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Hmeimim's vulnerability: will the three bases of defense save the Russian base?

The shelling of the Russian Khmeimim airbase in Syria has become the loudest news the first days of the new year. And although the data on the allegedly destroyed aircraft of the VKS did not find evidence, a number of experts had time to express their opinions about the unwillingness of the Russian group to ensure the protection of the object.

The defense of Khmeimim consists of three rings. The first ring is the perimeter of the base itself. It is controlled by the Russian military police. The second ring is a radius of 2-3 kilometers from the base. It is controlled by naval units and paratroopers. Groups reinforced tanks T-90 The third ring is 5-7 kilometers from the air base. It is controlled by mobile special forces groups. Their tasks include checking suspicious objects, identifying caches with weapons.

The second and third rings are patrolled by combat helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation from the air group of the Khmeimim base.

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  1. NEXUS
    NEXUS 23 January 2018 14: 07
    In addition to these three rings, I have already talked about this; we need layered defense by electronic warfare systems. And I mean not only Krasukha, but also complexes that can work on mini drones, blinding them and incapacitating them in general.
  2. Albatroz
    Albatroz 23 January 2018 17: 17
    The best tool is the front line 50 kilometers from the base, not closer.
    Otherwise useless
    1. Ivanov IV
      Ivanov IV 25 January 2018 08: 01
      I agree with your comment. The radius should be at least 50 km. Macaques will bring the D-20 howitzer to the first ring on the wagon, “spit” a couple of times, and there is no floor for the base. EW shells do not intercept.
  3. Cxnumx
    Cxnumx 24 January 2018 05: 16
    And although the data on the allegedly destroyed VKS aircraft did not find confirmation

    Didn’t you find it? and then there was so much whining on this subject ...
    1. Valery Saitov
      Valery Saitov 26 January 2018 11: 43
      The question is different, how did different media find out about the shelling on the same day? I think the legs are growing from the CIA.
  4. Stanislav Kucherenko
    Stanislav Kucherenko 26 January 2018 11: 38
    Such would put
  5. Michael_59
    Michael_59 29 January 2018 07: 17
    And I naively believed that the territory to the coastline is fully controlled.
    1. Horse meat
      Horse meat 29 January 2018 10: 51
      Thermal imaging observation, each mouse is visible.
      Plus pine air defense, or better a tower from a shilka on a trailer, sharpened against tomahawks.

      If the tomahawks start to bullet, the main enemy.
      The rest will be easier to handle.
      Against howitzers, helicopters are ready and widespread observation of their thermal imagers.
      Belarusians produce normal, but they still need such categories to see 5-10 km.