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Russia can export more than fifth-generation 600 fighters

Russia can export more than fifth-generation 600 fighters The total volume of export shipments of Russian fighters of the fifth generation of the Sukhoi brand may exceed 600 units, RIA reported News on Wednesday the director of the World Trade Analysis Center weapons (TSAMTO) Igor Korotchenko.

"According to the forecast of experts of our Center, as part of the production program of a promising front-line aviation complex aviation (PAK FA) at least a thousand of these fighters will be built in Russia, while the expected order of the Russian Air Force in the period 2020-2040, with a favorable economic scenario for the country's development, will be at least 400-450 aircraft, "Korotchenko said.

According to him, only F-35 "Lightning-2" will remain a real competitor to the PAK FA in the foreseeable future, as the heavy version of the fifth-generation American fighter F-22 due to its excessive cost (about 250 million dollars for one aircraft in export performance ) is unlikely to find demand in the global arms market.

Currently, the only foreign participant in the PAK FA program is India, which plans to have at least five-generation 250 fighter jets in its air force.

Based on the forecast, TSAMTO are among the potential buyers of PAK FA, the following countries: Algeria (possible purchase 24-36 fifth generation fighter aircraft during 2025-2030 years), Argentina (12-24 units in 2035-2040 years), Brazil (24- 36 units in 2030-2035 years), Venezuela (24-36 units in 2027-2032 years), Vietnam (12-24 units in 2030-2035 years), Egypt (12-24 units in 2040-2045 years).

As well as Indonesia (6-12 units in 2028-2032 years), Iran (36-48 units in 2035-2040 years), Kazakhstan (12-24 units in 2025-2035 years), China (up to 100 units in 2025-2035 years), Libya (12-24 units in 2025-2030 years), Malaysia (12-24 units in 2035-2040 years) and Syria (12-24 units in 2025-2030 years).

Depending on the development of the international situation and the emergence of new hotbeds of tension in various regions of the world, the delivery times, their volumes and geography can be adjusted, Korotchenko noted.
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    dred 27 December 2011 18: 55
    So many days will be.
    MILITARY RF 14 January 2012 17: 41
    Any strona wants to buy PAK FA including America