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"Winged armored car": Typhoon Airborne Forces reveals secrets

One of the most interesting developments of the domestic military-industrial complex in the field of armored transport is a promising vehicle for the paratroopers "Typhoon Airborne". Today, a new armored vehicle is being tested in various meteorological conditions - from the sultry Caspian deserts to the Arctic.

Until recently, the amount of available information about the new armored car was calculated in a couple of paragraphs. But today "Typhoon Airborne" will reveal some of its secrets.

The development of a new car project for the Airborne Troops began in the 2014 year and was completed on a very tight schedule. In 2015, a contract was signed for the construction of the first prototypes, and within six months, the first prototype was launched at the test sites.

The main requirement for the new machine was the possibility of parachute landing. At the same time, the armored car had to have anti-bullet protection and be comfortable for the crew.

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  1. polpot
    polpot 22 January 2018 21: 08
    An uninhabited tower is beautiful, KAMAZ is apparently well-earned, but as with imported components (those in the car are starting from the engine), apparently this is not very good, and in general you need to remember the good old days and hold an open competition
    1. Valery Saitov
      Valery Saitov 24 January 2018 13: 52
      The high Typhoon Airborne Forces mobility indicators — maneuverability, average driving speeds on all types of roads, traction and dynamic characteristics, maneuverability — are ensured by the installation of a powerful 350-horsepower KamAZ-650.10-350 engine (YaMZ-650.10 ENGINE) in conjunction with an automatic transmission and independent adjustable hydropneumatic suspension.
  2. Dmitry Tantsyura
    Dmitry Tantsyura 24 January 2018 19: 30
    Maybe you can also make a cartridge with an electronic capsule, (it’s something like a camera in the striking part, but if you push the stabilizers in to control the flight)?