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DNR and LC proposed to Kiev mutual refusal to use the DRG and sniper fire

Representatives of the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics took the initiative to introduce measures on a comprehensive cease-fire and those items that would prohibit parties to the conflict to use sabotage and reconnaissance groups, as well as snipers. On the one hand, these paragraphs in their absence in the document are assumed to be a statement on a comprehensive cease-fire in the conflict zone. However, in the DPR and LPR, they decided to come up with a concrete initiative, telling Kiev about it in the framework of the so-called Minsk format.

DNR and LC proposed to Kiev mutual refusal to use the DRG and sniper fire

RIA News cites the statement of the representative of the DPR in the Joint Group for the Coordination and Control of the Ceasefire Regime:
The main issue of the meeting was the observance of the existing truce, in terms of the implementation of additional measures to stabilize the ceasefire. In particular, the OSCE SMM coordinator focused on such measures as a ban on moving forward and any offensive actions, a ban on opening fire under any conditions, including retaliatory, and full adherence to cease-fire orders. The republics supported additional measures and proposed the inclusion of a ban on any sabotage and sniper fire.

During the past 24 hours in the conflict zone, the Ukrainian side once again violated the “New Year's truce” regime. More than three dozen shelling of the territory of the people's republics was carried out. Infrastructure damaged. Fortunately, there are no victims.
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  1. Azazelo
    Azazelo 18 January 2018 17: 52
    Found with whom to negotiate .... have they at least once completed a truce?
    1. Going
      Going 18 January 2018 18: 00
      This is a political game and nothing more.
      1. vovanpain
        vovanpain 18 January 2018 18: 15
        When did Kiev comply with at least some agreements?
        1. Geisenberg
          Geisenberg 18 January 2018 18: 41
          Quote: vovanpain
          When did Kiev comply with at least some agreements?

          Never. And will not be. But the offer was worth it anyway.
    2. sergey32
      sergey32 18 January 2018 18: 06
      They do not fulfill the obligations to exchange prisoners in full. What to negotiate with them?
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 18 January 2018 18: 09
      In a day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine 3 were killed, 5 injured

      1. Mavrikiy
        Mavrikiy 18 January 2018 18: 18
        Is a riverman a bolobol?
    4. Maz
      Maz 18 January 2018 20: 36
      Yes, they only then the United States began to deliver snipers, wait from ill health
    5. vkl.47
      vkl.47 18 January 2018 21: 57
      Such cattle offer to show their weakness and fear
    KVU-NSVD 18 January 2018 17: 57
    came up with an initiative to introduce a comprehensive package of measures on a comprehensive ceasefire and those points that would prohibit the parties to the conflict from using sabotage and intelligence groups, as well as snipers.
    You can make it. What's the point?
    1. LSA57
      LSA57 18 January 2018 18: 20
      Quote: KVU-NSVD
      What's the point?

      and the meaning is that urkaina received from a striped party a sniper rifle. probably want to neutralize. monkey, they’re not going to do anything for it
      1. KVU-NSVD
        KVU-NSVD 18 January 2018 18: 25
        Once received, it means he will try to try in practice. And no paper stubborn is not a decree. I hope the shooters with these rifles will be announced a special hunt and there are specialists
        1. LSA57
          LSA57 18 January 2018 18: 30
          Quote: KVU-NSVD
          Once received, it means he will try to try in practice.

          of course. like this, so much time to beg, get and not try? It can not be
  3. stayer
    stayer 18 January 2018 18: 03
    even in the photo dives hold their flag upside down?
    1. Terenin
      Terenin 18 January 2018 20: 41
      That's right, they have brains upside down yes
  4. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 18 January 2018 18: 16
    DNR and LC proposed to Kiev mutual refusal to use the DRG and sniper fire

    Good for the game. For serious people - not serious.
  5. Rusland
    Rusland 18 January 2018 18: 19
    After today's adoption of the law, this is no longer relevant and Ukraine will not consider this proposal.
  6. Stas Snezhin
    Stas Snezhin 18 January 2018 18: 20
    "Crested only grave correct .."
    1. Terenin
      Terenin 18 January 2018 20: 45
      Poor grave, just what evil spirits do not cram into it request
  7. Ferdinant
    Ferdinant 18 January 2018 18: 42
    The most dangerous friend for Ukraine in their government and parliament entrenched.
  8. Dormidont
    Dormidont 18 January 2018 18: 44
    Old folk wisdom says: "Bandera grave correct"
  9. LeonidL
    LeonidL 18 January 2018 20: 51
    Who to negotiate with ????? Again kidanut!
  10. Antares
    Antares 18 January 2018 21: 33
    in positional struggle they propose to control something like that? DRG and sniper fire? Does ORDILO even understand that this is verbiage?
    Although now Ukraine has an advantage in sniper support (small), such a "diplomatic way" can level the advantage. Also an option.
    I wonder what mechanism? Confidence in words does not deserve any side of the conflict. And the OSCE has too few options except to observe.
  11. Sands Careers General
    Sands Careers General 18 January 2018 22: 02
    The soldiers can agree. Politicians - no.
  12. Lexus
    Lexus 19 January 2018 00: 20
    DNR and LC proposed to Kiev mutual refusal to use the DRG and sniper fire

    They suggested a "lover of scratching motnya" wash with dust.
  13. Naval
    Naval 19 January 2018 01: 04
    How can you believe those who sign the agreement, and then declare that it was a tactical trick and they are not going to comply with the agreement?
  14. perm23
    perm23 19 January 2018 05: 16
    A gangster and a fascist understands only the language of power. Negotiating with them is useless. Why did we forget the lessons of history. and 1941 and the war with Georgia.
  15. Siberian
    Siberian 19 January 2018 06: 43
    Good game! The peace initiative, aimed at stopping the shooting (about which all overseas yells), to answer that we will not, will not support, we will send DRGs, snipers, IMPOSSIBLE. And no one in any form controls them all. Once again (more than once) to demonstrate that Ukraine is not doing anything and does not suggest. Well, keep afloat the Mink format without missing Syshevsky
    1. TRP
      TRP 19 January 2018 11: 42
      Exactly. Putin, too, well troll them, suggesting that the "aggressor country" pick up military equipment from the Crimea, which the junta of Kiev sighed about.)) And who is the "aggressor" now?
  16. BAI
    BAI 19 January 2018 09: 16
    Kiev will not do this. He is stronger in this respect. And if forced to - will not perform anyway.
  17. TRP
    TRP 19 January 2018 11: 39
    They didn’t go there, but they did well. Goodwill gesture.
    Washington and London need to be addressed ... though, lads know this without me.
    CAT BAIYUN 19 January 2018 12: 03
    And it is useless to negotiate or offer something. Kiev is non-negotiable.