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Ankara called the number of Syrian refugees

The Turkish General Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior on Migration Issues presented a report that reported on the number of Syrian refugees in Turkey. The press service of the said Turkish Ministry reports that the biometric data of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs took almost 3,5 million Syrian citizens, who in recent years were on Turkish territory. All of them are held in Turkish official documents as refugees.

It is reported that all these Syrians received documents on the right to temporary asylum in Turkey. We are talking about 1,852 million men and 1,571 million women.

Today, there are 2,461 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, whose maximum age is 29 years. In other words, all refugees from the SAR living in Turkey today are very young people (plus children).

Ankara called the number of Syrian refugees

Of these nearly 2,5 million refugees remaining in Turkey, more than half a million are children up to the age of 4. This is the largest group of immigrants from the SAR among all groups by age.

In December, 2017, the largest number of Syrian immigrants lived in the largest city of Turkey, Istanbul. It is about almost 538 thousand refugees from the Syrian Arab Republic. This is more than 3,5% of the total number of Istanbul residents.

It is noted that an 10 camp has been opened in the Turkish provinces 21 to accommodate refugees. The maintenance of such a number of immigrants leads to the need to spend billions of dollars a year from the Turkish treasury. In this regard, Ankara is once again preparing an appeal to the EU in order to receive additional funding.

Earlier, Turkish President Erdogan threatened to open the country's borders in the direction of the European Union for those millions of refugees from the SAR, who are in Turkish detention camps.
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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 17 January 2018 12: 45 New
    A lot like that! Well, when are they back home?
    1. nik-karata
      nik-karata 17 January 2018 12: 48 New
      Well, when are they back home?
      Children, and those who are under 29, probably never. What are their prospects at home ??? Would you go to live in a bombed village where 3 old men and a couple of elderly people stayed?
      1. Shurik70
        Shurik70 17 January 2018 13: 08 New
        Hmm ... So look at the statistics, and Turkey seems no longer so demonic.
        There will be more guests from neighboring countries in Russia, but they all work (construction sites, trade, the mafia). And here, practically, dependents. As soon as their economy did not collapse to feed such a horde.
        1. Freelancer7
          Freelancer7 17 January 2018 17: 50 New
          Yes, this is a living workforce - slaves. In Turkey, they work for food. It is in Europe that they have benefits and privileges.
          1. Shurik70
            Shurik70 17 January 2018 20: 45 New
            Quote: Freelancer7
            Yes, this is a living workforce - slaves. In Turkey, they work for food. It is in Europe that they have benefits and privileges.

            You are not right. In those areas where they settled (Gaziantep, Hatay, Kilis, Mardin and Shanliurfa) and before the crisis there was a high level of unemployment. According to the Law on Foreigners and International Protection of 2013, refugees can work in Turkey, but there is not enough work for indigenous people. About 90% of refugees are not in camps, but live with relatives, dependent on them, but 10% are completely on humanitarian aid
            1. Freelancer7
              Freelancer7 18 January 2018 22: 31 New
              Maybe I didn’t go into such details, but something tells me that the Turks never loved the Syrians, only 100 years ago they mercilessly figurated everyone - the same genocide of the Armenians. In my opinion, Turkish-Albanian sex-slave centers throughout Europe, and here is such an occasion to join the ranks of slaves ....
    KVU-NSVD 17 January 2018 12: 49 New
    Turkish film "Money or Migrants" part two. Look in all cities of Europe
  3. A. Privalov
    A. Privalov 17 January 2018 12: 56 New
    After the end of World War II, there were about 50 in millions of refugees and displaced persons in Europe.