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Strela-10 complexes continue to serve in the Syrian army

Syrian complexes 9K35 "Strela-10" are still in service and ready to perform combat missions, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Strela-10 complexes continue to serve in the Syrian army

New photos of one of these machines of military air defense appeared on the Internet.

“If the systems“ Wasp ”and“ Square ”of the CAA often appeared on the Web, then the photos of the complex“ Strela-10 ”practically did not“ shine ”literally until last year. If they were very rare, they were dated to the period up to 2012 of the year, ”the article says.

It is therefore not surprising that some experts were confident that such weapon simply did not survive the years of intense fighting. However, in the summer of last year, during an offensive along the Damascus-Baghdad highway, observers saw “Arrows-10” in the combat formations of government Syrian troops.

It is known that these installations were supplied to the SAR back in the times of the USSR. They are mounted on simple and reliable MT-LB tractors. On launchers placed 4 missiles. The same amount is in stock, inside the machine itself.

The rocket is capable of hitting air targets at a range from 0,8-1,2 to 5 km, at altitudes from 25 m to 3-3,5 km. At the same time, the target can move at a speed of up to 415 m / s on a collision course and 310 m / s on followers. Rocket weight - about 42 kg.

As a self-defense weapon, the crew has an 7,62-mm PC machine gun.

"There is no information that Syrian Arrows could record any aircraft of the enemy into their own account, but any pilot who knows what is operating in the area where 9K35 is deployed will be extremely cautious," publications.
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  1. flicker
    flicker 17 January 2018 13: 48
    The old horse does not spoil the furrow
  2. Professor
    Professor 17 January 2018 13: 54
    «There is no evidence that the Syrian Arrows were able to write down any enemy aircraft at their own expense.“but any pilot who knows what is operating in the area where 9K35 is deployed will be extremely careful,” the publication said.

    And why are they needed then? request
    1. demiurg
      demiurg 17 January 2018 15: 03
      Motolyga with a machine gun. And good optics.
      Yes, and you need to write something.
    2. san4es
      san4es 17 January 2018 15: 26
      Quote: Professor
      ... And why are they needed then? request

      ... So that no one would hang around (in the arrangement)
    3. Servisinzhener
      Servisinzhener 17 January 2018 16: 23
      It can shoot down all kinds of drones of militants, but I don’t see any more use for them. Because militants have no aviation. And they won’t pull against coalition aviation, except as a target.
    KVU-NSVD 17 January 2018 13: 57
    Syrian 9K35 Strela-10 systems are still in operation and ready to carry out combat missions,
    Yes, in the SAA, everything that can reach somewhere and shoot at the enemy is now involved. And the strength, longevity and reliability of the Soviet airborne military vehicles should not be occupied. Remember the tanks from the pedestals in the Donbass
  4. sivuch
    sivuch 17 January 2018 16: 49
    Can someone tell me which arrow 10 is in the photographs?