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Singapore has ordered the construction of two more submarines such as 218SG in Germany

In the coming years, the Singapore Navy will receive a serious replenishment of its underwater fleet. According to the portal, the German company ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) hosted a ceremony of cutting steel for two new submarines of type 218SG.

Singapore has ordered the construction of two more submarines such as 218SG in Germany

The ceremony of cutting steel, which marks the beginning of construction, took place in Germany at the shipyard TKMS in the city of Kiel. A symbolic pressing of the cutter start button was performed by Executive Director of the Singapore Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) Tan Peng Yam and TKMS CEO Rolf Wirtz.

In 2013, the Singapore Ministry of Defense ordered the construction of two 218SG submarines from TKMS. To date, both submarines are at different stages of construction and must be entered into service with the fleet in three to four years. In addition, last year the Singaporean military department expanded the order by signing a contract with TKMS for the construction of two more submarines such as 218SG (they are planned to be transferred to the customer after 2024 of the year).

In the Singapore Navy, 218SG type submarines will replace 50-year-old Challenger submarines, acquired in Sweden in 1995-1997. In addition, the Singapore Navy recently upgraded two Västergötland-type submarines (HMS Hälsingland and HMS Västergötland), built in the 80s.

The technical characteristics of the submarines of the 218SG project remain secret. It is known that the length of submarines will be about 70 m, displacement - 2000 t. According to unofficial information, the submarines for Singapore are built on the basis of the project of submarines Type 212, which are in service with the fleets of Italy and Germany, reports "Warspot"
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  1. Conductor
    Conductor 17 January 2018 13: 58
    An example of args did not teach anything?
    1. 32363
      32363 17 January 2018 14: 07
      Quote: Conductor
      An example of args did not teach anything?

      and what example? any equipment breaks down, but for someone who does not care for it, this happens more often.
    2. xetai9977
      xetai9977 17 January 2018 14: 35
      "An example of args taught nothing?"
      And who are the "args"? New nation? If you mean the Argentines, then always somewhere somewhere the equipment fails. By your logic, you should not build nuclear power plants anywhere, remembering Chernobyl.
  2. _Jack_
    _Jack_ 17 January 2018 14: 02
    Still, people are extremely aggressive creatures, they cannot help but kill each other in massive numbers, for this all countries are constantly preparing for these killings, developing, and purchasing weapons. Apparently we have it in the genes and nothing can be done about it.
    What is it for me?
    1. allaykbar
      allaykbar 17 January 2018 14: 07
      it is a competition. it begins with a day nursery in kindergarten and accompanies people their whole life.

      neighbors in the stairwell do not always agree among themselves - but they have one habitat, one language and the same values ​​instilled in one state.

      and you dream of a world between different speakers of the language, skin color and worldview.

      There is still such a factor as survival. It is also in the genes. The instinct of self-preservation.
      Now the less water, pasture and other things will be, the more there will be wars and competition of nations.

      In general, there will be no peace on earth - until the whole planet turns one color. And even when people have one manager - murder, theft and corruption will not go anywhere.

      People are like that.
    2. 32363
      32363 17 January 2018 14: 10
      Quote: _Jack_

      What is it for me?

      to the fact that war is progress, they have not yet been at war, but if only these forces were put into use, then Mars had been planted with potatoes for a long time.
      1. _Jack_
        _Jack_ 17 January 2018 14: 14
        The fact of the matter is that as from the cave times they annihilated each other and continue, this cannot be changed. Although the total population of the planet is growing, then this does not harm evolution, we will kill each other in even greater quantities.
        More submarines are good and different!
        1. gukoyan
          gukoyan 17 January 2018 14: 24
          I agree with everyone .. Films of the series "Judgment Night" perfectly reveals this topic at all levels)
        2. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 17 January 2018 23: 52
          Nevertheless, in Europe there were no major wars ... 73 years, correctly counted?
          Three generations.
          1. _Jack_
            _Jack_ 18 January 2018 12: 19
            Recently, foci in other parts of the world. Or do you mean that too long was gone soon?
    3. Dedall
      Dedall 17 January 2018 20: 38
      I understood your thoughts and add that deep animal roots can be traced in the desire to arm themselves. And to clarify, I recall that Darrell describes how he somehow transported a hefty monkey. She was aggressive and grinning, and then Darrell got angry and grinned at his ward. She carefully examined the professor’s teeth, counted them, and after that she was obedient.
  3. Oleg7700
    Oleg7700 17 January 2018 14: 10
    It can be seen in the illustration (and the diagram in "Warspot") that the basis is Type 214AIP ("stretched" ...) but with the Singapore combat information system (and not the German Atlas electronik)
  4. Sands Careers General
    Sands Careers General 17 January 2018 18: 24
    Germany itself has no ale with submarines. Five out of six are in long-term repair.
  5. flicker
    flicker 17 January 2018 20: 13
    What everyone began to actively arm?
    Maybe this is because international law is getting worse before our eyes?
  6. Oleg Monarchist
    Oleg Monarchist 18 January 2018 12: 57
    Big Submarine - Big BoNB laughing