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Budapest did not apply for permission to re-export MiG-29 aircraft

Hungarian authorities have not yet applied for permission to re-export 23 fighter jets MiG-29, reports RIA News a message from the Deputy Director of the Federal Service for the Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia, Anatoly Punchuk.

Earlier, the British publication Defense & Security Intelligence & Analysis, specializing in coverage of events in the field of military equipment, reported that Hungary put up for auction 23 decommissioned military aircraft MiG-29 of Soviet and Russian production. The starting price for these fighters was also indicated - $ 18 million. In addition, 20 engines for these machines, more than a thousand items of spare parts, as well as several aviation rockets.

According to the resource, interested parties had to submit an application for participation in the auction from 14 to 16 in November of 2017, and the final transaction must be approved by Moscow.

Hungarians put 23 MiG-29 up for auction. We have not yet agreed on the issue of re-export of these aircraft due to the lack of official appeal of the Hungarian side. There are appeals from private firms, but they do not indicate end-users.
said the agency Punchuk.
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  1. Firework
    Firework 17 January 2018 10: 10 New
    how much will increase combat capabilities for a third world country + 20 MiG-29 fighters?
    1. Ratmir_Ryazan
      Ratmir_Ryazan 17 January 2018 10: 17 New
      This is not for third world countries, for the United States on these planes they will train their vultures ...
      1. NEOZ
        NEOZ 17 January 2018 10: 30 New
        I think that to train pilots in the USA, you don’t need to sell Mig29 ... it’s enough to conduct joint exercises.
    2. Teberii
      Teberii 17 January 2018 10: 18 New
      Someone doesn’t have such, but the United States will buy and send the Kurds to Syria.
      1. Nikolai Petrov
        Nikolai Petrov 17 January 2018 10: 29 New
        What are the Kurds? Who will the Kurds fly on them? If only Abdul-Mahmud gets off the donkey and transfers to the MiG helm. But there will be no sense.
        In the case of Hungary, there is another final delivery point. But certainly not Kurdish.
    3. Nikolai Petrov
      Nikolai Petrov 17 January 2018 10: 23 New
      For third world countries, this is useless iron. In addition to having it, you also need to know which side to approach him. But if these MiGs end up in Banderland, it will be more complicated. Although the Magyars are now not particularly banderlogov favor. But anything is possible.
      1. Teberii
        Teberii 17 January 2018 10: 32 New
        And whoever said that exactly the Kurds will sit down for them, in the USA there are enough free shooters.
      2. Orionvit
        Orionvit 17 January 2018 12: 16 New
        Quote: Nikolai Petrov
        But if these MiGs end up in Banderland

        In Ukraine, there are still enough MIGs. That's just the point of them. They tried to bomb Lugansk in 2014, so they landed quickly. Since then, Ukraine has not used aviation in the Donbass and will not do another 20 pieces of weather. Moreover, if they want to seriously grapple with Russia (as they promise), then they will lose their aircraft immediately. What are they very well aware of.
        For third world countries this is useless iron
        Absolutely right. And here, many people mistakenly think that aviation is just the presence of airplanes. Aviation is a huge structure, which includes aerodromes, aerodrome services, air defense systems, maintenance, repair, and other extremely complex infrastructure. This is not to mention qualified pilots and technical personnel.
  2. Old26
    Old26 17 January 2018 10: 19 New
    Maybe not much. It all depends on the condition of the machines, the development of the resource, etc.
  3. Whisper
    Whisper 17 January 2018 10: 25 New
    Ours may not agree on a deal.
  4. Aleks2048
    Aleks2048 17 January 2018 10: 46 New
    Probably no matter who will be the end customer, it looks like outdated aircraft. There is an interesting moment with their further maintenance. Well, the second thing that is interesting is who will conduct training of flight personnel for flights. The banana republics have neither the material base nor the people for the full-fledged operation of these machines, and the creation of these elements is expensive. China may become their buyer (but they’re already doing their best), Vietnam, or even a group of countries where these aircraft are already in operation (they can be offered modernization at the manufacturer’s factory upon agreement). Talking about purchasing them from the USA does not make sense for mastering the objectives of a training battle, too expensive a simulator to study technologies does not make sense after the GDR moments. In fact, they sell a suitcase without a handle.
  5. iouris
    iouris 17 January 2018 11: 37 New
    Yes, they wanted to spit. Probably not a single case of applying for permission to re-export. I think they’ll fly to a neighboring country.
  6. oldav
    oldav 17 January 2018 11: 55 New
    "Soviet-made" I understand. Why "Russian"? The Russian Federation delivered Migi to Hungary?
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 17 January 2018 12: 28 New
      The article is written
      put up for auction 23 decommissioned MiG-29 military aircraft of Soviet and Russian production
      Who knows, maybe delivered, in the 90s. Or maybe they have modernized, or they have already undergone repairs in Russia
    2. bnm.99
      bnm.99 17 January 2018 19: 40 New
      It was Russia that supplied it to the USSR debt of the CMEA era
  7. Just nick
    Just nick 17 January 2018 14: 57 New
    November 14-16, 2017, happened 2 months ago, in the article, no dates are confused?
  8. Hadji Murat
    Hadji Murat 17 January 2018 16: 01 New
    violation of arms control is evident