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Brussels may suspend visa free regime with Georgia and Ukraine

Last weekend, protests took place in a number of Georgian regions. The main complaints of the population are caused by the labor policy of the Georgian authorities. The protesters said that all relatively large projects in Georgia are being carried out by attracting foreigners as workers. In particular, we are talking about citizens of Turkey and China.

In particular, in the town of Kaspi, people came out to protest against the fact that the majority of those employed at the Heidelberg-cement Georgia plant are citizens of the People's Republic of China. Residents of the city demanded the introduction of quotas for the employment of foreign citizens.

Against this background, the EU receives information that during the tomorrow’s meeting in Brussels, the problems of a possible cancellation (suspension) of a visa-free regime with the countries of Eastern Europe will be discussed. In particular, Radio Liberty journalist Rikard Yosvyak publishes in his twitter account a statement that the EU leadership may decide to suspend visa-free travel with Georgia. According to Yosvyak, in Brussels, they are concerned that recently (after the abolition of visas) the number of Georgian asylum-seekers in European countries has risen sharply.

Brussels may suspend visa free regime with Georgia and Ukraine

The same person notes that the suspension of the EU visa-free regime with Georgia looks even more likely than with Ukraine. According to Yosvyak, the main dissatisfaction with Kiev’s policy for the EU is related to the lack of anti-corruption courts.
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  1. Some kind of compote
    Some kind of compote 22 January 2018 12: 55 New
    Let them pause
    It will not be worse
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 22 January 2018 13: 00 New
      Georgia: - The Chinese came here a lot. Close them visas. Come on guys to the EU.
      EU: - Georgians came here a lot ...
      . . .
      China: - The Europeans came here.
      1. The black
        The black 22 January 2018 13: 17 New
        Sumerians, remember, tourist visa-free travel is the only thing that your cheerful big top has achieved after the Extreme St. Maidan. Therefore, no matter how you are uprooted, be patient! You cannot lose him! wassat
        the apparent dissatisfaction with Kiev’s policy for the EU is due to the lack of anti-corruption courts.

        They thought that a goat would run the garden without eating cabbage ??? Naive Tolerasts laughing
        1. cniza
          cniza 22 January 2018 13: 46 New
          Their funny times have come:

          1. The black
            The black 22 January 2018 13: 51 New
            This is the entrance to the euro-portal, through the Ukrainian a..astral laughing
            1. cniza
              cniza 22 January 2018 14: 03 New
              They have already made an entrance, but there is no way out of this a..astral. lol
              1. maxim947
                maxim947 22 January 2018 14: 34 New
                From Ukraine they need a round timber and black soil - that’s blackmailing them, and, in principle, they have visa-free travel and are given to be even more willing to be threatened with cancellation, but what about Georgia? Is it just a separate port under NATO.
          2. Metallurg_2
            Metallurg_2 22 January 2018 20: 08 New
            The patch will be torn off, and even the most tolerant Europeans will be taken away in a duplicate)
      2. oldseaman1957
        oldseaman1957 22 January 2018 13: 19 New
        Quote: Shurik70
        EU: - Georgians came here a lot ...
        - The whole algorithm of the EU’s actions on the fragments of the USSR (the Baltic states, Georgia, Ukraine and others) shows that the “brothers” miscalculated abruptly. And they will enter the “friendly family of peoples” not as equal in the USSR, but polishers and prostitutes.
    2. Incvizitor
      Incvizitor 22 January 2018 14: 35 New
      Judas is despised everywhere, no one needs them now, contraceptive countries ...
  2. Egorovich
    Egorovich 22 January 2018 12: 57 New
    This Geyropa is fickle. I want to give, I want not to give !!! laughing
    1. cniza
      cniza 22 January 2018 13: 49 New
      From the very beginning it was clear how this would end.

      1. Egorovich
        Egorovich 22 January 2018 13: 55 New
        Dreamers unfinished from Ceyevrope!
  3. 210ox
    210ox 22 January 2018 12: 58 New
    Yes, take them to your place in the EU .. Just think of a couple of millions of people who are going to grow up. You don’t get used to it ..
    1. Solomon Kane
      Solomon Kane 22 January 2018 13: 00 New
      So the great Chinese wave has reached the homeland of Stalin ... hi
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 22 January 2018 13: 00 New
    People start talking about the suspension of visa-free travel in Brussels when they want to achieve some real result from a country with visa-free travel. They would say less, but cancel the dot. They themselves would have breathed a sigh of relief.
    1. volodya
      volodya 22 January 2018 13: 05 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      They would say less, but cancel

      So it is. But I wonder where these citizens will go after canceling visa-free travel. Probably to us.
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 22 January 2018 13: 13 New
        Probably to us.
        And here it would be nice for us to introduce a visa regime, and first of all with Ukraine.
        1. Roma 1977
          Roma 1977 23 January 2018 19: 07 New
          And the “Russian card” for Ukrainian citizens, by analogy with the “Pole card” in Poland, for foreigners who identify themselves with the Polish nation. So that the child does not splash out with water.
  5. Dormidont
    Dormidont 22 January 2018 13: 15 New
    Really new slaves are not necessary?
  6. ded100
    ded100 22 January 2018 13: 29 New
    Petka Porosenkov is even a bit sorry, his main achievement is already in question, because the hell! wassat
  7. Alex-a832
    Alex-a832 22 January 2018 13: 47 New
    The EU is created on a capitalist basis. Developing industry in backward regions is not cost-effective, which means that the rich countries of the EU area will become even richer and the poor - poorer. With open borders, this stimulates labor migration, further exacerbating the situation. What was previously painted in fantastic Hollywood dystopias can become a reality for Europe for 10-20 years. An attempt to play political correctness does not suit financial elites. They demand to lose ballast - the ravaged countries of Eastern Europe. If the leading economies of the EU do not have time to do this, then not only the EU will collapse, but the whole of Europe will turn into a mess. Migrants and refugees, if they feel the weakening of power, will immediately put the tolerant and liberal Europeans in the pose of one river animal. Who is for a ruined life, and who is for not providing the promised happy life.
  8. Lexus
    Lexus 22 January 2018 14: 52 New
    Brussels may suspend visa free regime with Georgia and Ukraine

    Still they would turn back the “Rkatsiteli” and “Borjomi”, and let the geysers continue to dance and sing odes.
  9. LeonidL
    LeonidL 22 January 2018 20: 21 New
    Georgians decided to work ???? Are the markets closed ???
    1. Roma 1977
      Roma 1977 23 January 2018 19: 08 New
      Well, not work, but the bosses get a job over the Chinese. It is said - "quotas", and not: "Take away the Chinese, we will work instead of them!".
  10. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 22 January 2018 20: 48 New
    What were you fighting for ?! What did they suffer for ?! laughing