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Yaalom: the diamond of the Israeli army


In connection with the growth of threats, the Israel Defense Forces doubled the number of the elite unit Yahalom, part of the engineering support corps. While most units are preparing for a basic tunnel war, Yaalom specializes in locating, clearing and destroying terrorist tunnels mainly with the help of remote-controlled vehicles.

The special operations engineering unit (ISPS) of the Israeli army with the resounding name “Yaalom” in recent years has paid great attention to further enhancing its capabilities in the underground war.

In an interview with the correspondent of the German military journal, the head of the development and concept development service in the Yamal division (Hebrew diamond), captain "L" (the name was not given for security reasons), spoke about how it develops in accordance with new and increasingly complex needs. operational space.

The development consists not only in a significant increase in the number of personnel, but also in a constant search for technologies of a new generation capable of increasing the combat effectiveness of the ISPS, which performs its own regular set of tasks, and also ensures the work of other special units of the Israeli army.

According to an army spokesman, Yalal faces the task of “detecting, cleansing and destroying” the underground networks used by extremist organizations and other structures to smuggle people weapons and stocks to / from the Gaza Strip, for example.

He further noted that “As the threat of terrorist tunnels continues to grow, the tasks of Yalom are complicated by the fact that the enemy’s activities above the ground have no signs of visibility. The bottom line is that the enemy is invisible and gathering intelligence information is very difficult. The Hamas group regards underground war as a continuation of an above-ground war, using all tactics, including defense, offensive and withdrawal. They even go to the destruction of their own tunnels, if only to cause damage to the Israeli soldiers inside; a similar tactic was used in Vietnam. "

Organizing and increasing the capabilities of Yaalom’s special forces followed criticism of the army’s ability to conduct underground military operations, which followed a government report released by the state financial inspector in March 2017.

In this report, the state inspector paid special attention to conducting underground missions based on intelligence data during Operation Enduring Rock in 2014 in Gaza, which was called “slow and inefficient”.

The report also criticizes the army for the lack of information and an incomplete reconnaissance picture of the network of tunnels, as well as the absence of any consolidated doctrine of underground warfare.

Tactical techniques, methods and methods of warfare

Stressing that his unit had continuously increased its capabilities since its inception in 1948, Captain L described how its structure, combat principles, tactics, methods and methods of warfare developed with the additional integration of other special forces and what ended up today was the division of Yaal.

In this regard, he mentioned the integration of the RCB intelligence unit and the disposal of explosive objects in the 2015 year, which followed the takeover of the Samur underground fighting unit in the 2004 year. However, the captain "L" confirmed that Yaalom will expand further and its number will double.

Currently, the combat structure of the unit includes five units, divided into three operational battalions, each with six companies. The companies are divided into platoons and groups of special operations, specializing in the performance of the whole range of operations: RCB-reconnaissance, neutralization of explosive objects, underground combat operations and special reconnaissance.

Special tasks may include detecting and neutralizing landmines, overcoming water obstacles, explosive means of entering an object and fighting improvised explosive devices (IEDs). In addition to the three operational battalions, the JSAL consists of the Academy and the headquarters.

“Already before the start of Operation Unbreakable Rock, Yalom received instructions for a significant increase in numbers,” explained the captain of “L”. “Since that time, we have reorganized our division and set our sights on its significant growth.”

Additional manning is carried out, including through consideration of non-qualified applicants for admission to the elite units of the first level of the Israeli army, including the army unit, Sayeret Matkal, and fleet, Shayetet-13 (S-13), as well as candidates from the corps of engineering support.

Captain "L" also said that Yaalom directly provides special operations conducted by the aforementioned units, as well as other military units of special tasks. First of all, support is expressed in the organization of explosive entrances to objects and the neutralization of explosive objects.

“We are a universal force that can interact with other units or act independently. We have the opportunity to conduct full-fledged operations and act at our own peril and risk, but we can also conduct joint special operations. This is a popular concept of special forces, ”he added, noting that such units as Sayeret Matkal and Shiyet-13 have their own experience of explosive entry and assault, although they sometimes count on Yaalom in more specific conditions. Ya'al is also assigned the task of organizing courses for the disposal of explosive items for all the special forces of the Israel Defense Forces.

Yaalom: the diamond of the Israeli army

Yaalom’s elite unit conducts training, including climbing steep walls of tunnels and buildings. They also practice evacuation skills from the tunnel of the wounded on a stretcher.

Technological rise

Responding to the criticism of the state inspector, the organization of defense purchases MAFAT of the Israeli Ministry of Defense published a statement in which it spoke about the priority activities in the field of underground technology and personnel training. It consisted, among other things, in carrying out a large amount of research work in order to find advanced technological solutions to counter the tunnel threat.

“As part of a course on the study of each relevant technological direction related to the solution of the tunnel threat problem, MAFAT considered hundreds of proposals submitted by various organizations from Israel and other countries,” the official statement said. “All selected proposals were submitted to the state inspector, who gave a positive assessment to the enormous amount of work of various research organizations and operational units aimed at combating the tunnel threat.”

Noting the significance of the IPSD in the broad context of the Israeli army, Captain L said that the unit “is developing dynamically with respect to RCB intelligence, operations for the neutralization of explosive objects and underground combat operations”.

“In line with our efforts and under the control of the special operations on the conduct of underground combat operations of Samur, we are active in three main areas,” he added, pointing to the discovery, investigation and destruction of tunnels and other underground structures.

As for detection technologies, the captain was unable to provide detailed information due to the secrecy stamp. “This area includes a huge number of technologies that we test daily. Among them are radiography and drones. ”

“The two main technologies are being successfully used in our work today, one of them is the technology of devices for the emergency detection of signs of life or stenovizors,” the journalist added.

Referring to the research technology of tunnels, captain "L" noted that IPSO "continues to update its fleet of robots or remotely controlled vehicles (DUM) and test other platforms with similar capabilities. We also use all kinds of remote control devices in our business, including retractable masts with cameras that help explore tunnels. ”

He confirmed that the ESPO had received the MTN (Micro Tactical Ground Robots) 12 tactical microrobots from Roboteam, which are already being used in Israeli special forces.
Speaking about how doom cells are used to explore tunnels, as well as conducting “more sensitive operations,” the captain noted that Yaalom also expects to receive “more than a dozen of similar robots in the future.”

“Our disposal teams have been using robots for many years now, it’s worth mentioning our loyal assistant, the TALON robot from Qinetiq. We have become accustomed that robots are always with us. At the same time, the addition of small MTGR robots to our arsenal will increase the capabilities of the IPSO division. ”

Regarding the development of additional features that robotization gives, captain "L" noted that the current activity on integrating MTGR with "other sensors and improving remote technologies will expand its capabilities quite significantly."

The MTGR robot, also known by the nickname “Roni Robot”, is capable of performing the tasks of combating IEDs and explosive objects in a wide variety of conditions, including underground.

As a representative of the company Roboteam, MTGR has dimensions 45,5x36,8x14,5 cm, its weight is 7,3 kg or 8,6 kg in tracked or wheeled configuration, depending on the parameters of the task.

The robot is capable of carrying payloads up to 10 kg, it is possible to install up to eight cameras, which allows for all-round visibility. It also installs white and infrared illuminators for working in dark tunnel labyrinths, as well as an 3,5 mm jack for connecting voice devices. The robot with integrated GPS positioning is compatible with the optional FALCON VIEW C2 software.

Duration of the DMGR MTGR is two hours (four hours with a double set of batteries). Also on it are mounted several Picatinny rails for installation of additional devices.

DUM can operate at temperatures from -20 ° to 60 ° С, the robot can climb steps up to 20 cm and overcome vertical obstacles up to 35 cm.

Ya'al’s special teams use robots for RCB intelligence, explosives clearance and situational awareness, allowing operators to carry out critical tasks from a safe distance.

During the operations for the exploration of infections of various types of material and hazardous materials, the robot MTGR for security purposes allows to increase the distance, acting as a repeater for other robots. According to the company Roboteam, when performing demining tasks, this DMM can significantly reduce the risks for specialized groups.

Yaalom is trained in confined spaces, for example, the capture of a train controlled by terrorists

Virtual reality

Finally, the captain of “L” said that Yaalom had launched a pilot project aimed at studying the concept of virtual reality technology, which should qualitatively improve the level of training both in the Academy and in groups of special operations. This concept is consistent with the broader activities carried out under the training program for army units for demining. “This is a fairly large project that began as a pilot project in our unit.”

Now, Ya'al uses three-dimensional glasses to enable operators to study virtual tunnel systems, including construction methods and their layout.

It also allows operators to undergo training in the disposal of IEDs and other explosive objects, ranging from rocket-propelled grenades to mortar rounds and artillery shells.

The unremitting pursuit of superiority is the basis of the international community of special operations forces whose units continuously strive to maintain tactical superiority over their rivals. When fighting with an almost equal opponent or less equipped, but initiative insurgent groups, special forces are constantly forced to develop not only the most popular and useful technologies, but also tactical methods, methods and methods of warfare in order to carry out their difficult service as effectively as possible.

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    There are no Vietnamese on you!
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      I agree with you, against the background of the Arabs, Jews are simply Superman!
      1. Vard
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        The problem is that the Israeli army is used to waging a counter-guerrilla war ... And in it its successes are very modest ...
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 17 January 2018 12: 53
          The problem of progress is that everything is changing and cheapening very quickly.
          Yes, so far, Israel has successfully shot down terrorist UAVs. But progress is underway. Today, the cruise missile, moving autonomously at a low altitude, observing the terrain, can only be used by the armies of developed countries, tomorrow such low-flying UAVs, ground and underground self-propelled mines can be riveted on the knee of cheap spare parts removed from children's toys.
          It is urgent to put up with everyone. Otherwise, tomorrow everyone will drown first in blood, and then they will be dusted with radioactive ash on top of the survivors.
          1. sd68
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            The Israelis made peace with the Arabs and Iran easily.
            It is only necessary to eliminate the state of Israel. Total business
            1. Shurik70
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              According to indirect data, Israel has 200 to 300 atomic bombs. Alone, he will not die, but he will turn the entire Middle East into a radioactive desert.
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      There are no Vietnamese on you!

      The Vietnamese are with us. We are arming them.
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        Israel is arming them - it is building a small arms factory. By the way, they won the tender against Kalashnikov. The Vietnamese said the quality of Israeli small arms is higher. It's a shame.
        Buy Spikes, reconnaissance locators.
  2. XII Legion
    XII Legion 17 January 2018 08: 30
    Very interesting information
    More about military units and national features of the Armed Forces
    Thank you!
  3. Professor
    Professor 17 January 2018 08: 30
    Due to the growing threats, the Israel Defense Forces doubled the size of the elite unit Yaalom (Yahalom), which is part of engineering support buildings.

    He further noted that “As the threat of terrorist tunnels continues to grow, the tasks of Yaal are complicated by the fact that the enemy’s activities above the ground have no no sign of noticeability.

    Somehow it sounds not in Russian.

    DUM can operate at temperatures from -20 ° to 60 ° С, the robot can climb steps up to 20 cm and overcome vertical obstacles up to 35 cm.

    And how is communication with him underground?

    Quote: Theodore
    There are no Vietnamese on you!

    Hinting of an underground war in Vietnam? So in 2014 we had no means to detect tunnels. Now it is. Just now, another Fylystynsky tunnel was destroyed by aircraft.
    1. Olezhek
      Olezhek 17 January 2018 17: 47
      Somehow it sounds not in Russian.

      When you work with sources in several languages ​​when creating text, such garbage inevitably begins to happen ...
    KVU-NSVD 17 January 2018 09: 00
    The unit is very cool apparently - a kind of (by analogy with the combat swimmers) combat diggers. Surely carry out operations in urban communications, and in the catacombs. At the same time, the equipment is a complete hi-tech without financial problems for development. Somehow, there is no doubt about their application far beyond the borders of Israel. Interestingly, do we have something similar right now? Although who will tell
    1. avt
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      Quote: KVU-NSVD
      Interestingly, do we have something similar right now? ,

      ,, For the guessed answer, you get 10 years.? Now, if you think about the WHO who ordered the metro in Moscow, and who headed the execution, as well as the scale of the already open information built underground.
      Quote: KVU-NSVD
      Although who will tell
      , and will practically open the security system.
      1. KVU-NSVD
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        Great knowledge - great sorrows. The less you know the better you sleep . Curious Barbara in the bazaar tore off her nose. laughing The people are wise hi
  5. A. Privalov
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    Yes, in several places the translation is not good ... Well, let's not quibble over trifles. I will correct and clarify only here:
    after a government report released by a state financial inspector
    Such reports are published by the State Comptroller of Israel. This is an official whose duties include monitoring the activities of the executive branch, state enterprises and institutions, political parties, etc. The state controller also performs the functions of ombudsman, examining citizens' complaints about the actions of state institutions.
    And this, several robots mentioned in the article:

    And this one is not mentioned, but for the second year already it has been driven around in several AOI units.
    1. Olezhek
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      Yes, in several places the translation is not important.

      when translating large volumes from a foreign language - your own native grammar inevitably begins to "float".
      And here Komrad already worked in 3 languages ​​- respect.
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    ,,, thoroughly approach preparation, in every detail. If the brackets in the tunnel are painted at the landfill,
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    Here is a picture of the MTGR robot at work.
    A successful practical robot made in America.
  8. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 17 January 2018 11: 13
    Qinetiq's Talon, however, works with unexploded mortar
    1. faiver
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      photo montage
      1. Paranoid50
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        Quote: faiver

        Rather, an exhibition copy (lighting, etc.).
  9. Dimmih
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    The Israeli army is strong and effective, what can I say. Good luck in the fight against barmaley!
  10. iouris
    iouris 17 January 2018 13: 28
    The generation that fought with the Russians in computer games written in the USA comes into life. The author, Nikolai Antonov, admires the Israeli army as a true Israeli.
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      AOI has a lot to learn!
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  12. Old26
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    Quote: XII legion
    Very interesting information
    More about military units and national features of the Armed Forces
    Thank you!

    I agree. Most often about such units - a few lines, no more. It is about "Diamond" that I read for the first time to become such a detailed article.

    At one time there were "persistent rumors" that the KGB system of the USSR also had a unit (s) intended for battles in communications. It seems that these were only rumors, since there are no hints even in open materials on the history of the KGB about such units