are incredible patriots, it does not matter whether you are a Persian, a Turk or an Arab. They love Iran, even those who hate power.

The main Shiite cities, Karbala and Najaf, associated with the names of Imam Ali and Imam Hussein, are located in Iraq, and what is interesting - even at the height of the war between the countries, when thousands of people died on the front, the pilgrimage from Iran to the shrines did not stop. It must be said that then, in 80, Tehran perceived the Iraqi Shiites as agents of their revolution, as their “fifth column”.

The Iranians are a people deeply respecting themselves and who consider themselves not to have come to the earth by chance. They are deeply aware of themselves as the guardians of a very ancient culture. The main thing is that every Iranian can have his own world view - who is leftist, who is liberal, who is conservative, but everyone has the same world perception. I think the Islamic world is more cultural and educated than the non-Islamic. And he is very politicized, since Islam itself is a political religion. Because the Iranians have something to be proud of and have something to fight for. And we have something to learn from them.

- For example?

“We are trying to squeeze Iran into our European understanding, in which the government rules and the people obey. But between the authorities and the people there can be much deeper connections, not created by PR people, not radio with television, but based on the very spiritual clips that are talked about a lot in Russia, but we don’t have them at all. But they are not created by placing an order with political strategists - Iranian spirituality has evolved over the centuries.

The recent unrest in Iran was caused solely by economic reasons, moreover, the clergy supported the protesters.

- What can you say about the technical capabilities of Iran?

- The country's potential is huge. If it were not for the sanctions, if it were not for the betrayal of Russia in the field of the transfer of nuclear technology, if it were not for the direct physical destruction by the Israeli secret services of the leading Iranian scientists, we would already see an economic miracle there.

Having a very good genetics, the Iranians for the most part lead a healthy lifestyle - they don’t drink, they eat healthy food, there are almost no fat people. Great school, great universities, brains and potential. Iranians, as well as Jews, Armenians, have a very developed sense of self-worth. It should be borne in mind that there are no beggars in the country and recent protests brought not the poor to the streets, but the middle class, small business. The system of social support in the country is very developed and works well. If Iran is allowed, it will become the richest country in the world.

- What connects Iran with North Korea?

- Pure technology collaboration. It is very likely that Pyongyang’s rocket programs are joint work. It is also possible that nuclear military programs in the DPRK are tests of products not only of Korean nuclear scientists. And Iran needs weaponable to defend, strike at Saudi Arabia, at Israel. The country is ready for war. I have not studied the arsenals, but the main thing is the spirit. Technologically, the Iranian army lags far behind the western countries that might attack, but Iran has Hezbollah, which is like a knife put to the throat of Israel. During the Syrian war, Israel and the United States hoped that Hezbollah would be defeated and liquidated. But she came out of this conflict, despite the huge losses, an absolutely combat-ready modernized army, and unique - in fact, all 50 thousands of its personnel have special forces training and they are absolutely not afraid of death.

- Shiite belt from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean - a serious program?

- The Shiite belt, although formally supported by the Iranian authorities, can rather be considered an imposed concept. Contrasting Shiites and Sunnis is primarily beneficial to the West. To be clear: the difference lies in the principle of the transfer of sovereign power. Shiites believe that it should be transmitted by blood to the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad. Sunnis are of the opinion that power should be in the hands of the ummah, the religious community, which elects the supreme ruler. So it was originally, but over the centuries, all this has become overgrown with so many myths that now it has become just a political issue. Imam Khomeini tried to reconcile both currents, saying that between them there is no difference: "My constitution is the Koran." And before the Syrian war, numerous conferences were held to bring the existing differences to a common denominator. The most despicable consequence of the war in Syria is the split of the Muslims into two really hostile groups. Here the fault lies primarily with the Saudis as agents of the West in the Middle East. The Khomeinist concept uniting the Muslims was extremely dangerous for the colonial rule of the West.

- It is interesting, why in Saudi Arabia have never been seen the flow, consonant with the ideas of Khomeini? After all, it really promised Islam a lot of positive?

- Saudi Arabia is a state artificially created by the British, as well as Israel. And let's not forget that the Bretton Woods Agreement, in addition to recognizing the dollar as a single world currency, resulted in the transfer of Saudi Arabia to the custody of the United States as payment for supplies to the UK under Lend-Lease. If Washington ceases to support Riyadh, the kingdom will immediately collapse, there are millions of people who hate the current government. I believe that the main goal of the “Arab spring”, started by Obama, was Saudi Arabia, but the process simply did not reach it.

- What Obama did not please the Saudis?

- The destruction of the current government in Riyadh is the elimination of the main purse of the Republican Party, and it is to its supporters that the main American oil concerns belong. Roosevelt and Truman, who got Saudi Arabia from Churchill, were Republicans, and the first oil producers in the Arabian Peninsula were companies affiliated with their party. The US military-industrial complex, in which Saudi money is invested, is also predominantly Republican.

- And the first foreign visit of Trump, who came to Riyadh, is the desire to count how much is left in the wallet?

- Exactly. There is also a debt of Saudis to the US administration - 700 billions that had to be paid as compensation for September 11. Half of the Americans have forgiven, for the second, the Saudis bought American weapons, which they absolutely did not need. What the Americans keep the entire Middle East on is Tel Aviv and Riyadh. Israel is imputed through clandestine operations and the support of terrorism to kill all those who are displeased with the United States. Saudis finance this business.

- What awaits the region?

- A war between Iran and Saudi Arabia is very likely, which will end with the overthrow of the royal regime. The trigger for the KSA in Yemen could be a trigger for this. If the Housits ​​get some more military victories, the Saudis in hysterics can strike at Iran. The only thing that holds them is the understanding that the States will not protect. And the United States, in turn, fears Iran, realizing that, unlike Saddam’s Iraq, a rather artificially tailored state, the war with Iran will be heavy and fraught with huge losses.

- Can Russia help Iran speed up technical progress? And is it beneficial to us?

- Russia until the last few years, being a loyal ally of Israel and the United States, frankly deceived Iran. The Bushehr nuclear power plant deal has repeatedly stopped, sabotaged us, and deliberately, for ideological reasons. The reason on the surface is our elite. Which is in fact no Russian, since people who have two or three citizenships and numerous relatives living in the United States and Israel cannot, by definition, be patriots of the Fatherland. Putin cannot be blamed for this, but those who previously negotiated on behalf of Russia with Iran had the goal of making money, while being aware that they would not act against their true interests. Iran, like Israel and the United States, is the enemy. Whereas for Russia - a sincere partner, and maybe a reliable ally. Again, with a reservation - for what Russia. To a liberal country in which the controlling stake belongs to pro-Israel businessmen and politicians, the attitude is unambiguous - “small Satan” is not very different from “big”, as Ayatollah Khomeini once called the Soviet Union and the United States. Putin’s Russia is moving closer to Iran, and it’s not a fact that, as a result, our elite will not lose access to the West, which she loves so much. It should be understood that Iran is perceived there as an enfant terrible only because he dared to abandon the paternalistic tutelage of the United States and Great Britain.

The Iranians are not blind, they perfectly see what our present elite is focused on. But they are pragmatists - they need allies, they need technology. And therefore, Iran is now forced to converge with Russia. But if it concludes a comprehensive treaty of friendship and cooperation with Turkey, which is not at all possible, Russia will become secondary. Iran has seen too much betrayal in Iran over the past twenty years to ignore it.

- The rapprochement of Russia and Iran, of course, does not meet with hot approval in the West. How does this threaten us?

- Now a new sanctions list is being prepared, and we will see who will be included in it. There is information that these will be very serious oligarchs, including those close to Putin. After this, the elite will build relations with the president, it is difficult to predict, but the situation is expected to be very difficult. And if Putin is able to withstand the pressure of the West, then Russia will move closer to Iran. If the oligarchic elite forces Putin to act on his own terms, relations with Iran will certainly be broken.
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  1. vlad007
    vlad007 28 January 2018 16: 17
    After reading, we can conclude that we should expect a rapprochement between Iran and China, because Iran has nowhere to take technology from.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 29 January 2018 06: 44
      Who will understand them there with their religious movements.

      There is such an opinion.
    2. Safevi
      Safevi 29 January 2018 10: 43
      Users have a very simplified view of Iran. Due to our geographical location, as well as through our relatives, we have much more information about this country. Iran is no friend. It was not and never will be. By the way, the population there, especially young people, are literally obsessed with Western culture. For many, the Islamic dress code is just a screen. Dissatisfaction with the leadership is very big. Minorities are denied the right to education in their native language. So far from everything is clear.
  2. anakost
    anakost 28 January 2018 16: 19
    >> Iranians are a people who deeply respect themselves and consider themselves not accidentally come to earth.
    How nice to read this, even if the author idealizes Iran a little, thanks.
    1. Dr_engie
      Dr_engie 28 January 2018 19: 11
      Nationalist Iran is something new.
    ALEA IACTA EST 28 January 2018 17: 00
    Russia can and should use Iran to advance its interests.
    1. Antianglosax
      Antianglosax 29 January 2018 12: 20
      Quote: ALEA IACTA EST
      Russia can and should use Iran to advance its interests.

      Yes, but ...
      And if Putin manages to withstand the pressure of the West, then Russia will draw closer to Iran. If the oligarchic elite forces Putin to act on his own terms, relations with Iran will certainly be severed.

      So who is our president, who determines foreign policy? Oligarchs or Putin? Oh well. It's funny. laughing laughing And for some reason we are offered to vote for Putin, whom the oligarchs can make. Therefore, Putin, none other than a protege of the oligarchy, and voting for him, thereby voting for the oligarchs. Everything is clear.
  4. Dym71
    Dym71 28 January 2018 17: 06
    Quote: v
    - Saudi Arabia is a state artificially created by the British, as well as Israel.

    Is Israel created by the British? belay
    It would be interesting to learn from Maxim Shevchenko a detailed version, for the sake of laughter.
    1. A. Privalov
      A. Privalov 29 January 2018 00: 02
      Quote: Dym71
      Is Israel created by the British?

      Shevchenko is still a clown, but in a certain sense he is right. In the 30's - 40's of the last century, Britain and France cut from their mandates here - Transjordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia ... What remained was intended for two states - Jewish and Arab. Palestinian Jews took advantage of the chance they had been waiting for two thousand years and for 70 years Israel has existed. Arabs, instead of creating their own state, began to dog. Well, here they’ve played out ... And in the Middle East, as in a big family - whoever clicked with a bread slicer, was left without porridge. wassat
      1. Dym71
        Dym71 29 January 2018 11: 05
        Quote: A. Privalov
        in a sense he is right

        During the “Big Aliya”, from a family leaving, I got the novel “Exodus” by Leon Juris as a gift, and from it I learned about the feeling of “deep respect” of the Jews for the British, by the end of 30's bully apparently for the creation of Israel (in a certain sense) and "respected" wassat Jews of Her Royal Majesty's subjects up to and including 1948!
        1. A. Privalov
          A. Privalov 29 January 2018 12: 50
          Quote: Dym71
          Quote: A. Privalov
          in a sense he is right

          During the “Big Aliya”, from a family leaving, I got the novel “Exodus” by Leon Juris as a gift, and from it I learned about the feeling of “deep respect” of the Jews for the British, by the end of 30's bully apparently for the creation of Israel (in a certain sense) and "respected" wassat Jews of Her Royal Majesty's subjects up to and including 1948!

          It is not a matter of hatred or respect. The struggle for "creating in Palestine a national center for the Jewish people" (see the Balfour Declaration) lasted more than thirty (!) Years. During this time, a lot of water and blood flowed ...
          Leon Yuris is a cool man and his book is good. At one time, she even played a role in the awakening of the national self-consciousness of the Jews of the USSR. At the time of rampant state anti-Semitism, the book about “people who do not apologize for being born Jewish and for wanting to live in dignity” was seen as a call for repatriation. However, do you study the history of World War 1812 of the year based on the novel by Lev Nikolayevich?
          1. Dym71
            Dym71 29 January 2018 20: 32
            Quote: A. Privalov
            (see the Balfour Declaration)

            I read, it turns out that Lawrence of Arabia forgot about her when he incited Arabs against Jews and vice versa.
            Quote: A. Privalov
            At one time, she even played a role in awakening the national identity of the Jews of the USSR. During the reign of state anti-Semitism

            Mr. Privalov, why, as soon as the conversation comes about anti-Semitism in the USSR, you begin to communicate as if by a training manual? Honestly, there is such a feeling yes
            Quote: A. Privalov
            However, do you study the history of the Patriotic War of 1812 based on the novel of Lev Nikolaevich?

            No, of course, however, it can also arouse interest with the "Exodus" - I read it, there was interest, I found something of which. You know perfectly well what kind of photo:

            And these are the facts. hi
            1. A. Privalov
              A. Privalov 29 January 2018 23: 52
              Thomas Lawrence was a very cool man, but even he could not sit down alone. on two holes. Back in 1919, he participated in the Versailles Peace Conference, where he spoke in support of the Arabs' demand for independence. However, as they say, he also sympathized with the desires of the Jews to create their own state. The Arabs did not recognize the British Mandate over Iraq and Palestine and the French Mandate over Syria. Riots began in the Middle East ... It was one more haemorrhage for Britain. There was no sense from these barren and hungry places (oil in commercial quantities had not yet been found) and the British were looking for an opportunity to sigh from this hump. However, for complete peace of mind, they bludgeoned both Arabs and Jews, and when they blizzarded each other, they simply did not intervene. The Arabs did not think about their statehood. Why the hell they needed was a rocky desert in the south and malaria swamps in the north. On a narrow coastal strip, it was good for them to graze their sheep and smoke a hookah. (That's when the Jews will turn all this disgrace into a blooming garden, then, a completely different calico, and you can show the right. wassat ) The Jews wanted more. This confrontation began when the British blocked the possibility of Jews entering Palestine. Everything was aggravated during the Second World War. How this ban ended is well known. The Jews did not forgive the British. In July, the 1946 th fighters of the Jewish underground blew up the building of the King David Hotel where the British administration was located. The results of the destruction are visible in the picture. About 90 people died. Responsibility was assumed by an organization of Zionist revisionists called Etzel. Today such guys would be called right-wing terrorists.
              As for anti-Semitism and methodical books, I can’t say anything intelligible. Your feelings or touch or measure. You see it this way, but to me - otherwise. Who loves the priest, who will fall, who priestly daughter, or the taste and color, as they say, no friends. hi
  5. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 28 January 2018 17: 58
    Would screw Faberge to our pro-American elites. It would be easier and easier for Russia to develop ...
  6. rocket757
    rocket757 28 January 2018 18: 54
    Allies in the situation, yes.
    Long-term partners, also possible.
    Bosom friends and helpers ???? No way and never.
    Respect and caution, the best recipe for communication.
  7. Labor
    Labor 28 January 2018 19: 31
    Iran can become a very profitable economic partner of Russia. And the tomatoes there are no worse than in Turkey. wink
  8. ont65
    ont65 28 January 2018 19: 38
    It seems that the Iranian wrote the text. It sounds very disapproving towards Russia, and at the same time, there are grievances about the revolutionary mullahs that brought freedom to the people of Iran. Nearby is an excellent mirror of imaginary prosperity under the rule of priests - Afghanistan. Look more often comrades, what thoughts may come to mind.
  9. eleronn
    eleronn 28 January 2018 20: 25
    Iran? He will never be our strategic ally !!!! It's like Chechnya - receiving money exclusively from Allah! (moreover, in cash and from hand to hand)
  10. borys
    borys 28 January 2018 20: 39
    ont65 inattentively read the article. There is no disapproval of Russia. The article disapproves of the current Russian "elite". This is not the same thing.
  11. M. Michelson
    M. Michelson 29 January 2018 01: 22
    Among other misconceptions and simplifications, I note 2.
    1. Iran can be called the country of the most ancient civilization only conditionally. Yes, as it were, but Islam has reversed Persian history and actually closed the ancient Persian greatness to the Iranians (as for the Russians, the Petrine reforms are the Muscovite state). Just the shah tried to raise Ancient Persia to the peak of the mullahs, but unsuccessfully. This is the tragedy of the Persian people.
    2. In fact, the Iranian Islamic revolution ... anti-Islamic! The triumph of Shiism (which the Persians chose to stab the Arabs) provoked fury in the Arab world, led by the SA (and hostility in general in the "right" Islamic world). Here is the answer why such a fierce war is being waged in those parts and who is behind it (not the United States). And in the same answer to the question why Russia (for a long time) suddenly entered into an alliance with Iran. (Because they both are actually fighting Islamism.)
  12. Loess
    Loess 29 January 2018 08: 36
    If there were no sanctions, if not for Russia's betrayal in the field of nuclear technology transfer ...
    Until the last few years, Russia, being a faithful ally of Israel and the United States, openly deceived Iran.
    Well, what is ... Ayah-yay ... Look where it’s, Russia is to blame all around ... Well, this is some kind of inferiority complex. Maybe it's time to recognize that Russia has its own interests? It was beneficial to be friends with the states to the detriment of Iran - we were friends with the states, at least we tried. It has become profitable to be friends with Iran to the detriment of the states - we will be friends with Iran. Iran in relation to Russia, too, you know, is not "white and fluffy." This is politics and we have nothing to repent of.
  13. ando_bor
    ando_bor 29 January 2018 21: 00
    With everyone who conducts an independent policy, you can talk and negotiate,
    Iran conducts an independent policy, because it was sanctioned, like Russia,
    moreover, the specifics do not matter.
    In Europe, it makes no sense to talk on fundamental political issues; everything in Washington is decided for Europe.
  14. Normal ok
    Normal ok 31 January 2018 14: 51
    The country combines two large ethnic groups - Persians and Turks, mainly Azerbaijanis, who account for about 40 percent of the population.

    And to whom did the author rank Kurds? To the Persians or to the Azerbaijanis?
  15. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 1 February 2018 07: 25
    Custom article about "white and fluffy Iran." I have been to Iran more than once and I will say the following in response to the article: 1-simple people. which "plows from dawn to dawn", as in any other country, hardworking and friendly .... until you touch religion, the eyes of "fanatics" immediately light up, 2- "elite" is divided into political, economic and "spiritual " The most “fattening” spiritual one is guaranteed on state support and, as it does not seem strange, it is she who is most dissatisfied ... with “Islam”, which does not allow them to use state benefits and financing “to the fullest” and forces them to live in relative modesty. The "political" elite is the most "happy" class - they use the state feeding trough and lead a "secular" (of course, to some extent) lifestyle. However, they are constantly "getting" from everyone — and from the envious clergy, and from the “economic” elite — demanding, as elsewhere, “more” and from the “people”, who, as elsewhere, are not satisfied with anything. The "economic" elite is simply rich, but no one calls them after all, they have no other "levers of influence" except money, and given the pathological greed of the Iranians, it is clear how this influence is spreading. The army stands 3-apart, it is there that all the "brains" of the Iranians are concentrated, but there the KIIR men are sweeping around so that political sedition does not start. 4-And of course the IRGC. This is exactly the real power, though it is gradually degenerating, but they are absolutely afraid of everything and by the way, the recent "protests" in Tehran were largely due to dissatisfaction with the IRGC taking over everything and having too much power. Attitude towards Russia ....- as elsewhere in the Vostok- "giaurov should be used for their own purposes, and only ..." We must also understand that the Iranians are a very arrogant and proud people who consider themselves the only Aryans in the region and who believes that the whole Middle East has always belonged to them in the past, and is obliged to belong to them in the future. As for the “healthy” way of life, I’ll say that ordinary people are forced to “stick to it” because of low incomes. What else "catches the eye" in Iran is the real fear of people before the IRGC and other "secret intelligence services" - the country has developed "general compulsory rattling" - people are already tired of it, and this largely forms "protest moods" . Beggars? So in Islam, in general, in theory, there should not be any person who is unable to feed himself, his relatives are required to support them. However, Iran has developed a system of providing assistance to those who need religious institutions, and during the distribution of this assistance, huge lines are lined up there. And finally, in Iran there are many fat ones, especially among women. wink
  16. FLOOD
    FLOOD 1 February 2018 17: 57
    Quote: Normal ok
    The country combines two large ethnic groups - Persians and Turks, mainly Azerbaijanis, who account for about 40 percent of the population.

    And to whom did the author rank Kurds? To the Persians or to the Azerbaijanis?

    Kurds are related to Persians, BUT ... basically, Kurds living in Iran are Sunnis. The population, about 5%, that is, about 4 million. They have nothing to do with Azerbaijanis (Turk).
  17. akudr48
    akudr48 1 February 2018 19: 37
    Arias are the ancient peoples of India and Iran, who spoke Aryan languages ​​that belong to the Indo-European language family.
    True Aryans with a solid, Nordic character.
    Without moaning, sanctions were imposed, which are much stronger in comparison with the Russian.
    Launch their satellites, build their planes, submarines, ...

    A very young country, with a young population, they will achieve a lot without us

    In addition, the Persians, the imperial people, proud people, do not forgive those who deceived them.

    And today's Russia was deceiving, for example, Prime Minister Dima stopped the already paid S-300 deal. And the Persians did not forget, hu from Rush. Therefore, they in Persian can shod us already.

    Russia needs to think about itself and take care, develop, and not rejoice over all the channels throughout the universe as a great victory, that some court in Lausanne acquitted several athletes. The current government is not capable of development.
    Therefore - all to the polls!