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In the special forces of the Syrian air force are Russian armored vehicles "Vodnik"

GAZ-39371 Vodnik armored vehicles produced in Arzamas continue to serve in the Syrian armed forces, including in one of the most secret structures of the SAR, the special intelligence forces of the Air Force, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

“For the first time, the appearance of“ Vodnikov ”in this“ hot spot ”became known a year ago. Since then, these machines rarely appeared in camera lenses. That, in principle, is natural: the specifics of the service of the unit where these armored cars are operated do not imply wide publicity, ”the publication says.

Judging from the photos, the cars are in excellent condition and are ready to continue to contribute to the fight against terrorism.

Previously, Vodniki were tested in the North Caucasus and were involved during the military conflict with Georgia in the 2008 year.

Machine weight - up to 7,5 tons, capacity - 11 people. Turbo diesel power - 175 HP Maximum speed - up to 120 km / h. Power reserve - 1000 km.

GAZ-39371 has a rotary turret machine gun installation. Armament: 14,5-mm KPVT and 7,62-mm PKT.

Previously, "Vodnik" also shipped to Latin America.
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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 January 2018 12: 59 New
    Syria today is a real testing ground for weapons and equipment in combat conditions. It was not for nothing that the GDP said that dozens of specialists from defense industry enterprises visited there watching their equipment and then making adjustments to its modernization.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 16 January 2018 13: 10 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Syria today is a real testing ground for weapons and equipment in combat conditions.

      Specifically, with "Vodnik" - not a test. And sending to Syria what the RF Armed Forces would be worth getting rid of. Not because they are so bad, but because the ones that are “in operation” in microscopic amounts and essentially perform the same functions as the “Tigers” of the machine, it makes no sense to “finish the mind”
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 16 January 2018 13: 36 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Syria today is a real testing ground for weapons and equipment in combat conditions.

      Where can the “Vodnik” go on testing? Even if, according to the results of exploitation in peacetime, it was given to the commandant and the Strategic Missile Forces (which serve as a kind of army "illiquid warehouse"), and 20% of the release was immediately transferred to storage.
      ... one gets the impression that the car was created purely by civilian experts in the automotive industry without taking into account military experience and real combat conditions.
      The bottom of the armored car is ordinary, flat, welded from armored plates of obviously insufficient thickness. It is hard to believe, but the deputy company commander on the technical side spoke about the case when during the current repair of one of the machines its bottom was literally “pierced” with a jack. What constructive solutions for providing mine protection for an armored car can then be talked about?
      The layout of the machine, in terms of protection against mines, has an irrational solution. The driver and commander are located above the front axle, the payload (personnel, weapons complex) - above the rear.
      Moreover, the armor of this armored car generally does not meet the requirements of combat practice and does not provide a sufficient degree of protection for personnel. So, for example, in 2001, when moving as part of a convoy near one of the BAs, a landmine made of an artillery shell was detonated (in 2001-2002, most of the landmines were not mounted on the roadway, but next to it, to maximize personal damage the composition of the federal forces, usually located on the armor). As a result, the front module of the machine received several holes. The crew suffered losses. But the most unexpected was that not a single double-glazed window was broken! On this occasion, the author had to hear from the personnel literally the following: “If you carefully hammer on this bronik, then, probably, some glasses will remain intact.” As they say, comments are superfluous.
      © Gennady Zhilin. Magazine "World of weapons" №1, 2006
      1. Dreamboat
        Dreamboat 16 January 2018 23: 58 New
        That's not so much dirt, the Vodnik car was an attempt by the USSR to create an armored car as something between unarmored UAZs and the heavy and expensive BTR-80 (when withdrawing from the BRDM-2 troops). She had enough childhood diseases, but compared to UAZs and GAZ -66, she had bulletproof armor, decent speed on the road and a pretty powerful combat module (a transport vehicle, not an analogue of an infantry fighting vehicle). An interesting solution was the modular design. Compared to the BTR, it is much more convenient for daily use due to its smaller size, convenience of landing and disembarkation, and lower fuel consumption.
        If she had been massively allowed into the troops in the late 80s, army losses from shelling of convoys and ambushes in the first Chechen and other conflicts would be several times less.
        Now the car is replaced by more modern versions of the Tiger ...
        1. max702
          max702 17 January 2018 11: 49 New
          Quote: Dreamboat
          Now the car is replaced by more modern versions of the Tiger ...

          That's right, Vodnik was gobbled up by the Tiger, despite the more promising construction of Vodnik, it should be noted that Vodnik is primarily an army machine, and the tiger is closer to police operations .. And the main reason is that the Tiger is more interesting financially because Vodnik is out of work ..
  2. Egorovich
    Egorovich 16 January 2018 13: 05 New
    The maximum speed of the Vodnik armored car is up to 120 km / h on the highway.
  3. KRIK33
    KRIK33 16 January 2018 13: 05 New
    The maximum speed is rather up to 100 km / h, rather than 10 ... smile
    1. akims
      akims 16 January 2018 13: 13 New
      10 km per hour - this is by water.
      1. feokot1982
        feokot1982 16 January 2018 13: 24 New
        he doesn't seem to be swimming, his prototype was US
        1. karish
          karish 16 January 2018 13: 43 New
          Quote: feokot1982
          he doesn't seem to be swimming, his prototype was US

          And if you don’t swim, then why --- Vodnik?
  4. Grits
    Grits 16 January 2018 13: 46 New
    This machine did not appeal to our military. I read the comments of one military man who exploited them - the reviews are not at all hospitable. It’s a pity, they didn’t bring it to mind, I like this car with the original layout. In addition, modular. But cruel practice dictates its conditions.
    1. MaksoMelan
      MaksoMelan 16 January 2018 16: 33 New
      This is more likely for a citizen without armor, for the wilderness and village.
  5. Maz
    Maz 16 January 2018 13: 51 New
    The maximum speed is up to 10 km / h.
    It is interesting! Maybe a hundred km / h. Do you even read what you write
  6. MaksoMelan
    MaksoMelan 16 January 2018 16: 31 New
    You can also fuse all sorts of BTR40. And not only to Syria.
  7. foreman
    foreman 16 January 2018 17: 18 New
    Syria along the test site !!!!
    1. iaroslav.mudryi
      iaroslav.mudryi 16 January 2018 17: 39 New
      The circle is closed! Read the very first comment from rotmistr60.
  8. san4es
    san4es 16 January 2018 17: 42 New
    GAZ-39371 Vodnik armored vehicles produced in Arzamas continue to serve in the Syrian armed forces

    ... can be renamed to "Sandstone" soldier
    APASUS 16 January 2018 19: 51 New
    The car is so-so, it’s better than moving around on open Gas - 66, but here are the general comments of the military ................. well, not really
    1. Zefr
      Zefr 17 January 2018 03: 11 New
      If you have a choice - go to the field on a white Toyota jeep, or on a special vehicle with bulletproof protection, it seems to be getting very, very nice.
      And which cars in Syria have mine protection? All the same, landmines are laid not on the road, but on the side of the road, as I understand it.
  10. panzerfaust
    panzerfaust 16 January 2018 20: 10 New
    Belarusians redid BRDM-2, called "Cayman". Gmuch more interesting car and even more so floats!
  11. chenia
    chenia 16 January 2018 20: 24 New
    A water tank is a good base for a 120 mm mortar. The latter should approximately be put forward as a spare at the shishagi (with a niche for the trunk and two-legs) .. The mechanism itself can be more complicated (hydraulics), with the possibility of “tearing off” the plate. The machine is to the front to the enemy, and the mortar bullets through it (at least some kind of protection) and of course it’s a little wise to aim. Roomy car, instead of a machine gun, you can throw part of the BC. Well, throw armor.
    As a mobility cheap and cheerful. In the crawler version MTLB.
    VOENOBOZ 17 January 2018 13: 35 New
    When watching a video, you can draw your own conclusions. Pluses - low, passable, high-speed, stable, modular, armored, armed, universal (for any task) and probably cheap. Who is the manufacturer? GAZ, and KAMAZ gas does not make its own production base, its finances, its personnel. In skillful hands, any equipment is good. There are gouging soldiers, officers, generals and gene secretaries (presidents). Each makes its own conclusions.