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World government: how the Fed controls the whole world

We live a completely ordinary life, not noticing how a world-wide scam turns around every day. By its audacity it has no equal, therefore the very idea of ​​deception does not even arise in the framework perception of the majority of citizens. We do not want to ask questions, because we are afraid of answers by labeling "conspiracy theory" to emphasize the impossibility of what is happening.

But the world is not as it seems to us. In a world where thousands of children die from 21 every day from avoidable diseases, in a world where a third of the population is very poor and lives on less than a 3 dollar a day, there is an extremely influential and infinitely rich handful of people. Their main goal is gaining control over the world. And this plan has been implemented for over 300 years. And very well.

If in 2013, 1% of the population of the Earth owned 41% of the wealth of the whole world, then in 2016, the same percentage of the population has 45%. Their weapon - These are financial crises, wars and debts.

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  1. Lexus
    Lexus 22 January 2018 19: 42
    Money is evil!
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 22 January 2018 19: 55
      Quote: lexus
      Money is evil!

      Money is the blood of economics. The virtual currency, bitcoin and other nonsense, is the evil created by the Fed to liquidate the external debt of the United States and blow up the economies of other states.
      It is no coincidence that China and the Russian Federation replenish gold reserves. It is not clear why the Russian Federation continues to buy US bonds, because they cost nothing.
      The Fed is a private entity that receives bucks from the Treasury at cost for further distribution. Interestingly, the Fed administration is approved by the Senate, as are salaries.
      So the idea of ​​a pyramid of bitcoins poses a serious threat.
  2. polpot
    polpot 22 January 2018 19: 48
    Man to man is a wolf — it wasn’t invented yesterday, as the classic said, “That's just a pity for the crucified Christ”
  3. mavrus
    mavrus 22 January 2018 23: 26
    Bitcoin is evil ... I see. What about the dollar?
    1. stopkran
      stopkran 23 January 2018 06: 00
      The point is not in the form of money, but in the thieves' financial system based on usury. Money is just a tool, for example, like a kitchen knife with which you can cut bread, or you can cut people.
      A.S. Pushkin, who had access to information about global schemes of supranational governance,
      in a figurative form, deeply symbolically expressed his attitude to the future of loan interest and usury.

      The little demon holding his hoof under him,
      Twisted the usurer at the hellish fire.
      Hot dripping fat in a smoked trough
      And the baked usurer was bursting on fire.
      ... This execution makes sense:
      Having one acquisition is always in the subject,
      Fat of their debtors was sucked by this evil old man
      And they mercilessly twisted in your world.
      (A.S. Pushkin, PSS t. 3-1, M., 1995, p. 281)

      We have no doubt that the time has come for the practical implementation of the prophetic figurative and symbolic predictions of A.S. Pushkin.