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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Collected, sold - guard, stolen!


Greetings to you, my caring, but only two-eyed friends! I told you no offense, but to rebuke the natural process of evolution. It’s impossible to see everything with two eyes. This is me about the question that caused a lot of comments in the last article. Remember? I'm talking about the vessels in which the high-quality "balm" is stored, or rather, our worldly and sweet home-brew.

Oh, the townspeople theorists! So be it, I will reveal to you the secret. The product is stored in 25-liter glass bottles until used. Like a hundred, and two hundred years ago. And in plastic it is poured immediately before use. For security. Glass may fall if dropped. And the quality is checked repeatedly at the time of use. Just the product is poured on the table and ignited. Lit - ok, you can drink. It does not burn - can not be used.

And then, you forget that in villages there are a lot of folk traditions that are lost in the cities. People go to visit each other. After consuming your own product. To test the neighbor during the congratulations on the holiday. And the earth is swinging. Anything can happen. And so, be sure to inform or sow the product for someone. The wisdom of the people is called!

And now about the serious. And also associated with the traditions, which are largely lost. By the way, I do not think that only with us. You too would not bother to think. These traditions are connected with religion. That tradition. Just because most of us are exactly the same as in other former Soviet republics.

We have to admit that our faith does not depend on inner convictions or true faith. Most often this is a common tribute to tradition. The village is Orthodox, there is a temple, which means that the majority of Orthodox residents are Orthodox. If the temple is Catholic or any other religion, then the inhabitants will be, accordingly, Catholics.

And it also happens that the Orthodox church gets along quite well with the Catholic and Protestant. Normally, I emphasize.

It happened here ... In the evening of December 31 in Zaporozhye, the suicide jumped out of the window. And fell on a two year old boy. The terrible death of the child was used by our patriots to incite hatred towards the ROC MP. The fact is that the boy was baptized in the church of the Kyiv Patriarchate, and the priest refused to bless him in his church. Belonging to, of course, the Moscow Patriarchate. The Kyiv Patriarchate is not recognized by the Church Ecumenical Council, which means it is a sect. Do not read the suicides and unbaptized in the church ...

And there was a wave of protests in Ukraine against the "Moscow" churchmen. Zaporozhye, Kiev, Lviv, Vinnitsa, Slavyansk, Kharkov, Chernihiv and more. Dirt is poured on the ROC MP so much that ... the temples are plundered and ruined. Lavra activists blocked a few days. Arguments about church canons are not accepted. Child! It means that it should be taken care of.

Some of the readers are now thinking about the next stupidity of our Svidomo. And it will pass ... No, everything is much deeper. Much worse. And it will not work. The blow is dealt a serious and not yet realized by the majority, not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia.

In Ukrainian churches, 5 was celebrated by millions of people (according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs). Nothing so tsifir? Given the number of people in Ukraine. In Russia, as they say, only 2 million came to temples. Here they are, those who urgently need lyustrirovat. Here it is, the support of Russianness in Ukraine.

I think few readers were interested in congratulating President Poroshenko on Orthodox Christmas. And in vain. This is an interesting presentation. Let me draw your attention to some points.

Do you know what Christmas 7 January Poroshenko? No more than a tribute to tradition. Jesus was born 25 December! And Ukraine celebrates its birth on this day. Together with all civilized humanity. And in January - our national flavor. We even have our own dish to celebrate the birthday of God is - kutya! The president said it was a festive meal!

With kutya it was funny at all. I never in such a stupor did not drive the editor. Suspected of excessive testing of the above. What am I? I myself was not aware that you have Kutya - this is a commemorative dish. Live and learn…

And we have a festive one. Christmas And if you do not believe, then here is a photo document from me. Gather on it in the ATO our zakhistnichkam.

Although your interpretation of Kutya for ATO participants also looks good. Hopefully.

I already wrote about the refusal of Victory. Christmas is next in line. December 25 Filaret ("abbot" of the ROC KP) said that the Orthodox Church is not against transferring the celebration to December 25. If "the people want it." So, we are awaiting the appeal of activists to Filaret on behalf of the entire Orthodox people about the transfer of the holiday. And transfer ...

True, I again thought under chitin. And then how will it be with other holidays that are tied to Christmas? Annunciation, Advent, Epiphany, etc.? And how are “believers by tradition” who are not particularly aware of the differences between the UOC-KP, the UOC-MP, the UAOC will react to this? Comes, according to tradition, such a "believer" of January 7 in the temple, and there is no festive service ...

By the way, against the priests, who refused to read the baptism of an unbaptized child, a criminal case was initiated for ... inciting religious hatred and hatred. In addition to the ROC MP will attract more and the Public Organization "Union of Orthodox" Radomir. "

"Representatives of the Zaporozhye diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate allow a selective approach to the implementation of religious ceremonies, preferring those who undergo baptism rites in the UOC-MP, which offend the feelings of citizens due to their religious beliefs."

Although the distant relatives of God himself can do anything. I'm talking about us. We are relatives!

"Jesus Christ has no relation to the Jews, since his ancestors came to the Middle East from the territory of ancient Ukraine."

With such a statement on the eve of Orthodox Christmas, the deputy head of the Ukrainian Republican Party, a former deputy of the Lviv regional council Rostislav Novozhenets, spoke.

Indirectly confirmed this even by Pope Francis! He congratulated us on Christmas! The main thing in news not the news itself, but how to submit it correctly. Congratulated the pontiff of Ukrainians ... M-yes.

"Dear brothers and sisters, some Eastern churches, Catholic and Orthodox, are celebrating the Nativity of the Lord these days. I offer them my sincere congratulations: may these joyful celebrations become a source of renewed spiritual strength and fellowship between all of us Christians, we recognize Him as Lord and Savior."

Everything. Enough philosophy and predictions. Let's talk about our business. About Peremoga and Zradah.

I'll start with the unpleasant. In Gaivoron, Kirovograd Region, vandals damaged a monument to Soviet soldiers and partisans.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Collected, sold - guard, stolen!

This is not just a monument. This is actually a gravestone in the Victory Square. Scum that did it will be found. This is what the local cockroaches told me. And they will not lie. Yes, and people too. Do not be surprised at the incident with the residents or guests of Guyvoron soon. Hooligans can break their legs ... And the police or atoshnye will not save the crusts.

But another incident caused me a completely different reaction. Although also like a criminal. In Poltava, on the night of January 9 robbed a car of volunteers with Christmas gifts for atoshnikov. Svobodovtsy Poltava gathered foodstuffs from families of soldiers and seemed to be taking to the Donbass. But...

"We loaded a full car of mushrooms, sausages, juices, meat, cookies, various sweets and a full trailer of birch sap. We left a car near the entrance for the night to go this morning. At night the car was opened through the side window."

Revolutionary people are not rushing to the Maidan "hymn to drink", but to the main road with a brush. Glorious was the revolution of dignity. What's next? Hungry riots and pogroms? Although, why warriors products? They normally receive. Buy can.

Only now it seems to me that our volunteers act according to the old scheme. Collected, sold - guard, stolen! Too dramatically increases the welfare of these same volunteers in recent years. Noticed

Huge Peremoga in our automotive industry. Finally, the car assembly plant in Kremenchug was closed. Do not confuse with KrAZ. KrASZ. Not trucks collected there, and every little thing:

- GAZ vehicles (GAZ-3507, GAZ-350701, GAZ-3102 Volga, GAZ-2310 Sobol, GAZ-3259); UAZ vehicles (UAZ-31512, UAZ-31514, UAZ-31519, UAZ-3153, UAZ-3160);
- VAZ cars (VAZ-21043, VAZ-21053, VAZ-21070, VAZ-21104, VAZ-21101, VAZ-21112, VAZ-21114, VAZ-21124, VAZ-21121);
- Cars Great Wall Mrs (Great Wall Hover, Great Wall Safe, Great Wall Wingle);
- cars SsangYong (SsangYong Ren, SsangYong Kyron, SsangYong Actyon, SsangYong Korando); Geely cars (Geely CK, Geely CK-2, Geely MK, Geely MK-2).

Dozens and even hundreds of thousands released.

And why do they need us, if after the revolution, we have a trend in electric cars? It is better to really close, as they say, do not enter into the temptation of a neighbor, he will not attack. Do not expose us in the sense of the use of their brands. And we also don’t really need aggressive cars. Here it is.

Speaking of attacks. That was all you could expect from the Republicans in the Donbas, but ... Imagine, they mobilized ... wolves into their army! The most real. Gray and with teeth. And now the DRG of these republics operate in the territory of the Dnipropetrovsk region! Here are their lice ... There is no sea, dolphins cannot be used. So they massively throw wolves into Square.

"Such signals come to us from local residents of the regions adjacent to the Donetsk region. Residents of Mezhevsky and Petropavlovsky districts reported to us about wolves. And the last message was from Pyatykhatsky district, where a woman saw a wolf on the outskirts of the village."

It is, of course, wolves - nurses of the forest. Nature is cleaned from the poor. Only here, according to my observations, only a bear is capable of injuring these orderlies. Then one anecdotal incident was told to me about a wolf. Authorship is not mine. So scold me, too.

Ukrainian-Russian border, neutral zone. Here in this neutral zone falls into a trap wolf. Howls scary day and night. Well, after three days the Russian border guards are tired of listening to this and they are calling to the outpost to their Ukrainian colleagues:
- Hey, Ukrainians, take away your wolf already, and then there is no strength to listen to him!
- Why are you, Muscovites, decided that this is our Ukrainian wolf?
- So, and whose else? Three paws already bite off, and still in the trap!

I have one news from the category of incomprehensible. One of the clients told about the unusual segregation at the plant located in the village of Verukhov, who noted that the company's employees have uniforms of different colors depending on the department in which they work. But all Ukrainians are obliged to wear a uniform in the color of the Ukrainian flag. To immediately be seen who is who.

Here it is not clear to me, we are at home all the trash cans in the colors of the flag repainted. Fences The pillars. Urns. Benches. We paint the muzzles of the face for any reason. And in Poland, we were hurt. Why? Maybe because these colors are the symbol of "sun people" all over the world? Daunov in a simple way? I do not know.

But I think that the Poles did not just dress up our workers for nothing. God forbid you kick some European or Russian. One will sue, the other will fill the face. And so immediately you can see who can ...

Remember the grocery symbol of Ukraine? Our pride? Our delicious bacon? Everything. We will not give it to you anymore. We buy ourselves. For the 2017 year, the breeders of Ukraine exported pork to 150 thousand $, and imported to 560 thousand. That's it...

Compared to 2016 in the year, the foreign trade balance of fresh, chilled and frozen pork decreased by almost 40%, and for the “live pigs” heading almost five times.

I certainly understand that this is a tricky move by our government. Ukraine will wait until the pork in the world is over and bam - will save the world. But it's a shame without fat. And not tasty. Even if you are the savior of the world ...

I tell you a secret: export-import, of course, yes. But for ourselves, we still have it. Not yet full salozrada.

And there was another thing. We here looked at all sorts of artistic awards in Russia. Around ours! Thought to reward as spies in the rear of the enemy. Only very happy faces of our spies. We decided to establish penalties for touring in Russia or even introduce criminal liability! Russian, we have already through the SBU skip on tour.

“Legislators could consider and apply world practice with regard to influencing domestic performers who perform concerts in a country recognized as an aggressor. These could be penalties or criminal liability for them. And broadcasting organizations would be obliged to limit the participation of such artists or cultural figures in air, perhaps for a certain period. In this case, the national regulator will have real leverage on the broadcasters. "

Isn't Germany our favorite ... in 1933? Marasmus. Stupidity. Absurd. In a word, Ukraine. Songs to sing, rhymes to tell - it is impossible, but you can make candy.

Now about the greatest peremog of this week. Russia on your knees! In your social networks often write that we are not fighting for the Crimea. Yeah. President Putin said yesterday that you will almost pay us a contribution for the Crimea! True, so far only return our military equipment and fleet! But the process has begun!

True, there is one nuance. It is rumored that this very technique is in such a state that it will never be able to swim, fly, or ride. It is clear what you have been doing there for so long. Ported Ukrainian good. But these are trifles. Dozens of ships and airplanes will now have to be repaired and repaired. But we can. We will cope. Probably…

Morning comes again. You need to finish the notes. Cockroach now revision will start. Tiring, of course. Two New Years, two Christmas Eve, and there is still the baptism on the nose ...

And since February cognac will increase in price for 30-35% in February ... And we have nothing. The main thing is to have yeast and sugar, and we will survive such troubles.

See you after the holidays! We would only hold out for a day and stay a night !!!
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  1. dSK
    dSK 16 January 2018 06: 25
    equipment in such a state that it will never be able to swim, fly or ride
    Hundreds, thousands of tons of scrap metal! It is possible to get rich in gold. And there will be a coal for remelting. "The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine lifted sanctions from the Russian company Yuzhtrans LLC, which supplied anthracite coal to Ukraine. A note that the restrictions were lifted on December 29 last year appeared on the agency’s website, but this was only announced on January 15 The company fell under sanctions in early November last year. Kiev then introduced restrictive measures against 18 Russian enterprises, which, according to the Ukrainian authorities, were engaged in activities that could “harm the interests of national economic security.” A company representative told RBC that it supplies to Ukraine "about 70-80 thousand tons of coal." More details at RBC, January 15.01.
    1. dSK
      dSK 16 January 2018 06: 39
      We are already letting Russians through the SBU on tour.

      "The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, signed a decree banning civil servants from traveling to Ukraine. The deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR Miroslava Rudenko explained that this decree is primarily aimed at ensuring the national security of the DPR. Rudenko recalled that Ukraine continues to pursue an aggressive policy towards the republic. Attempts are constantly being made to sabotage and terrorist acts, in addition, there are facts about repeated attempts to recruit external self-government workers from that side. "We have repeatedly encountered the facts of attempts to recruit external self-government workers, public sector employees from that side, and, most likely, this decree is due to this," Rudenko said in an interview Tsargrad. 15.01.18/XNUMX/XNUMX.
      1. domokl
        domokl 16 January 2018 06: 48
        Well yes. Today another law will be adopted on reintegration and that's it. The famous 58 article will seem like a kindergarten, a younger group. It will be possible to quietly imprison the whole country in prison for separatism and kolabrationism. The right way is Ukraine ... to his own death ...
        1. novel66
          novel66 16 January 2018 10: 00
          about! point "B" - suspicion of separatism!
  2. Evdokim
    Evdokim 16 January 2018 07: 19
    We even have our own dish for celebrating the birthday of God - Kutia!
    I myself didn’t know that your kutia is a funeral meal. Live and learn…
    And we have a holiday. Christmas. Gather on it in the ATO to our predatory women.
    Although your interpretation of Kutya for ATO participants also looks good. Hopefully.

    Right wake in my opinion. hi
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 16 January 2018 08: 02
      "To each shit of ukrovermaht kut to the grave !!" good laughing
      Dear Cockroach, I'm sorry, but I had the belief that at least in the villages they still honor traditions and have and use such a wonderful thing from time immemorial

      We understand that “volumes” are stored in large containers and no one will store them in “minjurks” of 500 ml plastic each, but I hoped that even the very thought of pouring such a good product as “home-brew” into plastic would not occur. repeat
      But according to your "efforts" - what was the initial claim to the refusal of the funeral? Why didn’t they go to the mullah or rabbi? Ah, "baptized", well, then go to your sectarian pastor, why did you go back to the Orthodox? And we don’t need to ride around here in your ears that in Ukraine those who want to baptize a child do not know and do not understand the differences between Orthodox and Uniate sectarians. fool
      But the "greasy business" - let's solve it somehow am This is not only the Ukrainian "heritage", it is also our Russian property (with vodka, cucumber and onions), so that in the "opu" Podlaskie "pork fat" and restore the "Sala field". good So tell the brothers in the villages - let them climb into their heads at night and whisper to people “we need more fat!” " lol
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 16 January 2018 08: 07
    Today's Ukraine, probably a mirror image of Russia ... In about 10 years ... If the authorities do not take up the mind ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 16 January 2018 08: 29
      Your concerns are completely understandable. I also notice some progress in the same direction. Not so radical, even comedic, like in Ukraine, but they exist ... It is necessary to set a course for internal affairs, for the life of the suburbs and ordinary people.
      1. Conductor
        Conductor 16 January 2018 10: 16
        So you need to think the same, move your brain, and not show the talking heads in the box. Such a simple question, why are ordinary socks brought to us from China? ETOGES is not a turbine, everyone needs them, tons of steam.
    2. Mih1974
      Mih1974 16 January 2018 12: 28
      No, just all 17 years ago in the new year - there was the most similar situation. It was then that the supreme power was essentially in the hands of the very thieves (oligarchs) and could not resist their desires. The plundering was beyond the limits (as now in Ukria). But unlike us then - they don’t even see anyone closely resembling Putin.
      And yes, unlike them, we had a war - against real terrorists, and not how they try to deceive their people. am negative And it’s very easy for them to “end the war” and even the Plan already exists and there will be no spread of terrorism in connection with its initial absence.
  4. jonht
    jonht 16 January 2018 08: 56
    Thank you, as always fun about sad things .... Yes, you probably won’t live in a different way ....
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Scud
    Scud 16 January 2018 09: 16
    In the Ukrainian SSR, there were 52 thousand police officers for 70 million people, now 25-28 million more than 300 thousand and a bunch of Nazi gangs.
    According to the safety rating of the population, dill is behind Uganda and Somalia.
    It is kanechno so, but we are the first in the world insane per capita, and znachitsa is a brilliant prospect of renewal and enlightenment of the most ancient nation!
    CONTROL 16 January 2018 09: 55
    The fact is that the boy was baptized in the church of the Kiev Patriarchate, and the priest refused to bury him in his church. Belonging, of course, to the Moscow Patriarchate. The Kiev Patriarchate is not recognized by the Church Ecumenical Council, which means it is a sect. Do not funeral suicides and unbaptized in the church ...

    ..Yah? The Church of the Kiev Patriarchate is so advanced that the canon of St. Whara won't recognize? According to the Whar, you can funeral and unbaptized, and suicides, and Gentiles ...
    criminal proceedings have been instituted against priests who refused to funeral for an unbaptized child for ... inciting religious hatred and hatred. In addition to the Russian Orthodox Church, the MP will also attract the public organization “Union of Orthodox Radomir”.
    Well, now it’s clear! Here - that's the whole point! "attract" - anyhow for what ...
    1. BAI
      BAI 16 January 2018 14: 21
      According to the Whar, you can funeral and unbaptized, and suicides, and Gentiles ...

      What does it have to do with it? The boy is not a suicide. He "suddenly accepted death" (from the funeral service of a child who died in a car accident). They baptized in one church (organization, not a building), they wanted to funeral in another. That's the problem.
      I also first wrote that they mistook for a suicide. I had to delete the comment.
    2. parathyron
      parathyron 16 January 2018 20: 13
      The meaning of your statement about the canon of St. Huaru. This canon does not give the right to burial neither suicides, nor unbaptized, nor Gentiles. Perhaps you are confusing the two meanings of the word "canon." There are unshakable canons of the Church forbidding to do this, but there are canons as prayer texts, a form of prayer. Praying for such people privately to close relatives is not forbidden, others are not recommended.
  8. fodoka
    fodoka 16 January 2018 11: 23
    Chabad with churches by country, both in Russia and Little Russia in action. Google about this sect, people ...
  9. Dym71
    Dym71 16 January 2018 11: 34
    "Jesus Christ has no relation to the Jews, since his ancestors came to the Middle East from the territory of ancient Ukraine."

    Well, who would doubt it! Also, Ukrainian scientists found ancient Cossack manuscripts, which indicated that the Muslim greeting "al-salamu alaikum!" - this is a distorted Ukrainian "and with fat pour, godfather!" wassat
    1. BAI
      BAI 16 January 2018 14: 25
      There is nothing new here.
      Buddha had Ukrainian roots. This conclusion, relying on numerous sources, came Ukrainian researcher Valery Bebik. As follows from his article “Big Scythian Buddha: a prophet who did not know God?”, The founder of Buddhism was a native of Sumy region or Chernihiv region. This article was published in the newspaper "Voice of Ukraine" - the official publication of the Verkhovna Rada.
      1. Angler
        Angler 16 January 2018 15: 26
        I don’t understand if he is a Scythian or a Ukrainian? If they believe that the Scythians are the ancestors of the Ukrainians, then they are to us Slavs, they are definitely not brothers. Scythians are the people of the Persian group, by the way, like the Sarmatians, those Scythians who cut out. If so, then let the "non-brothers" with the Iranians and Tajiks fraternize.
  10. Dym71
    Dym71 16 January 2018 11: 50
    There is Okoloradsky video for you, about Ukrzaliznytsia’s life, I don’t know if you will laugh or cry, but the video was notable, you could not help sharing. Train "Uzhgorod-Odessa":
  11. Lexus
    Lexus 16 January 2018 12: 06
    Be healthy, Cockroach! hi As always - not in the eyebrow but in the eye! Thank you! wink
    PS Photo with fat waiting for its fate good . Both “according to Freud” and “forbidden reception” (tomorrow I’ll go to the bazaar to look for a good shmatochka).
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 16 January 2018 12: 35
      Support - monster Cockroach, shaped monster repeat , well, de I ask, under Peter will I find the real Salo? No. There and then no one feeds pig and corn with corn and corn, and this is completely "wrong fat."
      1. Tatyana_VV
        Tatyana_VV 16 January 2018 14: 02
        From Ladograd (finished, in the Tape) is not bad. But for 600 rubles.
        1. Angler
          Angler 16 January 2018 15: 30
          Better to go to the Belarusian goods fair! There is excellent.
          1. Mih1974
            Mih1974 17 January 2018 11: 16
            About shops - there is NO fat from the word at all crying , yes, we’re saved only by yarns, but they are extremely rare in our country and lately, bastard traders have been striving for some rubbish under the brand name of Belarusian bacon to give "you cannot trust anyone, I can" (c)
  12. xomaNN
    xomaNN 16 January 2018 12: 20
    And dumb to read "cockroach" stories and sad. Because I myself know about the Ukrainian ... realities belay
  13. German Titov
    German Titov 16 January 2018 14: 07
    I read it with "thoughtfulness." I just did not understand with what fright Phil became rector of the Russian Orthodox Church (even the Kiev Patriarchate).
    1. domokl
      domokl 16 January 2018 16: 00
      So it calls itself so in Ukraine. fellow
  14. svp67
    svp67 16 January 2018 17: 29
    And we have a holiday. Christmas
    Both in Ukraine and in Russia

    AND FROST in Yakutia ...