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Secret "Legend": how our Navy took control of the global ocean

One of the reasons for the retreat of the Red Army at the beginning of World War II was the lack of adequate and high-quality military intelligence, communications and command and control. Simply put, Hitler caught us off guard. But the lessons were learned fairly quickly: in drawing up the list of necessary systems for supplies under Lend-Lease, the military leadership of the USSR paid special attention to improving the quality of command and control of troops. From the allies, the Red Army received hundreds of thousands of telephone sets, millions of kilometers of cables, radio stations of various capacities and thousands of radars.

Successful combat operations today is impossible without fast and accurate intelligence information and reliable secure communications. Examples of recent wars (Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya) only confirm this fact. The aggressors, in the face of the United States and NATO, form a kind of "information dome" over the combat zone, where they control any negotiations and movements of their opponents.

In the 70s of the USSR began the creation of a system of global satellite naval space reconnaissance and target designation "Legend". Its importance for domestic fleet It was hard to overestimate.

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