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The VVO engineering troops received new equipment

The connection of the engineering troops of the Eastern Military District (BBO) in the Khabarovsk Territory received a batch of new special equipment, the press service of the BBY reported on Monday.

The VVO engineering troops received new equipment

So, military engineers began to operate a new set of heavy mechanized bridge TMM-3M2 on the chassis of the KamAZ car. Also, a new BMR-3MA mine clearance vehicle, based on the tank
- said in a statement.

The heavy mechanized bridge TMM-3М2 is intended for the device of bridge crossings through various obstacles on the ways of movement of troops, the set consists of four cars. Assemble and disassemble the bridge using a hydraulic winch. To provide an overview of the work site, the machine is equipped with a rear-view camera.

On the case of the BMR-3MA combat vehicle for mine clearing, eight grenade launchers of the “Tucha” smoke screen for shooting 81-millimeter smoke grenades are installed. It can operate in three modes: crewed, programmable and with remote control. In the latter case, one operator can control the machine from a remote control.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Rusland
    Rusland 22 January 2018 14: 15 New
    Very useful in emergency situations, God forbid of course.
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 22 January 2018 14: 31 New
      The President answered for his words. And the officers began to live with dignity and receive worthy

      The army receives fuel and lubricants, equipment and an officer is therefore honorable and promising. Nice.

      Let me remind you what happened at the beginning. When no one believed that the army would be on decent security

      Woman. Vladimir Vladimirovich! Do you know how much an officer gets?
      Putin. Yes, I was told that the average salary of an officer ...
      Shout. Lieutenant?
      Putin. No, the lieutenant I don’t know, but the average monetary allowance of an officer ... wait a second ... about 3 thousand rubles.
      Explosion of emotions in the hall. How many?!
      Screams. And the captain?
      Putin. Not? Oh, 6 thousand rubles.
      Screams. How many?! What are you ?!
      Putin. I am reading you the certificate that I have ...
      (Noise in the hall.)
      Putin. Please be a little quieter, otherwise I can’t hear.
      Woman. (Inaudible) ... he was getting two and a half thousand. Is it really money? It's a shame for an officer!
      Putin. Yes, it's a shame.
      Screams. Benefits! .. We can’t pay for three months ...
      Putin. It is necessary that these were not benefits, but real money. It is necessary that officers in Russian cities should not be thrown out of buses for not paying the fare. It is necessary that they receive a decent monetary content. It is impossible to live on one and a half to two thousand.
      Screams. Right!
      Putin. And that's why I say that, therefore, our army should not be so large, but so that officers and their families live with dignity.
    2. toha124
      toha124 22 January 2018 14: 39 New
      Specifically, TMM are very rarely used in the elimination of disasters. At least on TV, rarely flicker in this context. During floods, you often notice floating conveyors of the PTS line. Less often - links from sets of pontoon-bridge parks. During forest fires, the BAT-M and BAT-2 tracklayers are often visible, less often trench vehicles. The companions from the troops will correct me. And so yes - the "liquidation" capabilities of the engineering troops are very large. From clearing rubble to supplying electricity.
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 22 January 2018 17: 18 New
        military engineers began to operate a new set of heavy mechanized bridge TMM-3M2 on the chassis of the KamAZ car. - from article

        And what is new in TMM mechanized bridges, except for the automobile base from KrAZ to KamAZ?
        Bridges TMM is mainly used for building bridges over small shallow rivers and ravines. The "liquidator" capabilities of TMMs can only be used during floods, and then within their performance characteristics.
        1. Igor V
          Igor V 22 January 2018 21: 20 New
          "and then within their performance characteristics."
          The length of one span is 10m. TMM-3M set - 4 cars (they are in the photo in the article). Therefore, from one set, a bridge of up to 40 meters is obtained. But you can connect any number of sets.
      2. Igor V
        Igor V 22 January 2018 21: 08 New
        TMM is primarily a track for tanks. After passing the tanks, the ruts are so deformed that they cannot be repaired. Once, back in the past, the collective farm chairmen, where the exercises had recently taken place, collected used ruts and brought them to our factory, which produced TMMs. They asked to align and give them for future use. The director ordered to make new ones and donate them to the collective farmers, while the old ones were scrapped.
        TMM is a fast-setting bridge for the passage of the first wave technique, i.e. TMMs attack along with tanks. Then USMs come and build a bridge that will stand for several months (until the flood or ice drift). It is quite possible to see the trigger in an emergency. By the way, we also made USMs on the basis of KrAZ.
  2. Lexus
    Lexus 22 January 2018 17: 03 New
    It is high time to throw KrAZ trucks in the trash.
  3. Falcond
    Falcond 22 January 2018 17: 47 New
    Happy professional engineers !!!
  4. Conserp
    Conserp 22 January 2018 18: 23 New
    Wow. They wrote about the "Cloud" system, but forgot to write about the presence of a log. Shame!