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The dogs of war are returning

The dogs of war are returning

Just before the New Year, there was an attempt at a coup d'etat in Equatorial Guinea, a small but very oil-rich (third exporter of oil on the continent) state in Central Africa.

According to the country's security ministry, approximately 30 people penetrated into the territory of Equatorial Guinea from Cameroon in order to carry out a series of attacks on government structures, provoke riots and overthrow the government of President Obiang.

Nobody will surprise anyone with reports of state coups in Africa. But even for Africa, such a number of attempts (albeit unsuccessful) coups, as in Equatorial Guinea, becomes simply indecent. Only in the 2000-ies there were already three. In 2004, a group of mercenaries commanded by a graduate of an elite university and a former British special forces member Simon Mann were arrested in Zimbabwe in preparation for their flight to Equatorial Guinea. One of the organizers of the coup attempt was Mark Thatcher, the son of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In 2009, a group of armed men (they were hired thugs from Nigeria) attacked the presidential palace in the capital Malabo by boat, but this attack was repulsed and the detachment of the attackers was defeated.
And here is the third attempt in December 2017. True, this time the mercenaries were not elite British paratroopers who served as bandits, but a mob hired from among citizens of the Central African Republic, Chad and Sudan.

It must be said that attempts to overthrow the power in the republic were also noted in the twentieth century. Equatorial Guinea even became the prototype of the fictional African country Zangaro in Frederick Forsyth's famous Dogs of War.

However, if we compare the information on coups in different countries of the world with what is known about attempts to overthrow the regime in Equatorial Guinea, one feature will be evident. In most other countries, local personnel dissatisfied with the ruling regimes are performers of coupd'etat. In Equatorial Guinea - exclusively foreigners.

This is not to say that all the citizens of Equatorial Guinea are crazy about Obiang and do not want any changes. It does not happen. But this is to the fact that the degree of discontent with the government (as it is in any state) here clearly does not reach critical values, when people are willing to risk themselves for the overthrow of power.

Those who want to redistribute Guinea Pie will never give up trying to join the country's oil wealth

Then to whom and what did not please Equatorial Guinea, more precisely, the regime ruling there? All the laments of human rights activists about the unfortunate Equato Guineans, who live on two dollars a day, are not worth a damn and are meant only for housewives sitting at TV sets. The fact is that all the arguments of critics are smashed to smithereens only about two facts that even the most stubborn fighters against the Obiang regime cannot deny. Here are the facts.

The average salary in Equatorial Guinea is 1000 dollars per month.

Equatorial Guinea does not supply refugees and illegal migrants to Europe. On the contrary, it is in Equatorial Guinea that tens of thousands of people from Africa and China come legally and illegally to work. There are even visiting Spaniards who cannot find work at home and are looking for a better life in their former colony.

Who does not know, Equatorial Guinea was formerly a colony of Spain. In 1968, the Spaniards left the poorest country in Africa, but already in the middle of 1980, they found so much oil here that they called the republic the second Kuwait.

According to Malabo, Equatorial Guinean Foreign Minister Agapito Mba Moku has already said that the failed coup attempt is an “international terrorist act” because terrorists and mercenaries from different countries who could be financed by citizens of other countries were involved in the incident. Those who wish to redistribute a Guinean pie will in no way give up attempts to join the country's oil riches. In this case, a direct threat is created to the interests of a number of international, primarily American companies, from the first days after the “discovery of oil” operating on the Guinean shelf.

As well as Chinese, Moroccan, Egyptian and French companies engaged in large-scale infrastructure projects in Equatorial Guinea. The organizers of the coup attempt could have been aimed at the CEAL (Central African Monetary and Economic Community - CEMAS), which, in addition to Equatorial Guinea, includes Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Gabon, the Republic of the Congo and Chad, and is one of the most effective integration alliances on the continent . It was not without reason that immediately after the reports of the incident occurred, the delegations of all the indicated countries began to arrive in Equatorial Guinea, which unanimously expressed solidarity and support to President Obiang. The concern of African leaders is understandable. Someone wants to see Africa still weak and fragmented, and its wealth - reliably picked up.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 28 January 2018 05: 31 New
    1000 dollars ... taking into account the climate .. Already in Africa they began to live better ... They have oil there ...
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 28 January 2018 06: 35 New
      Hunger is not an aunt, but we are about politics. belay
    2. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 28 January 2018 07: 13 New
      Already in Africa they began to live better ... They have oil there ...

      Yes, Russia was not lucky - it has no oil. Only the "inner circle" has oil ... wink
    3. seti
      seti 28 January 2018 09: 58 New
      Since the 1990's, the state has become a major exporter of oil, due to which its per capita GDP has risen to the first position in continental Africa. However, oil revenues are distributed very unevenly: a significant part of the population does not even have constant access to clean water, and child mortality in the country remains at a high level: up to 20% of children die before they reach the age of five. According to the human development index, it is in the 138-th place in the world (2015). Corruption is flourishing. The state of the head of state is estimated at 600 million US dollars. The President, as at one time and the predecessor toppled by him, is given divine honors.

      And you say something about 1000 $ there ..
    4. activator
      activator 28 January 2018 16: 30 New
      Quote: Vard
      1000 dollars ... taking into account the climate .. Already in Africa they began to live better ... They have oil there ...

      Ours built a hydroelectric power station until oil fell, the hard worker received 1800 2000 euros, hoped that funding would resume in 18, but the campaign was over.
    5. Pacifist
      Pacifist 31 January 2018 16: 18 New
      Doubtful statement about the average sn. We take statistics on average wages from the international labor organization ... there is no Equatorial Guinea. According to the Human Development Index, 138th place, and according to the World Bank, the number of people in this country below the poverty line
      76.80%. So it is more beautifully screwed for the effect so that drooling is allowed.
  2. saigon
    saigon 28 January 2018 07: 08 New
    Foolishly 1000 dollars a month? In Africa, Guinea is okay average. And how much is average in Russia? Although it is clear the average salary is like the average temperature in a madhouse, but how much do we have?
    They have no State Duma and fewer officials?
    What is not an example to follow?
    1. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 28 January 2018 07: 31 New
      What is not an example to follow?

      Are you talking about the photo above? wink
      1. saigon
        saigon 28 January 2018 09: 38 New
        nnnu if it’s the officials’s head then how to say it is tolerant, why not?
        Actually, I'm talking about the average temperature in a madhouse. Perhaps 1000 on the snout is the result shown in the picture - I couldn’t do it
        1. artipog
          artipog 29 January 2018 18: 53 New
          Everything is relative. Equatorial Guinea: oil production is 20 times more per 1 person than in Russia, oil export is 35 times more. The territory located in the equatorial climate with average temperatures + 25- + 26 is 700 times less, the cost of security is close to zero. Yes, they should have roads of gold, and not the average salary of $ 1000.
          1. Yuriy_999
            Yuriy_999 30 January 2018 12: 26 New
            Guinea Equatorial's security costs are not that small. Fleet, aviation, air defense - all foreign mercenaries. 1300 people per 600 population are not so small. When boarding and alighting even on domestic flights as early as 000 - fingerprint control, digital photo and dog control. Dog handlers are foreigners. The problem of poaching is quite acute. On AN 2010 they hang a cannon turret and chase poachers and pirates. Our flyers in night vision devices on the Mi 72's did the same thing at night. Speaking of piracy, unlike Nigeria, almost nothing was heard. And the roads there are excellent (builders are either Chinese or Arabs). and social housing built just gorgeous. And the problems with the coups they began after the "dad" cut the percentage of profits of foreign "oil workers".
            1. artipog
              artipog 31 January 2018 18: 58 New
              Expel half of the population from the Mykolayiv region and imagine what could be done from it with such incomes for 25 years as Equ.Guinea, though the climate is worse in Ukraine, the temperature differences can not be compared, so infrastructure costs would be much higher. One and a half dozen armored personnel carriers, 4 dryers and several helicopters cost a penny for such incomes, though with such an area in such an environment, they don’t need anymore.
            2. artipog
              artipog 31 January 2018 19: 00 New
              Therefore, they spend 0,1% of GDP on the armed forces.
  3. cobalt
    cobalt 28 January 2018 10: 06 New
    Street in Malabo,, the country’s army is small in total 1300, 3 infantry battalions, 20 BMP-1, 30 armored personnel carriers, 2 patrol ships, 9 boats, but in the Air Force 4 su-25, 5 mi-24, and even 1 mi-26 and 1 ka 29,
  4. soldner
    soldner 28 January 2018 11: 26 New
    "In most other countries, coupd'etat executors are local cadres dissatisfied with the ruling regimes. In Equatorial Guinea, they are exclusively foreigners." The author generally does not know the history of coups, especially in Africa. Foreign mercenaries made the most famous coup attempts to overthrow the regimes: landing operations in Benin (January 16, 1977), the Seychelles (1981), amphibious assaults on the Comoros (1975, 1978) and the Maldives (1988).
    1. Doliva63
      Doliva63 28 January 2018 16: 58 New
      Plus Congo (Katanga) at 66 and 67, it seems? drinks
  5. nnz226
    nnz226 28 January 2018 12: 24 New
    Democracy, however! Opposition is being driven from palm to palm by dubbing!
  6. 82т11
    82т11 28 January 2018 15: 25 New
    Here it is the fate of small and proud peoples! President oligarch and foreign companies pumping oil.
    But these unsuccessful attempts are more like intimidation, maybe this Obiang is sharing than he does not want.
  7. parma
    parma 29 January 2018 06: 57 New
    It is easier to carry out the coup with the help of someone else’s hands (mercenaries), especially if the army is so small, like here ... There’s an elementary less chance that the information will go where you don’t need to, and you still need to try to curb the crowd of civilians, and therefore resort to the services of mercenaries.
  8. Nemesis
    Nemesis 29 January 2018 21: 09 New
    Three coup attempts, for so many years, and even for Africa, is not so much. On the other hand, regular attempts, and even from outside, speak of NATO's insistent desire to overthrow power there, but without noise and at minimal cost ...
  9. soldner
    soldner 31 January 2018 13: 13 New
    And the title of the article is awkward. What does it mean - come back. Mercenaries are an ancient respected profession, whole eras of military art are characterized by the struggle of hired armies. A relic of the old mercenary armies is the Vatican Swiss Guard, created in January 1506! Since the beginning of the 19th century, mercenary units of the highlanders of Nepal, the Gurkhas, have served in the British army. Since 1831 there is the Foreign Legion of France. Oman's land forces are formed from Pakistani Baluchis. And the term “dogs of war” comes from the ideological baggage of the Soviet era, when the USSR and weak African countries broke through the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Mercenaries at the UN. Developed countries have not ratified it: the prohibition of an individual to engage somewhere is a violation of basic rights.
  10. NF68
    NF68 31 January 2018 16: 03 New
    According to the country's security ministry, approximately 30 people penetrated into the territory of Equatorial Guinea from Cameroon in order to carry out a series of attacks on government structures, provoke riots and overthrow the government of President Obiang.

    To overthrow the president in Guinea, a group of 30 people is enough?
  11. Vard
    Vard 3 February 2018 11: 13 New
    Actually ... the self-name Wild Geese ... I like it more ...