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Promsvyazbank selected by government for defense order operations

Promsvyazbank (PSB), which is being reorganized in the Central Bank's fund, was chosen by the government of the Russian Federation to carry out state defense orders and large state contracts, reports Kommersant.

Promsvyazbank selected by government for defense order operations

Since mid-December, the PSB has been reorganized in the consolidation fund of the banking sector (FSB) of the Central Bank, but it was he who was chosen “for the role of the supporting” bank. This information was confirmed by two sources in the financial and economic bloc of the government, as well as two financiers familiar with the situation.

The Ministry of Finance explained that “the new bank in size, the presence of an extensive network of branches and a number of other characteristics will be optimally suited for the role of the reference ... in the near future the necessary corporate procedures for transferring the bank to the ownership of the Russian Federation will be completed”.

Officially called the bank in the Ministry of Finance refused. Promsvyazbank itself reported that they had not heard of this government decision.

“Until now, PSB has not figured as a candidate for this role. First of all, the subsidiaries of Vnesheconombank were called Sviaz-Bank and Globex-Bank, as well as the Russian Financial Corporation (RFK), which was controlled by Rostec. However, literally at the end of December, an unexpected decision was made - “allocating” PSB for these purposes, which is sufficient in size to transfer major contracts from banks that fear that they will fall under new US sanctions, including from Sberbank and VTB, ”the article says.

The steps are as follows: first, the Central Bank will close the “hole” in Promsvyazbank, then determine how much capital the bank needs to implement new goals. Then there will be a legal transfer of the credit organization to the treasury,
A government source told the newspaper.

According to the publication's interlocutors, all the procedures, including the transfer of the bank to the new owner, will be carried out until the end of the first quarter.
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  1. Rusland
    Rusland 19 January 2018 13: 13
    Especially if he had been taken by the throat before that, but at the same time they were cleansed of dishonesty.
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 19 January 2018 13: 18
      Quote: Rusland
      Especially if he had been taken by the throat before that, but at the same time they were cleansed of dishonesty.

      Why not. I didn’t have to do the same thing twice
    2. Petr1968
      Petr1968 19 January 2018 15: 07
      Quote: Rusland
      but at the same time they cleansed of dishonesty.

      yes, that's exactly what they thought))))))))))
    3. _Ugene_
      _Ugene_ 19 January 2018 16: 45
      that the PSB has long known problems and the owners did not argue with this, do not invent from scratch
    4. Comrade Kim
      Comrade Kim 20 January 2018 10: 48
      Not quite so simple and straightforward with lockable banks.
      Bank Ugra (and he is not alone)
      for example, had no violations, was in + (plus), but ...

      Rђ RІRѕS, Alfa-Bank fellow countrymen Friedman (Israeli citizen) and Aven (British citizenship, etc.) just sent our military-industrial complex to hell, so Shoigu decided to spend money for defense through Promsvyaz.

      Alfa Bank has openly announced its accession to anti-Russian sanctions, saying that it will no longer lend to defense industry enterprises. "
      It turns out like this: two acrobat brothers (Friedman and Aven) butted Shoigu, and nothing, as if it were necessary.
      Russia's "Elite": Treason for Money?

      The State Duma of the Russian Federation did not today consider the issue "On the illegal financing of Ukrainian security forces in the ATO zone by Alfa-Bank structures" Beauty is what!

      The deputy from the party "United Russia" Yevgeny Fedorov asked to remove the issue from the agenda, explaining this by the need to study additionally received materials.
      And they studied them:
      Alfa-Bank Ukraine is not a subsidiary of the Russian Alfa-Bank, but both of these banks have a common controlling shareholder - Luxembourg ABH Holdings SA The beneficiaries of this company are Mikhail Fridman (36,47%), German Khan (23,27%), Alexey Kuzmichev (18,12%), Peter Aven (13,76%), Andrei Kosogov (4,08%) and The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research (4,3%, before this share was owned by Alex Knaster).
      That's right, they wiped themselves off and their tails tucked away.
    KVU-NSVD 19 January 2018 13: 16
    Promsvyazbank (PSB), which is undergoing rehabilitation in
    It means that it won’t become swayed because of the threat of sanctions winked
  3. Non liberoid Russian
    Non liberoid Russian 19 January 2018 13: 31
    let them first transfer to state ownership, fire old topmanagers with import registration and exclude from the offshore shares and then transfer the defense industry .... and whoever doesn’t have the owners ... and as usual the son of a friend of Putin Fradkov’s general director ... nothing new
  4. Kent0001
    Kent0001 19 January 2018 13: 37
    ..... and headed by the bank Peter Fradkov! Coincidence? No I do not think so. Something like this.
  5. Gardamir
    Gardamir 19 January 2018 15: 03
    Promsvyazbank is a Russian private bank. Full name - Promsvyazbank Public Joint Stock Company. In addition, PSB reduction is often used in business practice. Headquarters - in Moscow.
    Dmitry Nikolaevich Ananyev (born February 19, 1969, Moscow) is an entrepreneur, co-owner (along with his brother Alexei Ananyev) of the Promsvyazkapital holding, which includes one of the largest Russian banks Promsvyazbank, the IT company Technoserv and the newspaper Argumenty and Facts ”and others.

    Member of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (2006-2013).

    With a personal fortune of $ 1,4 billion, in 2017 he took 59th place in the list of 200 richest businessmen in Russia (according to Forbes magazine)

    December 21, 2017, according to Interfax, left for the UK
  6. 23424636
    23424636 19 January 2018 19: 26
    I remember a friend from Samara decided to help a friend in Donetsk with money and went to the branch of this bank. After explaining the desire, he was looked at as a terrorist, Trotskyist and deviator at the same time, and his request to transfer money was compared with an attempt to undermine the foundations of the country's banking system. And of course they sent, after writing down his speech and passing it where it should. And what does this Zhikk Siluanov want to do with this bank by transferring it to the board of another father to the son of Fradkov, whose GDP he taught for a long time at the St. Petersburg Suvorov School, allegedly, in "finance." . When such people get loot, the great "patriots" of Tipo Lviv Friedman, who, having a metallurgical education, became a brilliant bookkeeper, usually come out of them
    1. Metallurg_2
      Metallurg_2 19 January 2018 21: 28
      Children of former and current high-ranking security officials need a place to feed. At the same time, they will feed their dads in retirement.
      Draw conclusions: the son of the ex-head of the FSB Patrushev is the head of the Agricultural Bank. The son of the current head of the FSB, Bortnikov, is the deputy head of VTB. The children of the ex-head of the Putin administration - one at Rosselkhozbank, the second at Gazprombank. The son of the head of the SVR Fradkov fits perfectly into this company of "young effective managers")))
  7. evil partisan
    evil partisan 19 January 2018 21: 16
    Our company at PSB is all polls. When there was a rumor that the license was taken away from PSB, then everyone rushed to our 2 ATMs (installed in our office) to withdraw their salaries. The excitement was terrible, the money brought. Many began to close their accounts in PSB. As always, I threw a flash about ... repeat and came to his senses when everything with PSB was already decided quite safely.
  8. TsUS-Air Force
    TsUS-Air Force 20 January 2018 19: 05
    bankrupt bank to choose for questions of defense? I haven’t liked all this recently! Why not VTB? through which the salary goes to the fighters? I have more and more awareness that they want to marry me without me
  9. rumatam
    rumatam 20 January 2018 20: 32
    began to feed hand cans.