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The military commissar of the DPR refuted publications in the Ukrainian media about mobilization in the republic

During the last week, the Ukrainian press issued a whole series of materials stating that mobilization was allegedly being carried out in the Donetsk People's Republic. Donetsk News Agency cites the comment of the military commissioner of the DPR, Alexander Malkovsky, in connection with such publications. Malkovsky noted that the Ukrainian media are replicating fakes.

In fact, there is no mobilization in the republic.

The military commissar of the DPR refuted publications in the Ukrainian media about mobilization in the republic

From the statement of the military commissar of the DPR:
There is a regular routine procedure. There is no mobilization. We clarify the documents of military registration, for which we ask individual citizens to arrive at the military registration and enlistment offices at their place of residence.

Colonel Malkovsky recalls that such a procedure is held annually in the republic, but the Ukrainian media every time they try to pass it off as “holding a mobilization wave”.

Against this background, alarm reports about shelling come again from the Donbass. Thus, over the past day, according to the head of the DPR representative office in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (STRC) of the cease-fire regime Ruslan Yakubov, the territory of the republic was repeatedly shelled by Ukrainian security forces using various ammunition. In just one day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the NSU and the so-called “dobrobaty” fired more than a hundred shells and mines throughout the Donetsk People's Republic. Fortunately, there were no civilian casualties. On the losses among the fighters of the army DNI is not reported.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 17 January 2018 12: 24 New
    There are very few pensioners and the main problem in the Armed Forces of the republics is the small number of soldiers ... although they fight not by numbers, but by skill ... there is a problem ... at the same time there are a very large number of lounging citizens ... including those who hiding from mobilization in Ukraine ...
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 17 January 2018 12: 31 New
      Why mobilization in the DPR, if the republic has been in martial law since the 14th year? request
      1. MIKHAN
        MIKHAN 17 January 2018 16: 29 New
        Quote: siberalt
        republic since the 14th year in martial law

        And Russia is also on the alert .. But Kiev is not in vain worried all the same, they will have to answer for the shelling of the peace.
  2. assa67
    assa67 17 January 2018 15: 46 New
    no one needs to be mobilized - they are standing on their land ... young and old - everything is under arms, they protect their house ... honor and praise be to them soldier
  3. tosha.chuhontzev
    tosha.chuhontzev 18 January 2018 14: 14 New
    So what? Let yourself fake. They have such a nationality.