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Kosovo: six bullets and a sea of ​​hypocrisy

It would seem that what else does the “world community” need from the Serbs? Mocked these people fairly, humiliated to the maximum, on the rebellious - there was a government. Great Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia) and then the new Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia) were torn to pieces. President Slobodan Milosevic tortured to death in prison dungeons. Many military and politicians will remain behind bars for a long time. Historical part of Serbia - Kosovo and Metohija - has been torn away from Serbia. And the Serbs there - in the position of pariahs. The current president of Serbia, Alexander Vučić, is forced to ask Albanian terrorists and murderers to visit the original Serbian land.

But no, they constantly demand something else from this nation. Act well tested method of "carrots and sticks." “Knut” is the bombing, this is the “color revolution”, this is the Hague Tribunal, which was recently closed, but managed to do its dirty deed. A "carrot" - a promise to include a "friendly European family." Just give out the resistance leaders. You just agree on the autonomy of Kosovo ... No, no, autonomy is not enough - you need full recognition of independence ... What will be demanded next? Are the offices of Vojvodina? Voting for sanctions against Russia?

The condemned people must either be destroyed or humiliated to the end ... And if someone gets in the way of such plans, then they must be physically eliminated ...

16 January, Serbian politician Oliver Ivanovich was killed in the city of Kosovska Mitrovica. Six bullets were fired at him when he was near the office of his organization - “Freedom, democracy, truth”.

Kosovo: six bullets and a sea of ​​hypocrisy

Oliver Ivanovich was not some kind of radical. His “fault” was that he stayed in Kosovo and Metohija after the army of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia came out. And not just stayed, but also organized the “Serbian National Chamber”. This organization tried to hinder the mass slaughter of the Serbs, but to no avail. Is that able to save individuals (which is already a lot). Under the “democratic” government of Serbia, in 2008, Ivanovich became secretary in the Ministry of Kosovo and Metohija. By the way, the more radical Serbian patriots accused him almost of treason for calling Serbs in the north of Kosovo to participate in illegal “elections”, which were appointed by the Albanian terrorists who had won the province. Winners, you need to remind, with the help of NATO bombers.

In general, Ivanovich was a moderate politician. Despite this, he still interfered with the Kosovo pseudo-authorities and was subjected to persecution. In 2014, an absurd criminal case was brought against him on charges of "war crimes". That he 14 April 1999 of the year participated in the killing of Albanians in the southern part of the city of Kosovska Mitrovica. Ivanovich and his associates, who also went through this case, declared their innocence.

After serving more than a year behind bars on trumped-up charges, Ivanovich went on a hunger strike. He was transferred to house arrest. In 2016, he was sentenced to nine years in prison, but the appellate court released him, referring the case. In the summer of 2017, Ivanovich’s car was burned. And now he got six gangster bullets.

It is characteristic that this murder occurred on the day when the next round of talks between Belgrade and the so-called leadership of the territorial entity of Kosovo was to take place in Brussels. After the murder of Ivanovich, the Serbian delegation suspended its participation in the negotiations. (How long? A sweet “carrot” in the form of the EU continues to loom in front of the Serbian leadership).

But the reaction of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about this massacre: “The murder of Oliver Ivanovich is an example that the situation in Kosovo is far from the one we would like to see. Therefore, NATO condemns the murder of Mr. Ivanovich. We believe that those responsible should be punished, and both parties should show restraint and calm. ”

What is it? Is called, NATO came to its senses? Hundreds of thousands of Serbs were forced to flee Kosovo and Metohija after the bombing of Yugoslavia. Thousands of Serbs who refused to leave their homeland were savagely murdered by Albanian terrorists with the full connivance of NATO. And suddenly - the murder of a Serb, finally, is condemned!

Or does the general secretary of the North Atlantic Alliance express their indignation at the interrupted talks between Serbia and the region cut off from it, where thugs Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinai are in charge today?

Tachi also condemned the murder of Ivanovich in words. But, he said, Serbian special services will not be allowed to investigate this crime. That is, all the same criminals will be investigated, on whose hands - the blood of thousands of Serbs ...

Oliver Ivanovich was buried in Belgrade. Farewell to him turned into a popular demonstration. In memory of the slain lighted many candles. That's just in the West, as always - a sea of ​​hypocrisy. False condemnation of criminal violence - and at the same time continued pressure on Serbia to finally abandon its land - Kosovo and Metohija.
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  1. Terenin
    Terenin 19 January 2018 15: 29
    We condemn the murder of Oliver Ivanovich. Assassins must be found by the Serb community in the region. Let them not hope for the local police.
  2. igorra
    igorra 19 January 2018 16: 40
    Complete hypocrisy, except for weapons and 100% eviction of Albanians from Kosovo, the Serbs will not solve this problem.
  3. Merin
    Merin 19 January 2018 17: 28
    Quote: igorra
    Complete hypocrisy, except for weapons and 100% eviction of Albanians from Kosovo, the Serbs will not solve this problem.

    This is a double edged sword.
    If then, according to the same principle, all Russians are evicted from the Crimea, then what?
    1. 82т11
      82т11 19 January 2018 20: 55
      So Crimea Russian who will evict us from there?)
      Here they could before, but now their hands are short.
    2. Xnumx vis
      Xnumx vis 19 January 2018 22: 26
      That you got excited! Evict two and a half million Russian people from the Russian Crimea. Break off to evict! You’ll choke on your blood!
      1. Merin
        Merin 20 January 2018 12: 00
        Well, I didn’t offer to evict, there are other hot heads. I just suggested looking at it from two sides. By the way, there are also 2 million Albanians in Kosovo.
        1. Xnumx vis
          Xnumx vis 20 January 2018 12: 19
          Kosovo historical Serbia, this time. Crimea Russian land. Part of Russia! Once again I repeat choke with my blood! already forgotten the lessons of history.
          1. Merin
            Merin 20 January 2018 18: 59
            Since you do not understand, I will explain to you. The bottom line is: you don’t have to do with others what you don’t want to do with you.
            1. Xnumx vis
              Xnumx vis 20 January 2018 20: 17
              The question is, why did this to Yugoslavia? As for self-determination, Kosovo has been warned especially! Or Americans are stupid!
        2. akims
          akims 20 January 2018 14: 59
          Kosovo is a powerful US mine located in the center of Europe. In fact, it is Kosovo Albanians throughout Europe who sell drugs, people (including organs), and weapons. At the same time, they should not be touched, since ambassadorial clerks also intervene. And now, crowds of Ishilovites were brought to support, as before the Chechens. And, as they say, a step to the left, a step to the right ...
          1. Pax tecum
            Pax tecum 20 January 2018 16: 08
            On CosMet (in Kosovo and Metohija), Camp Bondstyle is located - the largest US military base abroad since Vietnam.
            Improvise in your thoughts from this, dear forum users.
            It seems that the weapons there are unmeasured, including "left" from the countries of Southeast Europe, after the transition to NATO standards. The territory is closed. Training locations at the base are used including to train the same Albanians and other Islamic militants to further saturate the "combat zones" of combat zones. Muslim "personnel reserves" have been created in Europe, easy to rise.
            Hereby, by this, the Americans "hold" the European authorities for their troubles.
            Serbs (both in Serbia itself and in Republika Srpska), the only ones in the Balkans (not counting the Croats, but this is a separate story) who is capable, has the experience of Bosnia and Kosovo, and will fight against Muslims. They will fight extremely harsh, bearing retaliation. And this is their right, paid for with a lot of blood. There will be many Russian volunteers, as was already the case in 1990-1999. Maybe a lot more.
            Europeans, for the most part, do not understand this.
            And, the Americans know this, and therefore the balance of power is in all areas. Therefore, there is still a fragmentation of Serbian lands. But, it is not in vain that Serbs are called “Balkan Russians,” with hatred inherent in the collective West ...
        3. johnik
          johnik 20 January 2018 17: 17
          You can again evict the Tatars ...
          1. Xnumx vis
            Xnumx vis 20 January 2018 20: 30
            And you can not evict. The vast majority of Crimean Tatars are peaceful and hardworking people. Under Russia in the Crimea, they became peaceful law-abiding .. ..
            Quote: johnik
            You can again evict the Tatars ...
            they’re afraid of such clever people. am A joke! The vast majority of people want to live peacefully and work. Raise children. Tatars are no exception!
  4. Egoza
    Egoza 19 January 2018 17: 47
    Did NATO come to its senses? Come on. They just show that NATO troops should be there, but more, but longer. And then suddenly the war begins? “And we are already here” History knows such examples, but the methods are the same.
  5. Moscow landing
    Moscow landing 19 January 2018 19: 54
    Quote: Terenin
    We condemn the murder of Oliver Ivanovich. Assassins must be found by the Serb community in the region. Let them not hope for the local police.

    Yes, the Austrians also did not trust the Serbs to investigate the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.