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The most powerful small arms. Part of 5. Heavy machine gun "Kord"

The story of the most powerful rifle weapons it would be hard to imagine without a machine gun. The large-caliber 12,7 mm Russian-made Kord machine gun is today one of the most powerful “arguments” of Russian infantry on the battlefield. This weapon allows you to effectively hit enemy infantry and equipment, including lightly armored. The expression "machine gunner’s dream" can be safely applied to this development of domestic gunsmiths.

"Kord" is a Russian heavy machine gun chambered for 12,7x108 mm with a tape feed. The name is an abbreviation of the initial letters of the phrase "Kovrov gunsmiths-Degtyaryovtsy." The main purpose of the machine gun is to fight against lightly armored ground targets, vehicles, enemy manpower (group targets) at a distance of up to 1500-2000 meters, and also fight against various low-flying air targets at inclined ranges to 1500 meters.

The large-caliber Russian machine gun Kord was developed in the 1990s as a replacement for the Soviet 12,7-mm large-caliber machine gun NSV Utes, the production of which, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, was partially outside the Russian Federation. The machine gun was created by the designers of the Kovrov plant named after Degtyarev (the famous ZID). Serial production of new weapons was launched at the Kovrov plant in 2001. Currently, the machine gun is officially adopted by the Armed Forces of Russia. For the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, this large-caliber machine gun is produced in the infantry version with bipods (the lightest model) and on a special tripod machine, there are also special versions of the machine gun for installation on automobile and armored vehicles (Cord is used in anti-aircraft installations on the turret tank T-90), as well as boats and helicopters.

A. Namitulin, N. M. Obidin, Yu. M. Bogdanov and V. I. Zhirokhin were engaged in work on the new machine gun, which was to come to replace NSV, in the SKB of the Kovrov plant named after Degtyaryov in 1990-ies. Created by these specialists, the Kord heavy machine gun received a new barrel with an effective muzzle brake-flame arrester and a modernized locking system. Of the features of the new Russian weapons, we can highlight the fact that this is the only large-caliber machine gun that allows firing not only from the machine, but also from the bipod. In this case, the mass of the machine gun in this version does not exceed 32,6 kg (without sight and spare parts). Among its large-caliber counterparts from around the world, the Russian Kord machine gun stands out favorably with its low weight, the body weight of the machine gun of the entire 25 kg. The maximum length of the machine gun is 1980 mm. The machine gun Kord is lighter, more accurate and more compact than its predecessor.

When creating a new large-caliber machine gun chambered for 12,7x108 mm, Kovrov’s gunsmiths tried to eliminate three of the most important problems that were revealed during the operation of the heavy-bore machine gun NSV “Utes” in the troops:

- reducing recoil energy and increasing the stability of the machine gun when firing, the solution to this problem and allowed to create an infantry version of a large-caliber machine gun Kord, which can be used together with bipods;
- ensuring the process of independence of actions of automation and mechanisms of the barrel of a machine gun, which has a positive effect on the characteristics of shooting accuracy, and also eliminates various resonant oscillations of the weapon;
- significantly increase the survivability of the machine-gun barrel, thanks to this, Kord could be staffed with only one barrel. According to the manufacturer’s official website, the technical resource of the Kord machine gun was brought to 10 000 shots.

The most powerful small arms. Part of 5. Heavy machine gun "Kord"

The Kord heavy machine gun is an automatic weapon with a belt power system (in this case, the ribbon can be fed from the left or from the right). In the infantry version, the 50 cartridges are used to power the machine gun, and the 150 cartridges are used in the tank version. Cord is built on the principle of vapor automation, in which the gas piston with a long stroke is under the barrel of the machine gun. The barrel is made quick-release and has air cooling. Locking the barrel of a machine gun is made by turning the gate larvae and engaging the larvae lugs for the barrel lugs. Meals are made of metal with an open link. Submission of cartridges from the tape is made directly to the barrel of the machine gun. The technical rate of fire is 600-750 shots per minute.

The trigger mechanism of a large-caliber machine gun Kord can be controlled both manually (from the trigger mounted on the machine) and from electric trigger (option for a tank machine gun). USM has a fuse against making random shots. As the main one for firing a machine gun, an open adjustable sight with a cut-off to 2000 meters is used, while it is possible to mount various modern optical and night sights on the weapon.

The barrel of the Kord machine gun is quick-detachable, the cooling of the barrel is airborne. It was created using proprietary ZID technology, which ensures that during the firing of the machine gun its uniform heating, and hence even thermal expansion (deformation) of the barrel. Due to this technology, the new Russian machine gun has a very good shooting accuracy, which is 1,5-2 times the performance of the NSV machine gun. Firing from the machine is compared (when firing from the Kord from the bipods, accuracy is comparable to NSV on the machine). When shooting at a distance of 100 meters, the circular permissible deviation (KVO) for Kord amounts to only 0,22 meters, which is a little for small arms of this class.

High technological effectiveness of production and the quality of technical solutions used in the design of the machine gun provided Korda with high operational and combat characteristics. The machine gun is favorably distinguished by high reliability of work in a very wide range of temperatures - from -50 to + 50 degrees Celsius. It can be used freely in dusty conditions, as well as after immersion in water, without multi-day lubrication and cleaning, during icing, and also in other difficult operating conditions.

The advantages of Kovrov machine gun rightly include reliable operation and the ability to conduct intense fire without additional cooling of the barrel, while maintaining a given aiming accuracy. The accuracy of the battle, the stability of accuracy and the rate of fire throughout the entire technical resource of exploitation are also among the advantages of the model. Special mention deserves the convenience of servicing a large-caliber machine gun and the possibility of eliminating some of the identified faults directly during combat use of weapons (on the battlefield) by means of calculation using for this the capabilities of an individual spare parts tool, as well as good maintainability of a large-caliber machine gun directly in military conditions using group and repair spare parts. The machine gun in some conditions can be brought back to life without being sent to the factory.

For firing a large-caliber machine gun, standard 12,7x108 mm ammunition with B-32 (armor-piercing incendiary), BZT-44M (armor-piercing-tracer) bullets and BS (armor-piercing-incendiary) are used. We can say that the B-32 is the main cartridge and the most common ammunition caliber 12,7x108 mm. His armor-piercing incendiary bullet with a steel core is able to pierce an armor plate 20 mm thick at a distance of 100 meters with a probability 90%. In 1972, a new BS armor-piercing incendiary cartridge with a bullet with a cermet core appeared in the USSR. It was developed when it became clear that the armor penetration of the B-32 cartridge was no longer enough to fight modern BTR and BMP. This ammunition pierces 20 mm of armor installed at an angle of 20 degrees, at a distance from 545 to 782 meters (depending on meteorological conditions) with a probability of at least 80%. Cartridges with an armor-piercing incendiary tracer bullet BZT-44М, among other things, are intended for adjusting the fire, as well as indicating the target.

Shooting such cartridges at the enemy’s well-fortified positions is very effective and has a demoralizing effect on the enemy, since even brickwork in several bricks ceases to be a reliable defense during firing. The disadvantages of the Kord machine guns with a stretch include the unmasking effect when firing, when the flame is pulled out of the muzzle brake compensator in different directions, and the nearest dust and leaves rise into the air. On the other hand, it is possible to detect a firing point with a large-caliber machine gun on other grounds, especially if the shooting has been going on for quite a long time.

Kord heavy machine gun is a real military weapon. The machine gun managed to war during the Second Chechen War, the armed conflict in South Ossetia in 2008, and is also widely used during the fighting in Syria. According to the "Bulletin of Mordovia", the government forces of the Syrian Arab Republic actively used Russian machine guns "Kord" during battles in urban environments. According to journalists of the publication, the infantry versions of the large-caliber machine gun on the bipods are especially convenient when used in combat operations within the city limits. The power of weapons allows you to confidently hit the militants, who can hide behind brick or concrete walls. Earlier it was also noted that the machine gun had proved itself very well in Syria, where it was also used to suppress and destroy enemy snipers.

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  1. avt
    avt 19 January 2018 15: 06
    good Vesch chic-a-arnaya! There are no other words. Well done Dyagterivtsi - polished ,, Cliff ", the production of which seems to have remained in Kazakhstan after 1991, to a new level.
  2. Naputeon bonaput
    Naputeon bonaput 19 January 2018 15: 41
    I would like to have this in my garage)
  3. san4es
    san4es 19 January 2018 15: 47
    Large-caliber Russian machine gun "Kord" was developed in the 1990s

    To Article soldier
  4. tchoni
    tchoni 19 January 2018 16: 40
    The trouble and the cant of such machine guns - you can’t carry a lot of ammunition with you. Even if you turn the entire department into "donkeys". The idea of ​​a 9-10 mm machine gun cartridge has been floating in the air for a long time, but I have not heard about the adoption of such a device by anyone at least.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. psiho117
      psiho117 22 January 2018 21: 40
      Quote: tchoni
      The idea of ​​a 9-10 mm machine gun cartridge has been floating in the air for a long time, but I have not heard about the adoption of such a device by anyone at least.

      The Americans are now clinging to the "single machine gun" program with a cartridge under .338 Norma Magnum (8,6x64) and a plastic sleeve.
      More precisely, they have troubled him for a long time - but now the matter has moved, and in addition to the initiative model of General Dynamics, there is also a request from the Special Operations Command for the development and production of this machine gun.
  5. nsws3
    nsws3 19 January 2018 21: 03
    I wonder why the MDZ cartridge is not mentioned? Is he also like a regular cartridge for our 12.7 and 14.5 machine guns ?!
  6. polpot
    polpot 19 January 2018 21: 46
    Wonderful grandson of everyone beloved DShK
  7. Kot_Kuzya
    Kot_Kuzya 20 January 2018 03: 24
    The most useless infantry weapon. Armed with a motorized rifle platoon, three BMPs or armored personnel carriers with automatic guns, where the gunner sits covered in armor in the turret, and thanks to mobility, you don’t need to carry a heavy machine gun with no less heavy ammunition on its hump. A box with a ribbon of 50 rounds 12,7 * 108 weighs 8 kg, that is, even if the entire compartment is allowed to be dragged along the box, the ammunition will reach only 400 rounds, while an armored personnel carrier or infantry fighting vehicle has a 30-mm gun with 500 rounds of ammunition , and there are only three people - the commander, gunner and driver. Comparing the power of fire with a 12,7 mm bullet and a 30 mm projectile is simply ridiculous. It's like comparing a 5,45 bullet to a 12,7 bullet.
    1. karelia-molot
      karelia-molot 20 January 2018 07: 35
      And the TOC has even more caliber, and volume-detonating ammunition! What for these machine guns to produce - it is not clear at all ...
    2. dumkopff
      dumkopff 20 January 2018 08: 30
      Maybe. But to issue a bunker or a disguised firing position under an infantry fighting vehicle, or to throw an infantry fighting vehicle by helicopter somewhere in the mountains is problematic. Each weapon has its own tasks, its strengths and weaknesses. It is better to have a suitable tool for any occasion than then screw the screws with a knife.
    3. Vadim Kurbatov
      Vadim Kurbatov 20 January 2018 15: 14
      You are apparently stupid if you prefer a 30mm armor-piercing projectile to fire a machine gun at an infantry and a machine gun to mow infantry and light armored vehicles
      1. Kot_Kuzya
        Kot_Kuzya 20 January 2018 17: 40
        To kill a person, a 5,45 mm bullet is enough. There is no need to spend expensive 12,7 mm cartridges. A 30-mm shells have a good fragmentation effect, so they can hit the enemy and not with a direct hit.
        1. Vadim Kurbatov
          Vadim Kurbatov 20 January 2018 21: 12
          So according to your logic, a 30mm high-explosive projectile is expensive to shoot at infantry and a 12,7 mm caliber, in addition to infantry, can turn light armored vehicles into cheese
    4. tchoni
      tchoni 20 January 2018 18: 10
      And in the arsenal of the Strategic Missile Forces there is a vigorous missile clearing 10 cities of district significance at a time. Why do I need to produce these power tools?
      1. Golovan Jack
        Golovan Jack 20 January 2018 18: 13
        To not shoot at the sparrows from the gun.
        Quote: almost tchoni
        Why do I need a toothpick when I have a hammer?

        You said the same thing, just in other words yes
    5. raw174
      raw174 20 March 2018 12: 15
      Quote: Kot_Kuzya
      The most useless infantry weapon. Three infantry fighting vehicles or armored personnel carriers with automatic guns are armed with a motorized rifle platoon.

      A heavy machine gun is a defensive weapon. It serves to create a defensive point (bunker, for example). Yes, an armored personnel carrier can also be buried and made into a stationary point, but why? and it’s not always possible ... With the help of a KK machine gun, you can make a point at a prevailing height to control the sector (roads, for example), and you will bury the APC in rocky soil, on a ledge? Yes, and 30 mm. - excess for infantry and light armor ... BTR and BMP - offensive weapons. Of course, they are used in defense, but its essence is mobility to support the advancing infantry.
      Quote: Kot_Kuzya
      A box with a ribbon of 50 rounds 12,7 * 108 weighs 8 kg, that is, even if you allow the entire compartment to drag along the box, the ammunition will reach only 400 rounds

      The ammunition will be delivered to the defensive point by transport, not an arm to flee the attack with CORD ...
  8. 236 BTR
    236 BTR 20 January 2018 21: 29
    Not a machine gun, but a song))), shoot as much as the soul sings))), it’s true to pay tribute to the good old DShK and NSV (T) (they are also gorgeous), but this one is just a song)))
  9. NG inform
    NG inform 22 January 2018 14: 52
    The knife bayonet is missing. In addition, I do not understand why in the 21st century a heavy machine gun with manual control. Why should an operator using such an expensive device sit in the affected area, and not in at least some kind of shelter?
    1. Narak-zempo
      Narak-zempo 22 January 2018 21: 42
      Because preparing a machine gunner is cheaper than riveting a remotely controlled module. And even if a gift flies into his trench, then the machine gun with a high probability can be washed from sand and blood and put another shooter for it, and the cranks will definitely come to the electronics.
      1. NG inform
        NG inform 23 January 2018 20: 01
        Not cheaper. Even for the army, such a module would not cost more than half a million, and a soldier would be more expensive. In addition, the shooter, feeling safe, will think more about shooting, and not about how he would fly.
        1. Berkut
          Berkut 4 February 2018 16: 52
          In fact, armored caps were invented. True, not with us for a long time