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Everything you ever wanted to know about submarines

A submarine is a class of ships capable of diving and being at a certain depth for a long time. This class of ships is an important, and sometimes the strategic core of the armed forces of the countries of the world.

The first submarines (and up to 1944 year) most of the time were on the surface. However, the development of technology has allowed for a long time not to float to the surface of the water, not only the nuclear submarines, but also diesel-electric ones.

Modern submarines are divided by type of power plant, purpose and type of weapons. Strategic submarines are armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles and always have an atomic power plant. Diesel-electric submarines, due to their relatively modest size, can only carry compact rocket weapons.

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  1. Lexus
    Lexus 20 January 2018 22: 14
    Everything you ever wanted to know about submarines

    Is this a joke or a new flash mob?
  2. Vasya Vassin
    Vasya Vassin 20 January 2018 22: 31
    Why did cowards wear a miracle on their heads?
  3. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 21 January 2018 20: 27
    This "lecturer" is. It's good that it closed.
    submarines and the world order, as well as a new concept - hydrophysics are connected only in the political aspect, but not in the technical aspect. or scientific.
    Buoyancy is not a positive equilibrium, but stability, of course, depends on the rudders, but only on the go as a control or indirectly, but what about during the drift or at the berth, eh?
    The yield strength is not the case, but steel - the conditions under which it loses its strength characteristics and we need to talk about steel, not about the case.
    The shape is ideally teardrop-shaped or generally spherical - still cps.
    Do not make another video, forget it, you repeat several times: - “I think you understand what I’m talking about” maybe an ignorant person will gasp, but those who understand will understand what is behind you. you should not talk about what you learned from the TV, but no more.
    Speech building and argumentation are good, despite the video you are trying to prove your knowledge of.
    Since he introduced new concepts, I will only introduce for him - a trainer who knows such a secret that is unknown to anyone except him and therefore tells it hiding himself.
    Well, he ... but why did you post the idiot video here?
    1. kirgiz58
      kirgiz58 23 January 2018 07: 36
      Thanks for the comment. I did not waste time watching.
  4. tTshka
    tTshka 21 January 2018 20: 59
    I had a better opinion about this resource!