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Shapkozakidstvo and the covenant of Admiral Makarov

Shapkozakidstvo and the covenant of Admiral MakarovAt the Kaliningrad Yantar Baltic Shipyard JSC, on the eve of the new year of 2018 - December 27, which is called "under the Christmas tree", - the Andreevsky flag raising ceremony was held at the frigate Admiral Makarov of project 11356P / M developed by the Northern Design Bureau (PCB) ) And two days earlier, an act of acceptance was signed, that is, the ship was enlisted in the Russian Navy - in the 30th division of the Black Sea fleet.


"Admiral Makarova" - the third frigate in a series of six units - laid the 29 February 2012 of the year. His appearance in the Navy was planned for the end of 2015. However, for various reasons, the construction of the ship was delayed. Among them are untimely deliveries of equipment, weapons and other components by counterpart enterprises, as well as numerous changes in the management of the Kaliningrad plant itself. The frigate launched only 2 September 2015 of the year. 29 July 2016, he went to the factory running tests, which were quite successful. So, in September of the same year, the Admiral Makarov, with the Shtil-1 anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) in the Baltic Sea, successfully hit a cruise target missile launched by the Geyser small rocket ship.

In November, Admiral Makarov, already in the framework of the state testing program in the Barents Sea, completed testing of missile, anti-aircraft and artillery armament complexes, including successful shooting of the Caliber-NK multifunctional missile system at the coastal target. It seemed that the ship was about to fill up the fleet. But, returning to the Baltic, the frigate continued the tests of the air defense system. Last year they resumed. And almost every time it was reported that the shooting was successful. The command of the Navy announced that the "Admiral Makarov" enrolled in the fleet in May, then in September, then in November. But this happened, as we know, only at the end of December. What caused these numerous postponements and delays? Before answering this question, it is worth a closer acquaintance with the ship itself.

"Admiral Makarov" - the ship 2 rank far sea and ocean zones. It is intended for conducting combat operations against submarines and surface ships of the enemy, attacking coastal targets, repelling attacks of air attack weapons, both independently and as part of formations. Its full displacement - 4035 t, length - 124,8 m, width - 15,2 m. The twin-shaft gas-gas turbine power plant with a total power of 56 000 hp, consisting of two gas-turbine units M7H1 produced by the Ukrainian enterprise “Zorya-Mashproekt”, allows developing nodal full stroke. 30 nodes navigation range - 14 miles. The crew consists of 4850 people. Ships may additionally take on board up to 180 marines.

The main weapon - 24 anti-aircraft missiles "Calm-1" in a vertical cell launcher 3С90М providing all-round protection of the ship (firing sector - 360 degrees) and simultaneous firing from 2 to 12 air targets with a high probability of their destruction, and 8 airborne missiles complex "Caliber-NK". Instead of “ship-to-ship” and “ship-to-ground” missiles, or parts of them, supersonic Onyx or 3P anti-ship missiles can be placed in the 14С-91 launcher. It is possible that in the future the frigates of the 11356Р / M project will receive hypersonic Zircon missiles, which can be fired from all the same 3С-14 launchers. This arsenal is complemented by the universal automatic artillery installation A-190, two six-barreled 30-mm AK-630M assault rifles, two two-tube anti-submarine 533-mm torpedo tubes DTA-53-956 and the bomb-mounted system RBU-6000, designed for anti-rifle. Closer to the stern - the runway and the hangar for the anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27PL. Instead, the ship can take attack helicopter Ka-52 "Katran". A variety of electronic equipment of the ship. There are combat information management system, radar for various purposes, sonar complex (GAK), means of electronic warfare (EW). The architectural frigate is made using low-visibility technology.

On the first two ships of the series - "Admiral Grigorovich" and "Admiral Essen" - as part of the anti-aircraft missile complex "Shtil-1" anti-aircraft guided missiles (SAM) 9М317М with a range of aerial targets 2,5 – 50 km are used. But Admiral Makarov decided to test the latest modification of this anti-aircraft missile, the 9М317MFA with an active radar homing head, which provides a higher accuracy of hitting targets, and an increased range to 70 km. In other words, the Admiral Makarov was used as a test ship. This circumstance caused the annual delay in the transfer of the frigate to the fleet.

Obviously, the Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen will be re-equipped with more effective 9M317MFA SAMs, which are distinguished by high-precision Caliber strikes against terrorist targets in the Syrian campaign. They will receive and three subsequent frigate series. However, their fate is still not completely determined, since there were problems with the completion of the ships.


The events connected with the coup d'état in Kiev in 2014, the return of the Crimea to the bosom of Russia and the civil war in the east of Ukraine, led to a wave of Western states sanctions against Moscow. Ukraine joined them. Including the supply of gas-turbine units M7H1 were stopped, even though they were paid on time.

The question quickly arose: what to do with the three unfinished frigates of the 11356Р / M project? The United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), which includes the Yantar SPS, decided to get rid of this “asset” as soon as possible. Especially since Yantar already had the sad experience of maintaining the unfinished hull of the Tuman ship of the 11540 project and the Novik frigate of the 12411 project. Apparently, this position has found understanding of the Ministry of Defense. The eyes turned to India, the naval forces of which are already successfully operating 6 frigates of the Talwar type of the 11356 project, on the basis of which the 11356P / M project was created for the Russian Navy. The first three of these frigates were built at the Baltic plant in St. Petersburg for 1 billion dollars, and the second at the Yantar plant for 1,6 billion dollars. The price difference is explained not only by the gradual devaluation of the US currency, but also by the fact that the second sub-series is somewhat different from the first composition of weapons.

20 – 22 September 2015 was visited by a delegation of Indian businessmen from Kaliningrad headed by Pundi Srinivasan Raghavan, the country's ambassador to Russia. After visiting Yantar, he said that the Indian authorities intend to buy three ships that are being built in Kaliningrad, and said: "We must find a way to put these frigates of the Indian Navy, and we will do it in every possible way." In turn, USC President Alexei Rakhmanov said: "We are so open to all projects of military-technical cooperation development, that if India has such an interest, then we will be happy to work with them."

In December, 2015, during the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Russia, a corresponding contract was expected to be signed. But it did not work out. It looks like they did not agree on the price. Moscow requested more than 3 billion dollars. Delhi, given the difficult situation of USC, wanted to buy ships at a price slightly higher than the cost of scrap metal.

Each side had weighty reasons. Firstly, the project required serious processing. And not only because the Russian ships use a number of systems that are not exported, but because the Indian side, in accordance with the motto “Make in India”, demanded to introduce as much weapons and equipment made Indian enterprises. “The frigates will be equipped with Indian equipment,” said then Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar. “This is a version of frigates with stealth technology, and we can take part in the design work.” By the way, the conversion of the “Indian” project 11356 into the Russian 11356Р / M also required a lot of time and money in due time. Secondly, Delhi wanted to finish the frigates in its shipyards. That is, they had to be delivered to South Asia through several seas and two oceans. But before that, the corresponding shipyard still needed to be found, and then modernized to complete the assembly of the ships. And this is all the money. And considerable ones.

On the other hand, the frigates Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen were until recently the only new warships in the ocean zone in the Russian fleet. They are exploited, as they say, into the tail and into the mane, driving it in pairs, then separately into the Mediterranean Sea. And there is a high probability that they will simply be pounded like a horse. This has already happened with the Fearless patrol ship and the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Chabanenko. As a result of merciless exploitation, they flew gas turbine units manufactured by the Zorya-Mashproekt Ukrainian enterprise. Now they are under repair, and it is not known when they will leave it. That is why the demand for 11356Р / M project ships is extremely high. Admission to the Navy "Admiral Makarov" was perceived with enthusiasm. However, even three such frigates are clearly not enough for the normal functioning of the Mediterranean operational-tactical squadron of the Russian Navy.

The need for a costly deal to acquire ships of the 11356Р / M project for the Indian Navy is debatable. In accordance with the implementation of the Make in India principle, three 17 frigates have already been built in this country. They are a further development of the Talvarov, but they have a greater displacement and are equipped not with Ukrainian, but with more reliable LM2500 + gas turbines of the American corporation General Electric. At the same time, at the price they turned out even cheaper than the second three frigates of the 11356 project (360 million dollars per unit). Now, with the technical assistance of the Italian company Fincantieri, the 17A’s more advanced project with a length of 149 m and a full displacement of 6670 is next in turn. These frigates of the laconic Stelsov architecture will be equipped with the most advanced enemy detection equipment and armed with Russian-Indian cruise missiles “ship” class Ship and land-ship, Barak-8 SAM (LR-SAM) Israeli-made Israeli-Indian production with a target range from 0,5 to 90 km, and 127-mm artillery installation, anti-submarine torpedo tubes and two helicopters.

That is, initially neither Russia nor India would have benefited from a new frigate deal. With good reason it can be called mutually beneficial. Moreover, with regard to the Russian Navy, and therefore the Russian Federation, it would be an act of betrayal of national interests.

However, negotiations continued. "The issue of the transfer and resale of the troika (frigates - AM) is the highest priority of what we are doing now," said Alexey Rakhmanov in a meeting with the Yantar design team in March 2016. “We performed such a number of“ ritual dances ”around the Minister of Defense of the Indian Republic, which, by and large, the decision that they need these ships is there. And given the fact that the plant paid for what we have already built and there are no other options besides the transfer to the customer. ”

“In general terms, the plans are as follows: we are building two frigates for them ourselves,” explained Ilya Panteleev, head of the marketing department of the Yantar SPS, in April 2016, “plus transferring one hull with a high degree of saturation, another ship will be completely built at an Indian shipyard under our technical supervision. " According to Indian media, Delhi decided to purchase gas turbine engines directly in Ukraine. For "Dawns - Mashproekt" it would be a direct benefit. Yes, what! After all, at first this company received money from Russia and a second time for the same from India.

Following the meeting between President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Goa 15 in October 2016, an intergovernmental agreement was signed on the construction of 11356 frigates for the Indian Navy. But, as it soon turned out, it was not a firm contract, but something like a protocol of intent. And again the negotiations stretched. But the parties still could not agree on the value of the transaction.


On the eve of last year’s St. Petersburg International Navy Salon, Alexei Rakhmanov suddenly announced a sensational news that the final assembly of the frigates "Admiral Butakov", "Admiral Istomin" and "Admiral Kornilov" of the 11356P / M project will still be carried out for the Russian Navy according to the revised project with equipping with domestic GTU produced by NPO Saturn. This information on IMDS-2017 was also confirmed by Deputy Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy for Vice-Admiral Viktor Bursuk.

On ships, it is planned to deploy an all-main power unit consisting of two gas turbine units, each of which will consist of two M70FRU gas turbine engines with a maximum power of 14 000 hp. each. That is, the total power of the power plant will be 56 000 hp It would seem that common sense prevailed!

But it turned out that rejoice prematurely. The statements about the completion of the frigates for the Russian Navy were a kind of marketing step, or rather, a zigzag. The calculation was made on the fact that under the influence of information about the "transfer of arrows" on the ships of the 11356P / M project to the Russian customer in Delhi, they falter and make concessions to Moscow. But obviously, our "marketers" have forgotten that the Indians began to engage in trade for several thousand years before the first Slavic tribes appeared. And to beat them in this field is extremely difficult.

Negotiations sluggishly continued. But without result - until it became known about the start of construction of the head frigate of the 17A project at the Mazagon Dock shipyard. His official bookmark took place on December 28 last year. It is planned to build a 7 of such ships, including 3 at the Garden Rich Shipbuilders and Engineers. But these frigates are very expensive. Each of them will cost about 1 billion dollars. And it seems that the government of India used the negotiations with Russia to put pressure on domestic producers so that they would somewhat drop the prices for their products.

As a result, as Director General of Yantar PSZ told Edfaks news agency at the end of last year, “for today, the Yantar contract with the Defense Ministry continues to operate, but the construction of the Admiral series is suspended pending the Russian-made engines or some other decision of the customer ".


The past year was not only unsuccessful, but a failure for Russian shipbuilding. Only two (!) Combat ships entered service: the frigate “Admiral Makarov” and the corvette “Perfect”, which, as we know, is not completed with armament (see “Whether the new Tsushima is waiting for us”, “NVO” from 22.12.17). The fleet has been replenished with 8 special-purpose combat boats from the 03160 Raptor project and the 21980 anti-sabotage Rook project with a displacement from 23 to 140 t. 6 10-ton assault assault boats of the 02800 project can be added to them. Very sparsely.

Not impressive and the supply of fleet support vessels. The only timely replenishment in accordance with contractual obligations is the auxiliary icebreaker “Ilya Muromets” of the 21180 project. The rescue tugs “Polar convoy” (SB-736) and SB-737 of the 02980 project, as well as the rescue and towing vessel SB-739 of the 22870 project were transferred from the 2016 program of the year. The remaining 9 of the so-called support vessels are small tugboats and diving boats.

The large landing ship Ivan Gren, the 14 year under construction (!), The Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov under construction, which 1 will celebrate 12 the year since the launch date, the logistics ship Elbrus of the 23120 project, did not come into operation laid down in November 2012 of the year with a contractual obligation to transfer to the fleet before 25 of November 2014. Unfortunately, this list goes on and on. Meanwhile, 18 of December last year, USC President Alexei Rakhmanov said in an interview with Ekho Moskvy radio station: “This year, we most likely will not have time to deliver one ship through our line, or more precisely, one ship we are building for the Navy. To date, four have been commissioned (obviously, ships. - AM), two more will be handed over and two will remain “in debt.” Do you understand anything?

All this is a consequence of the usual hijacking by the leaders of the shipbuilding industry and the lack of proper control and skillful management by the relevant units of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Admiral Stepan Makarov - an outstanding theorist of naval construction and the practice of naval art, after whom the frigate was named, who recently joined the Navy, did not get tired of reminding his subordinates Latin wisdom: “Si vis pacem, para bellum -“ If you want peace prepare for war. ” This covenant is now choking in a sea of ​​speeches, bravura marches and parade shows.
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  1. groks
    groks 21 January 2018 15: 30 New
    “This year, on our line, we most likely will not have time to turn in one ship, or rather, one ship that we are building for the Navy.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 21 January 2018 15: 56 New
      In short -Dry the oars, here you go ...
      We will look and wait.
      I hope that the responsible guys from the Moscow Region will be more specific than us and draw the right conclusions ... they will also take appropriate measures.
      1. Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
        Aristarkh Lyudvigovich 21 January 2018 19: 06 New
        Quote: rocket757
        In short -Dry the oars, here you go ...

        In general, we have 22350, which in the amount of 4 pieces are being built for the Northern Fleet. All other fleets in the next 5 years of frigates should not wait.
        and the “Perfect” corvette, which, as we know, is not understaffed with weapons

        torpedo tubes of the small-sized torpedo anti-submarine complex “Package-NK” are removable in my opinion. And the fact that they were removed does not mean that they are not. Here is a photo from the perfect corvette

        And here is a photo of the Package-NK complex

        The “package” was not put on or taken off so that visitors (Putin and K.) fit in the place where they took a picture.
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 21 January 2018 22: 03 New
          I'm not such a pessimist to whine that everything is bad!
          I'm not such an optimist Schaub screaming that everything is in a bundle!
          I am a realist and I know that everything is not done right away but you have to work hard, Schaub was everything in a bunch !!!.
          1. New
            New 27 January 2018 14: 45 New
            Quote: rocket757
            I am a realist and I know
            Which of you is a realist? laughing In your head: pessimistic, optimistic and realistic mess. A realist sees reality as it is, and if everything is bad, and that is exactly how things are with us, then the realist will honestly say so.
            1. rocket757
              rocket757 27 January 2018 15: 50 New
              Only a very realist realist draws conclusions before the path has been reached and can’t change anything else ... but don’t go to the fortuneteller, is everything clear ???
    HEATHER 21 January 2018 15: 32 New
    Well, they accepted - and they accepted. The loving ones were shaking. We’ll go to our own. India is still about ... us. What do you have to do with them? Money? They are slimy guys.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 21 January 2018 17: 02 New
      Quote: VERESK
      Money? They are slimy guys.

      not "slimmer" than ours ...
      1. HEATHER
        HEATHER 21 January 2018 18: 29 New
        Yurich! Do not be so clear.
  3. Every
    Every 21 January 2018 15: 56 New
    Si vis pacem, para bellum - “If you want peace, prepare for war.” This covenant is now drowning in a sea of ​​speeches, bravura marches and parade shows.

    That is definitely choking.
    Frigates of project 11356, the only ships of the "non-coastal" zone that actually entered service, and they could not finish building.
    What is Surf? What is an atomic aircraft carrier?
    The construction and commissioning of ships of the 2nd rank cannot be established, but all the same.
    Also, the motivation often sounds strange: "they say the project is outdated, there’s nothing to rivet." So there are no others. Project 22350, in fact, collapsed. 22350M is only at the development stage.
    If at the moment Russia does not have its own EU, then you need to throw all your efforts into creating them, and not "chew the snot" (I apologize).
    P.S. Although all of the above has been discussed more than once.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 21 January 2018 22: 40 New
      your pride and ego does not start at the shipyards of St. Petersburg and Yantar ---- A AT VETUKIN (AUTOMECHANIC) URYUPINSK AND KINESHMI (YOU CAN ADD RUBTSOVSK) - there the three-way boys recognize the ICE from the inside and through the chain (almost food) it reaches MVTU and MAI. and only then Zorya or Saturn give the result
      and other 3 vocational schools in other quiet "outbacks" can be called-- from the cat's RCC and torpedoes "grow".
      we are sinking throughout the country, and such a number of "cosmonauts" (by analogy with the test pilots-elite from the years 60-70) is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Only mass will save
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 21 January 2018 16: 00 New
    consisting of two M7N1 gas turbine units manufactured by the Ukrainian company Zorya-Mashproekt
    ... But what about import substitution, which has been talked about so much ..?
    1. Overlock
      Overlock 21 January 2018 16: 03 New
      went to the Nikolaev site - "Zarya" plows on India, there are no reductions
      1. Antares
        Antares 22 January 2018 14: 17 New
        Quote: Overlock
        went to the Nikolaev site - "Zarya" plows on India, there are no reductions

        in 2016, a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of India for the supply of equipment, according to which Zorya produces ship power plants designed for existing ships of the Indian Navy.
        Plus, they will produce and deliver in tandem with the Sumy Machine-Building Plant DG-90 gas turbine engines for Ukrtransgaz. The equipment is intended for the modernization of three compressor stations of the gas transmission system of Ukraine: Ananyev, Zadneprovskaya and Yuzhnobugskaya. Total supply - 9 cars. it makes almost 15% of the annual load, and 30% of the allocated amount will remain in Nikolaev. This is 2016.
        in 2017, continued regular purchases from Woodward Nederland BV for the supply of local control systems for the main gas turbine unit (* in September, Zorya - Mashproekt ordered it equipment for $ 2,29 million, in 2016 - for $ 1,02 million . And in 2015 by 1,54 million dollars.)
        bought gas at 78 million UAH (8,72 million cubic meters of gas at 8 965 UAH per thousand cubic meters)
        In general, China, India, gas equipment in Ukraine, etc.
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 22 January 2018 11: 32 New
      Quote: parusnik
      ... But what about import substitution, which has been talked about so much ..?

      So the first three 11356 managed to get Ukrainian GTD. The problem with the power plant is in the second three.
      So far, they are first of all making gas turbine engines for 22350. The first domestic kit was promised already this year.
  5. albert
    albert 21 January 2018 16: 40 New
    Remember the war, as Admiral Makarov said so.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 21 January 2018 17: 05 New
      Shapkozakidstvo and the covenant of Admiral Makarov
      on such "news", "patriots" try not to go ... - nothing to cover ...
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 21 January 2018 18: 18 New
        I wonder why patriots should cover? Whom should they cover?
        And which patriots are more patriotic, those who are for power or those who are for the HOMELAND ???
        1. albert
          albert 22 January 2018 20: 45 New
          Quote: rocket757
          those who are for power or those who are for the MOTHERLAND ???

          Those for the homeland, of course.
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 22 January 2018 21: 12 New
            I put a plus, because I agree.
            It is not clear who Andrey Yuryevich in the "patriots" wrote that do not go on the topic.
            It is not pleasant that the word - PATRIOT - with a normal definition, is declined as they want!
    2. domnich
      domnich 21 January 2018 21: 17 New
      Quote: albert
      Remember the war, as Admiral Makarov said so.

  6. Fitratovich
    Fitratovich 21 January 2018 17: 21 New
    All three are out of order for us. Our engines will install
  7. novel66
    novel66 21 January 2018 17: 39 New
    frigate - back to front, front to back, these names were tortured, they are not ours!
    1. tlauicol
      tlauicol 22 January 2018 04: 31 New
      Yes, the fleet is not our name at all, tortured - not ours!
  8. PPD
    PPD 21 January 2018 17: 51 New
    "(see" Is there a new Tsushima waiting for us "," HBO "from 22.12.17)"
    No, not waiting. The Tsushima battle is a battle of two squadrons of equal value in general.
    For Tsushima, we simply don’t have enough ships, due to their absence in due quantity.
    Even if MRK for the destroyer count.
  9. Nemesis
    Nemesis 21 January 2018 18: 12 New
    All this is due to the president’s inability to appoint the right people and ask officials and hucksters for the result. To ask, not to shake your finger, as the GDP does ...
  10. gerkost2012
    gerkost2012 21 January 2018 20: 53 New
    In the failure of the shipbuilding program, the main thing can be distinguished. This is the lack of free shipyards, experienced designers and leading specialists - technologists of shipbuilders of large vessels and skilled workers. There is no one to clearly "draw" and embody. Everything was lost in the dashing 90 years. Judging by the way the Kaliningrad shipbuilding plant is building Ivan Bren's BDK, there is also obvious sabotage on his face!
    1. Evgeniy667b
      Evgeniy667b 22 January 2018 09: 10 New
      What can I say, direct workers on sites and stocks that cut and weld metal in short supply. Victims of the exam can only do nothing, but love the loot. Beliefs will not help here anymore, a coercion is needed. Well, or Gaster to connect from the sunny republics, although they also do not like to work., There is simply no choice. The system in the country needs to be changed, otherwise there are krants!
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 22 January 2018 11: 03 New
        Country of managers, lawyers, psychologists and other ... ov ??? What are the prospects then?
        By the way, and by whom do all these masters and other under-educated people work ???
      2. lelikas
        lelikas 22 January 2018 12: 11 New
        Quote: rocket757
        In short -Dry the oars, here you go ...
        We will look and wait.
        I hope that the responsible guys from the Moscow Region will be more specific than us and draw the right conclusions ... they will also take appropriate measures.

        50 percent of the jambs - due to the fact that those same guys don’t know what they want to get on the way out ...
        Few ships were handed over - as in the past, or the year before last - the construction financing scheme changed, if earlier it was possible to transfer funds from one order to another - now no - respectively - or everything works or everything costs,
        There is no one to work either - there, people from St. Petersburg are being driven to the Amur Shipyard for 3-month trips ....
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 22 January 2018 12: 54 New
          Sales to discuss what, do not decide immediately !!! professional orientation at school? vocational education? Training system, from industry and enterprises?
          And what works well with us, except for the Internet then ??? young fly away into the world of fantasies, and then the landing is very hard !!! In short, without a planned state policy in this area, we have a kirdyk !!!
          And now the logical question is - our authorities are going to raise the country, move forward ?????????????
      3. gerkost2012
        gerkost2012 22 January 2018 20: 02 New
        Yes, no matter how much they talk about the "digital economy", it turns out that without good machine tools, fitters and tool makers, welders, electricians, etc. there is nothing to be done. As the air is needed in the workshop by experienced site masters, a support guide. Instead, they are some kind of "menager" with about all kinds of education, such as a smile to win a client. And how to conduct a weld or steel grades for them space. As a result, Ivan Gren BDK has been doing it for 14 years, and China has built a large fleet during this time.
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 22 January 2018 21: 24 New
          No need to remind about the digital ecccc. As I see Pokedimon begin to laugh or cover with obscenities !!!
          A former accountant, at the top of the working representation there, closer to the top ...... That’s okay, but they don’t suspect about responsibility to the people and care about the needs of the country !!!
          In short, we vote FOR ???? and for whom ???
  11. Anyone
    Anyone 21 January 2018 21: 52 New
    Quote: VERESK
    India is still about ... us. What is the matter with them? Money? They are slimy guys.

    At least three defense enterprises / research institutes survived and exist only because of Indian contracts.
  12. Tests
    Tests 21 January 2018 22: 27 New
    You guys are big and smart, in the Russian Federation not only the king plays the retinue, but the king plays the retinue. It seems that this system suits both the king and the boyars.
    See how time will be, a biography of the current governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Anatolyevich Orlov. Questions on the Kaliningrad "Amber" and everything that he can barely send to the seas, including "Grena", are sent to many commentators on the site. Orlov’s Medal of Merit for the Fatherland, 2nd degree, appeared in 2011. The Kaliningrad magpies are cracking, because the director of Yantar was able to nod at meetings and straighten the index finger of his right hand when the others are squeezed.
    The Severodvinsk magpies are rattling that Orlov became Kalistratov’s deputy at Zvyozdochka, just after the criminal case of not paying millions of taxes in Zvezdochka. Zam Kalistratov for finance, Mr. Tikhonov, in that criminal case was made extreme. True, magpies from the island of Yagry are cracking, which Orlov made him extreme, saving Kalistratov’s trousers from not fun work - polishing the dock. Orlov, in those years, did not drink as often at the recreation center of the Severodvinsk bakery at the hospitable Mr. Mostovich as the rest of the Zvezdochka management, his vessels were cleaner than the rest, he was much younger - his head worked better. How not to notice this and not to thank !?
    As the EBN said: "That's such, you know, a squiggle!"
    1. Nitochkin
      Nitochkin 22 January 2018 02: 49 New
      And wherever you spit, it’s everywhere like that, those who put the signatures, and who directly gave the order, walk free.
  13. EvilLion
    EvilLion 22 January 2018 08: 46 New
    The great practitioner Makarov .. Then the great practitioner of swimming on mines.
    1. Antares
      Antares 22 January 2018 13: 51 New
      Quote: EvilLion
      when it’s a great landmine practitioner.

      He also practices "walking in mines," but this did not stop him.
      It’s just that Stepan Osipovich’s experience on this ended. It's a pity.
      1. EvilLion
        EvilLion 22 January 2018 15: 34 New
        Like the Russian fleet, successes in that war. But they will remember the "Varyag", which, it seems, has never even hit the enemy.
  14. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 22 January 2018 11: 23 New
    What did you want from the INSURANCE AGENT? Where did you see professionals in Russia now? Now the economy in our country is "ruled" by effective ... Chekists !? "Confidently taking the right path, Comrades ... to the Revolution!" And believe me, in six years (!) Maidan will be even worse in Russia than in Ukraine and Iran? Look at Bagdasarov’s speech at Solovyov’s Sunday. Good luck everyone!
  15. kig
    kig 22 January 2018 11: 45 New
    Events related to ... the return of Crimea to the fold of Russia .... once again confirms the feeling that CrimeaNash was started from floundering bay, without considering possible consequences.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 22 January 2018 15: 05 New
      Seize the moment !!! No one has yet canceled such a rule .... however, the authorities have not missed the bill of the people, we want to feel like a great power !!! And the consequences? Yes, we put on these consequences, AVOS will resolve itself !!!
    2. EvilLion
      EvilLion 22 January 2018 15: 42 New
      Opinions of the Dnieper and Carpathian tribes no one asks.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 22 January 2018 15: 50 New
        And when the Zarechensky people were asked how they should live ???
  16. etrofimov
    etrofimov 23 January 2018 11: 16 New
    Hindus are selling pseudo-allies! Already lying under staff with spread buttocks. We need to seriously teach them a lesson by equipping China and Pakistan with more modern weapons and setting them against India. (China should be supplied carefully so that we don’t scamper with these weapons).
    Hindus have not grabbed lyuli from anyone for a long time, we need to help those who want to organize this!
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 23 January 2018 11: 47 New
      Hindus, of course, are still bugs, but just like that, throwing everything that happened before is NOT NECESSARY !!!
      The government will change, and Bollywood will always be ... and bribes will have to be carried in bags again, but they are what they are, there are a lot of them and they already play a significant role on the world stage !!!
      They are not enemies, very cunning almost friends, so our politicians, diplomats, businessmen need to work more carefully !!!
  17. xomaNN
    xomaNN 24 January 2018 11: 16 New
    I had to visit the Kaliningrad "Yantar" in the early 80's. A good shipyard and survived the “Deriban” of the 90s. I hope that the Russian gas turbines will finally be worked out and go into series. Better late than never request