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Pentagon: We are not creating a new army in Syria

The main US military department made a comment on the creation of the next armed formations in Syria. We are talking about the so-called border security forces.

The Pentagon reported that the US military really started training "representatives of the local population" in the framework of the project to create "Syrian security forces." At the same time, the press service of the American security agency stated that the trained forces "should not be perceived as a border guard or army."

From the statement:
These forces will help return Syrian refugees to their homes. They will also make efforts so that ISIS militants (* banned in Russia) could not re-occupy Syrian cities. Training helps stabilize the situation in the country. But do not take it as a frontier detachment or army.

The Pentagon stressed that "they take into account the concerns of Turkey."

Ankara is concerned that American instructors are training Kurdish armed units. The US military says that they will “constantly inform Turkey” and that all actions “will be absolutely transparent for the final victory over the IG *”.

Recall that earlier in the Defense Ministry noted that the States are working to create a "new Syrian army", which, in all likelihood, will try to use in hostilities against the government forces of the Syrian Arab Republic.
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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic 18 January 2018 06: 09
    Yeah, they themselves are creating a new army, the Kurds, go who captured instructors from the United States, in America they also seized warehouses with weapons and ammunition, and they transported everything to the captured transporters? am The Yankees are in full swing! fool
    1. Lexus
      Lexus 18 January 2018 11: 16
      Herculesic hi . The Pentagon has long been renamed Pontogon.
  2. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 18 January 2018 06: 13
    Well, yes, I came to you in peace, and an ax behind me.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 18 January 2018 06: 26
      Pentagon: We are not creating a new army in Syria
      yet, the old is not over ...
  3. Ushly_bashkort
    Ushly_bashkort 18 January 2018 06: 31
    Can someone in the Techashchina train someone, so that they contribute to stability in the US?
  4. Hadji Murat
    Hadji Murat 19 January 2018 16: 08
    1) In Damascus, fights continue to boom, in Al-Nashkhadiya, in the southeast of East Guta, new positions were taken by SAA forces. In Yarmouk, clashes between the IS and SSA forces continue, where the former took a few more positions from the SSA.
    2) In Aleppo, the SAA took the n.p. Keital, thereby weakening the isthmus between the ISIS-KhTSH boiler and Abu Duhur. CAA also reports a large loss of strength of the HTS and OVSSA, and accordingly their inability to conduct any countermeasures against the SAA.
    3) In Idlib, ISIS reported the capture of a number of villages and fortified points, ISIS reported the destruction of the T-55 tank and the capture of another of the same SAA forces in Idlib.
    4) Damascus threatened to bring down any air targets of the Turkish Air Force, also noted that it does not exclude a possible ground countermeasure. While Valery Gerasimov met with the Turkish Minister of Defense, where the parties agreed that Turkey would coordinate the operation with Russia and Iran. There is such a difference of opinion, it is not clear what will happen next, whether the alliance between Syria and the Russian Federation will be broken or there will be a compromise option where all parties will be satisfied.
    5) Air strikes on the city of Serakib with incendiary shells, the last well-fortified stronghold in front of the city of Idlib itself, are reported. The SAA has well-trained saboteurs there, in particular, it has been mentioned more than once about scouts of the Tiger Forces, and there are also spotters of fire.
    6) While Turkey is preparing, pulling together equipment, soldiers and other units, a rally was held in Afghanistan against the invasion of Turkey, cross-border shootings are ongoing. The attack of the pro-Turkish SSA is repelled in Manbij, however, it has not yet been taken to Hadjin by the SDS forces, and the recently liberated Garainh is again under siege by IS fighters.
  5. Oleg Serdyuk
    Oleg Serdyuk 19 January 2018 18: 36
    I don’t believe the word of the Pentagon gentleman)))))))))))))